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My last thread was honestly quite useless, but I couldn’t help myself... :bricks:
Type Lumina is out! I’ve yet to get the game but my local esports place is holding a MBTL tournament this Friday and I’m totally going.
Also, Saber’s in bitches get FUCKED :V

I guess everyone’s dead
I’ll post some clips then

https://twitter.com/scrawtv/status/1443270188049252354?s=21 Anti Heat OS lol
Already some great stuff from the community so far, I’m very excited for the future!

So lonely :gonk:

Gonna jot down my initial opinions here.

Lumina feels quite a bit different than Current Code, but it’s still undeniably Melty. It’s obviously taking bits Under Night and mixing it up with Melty mechanics. There’s still some features I miss though. The C H F Moon system is gone, so each character only has one variant. Cutting it is understandable, but I would’ve liked the variety. There’s probably a bunch of smaller changes too, that combine to make the game distinct from its predecessor. It’s going to take some time for CC players to adjust to TL.
My biggest complaint is the auto-combo system. Auto combos in UNiB were very straightforward, mash 6A to automatically do moves. In TL, A B and C all have their own auto combos. The thing is, they’re incredibly intrusive. Sometimes you might want to do 6B6B to convert into something else, but if you slip up you end up doing an auto combo into launcher. Crouching and standing A can hit up to three times before going into auto combo, and I’m pretty sure mashing the same button in the air transitions into auto as well.
The WORST part is that if you start an auto combo on one button and then hit another button, the combo just keeps going. I especially noticed this when doing combo trials, where my subpar input skill made me auto combo 90% of the time. This is a huge burden for mid level players. Of course, if you’re good with your inputs you can work around all these problems, but getting to that point can take a long time. They really should add an option to disable auto combos, and leave the first two hits of each combo and nothing else. Would improve the game a lot.
I think the Moon Meter is a pretty cool mechanic. Your regular meter is for EX’s and Last Arcs, While your moon is for HEAT and these interesting command specials. Doing a special move while hitting B+C will give you an enhanced version of the move, similar to an EX in Street Fighter. I don’t know all the details but that’s what I got from it. Interesting stuff!
Overall, give the game a chance. It might not be for everyone, but it’s damn good. Sadly the Steam version has some fatal bugs with networking at the moment but those should be ironed out soon.

Here’s to hoping we get Neco-Arc, Sion and Astolfo as DLC :laffo:

Im waiting for the Lumina subforum


--- Quote from: Mech on September 30, 2021, 09:35:37 PM ---Im waiting for the Lumina subforum

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yeah me too. hopefully soon™


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