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When's Melty on Steam?
ahaha that's no--wait, what?

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Other Games / Gundam EXVS / Full Boost
« on: December 28, 2012, 06:39:18 PM »
I know sibladeko played, but does anyone else? There was an evo 2012 tourney but ps3 version pretty much seemed to fall off the map after that, but the recent cheap rerelease of the game + the new updates and DLC units have sort of revived the english speaking scene, despite being really far behind in terms of updates compared to the arcade.

If you're interested, add me on PSN ( ID: Irysa ) and I'll invite you to any shuffle rooms I host. Surprisingly, the netcode is pretty decent for EU to EC, (the game isnt AS delay sensitive as a fighter but anything higher than that tends to be awful)

Gundam Versus youtube channel
EXVS beginner guide

Tournament Results / Rautanyrkki - Finland 2012 results for Melty
« on: July 14, 2012, 03:43:49 PM »
Main Event

Not listing pool results (don't have them), just the double elim part.

1st - Irysa, C-Tohno
2nd - faik, C-Ciel
3rd - Danielsan, C-Nero
4th - Shion, F-Kohaku/C-Seifuku

5th - Panicattack (C/F-Aoko, F-Miyako), Sabator (H-PCiel)
6th - VoriuM (C-Hisui, H/F-Ries, C-Warc, C-Ryougi), Exart (F-Akiha)

Playlist of Top 4

Team Tournament

Team Sexhammers

Danielsan, H-Nanaya (0-1)
Sabator, H-Pcl (lost first game, played twice due to missing a player at start, 1-2)
faik(didnt show up lol)
Shion, F-Kohaku (0-1)
Tofma, F-Nanaya (1-0)
Fenron, C-Warakia (0-1)

Winner - Team Numbnuts

Exart, F-Akiha (2-1, lost to sab on second game)
VoriuM, C-Ryougi (0-1)
PanicAttack, F-Miyako (2-1)
Gobolt, C-Satsuki (2-0)
Irysa (didn't play)

Playlist of Team Tournament

Thanks to everyone that showed up. Lets make it even better next year!

Tournaments and Events / Rautanyrkki - Finland, Helsinki, July 13-15
« on: April 11, 2012, 04:20:03 PM »
Crossposted from hardedge forums.

I know this is primarily an american forum but there are a few random european people who browse here who dont seem to visit the irc, so forgive the out of place.

Hi everyone! The biggest Finnish fighting game event, Rautanyrkki, will be held in Helsinki this time. The time of retribution is 13-15th of July 2012! See the home page here for more info:


When: 13-15.7.2012
Event begins on Friday at 16:00 and ends on Sunday at 16:00.

Where: Youth center Happi (Sörnäisten rantatie 31, 00500 Helsinki) -

Entry fee: 25 € (It entitles you to participate in every tournament)

Home page:

Official tournament games (cash and other prizes)(Registration is here:

Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code
BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Mortal Kombat 9
Tekken 6
Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition

AND because I know many of you love the game, I will personally guarantee an unofficial Guilty Gear tournament featuring some kind of prizes and best Finnish players in it! There will be casuals for all kind of games of course.


There is a separate sleeping area reserved for the visitors of the event and it is located on another floor. The site says it'd be good to bring some mattresses or something but you don't need to worry about that. I'll take care of those kinda things. There’s also a hotel (Omenahotelli) 4 kilometres from the event area. The rooms are for 4 people and cost around 120€ for the whole weekend.

I'll keep this short for now and update later as there's more official stuff like instructions on how to get there from the airport, about restaurants and practical stuff like that. You can also e-mail the organizers directly: ptp.palaute (at) if you want answers to some specific questions right away.

Feel free to ask me any questions too, here or on irc (welhis). And see you in Rautanyrkki! 8)


Ignore the Shiki and Wara at the top, but from the bottom left to bottom right is characters all ordered by their green hitbox height. Shiki and Nanaya have exactly the same height and were put on top of each other to save space.

Nero Chaos (Nrvnqsr) / F-Nero OS
« on: March 23, 2012, 01:53:12 PM »

Kinda a silly OS but its somewhat cool. Explanation is in the video description.

I believe it IS possible to do this without the AB macro though but it requires very quick releasing and pressing of your 2a.

Kohaku's Magical Garage / Moves with cancelable recovery on whiff
« on: March 23, 2012, 05:34:58 AM »
Before you go ranting at me, I'm not talking about supercanceling or instant heating or w/e

I'm talking about a bunch of individual examples I've found in 1.07 where the recovery frames of an animation are actually cancelable well before the animation implies it is/the move can go on if you dont do anything. I've found a few examples

C/H-Wara - 421a can do pretty much anything in the recovery for this, so the actual recovery on it is much less than the full animation. H's is much faster on the recovery than C though.

C/H-Kohamech - Entire 236 series can cancel into anything except forward and backward walking on whiff as soon as her sword starts to enter her broom again. You can still backdash, dash, block, attack, jump but not walk. Makes the move WAY SAFER than it would appear to be, and is also how her 236[a] into 5c link in the corner actually works (trying to wait till the move recovers before linking 5c would result in a whiff compared to canceling the recovery)
Fun fact about this one, regular Koha and Maids still have to wait till the animation is completely done but the animation is significantly sped up for some of her 236s and not others.

C/F-Ryougi - Knife pickup animation can be canceled into anything during the recovery, I THINK it had a somewhat similar status in PS2 but could not confirm. H-Ryougi litearlly picks up her Knife from crouching over it now so there is not even an animation anymore

Note that I'm not talking about moves like Sion's 214b or Mech's 421 series since even though those get similar properties its more to do with the special status you get put into after one of those moves hits, and does not function on block or whiff.

If you know or find anymore, please post.

Kouma Kishima / Kouma techpunishes
« on: January 23, 2012, 10:50:28 AM »
Well specifically, I want to know about F, but I figure its important for all styles, as Kouma tends to create a lot of these situations.

Is the 5b 2b 5c OS techpunish after corner 623b or 623c for F Kouma supposed to be able to cover neutral techs as well? I can only seem to cover back and forward with it. If i do it early enough to catch neutral the 5b whiffs on forward and back.

Kohaku's Magical Garage / Current Code Bugs
« on: January 08, 2012, 09:03:22 AM »

Bumped into this one today. H-Roa can combo 5c (2hit) 5a 6aa on a crouching Warc when he's facing the left, but cannot combo it on the right. Happens on Aoko too.

I tested this in VS mode as well as Training mode, and it still happens, so its not a training mode exclusive bug like the miyako tech thing in ps2.

 Any system gurus got any good ideas about this one, or has anyone else bumped into any other bugs? I know this is a Roa specific one but I think having a bug thread would probably be useful.]

EDIT: On further investigation with Adviceowl, he's found out that it actually happens to EVERYONE, everyone moves back 1 extra pixel when hitting a croucher on the right, its just this specific combo requires that pixel to work.

Shiki Tohno / 1.07 CTohno
« on: January 03, 2012, 05:30:48 AM »
Wiki page updated for combos and strategy!

Changes from console

Walkspeed buff
236c, 214c, j22c, j623c and 623c otg relaunch (236c might have to be otg chained into)

2a - 1f slower recovery (its not neutral anymore)
5c - damage and meter gain down
2c - damage and meter gain down
5bb - damage and meter gain down
jb - smaller horizontal hitbox inside of him (will not crossup anymore ever), increased hitstun (combos into B normals and C normals off a jumpin correctly now)
j[c] - attack hitbox hits slightly higher

214d - damage down, cannot counter hit (universal change I think)

236b - 2f more startup, 2f less active, juggles aerial opponent for a long time, enough to link j.a after it hits an aerial target
236c - 1 frame of invul startup, 1f better recovery, damage down, last hit has a huge hitbox, now launches on the third hit and then hard knockdowns on the fourth (Means you could hit air opponents and still get the hard knockdown), appears to have better overall advantage after the hard knockdown, otg relaunch
214a - prorates to 50%, 2f worse recovery (still safe if spaced most likely), much larger ex cancel window added
214b - much larger ex cancel window added
214c - damage down, increased untechable time after wallslam (not completely sure on this), otg relaunch
623a - 60% proration (from 100% in console)
623b - 60% proration (from 100% in console)
623c - damage down, otg relaunch
22c - can combo after it on nearly everyone now midscreen. only kouma appears to not get hit by a timed 2c. (every moon got this)

j22a - improved hitbox below, small rise before the attack
j22b - 1f improved startup, causes tohno to rise before the attack (it will come out properly after deep jumpins allow for double overhead mixup)
j22c - complete invul startup and beyond (23 frames), larger hitbox, travels faster
j623a/b added an ex cancel (you can now do j623b into j623c for 10 more damage after long combo strings lol. can also do j623 into j22c...not found a use for this yet)

CC changelog thread said 22a had a larger gap before the attack came out but I compared the two in framedisplay and they seemed the same...must be a Ver A change.


Not much changed. The 214c change makes the 214c 5a5b[b ] combos work at longer ranges outside the corner now. The slight float on j22a seems to make the j[c] j22a combos work further out of the corner.

Obvious scenarios for otg relaunch include mixups like jb/c j22b 214a, 6[b ] (or partial charge 6b) 214a

Can't seem to get into j[c], land 2a combos after otg relaunch 214c. Unsure of what optimum combo after relaunch would be.

More stuff pending.

Kohaku's Magical Garage / System changes that aren't in changelogs
« on: January 01, 2012, 02:50:39 AM »
C Moon heat and blood heat now have a 1.07 and a 1.13 damage modifier added onto your attacks (you do more damage in heat) and a 0.9 and 0.85 damage modifier added onto your defence. (you take less damage in heat)

This is NOT in AC, AA PS2, and only applies for CMoon

C and F moon bunkers cannot counter hit. Period. H raw bunker can't ch raw but out of blockstun it can (irrelevant since it is hard knockdown now)

Post more if you find any

Powerd Ciel / Pcl dp hitboxes
« on: January 01, 2012, 01:14:35 AM »

Bottom row is C - B - A
Second row is Air C - Air B - Air A

Top is the universal followup.

To put it into perpective, A ground is like 4f startup, B is like 10, and the grounded C dp is invul for
25 fucking frames before she becomes vulnerable for 5 and then does the dp.

A and B air dps are like 9f startup and the C dp has the 25 frame thing again, except with no invul.

This is all C, as far as I can tell all the moons have the same DP

Neko Arc Chaos / Random H Nac stuff
« on: March 10, 2010, 02:21:41 AM »
Stream of conciousness.

you can get into his 6aaa by using the slide (2b) and canceling it really late. It would be more practical if his 5a had a few pixels more range, you're pretty much restricted to 2a 2b as the max distance you can be before doing it.

his command grab otgs. Including the ex one (which does ridiculous damage if it lands). you can get pretty decent okizeme off it, but he has nothing really to DO for oki sooooo...

the only real oki I can figure out is doing 214c at a small distance away from opponent as they get up, the sludge works like Hnero's sludge and you get frame advantage to command tick/5a. it's possible to combo off with 2b but veerrry strict and the depends on distance.

in the corner, you can do otg string into the command grab for pretty nice damage, but again, no real oki options so it doesn't seem worth it even though it's cool.

random combos -


2a 2b 2c 5c jbc djbc airthrow
2a 2b 5a 6a 5a 2c - 22a, 22c or 5c air combo


2a 2b 2c - otg 5c 2c 5b 2b 22a
2a 2b 5a 6a 5a 2c - otg 5c 5b 2b 22a

Melty Blood Auditorium / An idea that could help pull Japanese players
« on: February 06, 2010, 11:37:46 AM »
Is it possible that the community could approach Sega/Ecole and ask them about potentially funding players traveling to Evo? On the basis that it this is probably the best possible opportunity they have to market the game to America, and also because they've been out of the loop with SBO for 2 years now?

It sounds kind of farfetched but it's a possibility I would hope.

Shiki Tohno / Tohno's Command Grab
« on: September 01, 2009, 12:45:21 AM »
On Ciel, Arc Tohno himself, Ries and Wara, your 22c x command grab can be linked into 2c whatever for a full combo anywhere on the screen, not just limited to corner like the others.

I only tested with H Tohno but it should work for all styles, but I'm not sure what F could get off it. I was doing 2c 6c 5bb jc djbc with h, you can still do 2c5c with H as well, so it should work on C.

Kohaku's Magical Garage / Late Throwbreaks
« on: August 27, 2009, 03:07:22 PM »
After fiddling around a bit, it appears that if there is currently a summon, orb, or whatever the fuck else kind of thing out on the screen that can hit you if you don't attempt a LATE throw break (this is important, it's after the first frame of the throw, ie the most common), the late throw simply fails. You can test this with Wara, Vsion, Nero, etc, set the dummy to late throw break and it just can't break stuff if you're throwing them right as an active hitbox for a summon activates.


Melty Blood Actress Again Side Tournament!

Platform: Playstation 2 (NTSC-J)
Price of entry: Free
Tournament Format: Double Elimination
Time: Sunday 2pm - Sunday isnt a packed day so it should be fine
Participants: 16 hopefully

1) Frostbolt
2) Rudi
3) zer0kage
4) Fuzzyness
5) Infy
6) Sabator
7) Irysa
6) Jamy
9) Zato
10) Teruta
11) Sprint
12) Dobiqwolf
13) Pussy Mound
14) Aion
15) Roukanken
16) Inferis






    * Each game is Ft2 Rounds, Ft1 games for a match, Finals of both brackets will be ft2
    * Time is 99seconds
    * Rest is Default settings
    * Button Binding is allowed
    * Character Switching is allowed
    * NO Archetype Earth...
    * This ones quite important. We will be using ORIGINAL BALANCE not ARCADE BALANCE

And I think that's it

Main objective is to have fun and show off whatever youve grinded, learn a few tricks from each other and hypes~

If you wanna sign up get in contact with me or Frozenwave, or in the neoempire thread.

I realise this forum is mostly for American tournies but there do appear to be some EU people here who just don't visit the irc or know about NeoEmpire so I may as well.

Wallachia (Warakia) / C-Wara Guide MBAA
« on: August 24, 2009, 06:13:22 PM »
New thread mostly because not everybody ever looks at the wiki, the other thread isn't that organized and I want separate C from F stuff here. Feel free to let me know if there's anything new you find or want me to add, I'll be updating this as time goes on.



5A - Wara outstretches his claws in front of him a bit. It's a semidecent anti air and fairly fast, but is primarily used for links.
5B - Wara extends and attacks with his cape. This move goes quite far and is fairly fast. Average poke. Mostly combo filler.
5C - Wara spins around and creates a VERY long distance attack with his cape. Very slow, easy to counter, only use it in pressure strings or combos. This is one of the very few crescent moon normals in the game that is + frames by itself on block, bear that in mind.

6C - A standard launcher.
6[C] - Overhead variant of the launcher.


2A - Generic crouching jab. Nice range, fairly fast, combos into everything. Hits low.
2B - Wara creates an Arc in his cape and crouches very low while it angles over him. One of his best moves. The hitbox for this has been buffed slightly in terms of vertical and forward range since MBAC (but it NO LONGER HITS BEHIND), and it now has some clash frames too. His best poke and anti air.
2C - Generic sweep. The range is deceptive on it, and it is very slow. Can be used as a ghetto antiair vs characters with very strong air normals but suceptability to stuff from below (ie, nero JC).

2[C] - Throws out an F-Moon Wara esque fireball that does practically no damage and will float up diagonally for a while. Does decent guardbar damage, but is pretty slow and gimmicky. I've yet to find a consistent use for it. It's more useful to use the charge properties of this move to stagger your 2c in a blockstring, although you can use it sparingly as part of a blockstring on a cornered opponent if you wanna take the risk.


jA - Generic horizontal jumping light. Fast, o.k range, combos easily.
jB - Another great move. Covers far more space than would appear normally, an all round good tool for zoning and keepaway. The fact it hits twice also helps in high/low mixups on people.
jC - Slow, angled downwards cape attack. Hits 3 times and can be used to fake out in a high/low game. Mostly combo filler but can zone o.k.

j2C - Looks the same as jC, but has more startup and kills his momentum in the air. It also knocks down on hit and will raise him up very slightly. Primarily used as a high/low mixup after a blocked jb.


236a - Katto. Wara attacks with a clawesque assault. The range is short but it generates good meter and is ex cancelable. Also used in some more advanced loops.
236b - Slower variant of A. Is +frames on block, ex cancelable again.
236c - Ex variant, corner combo filler/psedeo reversal. Wallslams. It has iframes but will not enough to beat fast constant attacks (2aaaa). It's neutral on block.

j236a - Aerial kattos. A Version carries your momentum and will move you forward/backward a bit. It's also the fastest and most applicable for tiger kneeing.
j236b - Slower, and kills your momentum in the air before it comes out.
j236c - Wallslams. Generally the alternate link into his Arc Drive or just if you want to get your opponent in the corner after an aircombo or possibly a corner reset where your opponent has tried to chicken block his way out and you caught them with ja/b

623a - Katto. Wara preforms another clawlike attack, except this time aimed upwards. The A version is the fastest but not really as good an anti air as his 2B anyway, so there is little reason to use it unless you have good anticipation. Air unblockable.
623b - Same as above, simply slower. Has use in combo filler links
623c - Ex reversal. Very high upward range and lots of iframes. Unsafe as hell if it misses though, so be careful.

214a - Summons VAkiha to do an overhead attack roughly a character and a quarter's width away from Wara. Kind of slow, but this works as a trading reversal against some members of the cast, like Nero, so don't write it off purely. Easily comboable off. Air blockable.
214b - Summons Nanaya to teleport slash across the screen. Much better recovery than MBAC, it's a pretty effective space controller now. Air Blockable.
214c - Summons Nero to Phantom Hand roughly 1/3 of the screen in front of him. Air unblockable, your primary tool to get safe mixups going on your okizeme. Can also work as a zoning tool.

j214a - HIDS MID (wtf) and is aerial.
j214b - exactly the same, simply aerial.
j214c - AIR BLOCKABLE and is aerial. None of these have much use and have rather bad recovery.

421a - Teleports Wara to the first third of the screen from your perspective
421b - Teleports Wara to the second third of the screen from your perspective
421c - Teleports Wara to the third third of the screen from your perspective. These are increased in speed from MBAC but still very gimmicky. Use with extreme discretion.

j421a - SPIN SPIN SPIN. Wara spins right round and flies off the screen while doing some moderate damage. Once he's spinning he is completely invincible, so this can be used as a ghetto air to air if people are predictable. The recovery is very large though so be careful.
j421b - The same as above, merely slower and more damage. Holding down A/B on these two moves after doing them changes where you appear once you recover. If you hold them down, you appear below where you did the move, if not you appear next to your opponent.
j421c - Ex variant, your standard air combo finisher. Not techable and gives decent okizeme game.

22a - Summons a tornado about 1/6th of the screen in front of Wara. These juggle and can be linked into other tornadoes or air combos, but are primarily used as pressure tools
22[a] - Same as the above, but goes about 1/3 in front instead.
22b - Summons a tornado about 4/6th of the screen in front of Wara. Same attributes.
22[b} - 5/6th distance
22c - Ex variant summons a massive tornado that covers all the way vertically up the screen and advances from in front of wara to about 2/3 across the screen.

j22a - Command airdash. Causes Wara to airdash forwards.
j22b - Command airdash. Causes Wara to airdash diagonally down.
j22c - Command airdash. Causes Wara to airdash diagonally up.

63214 - Ex Warc, Summons Red Arcuied to throw Blood Rings across the screen. Heavy damage, but costs 150% ex.
j63214 - The same, merely aerial.

Arc Drive - Wara Summons a Massive Tornado zoned in on where the enemy is on the screen. If caught in it, the enemy is juggled in the tornado before being thrown up and sliced up as they fall.

Another Arc Drive - Similar Tornado, but this time all of Wara's summons appear to hit the opponent while they are being juggled in the tornado.

Last Arc - Wara spins across the screen twice before exploding and reforming.



(2A) - 2B - 5B - 5C (one hit) - 2C - 6C - jc - djc - Airthrow/j421 series/j236 series

    Basic BnB. Can be freestyled out of many situations, removing parts or placing them back in as range/remaining gatlings allow. An example would include simply doing 2C - 5C when your opponent is cornered to avoid your 6C missing, or placing 5C in between the 2C and 6C if you have the room to allow it.

(2A) - 2B - 5B - 2C - j236A(tk)

    Basic tiger knee katto setup. After the katto a variety of things can be done, such as

        2C - 6C - 22A/22[A](depending on range) - Neutral sj jc - djc - Airthrow/j421 series/j236 series
        2C - 6C - 2A (whiff) - ja - jc - djc- Airthrow/j421 series/j236 series

            Both of these are standard and fairly easy air combo followups. Using 1 hit of 2c can make it easier to connect the air combo. If you are having issues with the second jc connecting, try using jb sdj a c instead.

        2B - 2C - 22B - sj j.c - dj.c - Airthrow/j421 series/j236 series

            This only works on particular characters, will not even work on them if you have added too much weight to the combo (6 hits before this and 2c is techable). If you are having trouble doing 2c link after the tk katto use this. Characters that it is preferable to this on without 6 hits + at the start are are: Warc, Roa, Ryougi, Tohno, Warachia, Sion, Vsion.

        Dash 5A - 623B - ja - jc - djc - Airthrow/j421 series/j236 series

            On certain characters you may place a 2B before the 623B. Generally this is the universal tk katto combo, it will work on everybody no matter what but you sacrifice the sick meter gain the tornadoes give you.

        Dash 5a - 2C - 2A (whiff) - 236A - 5A - 2C 214C

            Nero Setup.

        2B - 2C - 22[A]/22B - 22[A]/22B

            Safe Heat setup. Will generate lots of meter too. Alternate as range allows.


(2A) - 2B - 5B - 2C - 236C - 2C

    Basic corner wallslam link. Again, you have a few options after doing this.


            Do a crossup/sandoori mixup instead!


            Nero Setup

        6C/5C - aircombo

            If you really need the damage

        tk j236c - 2C

            Somewhat of a waste of meter, but if you are in Max and want to squeeze damage out...

        tk 236a

            Subsequently you have all of your tk katto options in the corner here too. The following are some corner exclusive tk katto combos.

(2A) - 2B - 5B - 2C - j236a(tk) - 236A - 5A - 623B - aircombo

(2A) - 2B - 5B - 2C (one hit) - 236A - 5A - 2C - j236C (tk) - 2C (one hit) - 2A (whiff) - 236A - 5A - 2C - 236C - 2C

    Flashy, does comparable damage to a full aircombo, and leaves you with corner setup options. Extremely meter heavy though, don't look about using this too often.


(2A) - 2B - 5B - 5C (one hit) - 2C - 6C - Arc Drive

    Both the AD and AAD with combo correctly now on a juggle. The primary purpose of blowing your meter on this is that it gives comparable damage to an air combo with an Ex ending, and will let you set a Nero summon on okizeme. You can freestyle this a bit and add in other things after the 6C instead such as:

        jc - djc - j236c - Arc Drive

            Looks flashier, sends them to the corner. This also creates a crossup/sandoori opportunity.

        22A - Arc Drive/22A - neutral sjc - djc - j236cd - Arc Drive

            If you need something to build enough meter to hit max before you do this combo, tornadoes are a great option.

OTG 2a5aaa5b2b

OTG combo. Mix up the finisher with a delayed 22a to get some tick throw okizeme potential going at the cost of possible tech, or a jump cancel to reset, or do nothing to bait tech.

OTGs - All of these are done post j2c with damage on Vsion with no prior reverse beats and no reduction

Single OTG with tornado oki - 2a 5aaa 5b 2b 2c --> 22a(punish forward tech)/22[a](punish back/neutral tech) - 1976 damage, 60.5% meter gain for you, 13.5% meter gain for your opponent.  If they don't tech and you 22[a] you get massive +frames from last tornado hit(enough to dash pointblank and 2a to CH the other person_)

Double OTG post j2c - 2a 5aa 5b 236a dash 2a 5a 2a 5a 5b 2b - 2259 damage, 81% meter gain for you, 18% meter gain for your opponent *

*Thanks to Tonberry for these

(Air Counterhit) 2C - 5C (3-4 hits) - 6C - Aircombo

    Basic meterless damage Air CH combo

(Air Counterhit) 2C (one hit) - 2A (whiff) - 236A - 5A - 2C

    22[A]/22B - Dash 6C aircombo

        Optimal damage combo.    

    tk j236C - dash 2C

        Gets your opponent to, or nearer to the corner.


        Nero setup.

General Strategy

C Wara plays pretty much exactly the same as his MBAC counterpart, he has just generally been buffed in terms of movement, hitboxes, easy to confirm his combos and recovery. With jb and 2b you can control both the ground and the air pretty well, so focus on trying to zone around for a counter hit to get momentum going. If you DO land an air counter hit with jb remember to jc or doublejump/airdash cancel it to not interrupt the untechable time on the CH with your second hit of jb. If this fails just confirm it into airthrow or j421c to keep some advantage. Dashing under aerial opponents and 2bing them after they've gotten used to trying to meet you air to air also works.

When you do get some momentum going, mostly focus on staggering your As and Bs and mix it up with tornadoes, Nanaya summon or plain whiff cancel dash in to reset. You also have the option of 236b22c cancel which is the best possible one but costs 100%. Wara's main mixup in pressure comes from his jb/c iad, where the multiple hits can throw people off or you can use jc in an iad to whiff your air attack entirely to go into a low, or even use j2c. To stop them getting used to this, use back jump forward airdash or rather 6756 or 76A+B to make your jc actually connect from the airdash, since for the most part this leaves him slightly higher than the standard iad on the way back in. His command airdashes can be tk'd to serve as iads as well, just be sure to jump backwards to avoid superjumping with them, or cancel them from hits on block for Vakiha style mixup, or even just plain airdash into the corner above them repeatedly using them to psyche your opponent out/bait something. Try using j236b on the way down from these resets since it's +frames and will let you get in even further or repeat more jumpins with it.


Wara can sandoori his opponents after a 2c knockdown into Nero or not. The general idea of a sandoori is to 3 step your way behind the opponent to force them to change their block, since in MB you do not have to block the correct direction on crossups if your opponent has not doublejumped/air dodged. To do this, dash, superjump, then do jump as you cross over them and backdash in the same motion. If done correctly you'll cross them up neatly and jc them easily.

example of it here.

This can also be done in the corner after a 236c 2c link, and can be made even more ambiguous by dashing into a knocked down opponent make them think there is no enough space behind them for you to crossup.

This is also available to you after a j236c into Arc Drive.

Example of it here.

IMPORTANT - This only works if you are relatively close to the corner before you do the j236c. And by relatively close i mean very fucking close. It's possible at around about up to the point where your opponent's sprite aligns with the end of the guard bar. Even at this range/potentially further you have to delay the arc drive a LOT to make it do this I have not been able to successfully replicate it repeatedly at any sort of significant range from the corner, unless it is delayed enough to be invalid.

O.k completely figured this out. The character has to be literally in "falling" pose, not hitstun or wallslam from it, the last hit of the ad makes them turn around from face up to face down. This is what triggers the crossup. If they were not in this pose before the ad juggles then they will be in the "aerial hitstun pose" before the last hit. The reason you need to be closer to the corner for this is because you have more hitstun the closer the initial attack that iniates hitstun is done to the corner.

You can also use a teleport after Nero setup for the same effect, C to go behind them, B to go in front, A to stay in place/bait a reversal.

If you land a throw on your opponent, jumping over them and 2aing is a crossup and is also a meaty. If people learn to respect this from you, start using mixups like jump over air backdash jc, or whiff that into throw, or jump over throw, or even forward jump air dodge into crossup jc.

On regular nero summons, you can usually charge a 6[c] while standing behind nero. This can make it harder to see the overhead coming. You can also try using 2[c] partially charged as a mixup between this since the animation startup is similar for the two moves. This applies to any sort of knockdown oki you get going, not just Nero summon.

When jump canceling your 6c, using 8 will make you homing superjump at them. This is necessarily at certain ranges or if you're using 5c in a combo, but the general preferred option is to use 9 to get closer.

Space your j421c to be as far and above your opponent as possible to net the most hits. If you net at least 7 hits with it you can otg on landing and try to bait a techpunish or go into an otg combo.

After doing a j421c ender, tk a j22b either late or early to land on either side of your opponent to 2a. If done late you will land on the side you were on at the start, if done early you will land behind them. You can also do a j421a/b during this while you are on top of them getting up to do a crossup but this is an extreme gimmick and I can't reccomend the use of it.
Also try doing a 22a as early as you can to make only the last hit/s connect on a blocking opponent, then tick them into throw or 2a.

After an airthrow into the corner, be aware you can still airdash! Doing jc or jb as you come down punishes forward techs out the corner and will force backward/neutral techs to block. If they simply do not tech then try using your airdash to get a high/low on your okizeme from it, or throw out a j214 summon on the way down.

Do a very low jb after an iad and immediately do a Warc summon when you land, then dash throw. If you do this correctly you will grab them and they get hit by Warc rings in the throw for about 3k damage. Note the timing is very tricky on this.

To counter people shielding your tornado resets, cancel them into ex warc and they will probably fail at shielding the whole thing or even if they do, you can dash in and throw to keep your pressure going.

When going for a Nero setup, delay your 214c a LOT or use a 2a cancel into 214c to make the summon not actually meaty your opponent on wakeup. Then, dash in and throw, and the summon will hit your opponent during your throw.

If someone fails to block your 5c as part of your stagger, iad in after it or use tk j22b to make it look like an iad but turn it into a low.

Other shit:

Pretty much every mixup in this excellent video still works in MBAA, so if you have not watched it, fucking do it now.

Complete demonstration of available mixups after throw.

my shitty complimentary video to this guide.

Notable Warachia players include Jamu, RYU and Shiro/Highspeed.

Kohaku's Video Room / Bloody King of Actresses 97
« on: July 30, 2009, 06:46:13 AM »

I think this is better than the original. 

(kind of scary how little editing was needed to make it work)

Shiki Nanaya / Stupid Proration and Combos as a result
« on: May 18, 2009, 04:48:03 AM »

in short, what this video shows:

(2a)2b5bba jbc jbc airthrow is a semi practical combo and does more than a standard (2a)bc5c string. It barely loses to (2a)b5c2c5b though.

(2a)2b5bc2c5a aircombo does more damage than a regular punisher combo, (2a)5b5c2cb aircombo, if it is confirmed off a 2a, or a double jc, but not otherwise.

I was bored

These work on everyone, I just randomed Wara, so ignore that.

( and yes, 5b5c2cb5aaaa aircombo is THE BEST THE BEST, but that's not what this is about)

Kohaku's Video Room / I am the world's strongest nero
« on: May 13, 2009, 12:51:21 AM »

starting to wonder if I should just make a placeholder thread for all of this shit  :psyduck:

(unrelated but from the same set )

Kohaku's Video Room / WARUI NE
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Kohaku's Video Room / BANANA SHIKI - THE LEGEND
« on: April 27, 2009, 01:47:43 PM »

I bought the MBAA artbook, it arrived today. I'm gonna scan pretty much everything of interest. Just for today though, I did the character profile pages with the new art.

I'll do the faces, the cg endings, and the defence values/framedata later.

Things you can bitch about:


Things I'd rather you didn't bitch about:


Things you cannot bitch about:


no, fuck off. if you want that done, then buy the thing yourself and do it, I'm not ripping apart my book.

Character Profile Pages (12 pages) + Coverart -  Dead, can't be fucked to reupload, check the following link instead.

Individual files are as follows - will be updated till it has all the "art" related stuff. if you want to tag that shit, be my guest, I am lazy and only do general tags.


NEWEST MATERIAL - All framedata compressed together.

NEW LINK!Ilkz2KQZ!QiK8h1sftiUSLy7xJlARFyltoFw_ePlAMRRuyAFx73U

pukka's server came back if you want individual links. Hooray!

Defence Values

Random Junk about the CPU (I only scanned this to find out about the CPU "only" chars)

Guard meter info

Dodge/Heat/Backdash framedata

Dash/Backdash/Airdash/Airbackdash framedata

Character Framedata (Not nearly as bothered about scanning this shit straight since it's just numbers)

Roastbeef/couple of Roa -
Roa -
Sion -
Arc -
Arc and some Ciel -
Ciel -
Akiha -
Hisui -
Hisui and some Kohaku -
Kohaku and some Maids -
Maids -
Bit of Maids and Tohno -
Tohno and Miyako -
Miyako and Wara -
Wara and Nero -
Nero and Vsion - Hisui -
Vsion and Warc -
Warc and some Vakiha -
Vakiha -
Mech -
Some Mech, Nanaya -
Nanaya, Satsuki -
Satsuki, Len -
Len, Neco Arc -
Neco Arc, Aoko -
Aoko -
Kouma -
Kouma, Wlen -
Wlen -

There are a few more pages about like, the playstyles of each char and their moon styles specifically, but I probably won't scan that unless asked.

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