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When's Melty on Steam?
ahaha that's no--wait, what?

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Satsuki Yumizuka (Yumiduka) / Catsuki help thread
« on: December 29, 2011, 08:07:56 PM »
WIKI : http://wiki.mizuumi.net/w/Melty_Blood/Satsuki_Yumiduka/Crescent_Moon

I just wanted to make a thread for people new to C-Satsuki, and wanted to know what the hell to do with her in a nutshell.  This is intended to be just a start please add anything you know to help out new people trying to learn this character.

BnB: 2C,3C,623[A],8j.[C],delay till you almost touch the ground, 9sj.[C],land,5[C],2[C],2C,3C,(623[A],421A)

3C is a hard knockdown that leaves you point blank so just do a sandoori mixup after it.

ABnB: 2C,3C,623[A],8j.[C],wait,9sj.[C],land,5[C],2[C],2C,5C,623[ B],5B,(2A,2C),623C

*On Kouma and Ries you need to delay 623[A].
*Both of these work midscreen and in the corner.
*On some characters you can put no delay on 9sj.[C] and you will switch sides with them, so you can throw them back into the center with 421A  :laffo:

Special 421A/B properties in the corner:
421A/B~2E,j.C(whiff),2C,BnB  *you can only do 1 j.[C] however because the 421A/B sets it to 1 bounce.
(421A/B~2E,j.C(whiff)2C,3C,623[A])xN  does indeed work not very useful outside of combo vids though.

Corner to Corner combo end in 4-way it applies pretty much everything *uses 150 meter but builds like 100 during the combo
PB&J: 2C,3C,623[A],8j.[C],wait,9sj.[C],land,5[C],2[C],2C,3C,623[A],421B~2E,j.C(whiff), 2C,wait,5B,5C,623[ B],5B,2A,2C,623C

If you played MBAC you can still do her old 4-way mixup off 421A/B, or her 623C.

No matter where you do it in a combo 623C (236C, and 421A/B as well) sets the bounce counter to 1 meaning, so for instance 623[A],j.[C],j[C],land 623C,2C,214C,2C does indeed work.

Remember unlike C-Satsuki's other normals, j.[C] can be cancelled like any regular character's air normals can (double jump, air dash, reverse beat) so you can mix people up who are careless on a blocked j.[C].

In the rare chance you somehow land a j.[C] without having already used your jump cancel, you can tag this ender for extra damage:

[combo] > 2C > 3C > 623[A] > j.[C] > j.B > land > 5B/BE623B/Dunk/etc.

Also this is really stupid but for reference, you can now do 214B 623{B}, any OTG into 623C. I'm 99% sure 623{B} would not combo before and you could only get an airthrow. This is like 4500 off an overhead but you can get 4500 meterless off her other overhead that's not terrible so w/e it's still not useful.

And just for reference, AAD is now airblockable. They took out the corner trap.


relatively helpful primer video for everything from basic combos, big damage shit, alternate combo routes for midscreen stuffs, mix ups, even a couple blockstrings

covers catsuki and fatsuki

WIKI: http://wiki.mizuumi.net/w/Melty_Blood/Satsuki_Yumiduka/Crescent_Moon

Ciel's Tech Support / crazy lag/slowdown
« on: December 19, 2011, 07:46:22 PM »
Okay I can normally play other online fighters fine, I mean I will rage cause I'm like 6-7 frames of lag >:(, but you know they normally run smooth no matter how far behind they are.  So I try to play MBAACC demo online yeah no everyone I connect to the game slows to a complete crawl I'm talking like 5-6 fps I can run it just fine normally like no issues not even close.

Akiha's Tea Room / Big Bang Beat???
« on: August 15, 2008, 09:50:36 PM »
okay I know you guys have all played this. but I just picked it up, it seems pretty cool, but everyone says the gameplay sucks, so I would like to know why, I assume it has something to do with the fact that it is probably possible to combo ppl for a hella long time.  But in all honesty I have no idea why ppl have hated on it in alot of places and I would like to know why, so I can either say screw you and play it anyways or go OHHHHHHH, and stop.

On a completely unrelated topic, (Strongbad's Really Cool Game for Attractive People) came out.

Ciel's Tech Support / good drive cloner software
« on: August 07, 2008, 10:58:13 PM »
okay guys, this is the story, so my cat knocked off my external drive while running onto the floor and its all beepity boopity (in the bad way) now, going to try the freezer trick to restore the data but the important stuff is on DvDs so while it would be cool to get some of the other stuff back its not like super important.  So instead of using external drives for like the millionth time for everything do to my shitty 120GB=111Gb(after corrections for rounding)=98GB (after installing windows and mac OSX), im going to upgrade my internal harddrive on my lappy already found a good one.

before you ask no I can't run sata-2 yes I know that you can use jumpers, and I choose this one cause it was the best space for value if you guys know a better drive / place to get one please inform me.

But you guys know good reliable programs for copying drives over, cause my compy has so many special small crap and mods on it especially on the mac side I really really REALLY don't feel like spending hours doing again, my windows side would be a bit of a pain too, but I have gotten real good at configing it cause I blow it up like every 2 months, though something stupid (still no viruses, totally lost on how this hasn't happened considering I have like minimal virus protection and a firewall, my routers not windows whinny thing.)

I don't even care If I have to repartition stuff afterwords because of the larger size, cause I have lots of experience with repartitioning, and the electricity going off while repartitioning, stupid squirrel and no I don't feel sorry you died from the shock, grrrr *shakes fist.

Ciel's Tech Support / jumping up and left
« on: July 09, 2008, 08:01:24 PM »
okay so I modded my wii stick to work with everything like PS2 and compy, and it works great with everything Guilty gear, touhou 10.5, dcemu, stuff like that but it doesn't work on melty I just keep jumping up and left ,wtf, no idea whats going on.

Yes I restarted my compy, yes I tried unplugging it and putting it back in.  Melty worked fine with just the PS2 controller plugged in what could be wrong.

edit:okay my computer is reading no input from the stick, when in neutral position, but melty sees up and left, and ONLY melty wtf, it works without a controller.

edit #2 it works on MB caster if I tell it to only read keyboard input and use Xpadder to convert from stick to keyboard.

edit #3: Found the problem, using the real converter forces analog to be on, and my analog buttons despite the fact that I pulled them off apparently keep moving up and left :(, my other games are configed not to use analog but I can do so with melty, Ill try to fix it tonight or tomorrow, but Im just happy it works with everything else right now :D.

I swear 99% of the ppl outside my friends think Ike is broke instead of being mid tier actually we thought he sucked for a while.  And they just talk about how awesome metaknights B moves are, and I have also heard many ppl saying that its impossible to combo in brawl, lol.
I just can't stand the lv of scrub sometimes in brawl I mean I play it for fun but sometimes when ppl just run up with metaknight in a FFA game and spam BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB all day cause they are invincible for 3 seconds, then get second place every round even though they suck and brag about how good they are its kinda annoying.  Or sit in the corner with Ike charging shit and bragging how they have the most kills.  I mean when ppl run away from you with kirby and just do his hi taunt thats cool, cause its awesome, but when ppl just sit there spamming B with metaknight thats uncool, sure it works in FFA but in 1v1 you just get raped.  Why are do you block is my fav question in any fighting game weather it be Brawl, Soul cali, MB, SWR, anything I get it a decent amount of the time and it makes me want to cry.

I am happy that its easier to combo in brawl, compared to melee and regular, despite some of the combos being bullshit, aka dedede chain grab to back air garbage.  I also laugh at all those vids of the ppl punishing ppl who didn't tech right with like 30 hits and all the ppl saying broken, because all of them xcept falco's depending where you start it can only do up to about 50% dmg, despite the fact they hit like 30 times. personally with my 2 mains ZSS and marth I do my own stuff with marth for failed tech its j.6A,6A,j.6A,6A to the edge and its easy and does good dmg and doesn't last 5 years. with ZSS I do complete bullshit called down smash, (down smash),point blank up B looped into pretty much whatever I want.

The biggest entertainment for me is when they talk about how they should go pro, I don't consider myself pro lv cause im not and have a life, and then just 3 stock them all day, cause they never played against someone who actually edge hogged in brawl.

Im just in ranting mode cause after class every day gotta wait 1.5 hours for bus and I hang out in the library that has brawl.

 >:( >:( >:(

Akiha's Tea Room / I cast Flare!
« on: May 29, 2008, 06:00:48 PM »
for any of you who haven't seen this series is about 2 nerds playing D&D the way it should be played like total idiots, and its pretty awesomely funny.


Its only 2 episodes in but its pretty funny, heck they were bought by the escapist the same ppl who hired zero punctuation.

Regional Community / NC where are you
« on: May 24, 2008, 02:22:08 PM »
 I know there are a few players but none that I know of hang out here, cause they are too busy playing GG, and Arcana heart.

okay somehow get your oppenent into to the air the easy way is to do 22A,22C terrible prorate and low dmg but it shows how the combo works, but here is the pratice version which makes it easy and the right version, the right version requires weird timing I can't do consistantly but this is it, the dmg is pretty retarted.  I tried it on kouma, should work for everyone though. I wasn't able to loop all the way, on best run and it did over 7000dmg on kouma no crits only usign 100% circuit, and it builds 54% circuit per loop so if you only do what I did you accually gain 8% circuit on top of that dmg.

hmeans hold, j.h means jump hold

note the last hit of 22C MUST HIT every time, and he must bounce high

note trying to hit all of the hold 5C is tricky you can omit some of them but you will not get as much dmg

pratice version 22a or h5C,22c,*h5C,j.hC,j.h5C,h5C,22C(go to *)

full version j.hC,h5C,jhC,*h5C,22C,h5C,j.hC,(j.hC)haven't gotten it connect but it should be possible,h5C,(go to *)

for kouma I time I used to hit 22C was just before when his head is just above sacchins head lv.

Please ppl test this

it doesn't work.

activate blood heat just when you hit max,

j.holdC,5holdC,j.holdC,5holdC,hold2C,2C,5C,623B,5B,623C,41236C (lol it connects)

the only useful thing about this is the knowledge that you can connect your bloodheat arc after your 623C, which is could be useful under unsual situations, cause you can just infinate combo them with her loop until you run low on blood heat then just finish it with that, but thats assumming you connect a hit sometime while your in blood heat, and still have a least 1/2 of it left.

only the demo is out but im tired of murking compies on lunatic, I want to play some real humans, I think we should set up another hamachi server I already have 2 different ones running one for MB and one for another game, can someone else host one for this game.

PS: Alice is overpowered as shit.  woohoo for 30-50hit combos.  Reimu is pretty rape too her QCB magic attack shield is retartedly good the compy doesn't use it right though.

So far the only trick I have found is that the D button is amazing and your friend.

*Melee attacks are now much easier to combo with

just click on one of the links in the box

Arcueid Brunestud / 5C prorate?
« on: March 13, 2008, 07:21:18 AM »
Is it just me or does Arcs 5C on ground have no prorate, because I noticed it made some pretty powerful cancels into her another arc.

Satsuki Yumizuka (Yumiduka) / Sacchin Mechanics question
« on: February 27, 2008, 01:29:45 PM »
Any reason why the game will not allow me to hit the oppenent any more after I pull off 3 air hold C's in a combo, they don't tech, infact can't tech right in front of me I clearly connect nothing happens even try doing her tornado grab still that fails, is this in the game to prevent a really good infinate, I belive so other wise there is proably a way to full charge C attack forever which would accually be a half way decent infinate.

NetPlay Community / weird problem
« on: January 17, 2008, 08:42:16 PM »
okay I disabled 7500 UDP port on my router, and by main computer and my virtual computer (running MB).

This is what happens
under 8 test my port I get
Port : BAD (UDP.7500 received No Signal)

when I tried 7 I get
Now waiting for introduction then it just goes back to the menu no error or time out message at all.

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