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Mech-Hisui / H-Dhalsim
« on: January 23, 2012, 11:56:10 AM »
H-Mech is a unique character I'd like more people to understand or perhaps discuss, so I'm going to make a thread.

As the title implies, this character is Dhalsim.  5B/2B are very long ranged, j.B is fairly long ranged.  5B whiffs crouchers.

236A/B/C: Drill projectile.  A goes down, B goes straight, C is an ex spikeball that can be used for combos.
236236C: Shoots a nasu mushroom that goes fast and straight.

623A/B/C: Lightning.  Very long range. B is longer than A and does more damage, C is an ex for even more damage, with a hard knockdown.  Can be done in the air.

214A/B/C: Drill.  Used in combos.  214C can be relaunched from, but it's not very useful.

j.236A/B/C:  Jumping eyebeams that go down at a shallow angle.  A and B are incredibly useful for zoning, B hits twice.  EX Cancelling 236B into 236C after the first hit does more damage than cancelling after.

63214A/B/C: Summons.  A summons a ground mech that does a dashing attack, B is an air mech, and C is vic viper who supports you.

43216C: Same god tier arc drive as other moons.


2B 623B xx 623C

I'm not kidding.  This is all you really need.  On the off chance you get a good hit

2AA 5C 5A 6AA BE2C 6C j.BC sdj.AAC AT.

2AA 5C 2C 6C j.BC sdj.AAC AT.

2AA 2B 5C 2C 214A j.BC dj.AAC AT

Save meter for 623C knockdowns.  You don't have untechable ex's in the air.  2C (5A) 6AA  j.BEC will sometimes work, but the timing is very tight.


Your air movement is terrible.  Your forwards air dash does put you in a good angle to use j.B and j.236B, however.  You have movement after j.236B, abuse this.  2B is amazing, put it out constantly, the hitbox is disjointed far out.  You're in deep shit if the enemy gets in on you as you can't jump out of pressure well, so try your best to stay offensive.  You are made out of paper, combos will kill you fast.

Satsuki Yumizuka (Yumiduka) / Hatsuki
« on: January 06, 2012, 02:59:22 PM »

2A 5B 5C 5A 6AA 2C 3C 214A j.BC ad.A dj.BC AT (damage)
2A 5B 5C 5A 6AA 2C 3C 623A (oki)
2A 5B 5C 5A 6AA 2C 5C 623B 5B 2C 623C 2C 3C 623A (meter oki, note 5A 6AA to 2C is a link, not a cancel)
j.C dj.CAA 2A 5B 5C 5A 6AA 2C 3C 214A j.BC ad,A dj.BC AT (fuzzy guard setup, the j.CAA has a pretty big delay between the j.C and the j.A)
On characters which it works:
2A 5B 5C 5A 6AA BE2C 2C 3C 214A j.BC ad.A dj.BC AT is her bnb.  Any 5A 6AA 2C can be replaced with 5A 6AA BE2C 2C.

5A 6AA BE2C 2C combos are character specific.  Don't bother with 5A 6AA 2C (5A) 6AA j.BE5C, they're stupidly hard, character specific, and not worth it.

Sonic Boom (j.BE5B) can be combo'd off of at low height with 5A.  Sonic Boom DOES NOT hit high.

623A and 623B both have upper body invincibility.  623A is a solid down with no OTG, 623B is a solid down with OTG, 623C is ground bounce.  236 series follows the same pattern, 236B is unblockable.

214A is jump cancellable on block.  Throw also gives a solid down.  Can sort of sandoori off of any down, throwing a sonic boom isn't the worst choice in this case.  214B is your only ground overhead, and it's a slow one.

Arcueid Brunestud / H-Arc 1.07
« on: December 24, 2011, 05:48:17 PM »
Another Benny's wall of combos

2A 5B 5C 5A 6AA 5C 2C (2A) 5A 2C 214B (one hit) j.BE2C 2B 2C 4C j.BE2C 2B 2C 4C j.BE2C
You will be in the corner no matter what after this combo, with plenty of time to set up anything.  Pretty much the go to combo for j.BE2C shenanigans.

2A 5B 5C 5A 6AA 5C 2C (2A) 5AA 2C (2A) 2A 2C 236A 236A 214A
Classic combo from ver.PS2

2A 5B 5C 5A 6AA 5C 2C (2A) 5A 2C 5C 623B j.BC dj.BC airthrow
Classic damage combo.

2A 5B 5C 214B (one hit) j.2B 236A 236A 214A
Oki combo for lazy people.

2A 5B 5C 5A 6AA 2C 3C 623B j.BC dj.BC airthrow
Damaging combo for lazy people.

Throw 22A xx 623C 2C 4C j.BE2C
Because you can

Throw j.C sdj.ABC airthrow
Because you shouldn't waste meter.

More will be added later.  Post shit and I'll add it.

Sion TATARI (Vampire) / C-V.Sion 1.07
« on: December 24, 2011, 12:11:21 AM »
aka Benny1's combo corner

2A 5B 2b 5C 2C 4B j.BC ad.BC sdj.BC airthrow (max damage)
2A 5B 2B 4B 2C 5C 3C j.BC ad.BC sdj.BC airthrow
2A 5B 2B 4B 2C 5C j.A...B...C j.BC sdj.BC ad.C airthrow (less damage, more movement, spacing specific)
2A 5B 2B 4B 5C 2C j.2B 2C 5C 623B j.BC sdj.BC ad.C airthrow (Hype relaunch.  Depending on jump and timing on j.2B, can be a swapsides combo)
2A 5B 2B 4B 2C 5C 3C 623C (More damage + ex claw)
2A 5B 2B 4B 5C 2C j.2B 2C 5C 3C 623C (Max damage + ex claw)
2A 5B 4B 5C 2C 214A BE6C dash BE2C 214C (travel + summon)
2A 5B 4B 5C 2C 214A BE6C dash BE2C 5C 3C 623C (travel + ex claw)

2A 5B 4B 5C 236C dash j.BC ad.BC sdj.BC airthrow (Midscreen 236C is back!  Hard, but damage)

2A 5B 2B 4B 5C 236C dash j.BC ad.BC sdj.BC airthrow (Actually does more damage than regular bnb now!)

throw 2C 5C 3C j.BC ad.BC sdj.BC airthrow (standard damage throw combo)
throw 2C 5C j.A2B 623B j.BC sdj.BC ad.C airthrow (hype)
throw 2C 214C (easy standard summon setup)
throw 2C j.2B 2C 214C (standard summon setup)
throw 2C j.2B 2C (2A) BE2C (2A) BE2C 214C (hype 4 2C combo)
throw j.A2B j.A2B 4B 623C (stupid difficult hype ex claw setup)
throw 2C 5C j.A2B 4B 623C (less stupid difficult hype ex claw setup)
throw 2C 5C j.AB2B 4C 623C (more difficult, max damage ex claw setup)

Counter hit:
j.A/B/C (BE)2C 5C 3C j.BC ad.BC sdj.BC airthrow (easiest, best, can be BE2C depending on height)
4B BE6C dash BE2C 5C 3B j.BC ad.BC sdj.BC airthrow (4B as an anti-air counter hit will combo into BE6C at any spacing.  Depending on spacing, a second BE6C is possible)

j.BC dash 5A 5B 2B 4B 5C 236A xx 236C dash 5A 5B 2B 4B 5C
Nearly 100% guard damage airtight blockstring.

Important combos in bold.

BE2C, 214A, j.2B, 236C, 63214C, 623C relaunch.  BE2C can be added to any combo ending in 2C by 5A/2A whiff cancelling 2C.  Only 214A and j.2B are important relaunches, 623C is just the usual "grab" effect.

Len / F-Len
« on: June 04, 2010, 03:28:54 PM »
Nobody really plays this character and there's no real reason to but here are some combos and shit with her, along with some character specifics.

Normal BNBs:

2A (5B) 2B 3C 623A j.BC sdj.BC airthrow
2A (5B) 5C 3C 623A j.BC dj.BC airthrow

The second one is preferable.  Be careful with 5B in your combos though.  It will add a little damage, but for example, if you do a 5B before 5C, you can only let 5C hit 4 times, not 5.

Corner BNBs:
2A 5C (5) 623B 2B 5C (5) 623A j.BC sdj.BC airthrow
2A 5C (5) 623B 2B okizeme

Okizeme will be explained later.

Corner Meter BNBs:

2A 5C (2) 236C 5C (5) 3C 623A j.BC dj.BC airthrow
2A 5C (2) 236C 5C (5) 623B 2B 5C (5) 623A j.BC sdj.BC airthrow
2A 5C (2) 236C 5C (5) 623B 2B okizeme

Middle one is the most difficult but obviously gives the most meter as well.  It is also very difficult on Kouma.

Midscreen throw BNB:
Throw 3C 623A j.AB dj.BC airthrow

Midscreen throw combos are only possible on (to be completed)

Corner throw BNB:
5A 2B 5A 2B 5C (5) j.BC dj.BD airthrow
5A 2B 5A 2B 623B 2B okizeme

On some characters 5A 2B x3 is possible, but it is difficult and not really worth it.  Adding another 5A 2B at the end of the second combo is possible, but extremely difficult, and probably character specific.  These loops are extremely difficult on Riesbyfe, you might be better off doing 5A 2B 623B 2B on her.

5A 2B x3 is possible on Tohno, Nanaya, Kouma, (to be completed)

Empire Corner throw combo:
5A 2B 623B 676 airthrow 5A 2B 623B 2B okizeme

676 is an IAD in which you jump backwards and airdash forwards.  If you don't do that, you will go behind the other character.

Corner throw loop:

2A 2B 623B 676 airthrow 3C {623B j.8 airthrow} x n

You can probably switch j.8 to j.7 when you get pushed back to make it so the combo lasts longer.  Difficult and not worth it.  Endable with 5A 2B instead of landing with 3C.

In general, setups end in 623B 2B, so you can jump behind them and crossup.  Also, meaty yoga ice (236A) is very strong.  You could use 214 series as well, but those can accidentally otg sometimes.  Remember that 2B is your only low, but your normals are also far better than C/H-Len's could ever wish to be.

More later when I feel like writing more.  Hype character, even if she's bad.

Tournament Results / Midwest Championship Results
« on: May 08, 2010, 09:38:31 PM »
Midwest has too little Melty hype D:

1.  meta
2.  Tiggy
3.  Magnus XL
5.  SimaMatty
5.  Kobayashi
7.  Benny1
7.  Necrosis
9.  Fabulous Digi
9.  Greats
9.  Ben 6 (actually beno)
9.  Empty Shiki
13. Schnets
13. Delaghetto
13. Greats
13. Muffin
17. Forte
17. Urban Wolf
17. Radical 101
17. Blue Crane

Twenty (actually 19) people, Greats was entered twice in a freak accident, which means I actually managed to place in top 8!

Was good shit, guys, I wasn't around for much extra time because well, I'm sick, and really shouldn't have been there in the first place, but hell, I had a good time and don't care too much.  Didn't get to play too many casuals with most of you, but the casuals I did play were fun, and it was nice actually playing in a tournament with a controller I know how to use.  No shoutouts because I didn't play most of you, lol.  Nice to see Midwest isn't dead.

ACen next weekend rofl, maybe I'll actually be healthy for that one.

Akiha's Tea Room / Heroes of Newerth
« on: May 07, 2010, 09:50:48 AM »
I've seen a bunch of people talking about this on irc before, who all plays this stuff?  It's coming out of beta pretty soon, I just bought it myself, what are all of your usernames?

Benny0 is my username.

Kohaku's Magical Garage / EX Guarding
« on: February 08, 2010, 06:49:40 AM »
I figure it is worth making a thread to mention that Ex guard actually DOES remove blockstun.  I believe it is 2f, but I'm not totally sure on that, and I'm not sure if it's the same for all levels of blockstun and the like.

This is probably worth more testing though.  I did test it in both crescent and full moons and saw similar results.

Seifuku Akiha / C-Seifuku Akiha/Azaka
« on: December 07, 2009, 07:42:08 AM »
It has come to my attention that every single normal this character has is a kick.

I must play her.  What sorts of things are you guys doing?  I haven't played her against any actual people yet, so I need to do that at some point, since theory-fighting lol.

Things that seem useful are 236B neutral on block, 5B neutral, -1 2C.  236C is a good reset on block too.  5A and 2A have anti-A armor.

Her damage seems to be nothing more than average, though.  I can't think of EX combos to improve it either.  Normal bnb I run is
(5A) (2A) 5B 2B 6B 5C 2C 6C j.CB ad.AB dj.BC airthrow.

EX stuff I've worked out is

(5A) (2A) 5B 2B 6B 5C 2C 6C 236C j.ABC dj.BC airthrow.
But that isn't much more damage.  I tried stuff with a 6C tk.236C but it didn't work out too well.  Typically ended up too far.

In the corner, if you're good at links
(5A) (2A) 5B 6B 5C 236C 6B 5C 2C 6C j.ABC dj.BC ad.B airthrow.
This is a worthy ex combo, over 5k on Arc, it seems.  Need to be close though.

On a jumpin that is blocked, 214A is a frametrap that is very + frames and will punish any sort of a flinch, if they pretty much perfectly time a counter 5A mash, they'll CH you and get hit at the same time.

Does anybody play her?  I hear people say she is shit so lol.  But those kicks, I want them D:

Archetype: Earth / Archetype Earth cmv ideas
« on: October 12, 2009, 03:47:55 PM »
While I wait for my modded memory card, I've been grinding all sorts of crazy Archetype Earth combos and would quite like to CMV some of this stuff, is anybody interested in helping me come up with ideas or working on recording?  Here's what I have so far.

5B 2B 5C 214D 2AC delay 214A 5A j.B ad.BC dj.BC airthrow
5B 2B 2C 4C ad.C land 2C 4C ad.AC land j.BC dj.BC
(Corner) 5B 2B 5C 214D 5AA 2C 2A (whiff) 5A 2C 214D 5AA 2C 2A (whiff) 5A 2C 214D 5AA 2C 4C ad.BC dj.BC airthrow
(Corner) 5B 2B 5C 214D 2AC 236B 5A 22A 5A 5B j.BC dj.BC airthrow
5B 2B 2C 4C j.ABC land j.BC dj.BC airthrow
(Corner) 5B 2B 2C 5C j.AAC land j.BC dj.BC airthrow

Ideas like this, if you're interested, toss some at me, there's a TON of potential for cool looking stuff.

Sion TATARI (Vampire) / C-V.Sion
« on: September 21, 2009, 02:52:38 PM »
Because I love writing guides.  As usual, I'm not the greatest at this game, so bitch at me if something is wrong, I'll fix it.  Also if you have anything to add.

C-V.Sion is a rather unseen character, especially over H-V.Sion with her large damage and powerful setups.  However, there are merits to C-V.Sion, and though yes, she definitely isn't as good as H-V.Sion, she is still a good character, though she needs to a work much harder than H-V.Sion (but this is kind of like saying you need to work harder than Ciel in MBAC).  Also, we don't have garbage meter mechanics, so that's a plus.

Normal Moves

5A: A mid-waist backhand fist smack. Still neutral on block. Can tick throw off of this, and it is good pressure string filler.

5B: A little knee to the waist. Actually nerfed from MBAC, it is now -1 on block. Nobody cares though, make them respect it anyways.

4B: A reverse claw swipe, it's the Half Moon 5B. Strong in combos, not so much in pressure.  Does catch jumpouts rather well.  Has anti-air clash and more range than the half moon version.

5C: A new version of 5C, an awkward little claw smash. It hits only twice, but is jump and normal cancellable like regular normals.

2A: A really low ground kick that hits low. Not good on block.

2B: A low fist smack. Actually +1 on block now, and moves her forwards a little. Good combo filler, pressure filler, this move is good.  In fact, this is far better than H-V.Sion's 2B.  Laugh at her for that one.

2C: A swipe with her hands that knocks down. It's a type 2 attack so it doesn't hold people for long, but is sped up from MBAC. It's also chargable now, which makes it only -1 on block, and the charged version can be used in pressure to catch people flinching. Still not that good of a move though, unfortunately.

j.A: A little kick with her leg. Not bad, it's fast, but not as good as j.C

j.6A: A really weird uppercut in the air. It's used to fake overheads in IAD pressure into something like her arc drive.  IAD.6A whiff arc drive is strong.

j.B: Her old j.B from MBAC. A little diagonal swipe down with her hands.  Quick, can hit some spots that j.C can't hit well.  Useful.

j.2B: A dive kick with a minimum height. Neutral or so on landing with good angle, can be used in fuzzy guard combos, can crossup on oki.

j.C: Fast, good hitbox, this move scares people pretty bad.

Ground throw: Throws them, it's like the Len ground throw, kind of, can combo from this in the corner.  Due to sped up 2C, you can combo 2C after this easily.

Air throw:  Throws them diagonally straight at the ground.  Techable.  j.2B to tech punish neutral and back.

Special Moves:

236A: Katto! A forward claw energy claw attack that really isn't useful except for being ex cancelled into 236C in pressure which isn't even as useful as it used to be. Don't use this often.

236B: Katto! A slow, forwards claw energy whatever attack that is +frames on block. If you are point blank, this is powerful, but it's slow, so it's rather reversible. Be careful using it, use it rarely and unpredictably.  Dodge beats this.

236C: Katto katto katto katto! A fast three hit claw smash that launches. Used to be good for damage in combos, but it has been nerfed absurd amounts and is now useless except for in pressure rarely. Use it rarely, it's not often worth 100% meter for a pretty much safe pressure reset with this character.

623A: Katto! An upwards energy claw. Useful as anti-air with upper body invincibility. Not great, be careful with it.

623B: Katto! An upwards energy claw that hits twice. Useful in combos, but they're not as high damage as her optimum combos, and are harder to do imo

623C: Katto katto katto katto! A quick EX reversal and powerful combo tool. Many many frames + on hit, punishable on block. Works sort of like a blockable throw, will grab OTG even.

214A: Arcueid summon. She does a 22A/B style attack. Comes out kind of quick and is +frames on block, but can be hit out of at the start and the summon won't stay.

214B: Satsuki summon. She winds up and does her 214B, but it doesn't hit high. Useful in oki setups.

214C: Akiha summon. Walks up and does 6C. Solid in the sense it will push people around and you can't walk through it. Probably her most useful oki setup.

421A/B/C: Same summons as above, but she summons them further away, about halfway across the screen.

63214C: Ciel summon, she does her 214BBB series.  This costs 150% meter.  If you are in max and feel like making the enemy jump, I guess this will do that, but I really dislike the whole 150% meter for it.

43216C: In MAX/HEAT, this is a little throw with not too much range that gives her a bit of life back. Kind of useful in setups, but not really a good choice. In BLOOD HEAT this used to be a very useful attack because it could hit airborne opponents, but so much for that! Don't use this often.

Last Arc: She smashes you with some claw or something. And talks a lot. It's retarded.

I know there's a thread for this, but here are bnbs anyways.

(2A x n) (5B) 2B 4B 2C 5C j.A delay j.B delay j.C land j.BC sdj.BC ad.C air-throw
Do this. Video

6C 2A 2B 4B 2C 5C j.A delay j.B delay j.C land j.BC sdj.BC ad.C air-throw
Fun as heck, fine damage.

(2A x n) (5B) 2B 4B 2C 5C 3C 623C 214C/421C
Hurts your damage but good setups, of course.

Corner Throw:
throw 2C 5C 3C j.BC dj.BC ad.C air-throw
j.A...B...C stuff is too hard off of throw to be practical.

Meter Corner Throw:
throw 2C 5C 3C 623C 214C/421C
Oki in the corner?  Yes please.

OTG meter combo in the corner:
(2A x n) (5B) 2B 4B 5C 2C dash 2A 5AAAA 4B 623C
Video.  If you can't tell by my keyboard smashing, you need to be FAST on the 4B 623C.

OTG tech punish setup:
(2A x n) (5B) 2B 4B 5C 2C dash 2A 5AAAA 4B recover 2B
2B timing must be changed to different tech directions obviously, but will hit every tech.  2B 4B 2C 5C j.A delay j.B delay j.C land j.BC sdj.BC ad.C airthrow after this, okay?

If the enemy is EXTREMELY close to dying, try this to add on a little more damage

(2A x n) (5B) 2B 4B 5C 236C dash 3C j.BC dj.BC ad.C airthrow.
Rarely, rarely worth any sort of meter.

As before, V.Sion has a fuzzy guard, but it doesn't work on even medium height characters.

The idea is
j.AC dj.C (fuzzy)

If it hits, combo is
dj.C j.2B land 2A 2B 4B 2C 5C j.A delay j.B delay j.C j.BC sdj.BC ad.C

It's good damage.

For summon setups, essentially just mixup 5A throw, 5A 6C, 5A 2[C], and various jump setups.  It's hard to disrespect summon if you're even close to on the enemy, so go nuts.


So now that you know everything about this character, what do you do with her?  First of all, learn how to hitconfirm into her new bnb.  This is the first step you need to learn, because it is good meter, and this character NEEDS meter for oki.  Whenever you have meter, unless you need it for heat, you should be 623C comboing.  You lose little damage and get good, good oki.

The 421A/B/C summons are not as good as they were hyped up to be, as they vanish if you are hit during the middle of them.  This is a little sad, but oh well.  Akiha reverse is still good if you keep them in blockstun and use that 6C.  6C is slow, but still pretty subtle, so it will get quite a few people.  If you use it too much though, people WILL start to read it, so beware that.

But really, what you want to do is use your 5B and 2B to scare them into respecting you dashing back in and continuing pressure.  Gather respect by 5B delay 2B and then start doing 5B dashin, 5B delay 2B 2[C] works rather well, and use your new found normal cancellable 5C to move yourself forwards to hit them again.

Like I said before, air throw tech punishes are j.2B and land 5B, ground tech from OTG is 2B.

Your damage is weak, and your HP is weak, you need to force in those Oki hits.

Anyways, here are some setups I've been playing with.  Theory fighter, but they seem feasible.

j.2B AD.  Invincibility means it beats pokes and blocking.  Also it has enough startup you can't whiff the throw due to blockstun.

IAD.BC 5A (jump outs) vs IAD.BC 6C (overhead) vs. IAD.BC (whiff the j.C) throw (blocking) vs. IAD.BC 641236C (dash arc drive, blocking/late poke) vs. IAD.BC 2A (low) vs. IAD.BC 2[C] (staggered low)

If IAD.BC connects for whatever reason on a taller character, and you have good execution, you are at an enormous damage opportunity.

IAD.BC dj.AABC land 2ABC 5C j.A...B...C j.BC dj.BC ad.C airthrow.
Video.  This is admittedly hard and situational, and probably not worth it.  Keep in mind if for whatever reason they continue to stand block, IAD.BC dj.AABC land dash 5ABC 236A xx 236C is a very long airtight blockstring for good guard damage.

And then, keep in mind that most of Sp00ky's old V.Sion tech is still good.  In particular, go to

Anyways, please get some discussion going if you can, I'd like to see more people try this character.

Akiha Tohno / C/H-Akiha Combos
« on: September 14, 2009, 04:28:58 PM »
This was going to be a whiff combo guide, but it is just going to be a C/H-Akiha combo thread.

Things of notice
BE5B means charged 5B. BE5BB means charged 5B followed by the 5BB followup.
sdj is super double jump, which if you didn't know, is done by either tapping 9 during the air combo instead of holding it or doing your input as 29.
sdj.C 2C looks retarded, but it means cancel j.C into j.2C.
(whiff) means whiff the attack before it.  In general, you let the whiff recover, it will be specified if it is cancelled.
(recover) means let the previous attack recover.
Attacks like (2B) mean they are optional.
tk. means tiger knee, which is doing an air special low to the ground.  2369 is probably your best input for this.


2AA 5C 6C 4C 2C 5BB tk.BE236B land j.BC sdj.BC ad.C Airthrow
Delay before 5BB as always.

Corner combos:
2AA 6C 4C (2B) 2C 5C (recover) 5C 2C BE5B 4C 63214A
Basic simple combo.

2AA 6C 4C (2B) 2C 5C (recover) 5C 2C 2A (whiff) 5A 2C BE5B 4C 63214A
Pretty fun combo, not too hard to do.

2AA 5C 4C 2C 6C (recover) 2C 2A (whiff) 6C 2C BE5B 4C 63214A
Hard-mode combo.  If you get the timing it's good, like maybe 50 more damage.

2AAA 6C 4C 5B 2B 2C 5C (recover) 5C 2C 236C 4C [2C 5BB 2A (whiff)] x 8 2C 5BB 63214A
C-Akiha gets a ridiculous meter combo as well.  This works only on standing opponents.  I need to adjust it for crouchers, because 5B trips crouchers.  This is not practical and you should not waste time learning it over other combos.



2AA 6C 4C 5C 5A 6AA 2C BE5BB j.BC sdj.C 2C
Low level midscreen bnb.

2AA 5C 6C 4C 5A 6AA (recover) 4C 5C 2C 5A (whiff) 6AA (recover) 2C 4C 5BB j.BC sdj.C 2C
5k on V.Sion.  It's pretty cool, but 5A 6AA 2C can be hard to do. 136.5% meter gained.  DOES NOT WORK ON NERO.
The trick with this combo is to do 4C 5C delay 2C, so they are further away, immediately hit 5A, and wait to hit 6AA.  Then, delay the 4C after the second 2C, so the 5BB will hit.  To hit the second j.C, you must do it IMMEDIATELY after you double jump.  If 5C wallslams, go into BE5BB after the 2C, not 5A (whiff) 6AA.

2AA 5C 6C 4C 5A 6AA (recover) 4C 5C 2C 5A (whiff) 6AA (recover) 6C 2C 5A (whiff) 6AA j.BC sdj.C 2C
Like 20 more damage than the combo above, but it's just that much cooler that you should do it.  133.5% meter gained.  DOES NOT WORK ON NERO.  If 6C wallslams, go into 5BB instead, or BE5BB if they are VERY high.


2AA 6C 4C 5A 6AA 5A 2C 2A (whiff) 5A 2C BE5B 5C 4C j.BC sdj.C 2C
This probably isn't her best bnb, if anybody knows something better, please let me know!

2AA 5C 6C 4C 5A 6AA (recover) 5A 5C 6C 2C BE5BB j.BC sdj.C 2C
Cool little combo.  Leaves you with some reverse beat penalty, but it's good damage.

I don't know too much about this character, so if you disagree or want to add, please post, and I'll edit it in!



Roa smacks you with the back of his forearm.  It's a decent whiff cancel but not the greatest, but since he has 5C and 6C with great range, you can do great fakes with it.  Combo fodder in some of his harder combos.  This hits crouchers.


A downwards smack with his hand.  Mostly combo filler, nothing really special.


The one and only double kick.  Extremely powerful attack.  Fantastic range, works as an anti-air, great off of whiff cancel fakes, good damage in combos, there isn't much this move doesn't have.


A short swipe with his hand.  Combo filler/hitconfirm material.  Hits mid.


An odd little kick.  Hits low.  More combo filler.


A sliding kick that knocks down, hit low.  Good for launching in combos, and has good range, can be used as a throw tech punish.


A long ranged smack with his hand.  This has incredibly good range, almost as good as the second hit of 5C.  Useful in combos as a launcher off of 2C and as a way to combo into 236C or 22C.


A long ranged hand smack around chest level.  Works in air to air a bit, but it's not great.


A weird little kick with not too much range.  Looks like it might crossover like H/F-V.Sion j.B, but it doesn't.


A long ranged kick.  This is a good move, and useful in aircombos, as if you're good, you can do j.C ad.C dj.BC for an airstring.


Roa grabs the enemy and tosses them, they are able to tech.  The tech is punishable easily if they neutral or forwards tech, but back tech is harder.  Throw into the corner is very safe for you, make them respect it for OTG.

Air Throw

Roa throws the enemy down after charging them with lightning.  Does decent damage but resets to neutral, not one of the better throws.  Does knock down though.




A decent lightning strike.  Chargable.  Comes out quick and has good range, and charging it increases range.  +frames on block if it is charged.  Works well at a decent range to catch jumpers.  Also, it's EX cancellable.  This move also cancels into 214A/B/C or 22A/B/C.  Charged cancels into 623A/B/C as well, and 236[A] 623C does not have the ex cancel penalty.


A similar lightning strike.  Also chargable.  Not quite so quick, and it hits twice.  +frames on block if charged.  This also cancels into 214A/B/C or 22A/B/C


Three lightning strikes in front of him.  Wallslams, extremely useful in his corner combos.  Huge damage opportunities off of this.  Takes 100% meter.  Enormous range, will punish Nero setting off the zoo, F-W.Len planting ice, and random zoning tricks.  Extremely dangerous for the opponent.


All of these can be done in the air.


A two hit anti-air move.  Moves diagonally up.


A four hit anti-air move.  Moves in the same manner.


A seven hit anti-air move that wallslams.  Takes 100% meter.


These can be done in the air.

Each of these moves just plants an orb at a different location on the ground, A being the closest, and C being the farthest.  Doing this move in the air will have the orb be horizontal in front of him, no matter what button is used.  Executing the command again with the same button will shoot lightning from the orb, and you can combo from this.  The air version is extraordinarily useful and will disappear when you are hit.

Planting the orb cancels into 22A/B/C.



Charges lightning meter one at a time, can be held to charge more.  This is the useful version, don't use 22B.


Charges the lightning meter 3 at a time, not holdable.  Don't use it, it ruins the lightning's properties.


Releases the stored lightning in a bolt in front of Roa.  Different charge amounts do different things. Anything charged above 4 with 22A will launch them into the air untechably.  Six, and only six, will circuit break.  Anything above 4 floats them, but not if charged with 22B.  DO NOT USE 22B.

If you have paid attention, you will notice that you can do a cancel chain of 236A 214A 22A or the like.  This can come in handy, keep it in mind.  214A 22A is more useful, though.

Arc Drive

Roa strikes with a lightning bolt similar to 236A/B, and if it hits, the enemy is gradually pulled into a large cross, where they are hit by a lightning bolt.  Large damage, combos off of 6C.  Useful, not really punishable on block.

Last Arc

Some long boring animation, then it does damage.  Ground shield, don't try for this in a serious match unless you are the god of shielding, but you probably aren't.



2A 5B 2B 5C (2) 2C 6C j.BC dj.BC airthrow.

This is a pain to hit on some characters, you can try adding a 5A before 6C.

2A 5B 2B 5C (1) 6C 2C 214A 22A

Knocks them down, gives you one lightning meter, and adds an orb on them.  You also get a meaty off of this!  Abuse this if you want oki.
Alternatively, tiger knee an air orb.

5B 2B 6C 5C (2) 2C also works.

Meter in the corner:

2A 5B 2B 5C (2) 6C 236C 2C 6C j.BC dj.BC throw
This only works on Aoko, Tohno, Nanaya, Kouma, Miyako, Riesbyfe, Wara, Len, W.Len, Ryougi, Nero, and Kohaku. Remember those!

For other characters (Sion, V.Sion, Roa, Ciel, Akiha, Arc, Warc, V.Akiha, M.Hisui, Sacchin, and Hisui), use this:
2A 5B 2B 5C (2) 6C 236C 6C j.BC dj.BC throw

If you're in max and really need that extra 500 damage, you can also do this on character that 2C will hit on
2A 5B 2B 5C (2) 6C 236C 2C delay 236C 6C j.BC dj.BC throw.
5.5k on Riesbyfe, which is respectable damage, but at the cost of 200 meter, it's rarely useful.

Lightning Combos (22C)

This is why you charge up to 4.

This works anywhere.
2AB 5B 5C (1) 2C 5AA 6C 22C 214B 2C 5C (1) sj8.BC sdj.BC airthrow.

Probably in the corner:
5B 2B 6C 2C 5C (2) 22C 2C 6C j.BC dj.BC airthrow.

This is in the corner, with meter
On Sion, V.Sion, Roa, Ciel, Akiha, Arc, Warc, V.Akiha, M.Hisui, Sacchin, and Hisui:
2A 5B 2B 5C (2) 6C 236C 6C 22C 2C 6C j.BC dj.BC airthrow

On Aoko, Tohno, Nanaya, Kouma, Miyako, Riesbyfe, Wara, Len, W.Len, Ryougi, Nero, and Kohaku:
2A 5B 2B 5C (2) 6C 236C 2C 6C 22C 2C 6C j.BC dj.BC airthrow.

Any combo can be cut short at 2C to do the 214A 22A or j.214A setup.


This character has good range and a good ground throw.  Abuse these along with his powerful zoning with orbs to keep the opponent where you want them.  His 5C is legendary good, and whiff cancel fakes can be chained, for example, 2C 5A 5C 2A 6C is a viable double frametrap.  He hits hard in the corner with meter, but his damage is low without it, so try to keep his lightning bar up.  His lightning bar charge can be used almost as a whiff cancel, though it's very obvious so try not to do that too often.

Your goal is to have a low j.214A orb in front of you.  Always.  If you have this in front of you, along with other orbs all over the place, getting in on you is extremely difficult.  This character has the ability to switch between offensive and defensive very quick with careful orb placement, so try to keep your opponent on their toes.  Be careful if their character can out-turtle yours, of course, but remember, your 236C is very long range, so if somebody is trying to out-turtle you, if they're not blocking, they should be getting hit by 236C.  I'd recommend saving meter on Aoko and Nero and scaring them out of doing anything with 236C.

Wallachia (Warakia) / Wallachia Matchups
« on: May 23, 2009, 05:27:55 PM »
I'm trying to get some more info about this, and maybe get a bit more discussion going on this forum (come on, just since we have a bad character doesn't mean nobody plays him D:)

The numbers are from Arlieth's matchup chart, then any comments are mine.

Sion: 4.5
She outdamages you and has j.C to eat your airgame.  Better pressure, decent ways to get out of pressure, you're not going to take this one easy.  Also, her whips are very good at punishing your air, but she also is punishable if you bait that.

V.Sion: 4.5
Better pressure, j.C, outdamages you with her 236C.  Not really good for you, but I feel like this is probably better than Sion, so I don't know for sure here.

Ciel: 4.13
5B will whiff her dash, 5C will whiff her dash, she outpressures you, she outdamages you, she's Ciel, she has ex-hiero.  You're screwed.  You will clash her dash and she will just eat you alive.

Arcueid: 5.13
No idea.  I guess j.B probably beats her airgame, but you really can't get out of her pressure easily.

Warc: 4.38
Blood rings make j.B hard to use, and her pressure is very very very strong.  Wallachia is not good at getting out of pressure.  This is dangerous.

Akiha: 5.13
Akiha has trouble with this matchup because her airgame is not meant to deal with something like Wallachia.  2B hurts Akiha very badly as well, so even though she has a ton more HP than you, it's a good matchup.

V.Akiha: 5.88

Hisui: 4.63
Hisui is another heavy pressure character, and once again, Wallachia is not good at dealing with that.  Whiff cancel dash throw comes quick, so you're really not having a fun time here.

Kohaku: 5.25
I don't have much to say here, your j.B probably beats out a lot of what she has, I don't really know solo Kohaku so I can't say much.

HisuKoha: 5.13
I dunno much about this matchup either.  Anybody want to fill in some blanks?

M.Hisui: 4.00
Jetpacks will murder you, laser crossbow is painful, air missiles hurt, she really just zones you to pieces in this matchup, since Wara is very reliant on his airgame.

Shiki Tohno: 5.5
I know nothing about this matchup.  At least there is no BANANA SHIKI this game.

Nanaya: 5
I really don't feel like this is neutral, so I must be missing something, since I've even seen this listed to be in Wara's favor.  I feel his j.A and j.C pretty much cleanly beat your j.B in the air, and his ground normals are far better than Wara's in terms of range and priority, not to mention speed, so it's rather difficult to get out of his pressure and avoid getting into it in the first place, I feel, but I seem to not be agreed with on this.

Miyako: 4.5
Miyako hurts.  Her pressure just doesn't stop and you can't get out.

Nero: 4.83
Freaking mantis claw will clash through 5C in a favorable for him manner, ruins my signature 5A whiff 5C.  His airgame is hard to deal with, I feel.  That might be me sucking though.

Sacchin: 5.38
j.B all day.

Ren: 4.25
Ren will eat you alive in the air.  This is a very unpleasant matchup because she can just fly around spamming j.C and it's hard to deal with that.

Aoko: 5.13
I know nothing about this matchup, somebody help me out here.

Kouma: 4.63
Bara 214A/214C hurt multi-hit attacks.  Wara has a bunch of these, so try to 5A whiff a bunch of those early and IAD j.B, but keep it unpredictable.  5B, 2B, 5C, and 2C 5A whiff mixed up can make for powerful strings, so make sure you do that.

W.Len: 6.75
What?  6.75?  That's ridiculous! Somebody has to fill me in on this because I have no idea why that is the case.

Help me out with this guys, I'll keep editing more info into the first post as I'm given it, or come up with it.

Akiha Tohno / MBAA Akiha Match Vids
« on: April 21, 2009, 06:05:36 PM »
Not a match vid, but some cool combos and nice oki setups for F-Akiha.

Neko Arc / ahaha I wrote a Neco Arc guide!
« on: November 29, 2008, 09:15:31 AM »
Crosspost from thesrm.net

There clearly need to be one of these, lol.  I have no idea what I am doing, and a lot of this will probably be wrong becuase of that, I'm trying, though!  This character is awful and totally unplayable in a real match.  You will not win, probably.  Kaaimato lost to a Neco Arc once, though, so maybe there is hope!


5A.  Poke.  Have fun ever hitting.  Neutral on block, four frame startup.  It's fast, at least.

5B.  Weird launcher.  Chargable for EXTENDO-ARM.  Moves you forwards a lot.  Comboing off of 5B not charged is weird.  More info later.

5C.  Kick.  Chargable for EXTENDO-LEG.  Charged version isn't whiff cancellable until a while after it hits and is painfully minus frames.  Pushback might make it unpunishable though, need more testing.  Uncharged, combined with 2C, is your main launcher.  Love it.  Charged wallslams as well.

2A.  Fastest normal in the game, three frame startup, neutral on block.  Little fist poke.  Will lose to a lot of stuff, have fun.  Hits mid.

2B.  Chargable slide.  HUGE range when it's charged.  Frame advantage varies a lot.  Can be minus or plus, depending on when you hit.  Aim so you hit RIGHT at the end of the slide.  Hits mid if uncharged, low if like 1/4th charged.  Work on the timing.

2C.  Knockdown sweep.  Have fun with it?  Hits low.

6A.  Aoko punch.  Chargable for overhead.  Have fun being in range without being thrown.

j.A.  Tiny, tiny, tiny range.  Standard j.A, the hitbox is higher than it is low.  This hurts a bit.  Fast at four frames.

j.B.  Kick!  Decent range for a Neco Arc attack, can be used as an instant overhead against Nero if your timing is perfect.  Use it as a jumpin.  Six frame startup.  Hits high.

j.2B.  I have no idea why this attack exists.  Have fun hitting it accidentally.  Barely minus frames at a low height.

j.C.  Kick!  Six frames of startup, like j.B, but the hitbox is a bit higher.  Hits high.

j.2C.  Downwards swipe.  Four frames of startup and a high hit, with a decently low hitbox.  Can be used as an instant overhead against a bunch of people, but it's uncancellable so this is very pointless.  Causes a groundbounce, it's techable, and hits diagonally like Hisui j.BB.  Use in combination with j.B, j.C, and j.2C to keep them guessing when to block low on a jumpin.



236A:  This is your long distance BIIMU.  Use it to punish idiots setting up stuff at a long distance.

236B:  Antiair BIIMU.  Hurts like hell if it's blocked.

236C:  SUPER BIIMU.  Aims in between, slow startup, useless invincibiity at the start.  No chip, keeps them far away.  Don't use this much.  Idiots like to stand up and get hit in the middle of it.  Don't hope for that ever.


623A:  lol DP.  It does lower your hitbox a bit.  +1 on point blank block.  Not punishable on block, likes to cause SUPER COUNTER.  Or whatever.

623B:  Notable + frames on block.  Another DP, basically the same as the one before, with longer startup.



Teleports.  Makes three Neco's come out of the ground.  Pisses people off.

214A:  Pulls you farther away, you're the farthest Neco on your side.

214B:  Middle Neco.

214C:  Pulls you towards the enemy.  Can be handy to get in, but can be punished like mad.  Use carefully.


22A:  Firespit.  Pulls you really far away on block, bounces them on hit.  Pretty safe on block, becuase they're so far away.  They can move in on you fast though, so you might give them pressure.  Don't use it often.

22B:  Neco summon.  Who knows what will happen.  Too random to ever use.

22C:  Flying Neco summon.  Anti-air, maybe?  Not really sure about this.


j.214A:  This is how you move.  You have no airdash, so you use this as one.  It's an airdash with a hitbox.  Don't use it high or you'll get killed on the recovery.  TK'd is minus very few frames.  Lowest high on a jumpin is actually plus frames.  On ground hit causes them to keep on ground.  EX Cancellable.

j.214B:  Basically the same as above, but goes longer and will bounce them into the air techable on a standing hit.  Also EX cancellable.

j.214C:  This is a damaging combo ender.  You will die if this is blocked.  If you combo into it wrong, it will miss.  Have fun.


Warc blood rings!

j.236A:  Disappears if you use it on a double jump before it gets to ground.  Be careful, it disappears very fast.  Like Warc's A bloodring, you can't move or anything after this one.

j.236B:  Disappears fast as well.  Movement after it's launched.

j.236C:  Super bloodring.  Doesn't vanish.  Untechable combo ender which gives you oki.

41236C:  This is Arc's arc drive.  Small damage for normal version, pretty high for Blood Heat Arc Drive.  Combo into it if you want the worst damage ever.

63214C:  This is weird.  You spin around and hit them.  Confuses you and the enemy.  If you can play in confused, this is great.  If you can't, please don't use it.

Last Arc: Standing shield.  It's a last arc.


Combing with Neco Arc can be hard becuase of her short range.  However, she hits decently hard, and her j.2C can be painful.  All damage is no counters on W.Len.

2abc 5c j.abc j.abc airthrow.  3847 damage. 83.5% meter.  You can't do much off of airthrow, so this kind of sucks.

2abc 5c j.abc dj.abc2c.  3799 damage. 86.5% meter.  Techable, but if they don't tech...
Midscreen: land, 236B.  A bit more damage and meter.  4094 damage, 89.5% meter.  Looks cool when they fly into the beam.
Corner: jump up again and hit them with an aircombo.  Do whatever followups you like.  Can break 5000 damage.

2abc 5c j.bc dj.bc 236C.  3680 damage.  Gives you oki.  Yay, oki.  Maybe you can OTG but Neco Arc is awful at OTG.  You can do j.abc dj.abc but it's hard, and only like 80 extra damage.  Try it if you want.

Combos with Neco Arc are far easier if they start with 2B.  Keep that in mind.

If for whatever reason you hit with 5B on a standing opponent:

5B j.C dj.BC follow up.  You need to delay that first j.C a lot.  If you do an airthrow, do dj.ABC so you don't rebeat.

6ABC uses the 5B to launch, so treat that as a 5B combo.  Jump straight up midscreen or you will go under the enemy and that really isn't good for you.  Seriously, just jump straight up.

5[ B ] is different, you can do j.BC dj.BC off of it, but hitting it is weird.

Fun instant overhead against Nero:

j.B (you have one frame for this) 214B 214C.  3000 damage off of an 11 frame overhead.  Ahaha.

Fuzzy Guards:

Neco Arc is extremely good at this.  Her small height and large arsenal of air moves makes it very hard to tell when you're going to land.

Tested on Arcs, who are, if memory serves, medium height to tall height.  I doubt this works on the shorter characters.

For high, the basic setup is
Deep j.C dj.BC 236A xx 236C
For low, obviously
Deep j.C land 2C

Deep j.C dj.BC 236A xx 236C land j.BC dj.BC j.2C
Deep j.C dj.BC 236A xx 236C land 623C

If the character is too short for dj.BC, try this.  This should work on almost every character, but it doesn't on the Ren's and Miyako, at least (I wouldn't be surprised if it did but I just suck and can't do it)

Deep j.C dj.B 214B xx 236C.
You could land and OTG 623C or something, but you might want to just try to get some sort of high low oki setup off.  Mess around with it.

Looking back some of this is silly and really just use this:
Deep j.C dj.C 236A xx 236C land 2C 5C j.ABC dj.ABC airthrow.

Much more reliable.


Neco Arc has a few problems that make her unplayable.  Her airdash is awful, in every, single, total way, and her range.  If you are in range, the enemy can probably throw you.  Throw comes out faster than attack.  You lose.  Her priority is awful.

Move around with j.214A/B.  It's a lot of fun, and bothers people.  Don't get picked out of the air easily by anti-airs.  214A/B/C can be fun.  On jumpins, switch up between j.B, j.BC, and on taller characters, j.BC2C.  They won't know how many hits  to block high.  623A/B can be used in blockstrings for advantage in frames, but you are probably too far to do anything.  2A is fast, really, really fast.  Have fun, it can punish some stuff that nobody else can punish.  Nobody will expect to be hit by it.

Her charged moves have large range, which can be unexpected, and 5[C] is fast.  You might just surprise somebody with it.

You will probably bore your opponent to tears playing Neco Arc.  They will hate you and you will lose.  Don't actually play her.  Her throw is okay, her airthrow kind of sucks, you will lose in anything involving priority.  Your low options are pretty bad, so your high low game is kind of weak.  Have fun playing a totally pointless joke character who might as well not exist, becuase playing her generally isn't funny, and she can't compete.  Also, she has a decent backdash and forwards dash.  Something decent, yay!

Sion TATARI (Vampire) / MBAA V.Sion
« on: October 21, 2008, 06:04:59 AM »
Seriously guys.

Well actually I can't post much more than a few guesses since I haven't seen much gameplay.


As usual, it's pretty similar.  Malice combos do less damage I hear, but are also easier, it would seem.


She has this weird hop thing.  Maybe an overhead version?  Dunno about summons.  Maybe has crossup j.B


Freaking pro.  Crossup j.B, I think, Sion air throws, ??????? for a weird claw jab, the ex can be used as a reversal, can be charged?? (seen in BnB) (this move seriously confuses me does anybody know what the hell is up about it), Wallachia tornados in a launcher form (don't use this on block like his, this is a launcher only).  Delayable, summon behind them Akiha summons.

BnB is something like 2abc(maybe a 5C here?) ??? drill punch 623B j.bc j.bc airdash j.c throw.  Maybe j.abc for one of those?  Throw is now techable, have fun with that.

Screw that combo though, everybody should use tornado launchers because they are just that cool for launching the enemy back at you.

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