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Then I am interested in what on earth reverse beat pressure is because apparently cancelling whiffed 5A's into moves is something full moon can do (no they can't)

I'm serious, what on earth is reverse beat pressure?

AFAIK anyone in any moon can cancel a whiffed 5a into anything except movement or block during recovery.  This includes your main, F-Sion, although I don't see any use for it unless you accidentally whiffed it.  Fwara can do 2a5a(whiff)2b against crouchers.  Almost everyone can do 5b, slight delay, 2b, for a counter hit setup.  Works with most normals.  In c/h you could do a reverse beat but you don't need to.  It has nothing to do with it, it's a basic counter hit setup.  Give them 1-2 frames to press a button and kill them if they do.

Reverse beat pressure doesn't mean anything gameplay wise.  Dumb people just use it because the red text appears and read it when they don't actually know what's going on.

Back to the point that you seem to have missed.  You described the basis of the offense plan of almost every character in almost every fighting game.  You don't need to reverse beat to do it, it's just one of the many ways you can.  What do you call 2b, delay, 2c?  It's the exact same setup.  Whatever normal, delay, whatever normal.  Doesn't need to be normals but that's what's used most of the time.  That you're doing 2c, delay 2b, instead of the other way around doesn't matter.

Also I think most people use the term when someone whiffs a 2a/5a and dashes back in.  Again, doesn't matter that it was a reverse beat.  It works the same in any frame advantage situation.

Well, C-Wara is pretty much my main these days.

You're pretty much right, there really is nothing special about 'reverse beat' pressure, it's just basically an rps game the moment you reverse beat to a 5A.  People were requesting it, and I wrote up a pretty bad example.  I feel a better choice would've been C-Warc or C-V.Akiha.  C-Wara is lucky to have late cancels on his B moves; C-Warc and C-V.Akiha, whose pressure tends to be centered around their 5B, have terrible late cancels.  5B (5A) is absolutely critical for them, because it gives them more freedom to cancel their 5Bs.

I suppose a better article to writeup for what I did would be how to set up, and win, RPS games in pressure.

requesting article for understanding what to do UNDER PRESSURE

good blocking should be in it too imo

I think beginners would benefit a lot from this


--- Quote from: ehrik on January 27, 2012, 05:12:37 PM ---requesting article for understanding what to do UNDER PRESSURE

good blocking should be in it too imo

I think beginners would benefit a lot from this

--- End quote ---

I know it's not an article but my video covered this kinda in depth in the last part and has gotten alot of good feedback:


This should help for now


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