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Compilation of Articles for Beginners

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Just a heads-up: In the Combo Theory article, you might want to fix up the word "jumpin" and swap it with "jump-in", as it'll lead itself to less confusion.

Otherwise, top-notch stuff.

One thing that I think might be extremely helpful for beginners would be a basic overview of character roles, strengths and weaknesses. A lot of it was on the wiki, but a lot of things have changed from PS2 -> CC1.07. Besides that, it's something that should probably be consolidated somewhere. It's a bit different from the articles so far though, so I'm not sure if it's exactly what you're looking for.

The articles so far are great, by the way.

If somebody could edit it, I can easily write up an article on 5A/2A whiff pressure using Wallachia as an example.  The idea would basically be the different options you can do at different stages of a blockstring, and why 5A whiffing off of B moves isn't the end of the world and actually a very good thing.

+1 for Neutral game article.

I would actually enjoy the neutral game article mostly because I am new to this game and I feel lost in neutral.


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