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The Melty Blood Directory of Random Items of Interest (Update 2011-08-15)


In an effort to reduce the clutter of this forum, I'm consolidating a bunch of the stickies here (not the actual threads!) into this post:

Now for MBAA and CC!

Changes made from MBAA ver.A2 to MBCC and MBCC 1.0 to MBCC 1.05.
MBCC tier list and discussion.
MBCC requests for (and fulfillment of) random information.
Notable players to watch in MBAA and MBCC.

MBAA ver.A1/A2 frame data, in a dead tree format.
MBAA ver.A2 (PS2) frame data and hitbox display tool. Also usuable for MBAA ver.A1 data from the PS2 version.

If you absolutely, positively must -- how to get MBAA working on a PS2 emulator.

MBAC stuff below:

Custom music packs for MBAC ver.B2 PC, and how to make them

Melty Blood Character Sprite & BG Collection
Move Speech Translations


MBAC's control scheme
Movelists for MBAC characters
MBAC ver.B2 PC changelog
MBAC Team Titles for ver.B PC
USB adapters and programs to use with MBAC on the PC

Top Japanese MBAC players, and videos of them
How to use Nico Nico Douga (popular Japanese video hosting site)

MBAC Mechanics Reference

MBCaster, a netplay client for MBAC (and the thread for the latest version of it)

Arlieth wants your money (and virginity) :V

Any other additions, post'em.

Thanks Dippy.

MBAC Ver B tier list link could be added.

how Do I get online on this game?


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