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Author Topic: Why can't we talk about good chars  (Read 1755 times)

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Why can't we talk about good chars
« on: June 01, 2010, 10:21:13 PM »
Let's talk about cool chars

Here's a list of what you can do to every char after xx 421a 236[a] without moving
<Rayza> Akiha - 421a/b/c work after 2c
<Rayza> SAkiha - 421a/b/c work after 2c
<Rayza> VAkiha - 421a/c work after 2c
<Rayza> Aoko - Nothing after 2c, 421b/c after 236[a]
<Rayza> Arc - 421a/b/c work after 2c
<Rayza> Ciel - 421a/c work after 2c
<Rayza> Hisui - 421b/c work after 2c
<Rayza> kohaku - 421b/c work after 2c
<Rayza> kouma - 421a/b/c/ work after 2c
<Rayza> Len - 421b/c work after 2c
<Rayza> Mech - 421b/c work after 2c
<Rayza> Miyako - 421c works after 2c
<Rayza> Neco - Nothing works, end at 2c
<Rayza> Nac - Nothing works, end at 2c
<Rayza> Nero - DOUBLE WHIP!!
<Rayza> Warc - 421a/b/c work after 2c
<Rayza> Ries - 421b/c work after 2c
<Rayza> Roa - 421b/c work after 2c
<Rayza> Satsuki - 421c after 236[a] or end at 2c
<Rayza> Nanaya - 421a/b/c work after 2c
<Rayza> Tohno - 421a/b/c work after 2c
<Rayza> Ryougi - 421a/b/c work after 2c
<Rayza> Sion - 421b/c work after 2c
<Rayza> Vsion - 421a/b work after 236[a] nothing after 2c
<Rayza> Wara - DOUBLE LOOP!!
<Rayza> W-Len - 421b/c work after 2c

How to make it look like you have good execution

2369A87412369A etc etc churn that butter (After the first one, you won't super jump so these will come out much faster)

Some characters really suck and you can't easily continue after 236[a] without walking forward.  :-[ Insted do . . .
2B 5C (optional 5B if they are standing) 2C 421A 236[A] [6] 2C > whatever you want
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Re: Why can't we talk about good chars
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2010, 10:24:38 PM »
note that's off 421a 236[a] with c-mech without using any move forward tricks.
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