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Author Topic: SAT's Nero matchup list for MBAACC  (Read 2825 times)

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SAT's Nero matchup list for MBAACC
« on: November 26, 2011, 12:18:41 PM »
Top Nero player SAT made a somewhat early matchup list for Nero in 1.07.  Interesting that he thinks the Hime matchup is slightly advantageous.

Disadvantage: CH-Nanaya, CH-Warc
Slight disadvantage: CF-Arc, HF-VAkiha, CH-Ciel, (H-Roa)
Even: F-VSion, C-Mech, Miyako, HF-Kohaku, CH-Wara, CF-Maids, (F-Aoko)
Slight advantage: C-Seifuku, CH-Shiki Tohno, C-Hisui, F-Hime, HF-Sion, F-Kouma, F-Ryougi
Advantage: Satsuki, F-Ries, HF-Len, Akiha, CF-WLen, H-PCiel

He states that H-Roa and F-Aoko are in parentheses because he hasn't played many strong players using those characters in 1.07, so it's a guess.
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Re: SAT's Nero matchup list for MBAACC
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2011, 02:03:44 AM »
thanks; that's interesting to see.  just from what i've seen i can understand where SAT is coming from pegging nero as positive against hime and pciel.  nero has one of the fast fullscreen projectiles in the game, which alone i think puts him at a better matchup than those of the cast lacking that against the long ranged hime and pciel tactics.  nero also more or less makes the floating useless because cnero (which i assume SAT is writing about since it's all i've seen him play) specializes in antiair.
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