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Author Topic: [MBAC-Netplay] Melty World Zero  (Read 40197 times)

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Re: [MBAC-Netplay] Melty World Zero
« Reply #175 on: January 12, 2011, 08:36:46 AM »

Sorry for taking so long, but those results really gave me a hard time. xD




The Results


Present People (time with most online)




It is time (finally) to upload videos. How should that proceed:

1. Choose the videos you like.
2. Ask for the authorization of your opponent. If he allows, send me the replays (or upload yourself if you preffer).
3. The links of the videos will be putted here.


My Special Thanks To:

Inso. Without him this MW would probably be a fail. And, holy crap, you copy-paste like a bullet. xD
Kurii, for coming and playing even after lost many matches by w.o. because was working. I think everyone really appreciated that. That was a really noble attitude.
CD, for being so lively on the chat and on the forum. Your winning phrases really gave me a good time reading.
Waka, for entering this netplay tourney after many he didn't enter.
Academico, for caring so much about this event and even explaining the rules for who didn't know on Last-Arc.
CT_Warrior, for playing this tourney even though he can play live once in a while. I really appreciate that attitude.

My thanks to:

Everyone that tried seriously to be present for the two days, even those who couldn't make it, but tried.
Everyone who trusted the championship would be serious and organized, and registered, and played.
Everyone who supported somehow this event. If I'm forgetting someone, please forgive me, my mind is still in the world of the results. ç.ç

My apologises to:

Everyone I couln't answer in time since I was so busy.
Everyone I had to be tough because of the rules.



* Some people want to know why was the second day shorter the first. That's why I've elimited from the future fights those who had quit or wouldnt be present, and reestructured the rounds so we could play the matches with everyone present without having to wait more 3 hours posting w.o.'s.

* How was made final score: all the matches and rounds of that player were summed. Lost matches count as negative results, lost rounds too. The best possible score is 3600, in other words 3(6)-0(0), counting as 3 matches and 6 rounds. A score 3824 would count as 1 match and 4 rounds and so on. After that the formula is: number of matches won + (number of rounds won / 2). That because a match worth twice a round.

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Re: [MBAC-Netplay] Melty World Zero
« Reply #176 on: January 12, 2011, 10:02:32 AM »
If anyone wants to upload a replay of a match they had against me, just go for it. You don't need to ask, just upload it and make sure to post it here so I can see what involving myself gets uploaded.
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Re: [MBAC-Netplay] Melty World Zero
« Reply #177 on: January 12, 2011, 01:28:50 PM »
You're welcome, Cristu, it was lots of fun, having 20+ ppl obliged to pay attention to me is like, what I always wanted =D
And besides, anyone could have done my job (tho not as sexyly as me)

Kudos to everyone who played and pretended to laugh at my silly jokes, hope we get a chance to play decently someday, be it real life or real low delay. (and I want you to know I didnt really mean those threats)
Btw, if you want to you can upload any of my matches, doubt anyone would want to do that anyway.

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Re: [MBAC-Netplay] Melty World Zero
« Reply #178 on: January 12, 2011, 08:39:27 PM »
Thanks for everyone who got 10 delay against me and decided it was fine to play anyway. I was pretty sure I'd get 100% neutrals. :V

This tournament was a lot of fun and I loved being in it. It also improved me as a player since I took the time to practice during it, although I'm not entirely satisfied with my placing (at least I'm in the top 10 right?!). It was great to meet so many online players regardless.

Anyway, while I doubt anyone finds my matches good enough to upload, you're welcome to do so if you like.