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Kohaku's Video Room / 闇夜の月 Guest Combo Movie 1 *Full Version*
« on: November 18, 2007, 09:02:07 PM »

pretty awesome :) i dunno if it was posted already... if it is... i guess i will delete this thread :V

Kohaku's Video Room / VSion Movie
« on: September 06, 2007, 09:34:32 PM »

Sion TATARI (Vampire) / VSion Ver.B2 Changes
« on: May 26, 2007, 06:19:47 PM »
Since i finally got to play Ver.B2 at the local arcade, i thought i just point out some changes that i noticed while playing....

as for VSion changes, the only big note worthy one i have noticed was her:

-Shield Bunker: this i am not 100 percent sure but it does seem that she is unable to Cancel Her Shield bunker upon clash anymore... but she might have gain the strike part of the shield bunker to be invinicible? i only done this against Ciel's EX swords, so what i did was blockgin the strikes, then did shield bunker and i coudlnt' cancel into a jump to jump out, but i clashed it and VSion did the Swing part, and the EX swords seem to go through her.. then i commenced blocking... so i only conclude for now that she has invincibility frame during the time of the Shield Bunker strike... also she can still cancel the striker part after contact to a special it seems. but then again losing the ability to cancel it just REALLY SUCKS!!! she not only doesn't have any good bara cancels but now... she can't even do that o wells.... isn't it sad VSion  :emo:??

I might update this every now and then when i play Ver.B2 some more... but so far that is the only one notable...

Wallachia (Warakia) / Warachia Combo Movie/Videos
« on: April 13, 2007, 12:28:11 PM »
I just so happen to stumble on this.. i am not sure if this is Ver.A or ver.B ps2 so you guys will just have to watch it yourself    :toot:

Sion TATARI (Vampire) / VSion's Shield Bunker Name???
« on: April 02, 2007, 11:47:13 PM »
VSion has an option while she is defending, which is using her Shield Bunker. Basically is VSion's Shield Bunker has this special trait where when she performs her 3B animation, and within the animation she will clash, at that point it is possible to cancel that shield bunker to a EX/Normal/Special/Jump/Backdash/etc... so during that time you can do the Counter attack !(thanks Vet for giving me a run down on how to describe this :V)

as for the move, dunno any terms for this move so.. i thought coming up with 2 just to use for the mean time instead of calling it shield bunker cancel cause it might get mistaken as Bara Cancel ( i am pretty sure most and probably all VSion players know about this)


Indescribable Shield Bunker Occurance
(since its such a wierd occurance :V)


Bunker Clash Cancel
(since the shield bunker is clashing on activation then canceling)


any other name that is already given in the past.

probably not something of vast concern but just somethign so nothing will get miss informed :V

Hisui / Hisui's Random Item Choices!
« on: March 13, 2007, 10:19:02 PM »
Hisui Random Item move:

Watch Out!

just for those who actually want to throw random items, but instead CHOOSE what you want to throw out

basically push a direction after you input the command and you can choose the item you want

Directions to use and for what items

basically input is gona be like 2141+A/B, or 2146+A/B, etc..


1 : Lamp
2 : Pottery
3 : Vace
6 : Book


1 : Pottery and Book
2 : Vace and Lamp
3 : Clothes Hanger and Vace
6 : Tray and Book

not so random after all  :V...

Edit: *Ver.B only*

Sion TATARI (Vampire) / VSion Videos for References
« on: March 07, 2007, 11:24:15 PM »
i thought the VSion Thread should need a video thread topic for all those match vids that Sp00ky does :o...

as well as other VSion videos :X... and my sad attempt to show a VSion video that i made  :V...

White Len / White Len Videos!!
« on: March 07, 2007, 09:54:09 AM »
Since there is already a place for White len basics and stuff i guess we can move on to the videos  :V
since me and H-F did a joint project on doing some White len combos  :V

here is my "strain your eyes" version  :P

H-F Blades more easier on the EYES version  ;D

And MTP's Mix up video :O

Mech-Hisui / Robot Maids are the Best <3
« on: March 01, 2007, 01:31:46 AM »
Maids are cool... but Robot Maids rox!
since there isn't much MHisui luving... i thought i would start this thread :O...

i am not good at writing a guide... so... i will just write stuff i feel that MHisui is all about... any critisizm is OK!!

What type of character is MHisui:
-Mid to Far Range type fighter
-Capabilities of Zoning ur ass with arsenals of Jetpacks to Lazaaaazz...

-her long Reach and many projectiles
-her Dmg output pretty good
-Able to control space with jetpacks and other arsenal
-she is a Hisui!! & a maid !!
-and if ur a Phantasy Star Online Fan!!

-Ground dash start up sux...
-Her moves have long recovery if whiffed..
-Her takes more dmg in the long run
-Her air dash isn't so hot either

i guess we can move on the the basic moves now:

5a: just like Hisui's 5a, a swing to the face about head height

2a: just like Hisui's 2a, a crouch and a poke to the shins

ja: she does the same posture jump like Hisui's ja, but her hand extends for a longer reach, and it hits multiple times!! overall good

5B: same posture's as Hisui's 5b, but instead her hand extends for longer reach. (recovery on whiff isn't so good...) Don't use this move directly next to the opponent or the attack will just miss... do it after a chain from 5a/2a..

2B: she bends down and extends both hands out, it can hit up to 2 times.. (recover on whiff sux...) Don't use this move directly next to the will whiff... do it frome a chain 5a/2a..

jB: mmm, she busts out her fan and does a upward swing like hisui! basic use for air combo

5C: she busts out that chainsaw and cuts you with it! it hits multiple times and is usually used after the 5/2B's recovery on whiff isn't good.. but usually this move wouldn't miss... from a chain.. the move can be canceled early to specials to mix things up.
5[C]: Charged 5C, charged for more chainsaw ripping action!

2C: she busts out that light saber and cuts you with it... dmg is good.. reach is good! the move comes out ok... can be chained from 5/2b's but timing is strict.. usually shoudl be followed after 5C... makes things easier.. recovery isn't so great if whiffed..
2[C]: charged 2C, just to delay the hit and add more dmg.. usually wouldn't need to charge it ;/ i find it kind of pointless charging it... other then throwing some stuff off for other players. but its risky since if they jump and you whiff = they punish you in the face><

jC: her hands turns into a hammer and she smacks you in the head.. basic use for air combos
j[C]: charged 5C, for more dmg :o!! can be used for mix up

Command Normals:

4B: She pulls her arm straight out and uses it as a flame thrower... shooting a stream of fire... it gives frame advantage on block... and pretty decent for okizeme.. it takes a while for the fire to travel... hits multi times and can be comboed after if hit..

6C: she uppercuts you with a hammer, her basic Launcher

j2C: She busts out a big ass Flame thrower and shoots it at you.. this moves now comes out pretty fast now! and hits multi times, and can be done in a air combo as a combo finisher!!! but using it in a high altitude isn't a good idea... cause you can't do anythign after you used that and they can punish you if it just whiffs..

Throw 6A+D
is good... and the dmg on it is good! she grabs you and jolts you with electricity.. the recovery after the hit is good so you can set up a   EX missle(Vag bomb <3) or do some nasty Okizeme stuff :o

her air throw is like hisui's but she doesn't have the privlage of moving right after the throw hits the ground... so she has to wait for the full recovery... and its actually ground techable after it hits... but overall ok throw.. can be used in the corner for tech punish if timed right :P

Special moves:

236+A: MHisui shoots lazaaaz out of her Eyes!! its a fast projectile that goes across the screen for 1 hit. most characters can crouch under it..

236+B: MHisui stands and waits a bit then Shoots her Lazaaz out of her Eyes! can be ducked under and is 1 hit... if this laser hits any character while they are in the air.. its untechable till they hit the floor :O! combo opertunity!

236+(EX)C: She charges her LAZAAAZ!! and shoots you in the face!! has some start up invincibility and does quite a decent amount of dmg! i haven't found a way to combo this off of any normal.. so i usually only use it when i see an opening and hit them in the face. best way to hit for dmg is them on the ground... if they are falling, try to hit them with the lazaaaz as late as possible to get as much hit in.. THis lazaa shoudl be able to hit most crouchers!

Electric Net Wire Type: High
623+A: MHisui Turns her hands into electric rods! and zaps people with Electricity! the attack will launch them up into the air a bit... but it doesn't knockdown... i find it useful is when ur rushing in and want to stop abruptly and attack.. this move can do it !

623+B: MHisui stalls for a bit... then zaps for a larger range of electricity! this one doesn't launch them up and just zaps them like mad when they are on the floor..

623+C(EX): MHisui zaps them with a high volt of electricity... this move knocks the opponent down.. and hitting them while they are in the air makes it untechable :O!!

Hallucination Missle
214+A: MHisui tucks her hands away and shoots a missle that flys somewhat diagonlly upwards in a sort of 20 degree fashion. This can be ducked under from a distance by most characters...pretty fast... and this missle is air unblockable!

214+B: MHisui tucks her hands away and shoots 2 Missles one flying diagonally up and one diagonally down.

214+C(EX): MHisui lifts up her skirts and drops a big missle down on ur asses!!.. the start up for the missle to move is slow.. but it speeds up gradually as it travels... the dmg is pretty good.. and it launches on hit... after setting the missle attacking after wards is possible! pretty useful as an okizeme!

Electric Net Wire Type: C
421+A: MHisui extends her hand and whips for ur ankle! then grabs you and tosses you into the air! possible to hit after! this move would usually be used if ur in the corner and want to toss them to the corner or if it has a high chance of killing them since it throws them up and they have chance of recovering and get away. this move if blocked/whiffed has some delay and some characters can punish you for this..

421+B: MHisui extends her hand and then slowly turns a bit then Latches her hand onto ur ankle and then tosses you across the screen to the other end of the wall. (Wall Bounces) and depending on distance to the wall it can be untechable till they hit the floor! This move is Unblockable.. counts as a grab. the recovery if whiffed is bad...and they can punish you hard if you miss..

421+C(EX): MHisui extends her hand and grabs them by the ankle and then sets them on the opposite side of her! this is used for MHisui's bnb Combo..very good move but the delay if blocked is bad.. and can be punished if you whiff

Kohaku-Powered Barrier
22+A: MHisui curls up a bit then releases a force field! a so so anti launches the enemy not very safe on block

22+B: MHisui curls up and charges for a bit... then releases a more powerful force field that hits multi times and knocks them away and wall bounces them! depending distance it can be untechable till they hit the floor ! not very safe on block

22+C(EX): MHisui does her force field with more hits and more dmg and it wall bounces them! other then that so so.. not really safe when it gets blocked ><... better let that hit count :O...

Jet-Pack: Scrander

Jump 236+A: MHisui puts on her jet pack and flys diagonally up in somewhat 60 degree angle... Holding it makes her fly higher up.. releasing it makes her detach her jetpack.. this is when the jetpack is able to hit people! good for controlling air space... and as a anti air! Flying too high and releasing it then is dangerous... and can get you killed... and vulnerable to attacks..Best effect is TKing this move (2368+A or 2367+A(Easier on stick) or 412369+A(easier on pad))

Jump 236+B: MHisui puts on her jetpack and flys digonally back words about. 70 degree ish back... same as the above but the landing recovery on this is better...

Halley's Comet
Jump 236+C(EX): MHisui flys back wards off screen.. then later flys across the screen horizontally depending on how high she is in the air... it can hit up to 4 times?? can be used as a air combo finisher. i find this her trade mark move ^^

Heat Seeker: King Fisher

Jump 214+A: MHisui busts out a giant crossbow like weopen and shoots digonally downards 3 energy balls!.. very fast and pretty good to nail people who are far away! this move can whiff and then be EX canceled into either 236+C or 214+C ! over all good move! and can be air combo ender.. or shoot them when they are on the floor for some otg dmg !

Jump 214+B: MHisui shoots her crossbow this time with 5 energy Balls! this move you cannot ex cancel so doing it at high altitude other then an air combo finisher or shoot them when they are on the floor for some otg dmg ! but i still prefer 214+A because its ex cancelable... unless your going for that extra dmg

Jump 214+C(EX): she shoots her crossbow like usual... but instead of going directly straight at the opponent direclty downwards... it first goes off in an obscure manner.. then in a bit.. all homings onto the opponent! they better watch their backs !!!

Arc Drive:

LSO: Super Sister Alliance
Heat/Blood Heat:
41236+C - MHisui calls all her sisters and marches through you! and Blood Heat is she calls a Legion of her sisters to run you over :O...

Last Arc:
EX shield in the air - MHisui turns into flight mode and goes off screen the comes in for an assult :o..

Combos & Strategies:

Look at XAQ's Section...

Thx to Arlieth Tralare for providing the cool info and the move names :P

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