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Melty Bread Rules: Please Read Before Posting

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Arlieth Tralare:
:psyduck: Please do not discuss any pirating of MBAC or any other software on this board. Disc-Swapping software is fine (it's necessary for playing imports), but no further than that.

:psyduck: If you are new, post on the Introduction thread in Akiha's Tea Room.

:psyduck: Anything non-Melty should go in Akiha's Tea Room (General Discussion). Anything potentially offensive should go into Sacchin Toast (Members Only, you must post several times before being granted access).

:psyduck: Stupidity, flame wars, hentai, etc (basically, anything that isn't outright illegal, outright racist, or guro) are only tolerated in Sacchin Toast. It would be kind of dumb to ban hentai considering where Melty Blood's roots are from.

:psyduck: No spreading of personal information without one's consent. That means IM address (unless they have it in their profile!), names, pictures, etc.

:psyduck: Being an idiot outside of Sacchin Toast will invite a warning. This is denoted by a Black Star status: . Cumulative infractions will invoke higher levels of restriction.

: Warning Level
: Team Dumbass
: Fail-ism
: Die In A Fire
: LALALA~ We're Not Listening (a.k.a. BANNED)

Each star lasts one week from inception, unless you've been banned, in which case it may be permanent. Levels 1 and 2 don't incur any restrictions, but 3 and 4 definitely will notice that we're cramping their style. There may also be timed bans to go along with new infractions at moderator discretion.

I'm glad that the rules have finally been cleaned up.  Looks good Arly.

Also, stickied.

Xx ggmaster xX:
: LALALA~ We're Not Listening (a.k.a. BANNED)


There anyway to get a black star 'repealed', once gained?

Arlieth Tralare:
Over time, pretty much.


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