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MBAACC: "Dream Match" Mod (CCCaster Version)


"Dream Match" is a mod that adds new content and features to the CCCaster version of Melty Blood: Actress Again Current Code.


- G-Akiha, Dust of Osiris, and all of the Boss Rush characters from the original Actress Again are now selectable on the character select screen. This also includes the hidden boss Ryougi Shiki and the original Actress Again version of Archetype: Earth.

- All of the stages in the game are now selectable through the stage selection screen. This also includes removed and disabled stages, such as "...and nothing heart" and "Bloody Back Alley".

- Eclipse Style is now selectable for all characters as a separate style (not replacing any of the current styles). Boss Rush Akiha is the only exception to this; Instead, she uses a special Half Moon style.

Download link: https://mega.nz/#!5ddiXZRa!hm4eq9lKUx3zo896HloFd8KneKlwsnzLiCL06M0stUw


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