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CCCaster v3.0 Rollback Edition

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Latest version in this folder: https://mega.co.nz/#F!ccRylLbZ!-E9AZDSd_pm6PgVQ35z6QA
Unzip in your MBAACC folder and run cccaster.v3.0.exe
Also don't forget to update your game to 1.4.0

Source code: https://github.com/NotMadscientist/CCCaster

New features in version 3.0:
- Rollback netcode:
  Should be mostly stable right now, with a few extremely rare desyncs.
  Set rollback as needed (max 15 frames) to compensate for laggy / spikey networks.
  Can adjust rollback in-game with Alt + Number.
  Training mode rollback is untested.
  Note: rollback prevents replays from saving correctly right now, will fix in a later version.
- Automatic updates, checks on application startup by default.
- Moved max delay and max rollback to settings.
- Changed the spacebar to toggle fast-forward when spectating.

Full change log in the zip file.

If any anything weird happens, like crashes, please post the caster error message (if it exists), and let me know when in the game it happened.

General troubleshooting:

* Make sure you extract everything from the .zip file into your MBAACC folder,
this means the cccaster folder AND the .exe.
* Make sure your antivirus and/or firewall isn't blocking or deleting anything related to caster.

Wow, I'm actually motivated to play this game again thanks!

huh. I didn't even hear about this until today. I'm actually sort of glad nobody came and pestered me about it!

Haven't tested it, but good stuff. Porting the thing is not easy.

edit: btw if this is based on caster code in any way, i'd appreciate source release just to pass on the tradition thanks. and if it's not i have no idea why the caster name is used.

Hey so, feedback: Setting up controls doesn't really work with a pad unless you go through a controller to keyboard program, and the config file isn't human readable so you can't set it that way either.

I have a pad and it worked for me.


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