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Author Topic: Hisui Tutorial  (Read 2753 times)

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Hisui Tutorial
« on: November 12, 2008, 12:18:43 AM »
Hisui is a very good character overall (Top of A-tier), with some minute weaknesses.

Her Strengths:
Good air game (air normals/dashes/jumps)
High meterless damage
Great zoning (stuff-fu, 623B antiair, airgame)
Great Okizeme (obento setups or !molotov summons! after throw and corner BnB [wow, even after the corner BnB!).
Easy to use.
Good dash for tickthrows and presssure.
Good, safe arcdrive.
Ex dust.
236A yulululululu

Her Weaknesses:
Low priority (I seem to always lose in clash situations with multiple attacks)
No good reversals on wakeup (they're risky anyway. :P)
No good bara-cancel moves (yay, less execution, but you can still bara with the default)
No quick air attack that hits below you.

Hisui has three main variants to her meterless BnBs.
The underlines are the variants where you can input other attacks for hitconfirming, extra damage, and other situational things like jBB depending on the situation.
5[C] = partial charged 5C

Any Range: ____ 2C 5C uncharged/ 5[C] partial charged 6C aircombo
Closer Range: ____ 5C (two hit) 2C 6C 5B aircombo
Closer Range #2: ____ 5C (two hit) 2C 6C aircombo

Now I'm going to teach you how to fill in the blank at the beginning and to choose a combo.
The [] brackets are to show that the attack is optional/situational.

From air)
Any Range: jC / jCB  (jCB does more damage if you have no reverse beat penalties and allows you to combo if you connected jC too high in the air. ) > [2A] (if you don't think you can combo jC 2B because you connected jC too high, but lowers the damage by about 100-300) > [5B] (if you're close enough for extra damage) > 2B > Any Range combo
jC / jCB > [2A] > [5B] > 2B > Any Range combo
Closer Range: jC / jCB > [2A] > 2B > Closer Range combo
Closer Range #2: jC/jCB > [2A] > 5B > Closer Range combo #2

From ground)
Same as air, but without jC, and maybe some more 2As for easier hitconfirming.

Any Range: jBC /jCB (if you're too low, jCB will help you gain vertical height to do the rest of the BnB at the cost of rebeat, won't matter for this BnB, but just saying) > djBC at (airthrow)/dj[A]CBB (read corner tech punishes)
Closer Range: jABC > djBC at / djCBB
Closer Range #2: jC ad (airdash) > jC/jB (jC does more damage, but harder) > dj [A]BC / dj [A]CBB

Depending on which variants you used and your reverse beats, Closer Range and Closer Range #2 will do more damage. Experiment to find out which works best in each situation. The Any Range BnB is just the easiest to hitconfirm into when you start, and I'd recommend learning that first.

EX Dustloop combo:

5[C] / 2B 5C / 5B 5C > 623C 5B 5C (delay) 5B 5C (delay)
1) 5B 2B 2C 5C 6C jBC > djBC airthrow / djCBB
2) 2B 5C 2C 6C 5B jBC > djBC airthrow / djCBB
3) 5B 2B 5C 2C 6C jC ad > jB / jC >  djBC airthrow / djCBB

Arcdrive Combo:

5[C] / 2B 5C / 5B 5C > 41236C > 2C 5C 6C > aircombo
41236C (close range crossup)> 2B 5C 2C 6C 5B > aircombo
41236C (far range) > dash 2C 5[C] 6C> aircombo

Counterhit-from-Air Combo:

2C 5C 6C > aircombo (higher damage)
5B 6C> aircombo (lower damage but tons easier)

Ex-shield Antiair Combo:

5D 5A(counterhit) dash 2C 5C 6C > aircombo
5D 5AAA jAAA dj AAA airthrow (You never know if it'll counterhit or not! Not optimal combo)

OTG Combo:

They're all close enough in damage. You can use 623C to extend it and throw a chair out afterward. I use 2B[5B]5AAA

Normals/Command Normals:
5A: Quick anti-air, whiffs over most crouched hitboxes, your primary whiff cancel move.
2A: Hits mid. Quick poke to stop tickthrows, failed pressure, etc. Also used to whiffcancel after you use up your first one.
2B: Hits low. Shielded low.Use it to techpunish, for mixups, and to beat high shield for okizeme (what you do when your opponenet is getting off the ground).
5B: Hits mid. Shielded high. High damage combo starter and to beat low shield for okizeme.
6B: Launcher. You can use it in some ghetto combos, or for when you hitconfirm after using up your 2C launcher, normally after 5C. Low range. Cannot combo from 2B/5B. Not too useful.
2C: Hits low. Untechable. Pretty good range.
5C: Slow. Use only in combos and pressure.
5[C]: Tons of clash. Can beat run-in attempts if they attack early and don't predict it (not a good chance against better people). Pretty good anti-air at times, but can be baited. I personally use this a lot in neutral game. People tell me all the time not to use this in pressure. I'd disagree, it's not bad. People can react to it easily and try to bait it, but I've baited their bait and allowed myself to continue pressure by very partially charging 5C so that it won't hit the opponent to shield/dodge. If you don't always use it after 2C and mixup when you use it, then this is a valuable tool for continuing pressure and catching jumpout and poke attempts. Use 623C or 5A to continue pressure. You will not be able to continue pressure by dashing in after 5A.
6C 6[C] 236C: Pan attack. Only use 6C in combos. Unless you want to run Pishi mixups: 6C delay 2C (low) 6C 6[C] (high)
jA: Poke angled downwards, main air attack for zoning though maybe not for attacking.
jB: Overhead that can't be used as an overhead by itself. Not for jumpins except after jC because it'll whiff. Stronger and faster than jC for opponents higher than you.
jC: You want to hit your opponents with this when you're in the air. Your main overhead. Good hitbox. Doesn't really hit below the table as well, so beware of anti-air.
j2C: Great priority, hitbox, and counterhitter. Changes your momentum in the air to bait some attacks/shield. Neutral/advantage on block depending on when you hit, and death on shield.

236ABC: Don't use 236A/236B. 236C can be used as a wakeup reversal sparingly that work against some attacks, but is punished heavily by baras, or on block. "236C IS PRETTY MUCH FUCKING AWESOME."
j236ABC: j236A (combos into j236C) and 236B (can be TKed and continue pressure with) actually counterhit a lot of things, but it's not worth using since there are better options. Bara-able if they're grounded. j236C after superjump backdash jC mixup to combo.
623AB: 623A sucks, can cancel into another EX move though. 623B is super anti-air, don't get too obvious or it gets shielded or baited in some other way like IAD or dashins.
623C: Super awesome move. In corners, you can get major frame advantage, or if they're blocking it in the air for whatever reason, you can get a 5B guard-break combo onto them. Can use for keepaway, get out of corner during a random point in their blockstring, or as a safe spot to throw potbooks or etc.
214ABC: "There should really only be four 'items' you should be using when doing stuff-fu (214+A/B).

The one you'll be using most is 2141+B, aka pot books. The book comes out at a low angle, hits twice (once on contact, and a second when opening up on the floor) and the pot travels at a nice arc at nearly full screen. If you're given a chance to do it, super jump and follow 'pot', it's practically free entry on your opponent.

Then you have 2142+A, which is just pot if I'm not mistaken. You should use this every so often after block strings in the corner or when you might want to stop someone from jumping around aimlessly. Please note that this 'pot' comes out faster then 'pot-books', hence it being worth using.

Next is 2146+A, which is just book. Throw this out randomly in block strings when you have the guy in the corner and don't have dust to rely on. It'll also otg. Not sure about it's speed in coming out.

Lastly is 2146+B, aka TRAY-BOOKS. This is your primary spam projectile from a little bit past half to full screen. Tray will fly across the screen pretty damn quick, and book comes out per usual. Use this to annoy your oppent into doing something stupid, but sparsely against characters who can retaliate (even without meter) like Aoko, Chaos, Mech Hisui, and Ciel. Don't use it against Ciel at all, the bitch can DASH under it and her dash will clash with book as well.

You can not control what comes out from 214+C (with no meter) nor can you do it with ex-stuff either. At best EX-Stuff is a decent option for a bara move which can lead to a MASSIVE counter hit stun (they'll be stuck in the air for a good 2-3 seconds)."

22ABC: Close bento, far bento, chair. Shall explain this in detail soon enough.
4B: Drains 30% meter and knocks them down if they don't block low. Pretty worthless, but still awesome nonetheless.

General Strategy/In-depth Play:
The round is starting.. and you start off doing anything you want.
Find a signature opening of random dodges or anything just because you can.

My advice would be to start far away from the opponent.
If you're on the ground at a distance, 90% of the time they'll come at you through the air in anticipation of your stuff-fu.
You can probably just run right under them and throw a potbook afterward. yomi!

Depending on which character you're playing, they're probably go rushdown mode on you since they don't want you to use stuff-fu.
You want to force them onto the defensive with stuff-fu and get in somehow.

Once you get in, you want to stay in and do as many mixups and tickthrows without being too predictable as you can until they die.
If they get out, then you simply have to get in again. If you get in yourself, get out or turn it around. That's probably the core of the game.

You keep them in with blockstrings and spacing to stop their jumpout attempts, which I will try to describe how (I'm not too good or bad at it myself)
You kill them with mixups and tickthrows, which I will list out, and describe how to do.


Here's the block string concept I'm using now.

Three blockstrings-
1) 2A [2A] > [5B] 2B 2C 5[C]

Sometimes adding the 2A at beginning makes 5B whiff. Sometimes you want to do the second 2A instead of the 5B. Sometimes 5B will whiff characters with short crouching hitboxes unless they're really close and you want to avoid it. Pick either 5B, 2B, 2C, and 5[C] and whiffcancel (5A) without delay and then try to reset. Mixup which attack you whiffcancel off of so that they never know beforehand when it's safe to poke/jump out. If you always whiffcancel 2C for example, they can just hold jump the next time you 2C and jump out. If you notice that one of your attack hits, finish your blockstring as fast as possible (so that it combos) and then combo from there. Hitconfirms into the Any Range combo.

2) 2A [2A] 2B > 5C / 5[C] > 2C

Another blockstring to mix things up. Less moves to hitconfirm with. And may sometimes whiff if too far back. Hitconfirms into Closer Range #1/#2 combo.

3) 2A [2A]x??? > dash in, [6A]6Q > 22A

A tickthrow.

You need to add delay in between attacks though. It's something called.. staggering.
Ask someone to do 2AA5B2B on you as fast as possible. If you block the first 2A, you automatically block all the rest of the moves. So you would have to intentionally add delay so that they have a small gap to try to jump/attack out, only to get hit by the next attack in the blockstring. The delay after an A attack is small, B is medium, C is large.

You have three ways to reset a blockstring:
1) Dash in - 2A/throw
2) IAD jC/jA/airthrow
3) Jump > diagonally forward > backward then airdash jCB etc

Dashing in is the least safe, but it has some of its merits. You can't dash in after a C move whiffcanceled to continue pressure, too much of a gap. Loses if they jump or mash/expect it.
IAD gives you a mixup, and can somewhat catch jump (as in force them to block so they're on the ground again) if they react slow and catches 2A/2B/2C mashing.
Jumping is somewhat safe and can catch jumps if you're good enough to hammer them back into the corner even after they doublejump after blocking your first attack(s) and is safest. Loses to dash.

Stagger your attacks (leave small gaps in between attacks) otherwise the blockstring is pointless and you can't hitconfirm. If you do your blockstring without gaps, then they're forced to block and can't even poke out or jump out if they want to.
You should not be able to be hit by normals in your blockstring. If you do, then make the gaps between the attack smaller.

jC ad jC
jC whiff 2B
jC ad jC whiff 2B

After your mixup, you'll probably go into one of your combos that end in jCBB. So..

jBB Corner Techpunishes: http://www.meltybread.com/forums/index.php?topic=1267.0
And ikusat's video tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBoT4DbKPFM

Example Tickthrows:
jC whiff airthrow
jC ad jC whiff airthrow
jC ad jA -delay- throw at earliest possible moment.
2a [2a] [2a] dashin throw
2b5a dashin throw

What to do after tickthrow:
1) Obento

Obento Gimmicks Explained:
After you grab, you'll lay down a 22A for the most part. Sometimes 22B to catch backdash.
That obento covers your mixups or encourages them to block.

They may, on wakeup:
1)Jump out.
2)Backdash out or teleport.
6)Use reversals

Your options to that:
1) 2B/5B 5C j[C]B land jBC > djBC at / dj CBB
Fancy and highly damaging combo that will hit if they try to jump out, attack/grab, or shield (50%, but they won't be shielding anyway, since the obento is there to blow them up)
This setup will still work if you do 22B, so you can cover jump and backdash at the same time. It's probably better to do 22B.

2) Crouchblock until their 2 invincibility frames are over, dash grab.
Beats some backdashes, blocking, shielding, and reversals.

3A) 2A meaty, dash in throw
The 2A should almost always hit unless they backdash. It's a less obvious tickthrow since there's less throw protection. Catches them off guard a lot of times.

3B) 2A meaty, delayed 2B
If they predict a dash in throw from the A setup, then they'll almost always try to jump or backdash. 2B will hit, and the obento will explode. I dunno the optimal combo.

4) Jump up, tilt forward.
Beats a lot of reversals and that annoying wakeup grab some people do on wakeup. x_x

After airthrow:
1A)jB to have less recovery frames on landing.
1B) airbackdash, delay jB to land on the otherside.
2)Guess front or back techpunish, react to neutral and no tech.
3)Punish according, or if no tech, do some kind of oki.

No tech mixups (if you think they'll block on wakeup):
1) IAD jB crossup.
2) Fake crossup sj backdash jC
3) Look at mixup section or make your own.

Sometimes your opponent will backdash on wakeup:
5[C] will catch them, but it's shieldable. Just run and 2B or something to catch them when you predict it or IAD.

That's basically it in a nutshell I guess. I'll add more later.
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Re: Hisui Tutorial
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2008, 04:34:24 PM »
thats pretty cool thanks i made hisui my 2nd since shes really cool and this helped