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When's Melty on Steam?
ahaha that's no--wait, what?

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We all know that MBAACC, like most other fighting games, has an "invisible" mechanic where your opponent's character partially determines the effectiveness or to a certain extent the possibility of the combos you land on him/her based on that character's hitbox shape/size. So I was wondering if there was a character on whom generally all combos work, in other words the most "baseline" character to practise combos on. Preferably not characters like Nrvnqsr or Warachia who have abnormally large hitboxes.

Melty Blood Auditorium / Re: CCCaster v3.0 Rollback Edition
« on: February 03, 2015, 07:34:12 AM »
Woot, playing melty again!

I tried updating to v3.0.006 but every time I do that, it shows the "Downloading..." screen, then when it completes, it opens the updater.exe and then loops back to "Do you want to update to v3.0.006?".

UNIB Videos and Streams / Re: UNI Video Discussion Thread
« on: October 20, 2012, 08:14:52 PM »

UNREAL BLACK THINGS / Re: Under Night In-Birth
« on: September 24, 2012, 06:23:20 AM »
I'm impressed with Orie. When I first saw her, I was thinking "How the hell do you combo with her?". And seeing footage of her now, she seems really versatile and all-rounded.

I don't get how the instant kills are executed. You veil-off when your opponent has the right amount of life left and it's automatically executed?

Miyako Arima / Re: [MBAACC] Miyako Thread
« on: September 22, 2012, 06:11:09 PM »
Not only that, you have to add a colon (:) after "http"

UNREAL BLACK THINGS / Re: Under Night In-Birth
« on: September 22, 2012, 06:46:53 AM »
The pushback from Shielding doesn't seem relevant at all, especially in the corner where it's supposed to matter most. What with all the long range moves, multi-hit moves and moves with forward momentum. Not to mention that ERUBO.

I think they actually slowed Merkava down since the Tougeki build. I remember the full screen grab being tighter when blocked.

However, SETH. Seth looks like so much fun to play. I might actually end up using him over Linne.

I find that they nerfed Seth's fireballs. They hit very inconsistently now, something I don't like very much. His dash-in-teleports look fun and all, but I'm confused about how much of a mindgame it really brings in a real match...


What the hell happened at 4:40? Bunker?

The Orie player could have throw teched that.  There was another player who did later.  It's just a gimmick.

Same with when you're locked down in blockstun and get thrown.  When Vati threw the ex fireball down on Linne and jumped over to go for the throw, she teched the throw and the fireball just passed right through them during the invincibility.  From what I saw in that video, throw tech looked safe as fuck and there might not even be any restriction on doing it (such as counterhit throws in bb).

I always forget the existence of throw techs because of its absence back in MBAC >.<

Did it cross up? I can't remember off the top of my head...

EX gauge has a halfway mark and between both characters' GRD gauges is a circular clock that resets whenever GRD Vorpal is reached.

It seems that the Auto-Recover mechanic is a disadvantage. At 11:31, Yuzuriha punishes Orie when she auto-recovers from the air by throwing her. Knowing when the game forces you to auto-recover could be a crucial part in continuing combos.

Apparently you can throw while the opponent is in blockstun. 39:37 Linne is blocking Vatista's multihit orb and got thrown out.

Also, ERRUBO~~

They're limiters like what Sion has. She can only do 3 moves in that stance, each move taking away a gem in the gauge. Some moves seem to take no gems (her teleports?) or 2 instead of 1 gem.

In the Merkava vs Seth, at 1:35, you can see Merkava getting punished in the air, then auto-recovering. When he lands, he then punishes Seth. This auto-recover mechanic is not to be trifled with...

Also, delayed floating homing missiles. Setups galore~

Linne's so loud...

Just wondering, do you have anything to do with the production of UNIB?

Unreal Black Things wallpaper this time.

But they haven't even decided who their seiyuus will be. That'll take some time...

Another new addition: They now announce how many hits you do in a combo that are invalid. Good for "debugging" your combos I guess. Also, more details about your combo damage. The words are too small to see in these videos.

Vatista's held jewel seems to have quite a wide explosion radius.

Seems like there can be more than one jump cancel in one combo. Hoorah. And they removed the curves on the health bar, but added different colours for different levels of health.

-DAT RANGE. ALL his air normals can probably hit crouchers at the pinnacle of his jump. Also, FULL SCREEN GRAB.
-Can launch projectiles and dive at the same speed, having the illusion of a dive-kick.
-Unlike Hime, he can fly without meter cost. Probably for a short duration only.
-Lotsa spinny moves. Even his IW.

-Aside from blades, orbs. Proxy mine jewels and massive zoning EX floating orb.
-Has a knockdown followup after shoryu.

-Jumping kick followup after knight summon? Knight uppercut EX? New moves or just moves we haven't see before?

If they want to match up to "that hateful Blazblue", they better.

Any chance of shakycam vids? Or the even lower chance of official footage release?

I assume the latest update is just listing the times and venus of the loketests for tomorrow?

FB streaming on the 11th at 23:00 J-time.

Send questions here.

A part of me still stubbornly refuses to lose hope that this won't just be a Q&A on stream.

If it's Q&A with some footage in the background, I'll still be more than happy.

Damnit that's a hype killer =.=

Which leaves the next update to be not wallpapers and Twitter AVs. Wonder what comes next...

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