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f-wlen ice loop:

The new address is: http://wiki.mizuumi.net/w/Melty_Blood

The old domains, http://mbaa.mizuumi.net and http://melty.mizuumi.net, will still work. In fact, if you have legacy URLs that point to a specific page, such as http://mbaa.mizuumi.net/wiki/Roa or http://melty.mizuumi.net/wiki/Roa, they will automatically redirect to the new page.

All the PS2 pages are archived. Moving forward, please take note that all pages have been categorized by directory for ease of reading and navigation.

Curbeh and others will be working on graphical assets for the banner images similar to the one here: http://wiki.mizuumi.net/w/Melty_Blood/Powerd_Ciel

You can register an account and begin editing immediately. Page creation requires an autoconfirmation waiting period of 24 hours due to spambots.

If you have any issues or questions, please post here. Thanks.

There is a template of break down of each moon style for each character:


Would be nice if people didn't stray too far from this.

For the characters that nobody will be going to go in on, I'll be translating stuff in.

Banners will be made courtesy of Chibi. I wanted to add move lists ala the JP MB main page if anyone can edit. Please add suggestions here as well.

f-wlen ice loop:
Adding to that: when Curb says "don't stray too far", he means "don't stray at all". The original Melty wiki was a mess, and we will happily remove anyone's work who doesn't adhere to the template.

Meh... guess ill have to poke at the Hisui wiki at some point...


Might come in handy


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