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Kohaku's Video Room / 2012 Kanto and Kansai Saikyou Ketteisen
« on: January 16, 2012, 03:16:56 PM »
It's that time of year again.  These are a series of 3on3 Melty tournaments that the Kanto and Kansai regions hold every year.  Pretty much all of the top players from the respective regions come out to these, and videos usually get recorded and/or streamed so it's a good display of the highest caliber of Melty gameplay.

Kanto Saikyou Ketteisen SP
Official announcement video by Gilette
1/14 Takadanobaba Mikado
1/15 Hachiouji UFO
1/21 Game Magna Max in Kawagoe
1/22 Freedom Yokohama
1/28 Game Fuji in Ichikawa
1/29 Game ACE
2/4 Hachiouji UFO
2/5 Game Oslo in Tachikawa
2/12 Amusement Ace in Tsudanuma
2/18 Club Sega Akihabara
2/25 Tokyo Leisureland in Akihabara
2/26 Ikebukuro GIGO
3/3 Game Garage in Oomiya
3/4 BIG1 Playspot
3/24 Final 3on3 at Takadanobaba Mikado

Kansai Saikyou Ketteisen 3
1/8 Takatsuki Leebros
1/15 Tennouji ACE
1/21 Neyagawa ABC
1/22 Technopolis
1/28 San no Miya Magical Alps
2/5 Nakamozu Hoshikari
2/11 Game Navel in Nishinomiya
2/12 Enjoy Paradise
2/19 a-cho in Kyoto
2/25 Gaolla in Shiga
2/26 Nihonbashi Athena
3/4 San no Miya COO
3/10 Nara CUE
3/11 Meidai Monte Carlo
3/18 Final 3on3 at a-cho Kyoto

Videos out so far
1/8 Kansai Saikyou Ketteisen 3 at Takatsuki Leebros
1st - Bonta(Akiha), Rakuchan(Len), Akaboshi(Satsuki)
2nd - Mr. Protoprahe(Hisui), Luckystar(Nero), GO1(Akiha)

1/14 Kanto Saikyou Ketteisen SP at Mikado
1st - Kanna(Ries), Kaimaato(Kouma), Leo(Warc)
2nd - Watari(Aoko), Tetsu!(Arc), Hirohiro(WLen)

Nero Chaos (Nrvnqsr) / SAT's Nero matchup list for MBAACC
« on: November 26, 2011, 12:18:41 PM »
Top Nero player SAT made a somewhat early matchup list for Nero in 1.07.  Interesting that he thinks the Hime matchup is slightly advantageous.

Disadvantage: CH-Nanaya, CH-Warc
Slight disadvantage: CF-Arc, HF-VAkiha, CH-Ciel, (H-Roa)
Even: F-VSion, C-Mech, Miyako, HF-Kohaku, CH-Wara, CF-Maids, (F-Aoko)
Slight advantage: C-Seifuku, CH-Shiki Tohno, C-Hisui, F-Hime, HF-Sion, F-Kouma, F-Ryougi
Advantage: Satsuki, F-Ries, HF-Len, Akiha, CF-WLen, H-PCiel

He states that H-Roa and F-Aoko are in parentheses because he hasn't played many strong players using those characters in 1.07, so it's a guess.

Kohaku's Video Room / 2010-2011 MBAACC Kanto Saikyou Ketteisen
« on: December 08, 2010, 01:57:04 AM »
It's that time of year again...  the Kanto MB scene is now having its annual series of 3on3 tournaments to determine who is the best in the region, with videos recorded by the MBHP webmaster Yuzuji.  Webpage this time

11/27 set is out
1st - Leo(F-Ryougi), Kirito(F/C-Akiha), SAT(Nero)
2nd - Kaimaato(F-Kouma), Carapoire(F-Seifuku Akiha), Gilette(C/F-Ries)

Melty Blood Auditorium / MBAACC Tiers
« on: November 19, 2010, 06:44:08 PM »
MBAACC Ver 1.07

Hato's list, published in December 2011 issue of Arcadia magazine
S Nero Ryougi
A+ Arc Satsuki Wara Seifuku
A Sion Warc Akiha VAkiha Nanaya Kohaku HisuKoha Mech Len Kouma Ries Roa PCiel
B VSion Shiki Ciel Miyako Aoko WLen Hime
C NecoArc NecoArcChaos KohaMech Necomech

Kanna's list
S Arc PCiel Kohaku Nero Satsuki Roa Seifuku Ryougi
A Warc Shiki Akiha Wara Hisui Nanaya Sion Ries Aoko WLen Ciel Kouma VAkiha Hime Len Miyako
B VSion Mech
(Note: HisuKoha, the Necos, and the various team chars were not considered because of lack of experience)

MBAACC Ver 1.05
Character ranking generally agreed upon by the Japanese BBS
S Kohaku PCiel HisuKoha Ryougi
A+ Shiki Arc Nanaya Warc Satsuki Miyako Len Aoko
A Everybody else
A- VSion Mech-Hisui

Kanna's list
A+ Leo's Ryougi(he really wrote this lol), PCiel
A Everybody else
A- VSion

SAT's list
A+ Kohaku HisuKoha Ryougi PCiel
A Everyobdy else
A- (Nero) Mech-Hisui VSion

In similar fashion to MBAC Ver.B2 and MBAA Ver.A, there is now a tier list for CC done by surveying top Japanese players.  Kiriya, the Sion player, posted it this time.  Only 8 Japanese players were asked this time though, instead of the traditional 20.  Maybe later they will get everyone else?






Characters ranked from S to C, S getting 4 points, A getting 3, B getting 2, and C getting 1.  Points are then totaled

Players: Kiriya, Jin, SAT, Niiya, Jamu, Kanna, Maruyan, Yoshino

S VAkiha(32) Sion(31)
A Satsuki(26) Akiha(25) Wara(25) Ciel(24) Shiki Tohno(24)
B+ Kohaku(20) Ries(20) Nanaya(20) Kouma(20) Maids(19) Ryougi(19)
B Miyako(18) Arc(17) Aoko(17) Hisui(16) Nero(16)
B- VSion(15) White Len(15) Warc(14) Roa(14)
C Len(12) Mech Hisui(11) Seifuku Akiha(9)

Melty Blood Auditorium / MBAACC at Tougeki
« on: August 08, 2010, 11:59:49 AM »
Here we go, let's see how far my fake ass Japanese can take me
First off, schedule of qualifiers


Almost everything is squeezed into the month of August

Format is 2on2 Waseda

1. GO1(Akiha), Ieda(Kohaku)
2. Hato(VAkiha), Leo(Warc)
4. Inoshi(VSion), Kaimaato(Kouma) and Tatsuya(Ciel), X(Nero)


Winners of the area qualifiers and block finals.  I have bolded the teams that have won block finals, AKA the teams that are 100% going to SBO.  The unbolded teams have won area qualifiers, and still have to win block finals to qualify.

☆A-1 [カノン(青子)カイト(ネロ)] Kanon(Aoko), Kaito(Nero)
(8/29) スーパーノバ福島店/福島県 [骸(紅摩)&knit(ロア)] Mukuro(Kouma), knit(Roa)
(9/4) ドリームファクトリー会津店/福島県 [ABT(都古)&キノピオ(ワラキア)] ABT(Miyako), Kinopio(Wara)
(9/5) スーパーノバ会津インター店/福島県 [カノン(青子)&カイト(ネロ)] Kanon(Aoko), Kaito(Nero)

◎A-2 [ざわわ(シオン)&ポタ(白レン)] Zawawa(Sion), Pota(WLen)
(8/21) セガワールド日和田/福島県 [M氏(さつき)&A.K(琥珀)] M-Shi(Satsuki), A.K(Kohaku)
(8/22) スーパービンゴ郡山店/福島県 [ざわわ(シオン)&ポタ(白レン)] Zawawa(Sion), Pota(WLen)
(8/28) ドリームファクトリーいわき店/福島県 [あぶと(都古)&きのぴお(ワラキア)] Abuto(Miyako), Kinopio(Wara)

◎A-3 [かもシオ(シオン)&かめ(メカ)] Kamoshio(Sion), Kame(Mech)
(8/28) LA倶楽部/岩手県 [PAN(Vシオン)&さか(ワルク)] PAN(VSion), Saka(Warc)
(8/29) SOYU Family Game Field 花巻店/岩手県 [かもシオ(シオン)&かめ(メカ)] Kamoshio(Sion), Kame(Mech)

◎A-4 [町田の猛犬(かいまーと)&池袋の犯罪者(井野氏)(Vシオン)] Kaimaato(Kouma), Inoshi(VSion)
(8/8) トレジャー新庄店/山形県 [マダラメ(秋葉)&モス(赤主)]  Madarame(Akiha), Moss(VAkiha)
(8/15) プレイランドエフワンR/宮城県 [町田の猛犬(かいまーと)&池袋の犯罪者(井野氏)(Vシオン)] Kaimaato(Kouma), Inoshi(VSion)

☆B-1 [ふじなみ(Vシオン)&かた(赤主)] Fujinami(VSion), Kata(VAkiha)
(8/29) 大久保アルファステーション/東京都 [A.K(琥珀)&M氏(制服) ] A.K(Kohaku), M-Shi(SAkiha)
(9/4) SEGA代々木/東京都 [ふじなみ(Vシオン)&かた(赤主)] Fujinami(VSion), Kata(VAkiha)
(9/5) 新宿スポーツランド本館/東京都 [くそガキ1《オヤシロ》(式)、くそガキ2《空》(赤主)] Oyashiro(Ryougi), Sora(VAkiha)

◎B-2 [はぎ(リーズ)&するめ(七夜)] Hagi(Ries), Surume(Nanaya)
(8/21) パソピアード東京/東京都 [わんわん《リン》(シオン)&もんもん《赤レン》(レン)] Rin(Sion), Akaren(Len)
(8/22) クラブセガ秋葉原 新館/東京都 [ぜあ(リーズ)&レイ(式)] Zea(Ries), Rei(Ryougi)
(8/28) クラブセガ秋葉原/東京都 [はぎ(リーズ)&するめ(七夜)] Hagi(Ries), Surume(Nanaya)

◎B-3 [ジン(翡翠)&SAT(ネロ)] Jin(Hisui), SAT(Nero)
(8/8) GAME-NEWTON 大山店/東京都 [23onメカヒスイ代表(丸やん)(シオン)&23onキシマ代表(BaT)(秋葉)] Maruyan(Sion), BaTsister(Akiha)
(8/14) 池袋GiGO/東京都 [しぐれ(リーズ)&宍戸(シオン)] Shigure(Ries), Shishido(Sion)
(8/15) タイトーステーション BIGBOX高田馬場/東京都 [ジン(翡翠)&SAT(ネロ)] Jin(Hisui), SAT(Nero)

◎B-4 [はと(赤主)&レオ(ワルク)] Hato(VAkiha), Leo(Warc)
(8/7) アミューズメントスペースUFO八王子店/東京都 [はと(赤主)&レオ(ワルク)] Hato(VAkiha), Leo(Warc)
(8/8) セガワールドアルカス/東京都 [A・K(琥珀)&M氏(さつき)] A.K(Kohaku), M-Shi(Satsuki)
(8/14) 立川ゲームオスロー第1店/東京都 [骸(紅摩)&knit(ロア)] Mukuro(Kouma), knit(Roa)

◎B-5 [キョウ(ワルク)&マオ(式)] Kyou(Warc), Mao(Ryougi)
(8/28) セガワールド小山/栃木県 [ワタリ(青子)&kino(ワルク)] Watari(Aoko), kino(Warc)
(9/4) プレイスポットビッグワン/埼玉県 [キョウ(ワルク)&マオ(式)] Kyou(Warc), Mao(Ryougi)

◎B-6 [はれ(さつき)&わか(琥珀)] Hare(Satsuki), Waka(Kohaku)
(8/15) ゲームガレージ大宮店/埼玉県 [隆(ワラキア)&みる崎ふーすい(青子)] Takashi(Wara), Fuusui(Aoko)
(8/21) ゲームマグマックス川越/埼玉県 [はれ(さつき)&わか(琥珀)] Hare(Satsuki), Waka(Kohaku)
(8/22) セガワールド入間/埼玉県 [がる(琥珀)&T.I(志貴)] Garu(Kohaku), T.I(Shiki)

◎B-7 [洋(アルク)&BB(ネロ)] You(Arc), Bubu(Nero)
(8/7) ゲームチャリオット五井店/千葉県 [洋(アルク)&BB(ネロ)] You(Arc), Bubu(Nero)
(8/8) ゲームチャリオット船橋店/千葉県 [はれ(さつき)&王国民(芳乃)(レン)] Hare(Satsuki), Yoshino(Len)
(8/14) アミューズメントエース津田沼/千葉県 [じゃむを(ワラキア)&ぜあ(リーズ)] Jamu(Wara), Zea(Ries)

◎B-8 [攻撃力2200《隆》(ワラキア)&守備力1500《ふーすい》(青子)] Takashi(Wara), Fuusui(Aoko)
(8/22) CLUBSEGA綱島/神奈川県 [かた(赤主)&ふじなみ(Vシオン)] Kata(VAkiha), Fujinami(VSion)
(8/28) パームトップス/神奈川県 [美希《丸やん》(シオン)&夜々《BaT》(秋葉)] Maruyan(Sion), BaTsister(Akiha)
(8/29) CLUBSEGA 相模大野/神奈川県 [攻撃力2200《隆》(ワラキア)&守備力1500《ふーすい》(青子)] Takashi(Wara), Fuusui(Aoko)

☆C-1 [ヒツジ(赤主)&ひろかわ(リーズ)] Hitsuji(VAkiha), Hirokawa(Ries)
(8/28) ミラクル藤枝店/静岡県 [K(ワラキア)&S(ネロ)] K(Wara), S(Nero)
(8/29) ミラクルドーム/静岡県 [しいな(都古?メカ?)、かいる(さつき?)] Shiina(Mech), Kairu(Satsuki)
(9/4) THE 3RD PLANET OZ浜松店/静岡県 [へいほぉ~(ワラキア)&ダノン(琥珀)] Heihoo(Wara), Danon(Kohaku)
(9/5) セガワールド静岡/静岡県 [ヒツジ(赤主)&ひろかわ(リーズ)] Hitsuji(VAkiha), Hirokawa(Ries)

C-2 [鈴木《ひょんける》(リーズ)&えふて~(都古)] Hyonkell(Ries), FT(Miyako)
(8/15) メルクス東名/愛知県 [だっくす(さつき)&きむちー(式)] Dax(Satsuki), Kimchi(Ryougi)
(8/21) 岐阜レジャーラント穂積店/岐阜県 [奈留《なるそら*おだだいき》(志貴)&びぃ(秋葉)] Misora(Shiki), Bii(Akiha)
(8/22) PLAY SEVEN/愛知県 [鈴木《ひょんける》(リーズ)&えふて~(都古)] Hyonkell(Ries), FT(Miyako)

◎C-3 [たつや(シエル)&エクス(ネロ)] Tatsuya(Ciel), X(Nero)
(8/7) クラブセガ金山/愛知県 [乾沙凪(kuga)(メカ)&二階堂 遊(遊)(赤主)] kuga(Mech), Yuu(VAkiha)
(8/8) ゲームスカイ/愛知県 [たつや(シエル)&エクス(ネロ)] Tatsuya(Ciel), X(Nero)

◎C-4 [T.I(志貴)&がる(琥珀)] T.I(Shiki), Garu(Kohaku)
(8/28) チャンス白根店/新潟県 [T.I(志貴)&がる(琥珀)] T.I(Shiki), Garu(Kohaku)
(8/29) ゲームセンターテクノポリス/新潟県 [ヤンマー(志貴)&RMM(七夜)] Yanmar(Shiki), RMM(Nanaya)

◎C-5 [乾 紗凪《kuga》(メカ)&ナヤ(アルク)] kuga(Mech), Naya(Arc)
(8/28) セガアリーナ/福井県 [たきの(翡翠)&ゆきち(赤主)] Takino(Hisui), Yukichi(VAkiha)
(8/29) コスモランド小松/石川県 [乾 紗凪《kuga》(メカ)&ナヤ(アルク)] kuga(Mech), Naya(Arc)
(9/4) ゲームインさんしょう掛尾店/富山県 [品の無い軋間《びん》(紅摩)&センスない都古《小力》(都古)] Bin(Kouma), Koriki(Miyako)

◎C-6 [キリト(秋葉)&キリヤ(シオン)] Kirito(Akiha), Kiriya(Sion)
(8/15) ゲームパニック甲府/山梨県 [なる(ヒスコハ)&えるぇ(赤主)] Naru(Maids), Erue(VAkiha)
(8/21) アミューズメントパークNASA/長野県 [ホロ《こはく・・・かも》(琥珀)&ラッシー(秋葉)] Horo(Kohaku), Lassie(Akiha)
(8/22) セガワールド エデン/長野県 [キリト(秋葉)&キリヤ(シオン)] Kirito(Akiha), Kiriya(Sion)

◎C-7 [GO1(秋葉)&いえだ(琥珀)] GO1(Akiha), Ieda/Nakau(Kohaku)
(8/7) ゲームチャオ松阪/三重県 [綾(シオン)&犬(凡太)(秋葉)]  Aya(Sion), Bonta(Akiha)
(8/8) セガワールドスキップタウン/三重県 [ナヤ(アルク)&新(ワルク)] Naya(Arc), Shin(Warc)
(8/14) セガワールド生桑/三重県 [GO1(秋葉)&いえだ(琥珀)] GO1(Akiha), Ieda/Nakau(Kohaku)

☆D-1 [銀時(青子)&リュウイチ(アルク)] Gintoki(Aoko), Ryuuichi(Arc)
(8/29) ハイテクランドセガ西中島/大阪府 [彰《AI》(リーズ)&しゅうへい(赤主)] AI(Ries), Shuuhei(VAkiha)
(9/5) チャレンジャー関大前店/大阪府 [銀時(青子)&リュウイチ(アルク)] Gintoki(Aoko), Ryuuichi(Arc)

◎D-2 [夢守(シエル)&山昆布(シオン)] Yumekami(Ciel), Yamakonbu(Sion)
(8/7) ゲームプラザエム/大阪府 [夢守(シエル)&山昆布(シオン)] Yumekami(Ciel), Yamakonbu(Sion)
(8/8) エンジョイパラダイス/大阪府 [GO1(秋葉)*1人チーム] GO1(Akiha) single entry!

◎D-3 [赤星(さつき)&らくちゃん(レン)] Akaboshi(Satsuki), Rakuchan(Len)
(8/21) ゲームランドエース/大阪府 [びん(紅摩)&こりき(都古)] Bin(Kouma), Koriki(Miyako)
(8/22) 星狩物語 中百舌鳥店/大阪府 [老けアゴ《辻井》(ワルク)&もみやま(シオン)] Tsujisosu(Warc), Momiyama(Sion)
(8/28) アテナ日本橋/大阪府 [赤星(さつき)&らくちゃん(レン)] Akaboshi(Satsuki), Rakuchan(Len)

◎D-4 [テラスピードホワイト《ハイスピード白》(ワラキア)&ユウ(シオン)] Highspeed Shiro(Wara), Yuu(Sion)
(8/29) アミューズメントスペースガオラ/滋賀県 [テラスピードホワイト《ハイスピード白》(ワラキア)&ユウ(シオン)] Highspeed(Wara), Yuu(Sion)
(9/4) neo amusementspace a-cho/京都府 [おかじ~(紅摩)&ゆうき(レン)] Okaji(Kouma), Yuuki(Len)

◎D-5 [コウ(赤主)&ラキスタ(ネロ)] Kou(VAkiha), Luckystar(Nero)
(8/8) 遊スペース マジカル/兵庫県 [こりき(都古)&びん(紅摩)] Koriki(Miyako), Bin(Kouma)
(8/14) セガ三宮SANX/兵庫県 [赤星(さつき)&ユウ(シオン)] Akaboshi(Satsuki), Yuu(Sion)
(8/15) GAME IN COO/兵庫県 [コウ(赤主)&ラキスタ(ネロ)] Kou(VAkiha), Luckystar(Nero)

☆E-1 [てぃーる(秋葉)&ふかひれ(ワラキア)] t-ru(Akiha), Fukahire(Wara)
(8/29) セガワールド松江/島根県 [J・アンソン(ロア)&わか(ワルク)] J-Anson(Roa), Waka(Warc)
(9/4) フタバ図書GIGAZONE/広島県 [KEY(都古)&ロリ山(さつき)] KEY(Miyako), Loliyama(Satsuki)
(9/5) ビバーチャ2/広島県 [てぃーる(秋葉)&ふかひれ(ワラキア)] t-ru(Akiha), Fukahire(Wara)

◎E-2 [時雨 亜沙(翡翠)《憐》&しっきー(志貴)] Aware(Hisui), Shiki(Shiki)
(8/21) テクノランド/岡山県 [ふかひれ(ワラキア)、てぃーる(秋葉?)] Fukahire(Wara), t-ru(Akiha)
(8/22) アミパラキャッスル/広島県 [KEY(都古)ロリ山(さつき) ] KEY(Miyako), Loliyama(Satsuki)
(8/28) セガワールドメガ海田/広島県 [時雨 亜沙(翡翠)《憐》&しっきー(志貴)] Aware(Hisui), Shiki(Shiki)

◎E-3 [ハヤテ(さつき)&紅葉(秋葉)] Hayate(Satsuki), Kouyou(Akiha)
(8/8) ハイテクセガ新居浜/愛媛県 [看護師(ワルク)&あすた(志貴)] Kangoshi(Warc), Asuta(Shiki)
(8/14) マックスプラザ善通寺/香川県 [ハヤテ(さつき)&紅葉(秋葉)] Hayate(Satsuki), Kouyou(Akiha)
(8/15) 戦/香川県 [憐(翡翠)&しっきー(志貴)] Aware(Hisui), Shiki(Shiki)

☆F-1 [あり(紅摩)&チェスト(シオン)] Ari(aka Sena Airi)(Kouma), Chest(Sion)
(8/28) TAC 北方店/福岡県 [橘 美也(きるあ)(秋葉)&七咲 逢(とれもろ)] Kirua(Akiha), Toremono(Arc)
(8/29) TAC戸畑/福岡県 [とばり(赤主)&ふぁも(レン)] Tobari(VAkiha), Famo(Len)
(9/4) モンキーハウス本館/福岡県 [パロスペ(シオン)&スグロ(琥珀)] Parospe(Sion), Suguro(Kohaku)
(9/5) アミューズメントスペースOPA/福岡県 [あり(紅摩)&チェスト(シオン)] Ari(Kouma), Chest(Sion)

◎F-2 [ハミデント(レン)&鳳仙花(ネロ)] Hamident(Len), Housenka(Nero)
(8/21) アミューズメント・リバティー/鹿児島県 [パロスペ(シオン)&スグロ(琥珀)] Parospe(Sion), Suguro(Kohaku) 
(8/22) セガワールドヒダカプラザ/宮崎県 [ハミデント(レン)&鳳仙花(ネロ)] Hamident(Len), Housenka(Nero)

◎F-3 [ジェフリーマンソン(青子)&信(秋葉)] Jeffrey Manson(Aoko), Shin(Akiha)
(8/14) アミューズジョイBOX/沖縄県 [K太(秋葉)&かもへー(ヒスコハ)] K-Ta(Akiha), Kamohe(Maids)
(8/15) ゲームインナハ2/沖縄県 [ジェフリーマンソン(青子)&信(秋葉)] Jeffrey Manson(Aoko), Shin(Akiha)

Last Chance Qualifier #1 - Jアンソン(ロア)プロト(翡翠) J-Anson(Roa), Mr. Protoprahe(Hisui)
Last Chance Qualifier #2 - 遊(シオン)ダックス(さつき) Yuu(Sion), Dax(Satsuki)

Final character count
7 Sion
6 Nero
5 Akiha
4 VAkiha, Aoko, Satsuki
3 Arc, Kohaku, Wara, Ries, Hisui
2 VSion, Shiki, Warc, Ciel, Mech, Len, Kouma
1 Nanaya, Miyako, WLen, Ryougi, Roa
0 Maids, SAkiha

Akiha Tohno / MBAACC Akiha
« on: August 06, 2010, 03:02:29 PM »
Thanks to sibladeko and Curbeh for the translations of changes in Arcadia

J2C - Hitbox expanded upward
623B - Last hit hitbox Expanded
4C - Prorate higher

4C - Weaker
22A - Vector, charge time, guard damage lowered (By charge time I think it means duration)
Damage universally lowered
421A disappears when doing an Arc Drive(no more unblockable setup)

236B - Start up and recovery better
4C - Prorate larger
5A6A - Prorate larger(universal halfmoon nerf)

Kohaku's Video Room / Annotated MBAA matches
« on: February 10, 2010, 07:50:28 PM »
This is the first in hopefully a series of videos where members of the community will analyze match videos in the form of annotations or subs.  People that are new to MB can learn a lot about the gameflow and why certain decisions are being made, while even veteran players can gain insight or a second opinion.  The idea is to do something similar to Crow's annotated vids for his own Tekken matches, example here

Anyway, first vid is from the top8 of the 21st a-cho mbaa ranbat in September 2009

Tsujisosu(C-Warc) vs GO1(H-VSion), annotated by Sp00ky

Second vid is from a 3on3 exhibition tourney held at a-cho in May 2009

GO1(H-VSion), Kou(F-Miyako) vs Nakau(C-Kohaku), annotated by Pfhor

From the March 2009 Yokohama Freeplay vids

Hagi(H-Kohaku) vs Gekka(H-Hisui), Nase(H-Shiki), annotated by LordKnight

Kohaku's Video Room / 2009 Kansai Saikyou Ketteisen
« on: December 29, 2009, 03:05:16 PM »
Since the Kanto region had a 3on3 series of tournaments with MBHP handling the videos, the Kansai region did its own 3on3 series from October to November.

Here's all the videos I can find from this series

10/12 at a-cho
1st - Niiya(H-Mech), Jamu(C-Wara), Waka(F-Kohaku)
2nd - Okaji(C-Hisui), Shiki/Mongol(H-Shiki), Jeffrey Manson(C-Aoko)

10/17 at PitaMQ
1st - Highspeed(C-Wara), Yuu(C-Sion), Nano8(C-Shiki)
2nd - Ryuusei(C-Neco Arc), BAB(H-VSion), Akaboshi(C-Satsuki)

10/18 at Gaolla
1st - Shiro(H-Roa), Takuzo(F-VAkiha), Rakuchan(H-Len)
2nd - Genten(C-Hisui), Bin(F/C-Kouma), Shou Chikara(C-Miyako)

10/25 at Takatsuki OKA3
1st - Yamakonbu(H-VSion), Yumekami(C-Ciel), Moscow(F-Maids)
2nd - Mudaniku(H/C-Kouma), β(C-Kohaku), Aya(H-VSion)

11/3 at Athena
1st - Yuyu(Aoko), Akaboshi(C-Satsuki), Murasaki(F-Roa)
2nd - BAB(H-VSion), Fankyu(C-Kohaku), Ranpo(H-Nanaya)

11/14 at Challenger
1st - Ieda/Nakau(C-Kohaku), Yuu(H-VSion), F.T(C-Miyako)
2nd - Yuyumenyan(C-Neco Arc), Ten(C-Hisui), Mamomo(C-Ciel)

11/21 at Magical Alps
1st - Noel(H-Shiki), Bourbon(H-VSion), Peke(C-Mech)
2nd - Mikan(H-WLen), Teita(C-Nero), Chinmoku Miyoreri(C-Hisui)

11/22 Final at Athena
Featuring all of the winners of the previous 3on3s to determine who is the best in Kansai
1st - F.T(C-Miyako), Yuu(H-VSion), Ieda/Nakau(C-Kohaku)
2nd - Tsujisosu(C-Warc), Kou(F-Miyako), Luckystar(C-Nero)

Melty Blood Auditorium / Notable players - MBAA Edition
« on: September 14, 2009, 11:28:02 AM »
Since the old thread of notable players in MBAC is outdated, here's a new thread for MBAA, since lots of players have changed characters.  Hopefully this will help you guys find videos for your characters when searching through youtube, nico, and the like.  Feel free to post more if I missed anyone, or if I messed up any romanizations etc

ゆきのせ(Yukinose) F,C
てつ(Tetsu) H,C
キリト(Kirito) H,F
あさぎり(Asagiri) H
みしぇ(Miche) H
そら(Sora) C
R@鳥マニア(R@Torimania) F

さとけん(Satoken) F,H
シュウ(Shuu) F
そら(Sora) H,F
ハラウザー(Hrauzer) H,F
Shadow F

ジェフリーマンソン(Jeffrey Manson) F
O場(Oba) F
ふーすい(Fuusui) C
橙(Chen) F,H
にく(Niku) F

洋(You) F
アマラ(Amara) C
ナヤ(Naya) F
ぐれ(Gure) H
ニッキ(Nikki) C

ワルク or 暴走アルクェイド RED ARCUEID/WARC
レオ(Leo) C
キョウ(Kyou) F

シエル CIEL
夢守(Yumekami) C
Tsa F
たつや(Tatsuya) C

Mr.プロトペラヘ(Mr. Protoprahe) C,F
ジン(Jin) C

なかう or いえだ(Nakau/Ieda) C
はぎ(Hagi) H
わか(Waka) F
オヤシロ(Oyashiro) C

翡翠&琥珀 or ヒスコハ HISUI&KOHAKU
モスクワ(Moscow) F

紅摩 or 軋間 or コウマ KISHIMA KOUMA
かいまーと(Kaimaato) F,C
あり(Ari/Sena Airi) C
骸(Mukuro) F

レン LEN
芳乃(Yoshino) H
らくちゃん(Rakuchan) H
歩兵 or 赤い人(Hohei/Akainin)
ゆうき(Yuuki) H

メカヒスイ or メカ MECH HISUI
kuga C
丸やん(Maruyan) C
新屋(Niiya) H
もんや(Monya) C
かめ(Kame) C

みるみるミルキー(Mirumirumiruki) C
かんな(Kanna) F,C
コウ(Kou) F
えふてー(F.T/Efute) C
こりき(Koriki) C
蓮(Ren) C

ラッキースター or ソルティ(Luckystar/solty)
アミロース(Amirosu) C

彰 (Akira/AI) F
あしぇ or アシェ(Ashie) H

ロア ROA
J・アンソン(J-Anson) H
むらさき(Murasaki) F
knit F

音夢にゃん(Nemunyan) H
赤星(Akaboshi) C

はと(Hato) H
深空(Misora) H,C
するめ(Surume) H
平田(Hirata) H
しっきー or モンゴル(Shiki/Mongol) H,C
ノエル(Noel) H

高(Taka) C,H
井野氏(Inoshi) F
TaMa C

ゆとり(Yutori) H
かもシオ(Kamoshio) H
キリヤ(Kiriya) H
宍戸 or ししど(Shishido)

Vシオン or 吸血鬼シオン SION TATARI/VSION
ぜあ(Zea/THER) H
オヤシロ(Oyashiro) H
井野氏(Inoshi) F
わぐ(Wagu) H
がる(Garu) H
遊(Yuu) H
ざくろ(Zakuro) H
ふじなみ(Fujinami) H
カネゴン(Kanegon) C

じゃむ(Jamu) C
隆(Takashi) C
ハイスピード(Highspeed/Shiro) C

ぼぶ(Bobu) F
nao C
ひろひろ(Hirohiro) C

Melty Blood Auditorium / PS2 MBAA Arcade->Original Balance Changes
« on: August 20, 2009, 10:34:50 AM »
Post the changes that you've figured out for various characters in this thread.

So far, I've found that F-Akiha cannot IH her 421A, but she can still IH 421B and 421C.  This is probably because this arc drive setup was too strong

From Rayza, Ciel's airthrow is apparently untechable now, but she can't move after it like before.

And from Sp00ky, H-VSion 623C doesn't let her safely get out a summon, meaning less frame advantage on hit?

There's also a quick list from the jp mbaa bbs, hopefully someone can translate it:
C BE5C通常技キャンセル不可

H わからん

F 火力が500弱ぐらいは下がった


2A2B3B5C>EXフロウJBJCJBJCサマー投げ で同キャラ5200


Wallachia (Warakia) / MBAA Warachia Combo Movie/Videos
« on: July 10, 2009, 07:46:40 PM »

MBAA Wara combo video, all styles

Kohaku's Video Room / 2009 MBHP 3on3 series
« on: June 06, 2009, 04:36:10 PM »
Just like last year, MBHP has started their series of 3on3 tournaments now, so this will be a topic that updates as each event happens.  Here's the schedule:

the 2009/6/6 tournament videos are now up at:

For those that don't want to download the videos(they're pretty big) or don't have nicovideo accounts, the videos are also on the MeltyBread youtube account

Results of 6/6 tournament
1st - You(F-Arc), Hato(H-Shiki), Garu(H-VSion)
2nd - Hagi(H-Kohaku), Surume(H-Shiki), Kanna(F-Miyako)

Melty Blood Auditorium / MBAA Tiers
« on: April 28, 2009, 06:39:10 PM »
2009/10/5 EDIT: Editing this post to include the tier lists that have been the most accepted on the jp mbaa bbs, so that people can see how they've shifted over time.  All these lists are for arcade Version A, so they may not necessarily apply to Original Balance mode of the PS2 version.

Final MBAA Ver. A tier list, made by Hato right before Current Code's release.  Published in September 2010 issue of Arcadia magazine
S: Shiki Tohno, Kohaku, Hisui&Kohaku
A: VSion, Mech, Miyako, Nero
B+: Akiha, Warc, Wara, Ciel, Aoko, VAkiha, Nanaya
B: Arc, Ries, WLen, Satsuki, Hisui, Kouma, Sion
C: Len, Roa

S  H琥珀  HVシオン H志貴 Cメカ

A+  Fヒスコハ C琥珀 C志貴 CF都古 HFネロ

A  C七夜 Cワルク Fアルク F青子 F赤主 Cネロ F志貴 F琥珀 Cヒスコハ 

B  CHF秋葉 F白レン Fコウマ CH翡翠 Cシエル Fリーズ HFメカ H都古 HF七夜 Hヒスコハ FVシオン
   Cワラキア Hシオン Hさつき H赤主 Hロア CH青子 Hレン CHアルク HFワルク  
C  その他、猫   

S: H-Kohaku H-VSion H-Shiki C-Mech
A+: F-Maids C-Kohaku C-Shiki C/F-Miyako H/F-Nero
A: C-Nanaya C-Warc F-Arc F-Aoko F-VAkiha C-Nero F-Shiki F-Kohaku C-Maids
B: C/H/F-Akiha F-WLen F-Kouma C/H-Hisui C-Ciel F-Ries H/F-Mech H-Miyako H/F-Nanaya H-Maids F-VSion C-Wara H-Sion H-Satsuki H-VAkiha H-Roa C/H-Aoko H-Len C/H-Arc H/F-Warc
C: Everybody else, Neco

2009/6/29 Tier list done by top Shiki player はと(Hato), eventually published in August issue of Arcadia magazine.  Bad translation of it here at Versus City

神 吸血シオンH
S メカヒスイC
A ネロFH、志HC、琥珀CH、都古CF、七夜C、ヒスコハCF
B 青子FH、悪アルクC、赤秋葉F、翡翠H、白レンF、さつきC、シオンC、アルクF
C シエルC、キシマF、リーズF、ワラキアC、秋葉CH、ロアHF、レンH、猫C
God: H-VSion
S: C-Mech Hisui
A: F/H-Nero H/C-Shiki C/H-Kohaku C/F-Miyako C-Nanaya C/F-Maids
B: F/H-Aoko C-Warc F-VAkiha H-Hisui F-WLen C-Satsuki C-Sion F-Arc
C: C-Ciel F-Kouma F-Ries C-Wara C/H-Akiha H/F-Roa H-Len C-Neco

2009/3/6 First tier list on JBBS that attempts to separate all the moon phases
HVシ Cメカ HC志貴 Fネロ H琥珀 F都古
C七夜 Cワルク
FC軋間 CHネロ CF琥珀 Fメカ

Fヒスコハ CH都古 Fワルク F白 H七夜 Cシエル C青子 Fアルク
F赤主 Hロア Cさつき F志貴 HFシオン C翡翠

CHF秋葉 CHヒスコハ HFリーズ FCVシ H赤主 F七夜
Hワルク H翡翠 CFワラキア HCアルク FHシエル Hメカ Cシオン H軋間 CH白 F青子

Hワラキア HFレン Cリーズ Fロア Hさつき F翡翠 H青子 C赤主

Fさつき Cレン Cロア
S: H-VSion C-Mecha H/C-Shiki F-Nero H-Kohaku F-Miyako
A+: C-Nanaya C-Warc
A: F/C-Kouma C/H-Nero C/F-Kohaku F-Mecha
A-: F-Maids C/H-Miyako F-Warc F-WRen H-Nanaya C-Ciel C-Aoko F-Arc F-VAkiha H-Roa C-Satsuki F-Shiki H/F-Sion C-Hisui
B+: C/H/F-Akiha C/H-Maids H/F-Ries F/C-VSion H-VAkiha F-Nanaya
B: H-Warc H-Hisui C/F-Wara H/C-Arc F/H-Ciel H-Mecha C-Sion H-Kouma C/H-WRen F-Aoko
B-: H-Wara H/F-Ren C-Ries F-Roa H-Satsuki F-Hisui H-Aoko C-VAkiha
C+: F-Satsuki C-Ren C-Roa

2009/2/23 First credible MBAA Ver.A tier list posted by Kanna on the jp mbaa bbs.



Compiled by 20 top jp players, characters were rated from A(3 points) to C(1 point)
Players: Kanna, Rei, Kaimaato, Udonge, Maruyan, SAT, Yoshino, Garu, Shuu, Messhii, Jin, Kirito, Bubu, Hirata, Bobu, Surume, Niku, Niiya, Misora, You

A: VSion(59), Mech Hisui(58), Shiki Tohno(54), Nero(54), Nanaya(53), Kohaku(53)
B: Miyako(49), Warc(41), Hisui&Kohaku(40), Arcueid(40), White Ren(38), Hisui(38), Ciel(37), Kouma(36), Aoko(36), Ries(35), Satsuki(35), VAkiha(34), Sion(32), Roa(31), Akiha(30), Warachia(30)
C: Ren(23)

Akiha Tohno / MBAA Akiha
« on: September 24, 2008, 01:37:58 AM »
New thread for MBAA Akiha, I guess.  Compiling some of the posts on her that were said on various threads before...

Wtf, AkihaH pits auto ignite?  GAY.

AkihaH may have auto-ignite pits but the loss of ribbons is pretty saddening. TK ribbons in pressure, loss of an excellent poke and a mobility tool is horrible. The loss of j.C also means she now lacks an aerial poke to use when she is under the opponent, instead she has two downward aerial normals. An auto-igniting pit is also pretty weak as you can't drain any health or meter and does not augment her pressure at all.

As far as I can see, AkihaH is an extremely nerfed version of Akiha. HM was supposed to be for scrubs anyways so whatever.

On the bright side auto ignite pits give frame advantage in the way 236C does, but that doesn't make up for how much she loses. It does look like the overall area her j.C covers is pretty big, though, it's not as bad as you make it out to be.

Some impressions on Akiha from the geesendou vids

First off, the Akiha player was really good, it was pretty obvious that the player was very familiar and had a lot of experience with MBAC Akiha.  Kept sticking with Half Moon Akiha for some reason.  I would have liked to see the other styles, but oh well

Akiha's voice is still really good.  She still has all of her ground normals, and gains a new one that kind of looks like her 6c except that she leans forward a bit.  All of her old combos, like hitconfirm into 2c5bb or the wallslam combos still work, and she still does pretty good damage.  She loses her old j.c, and her j.c is now a downward angled attack with really good crossup hitboxes.  The Akiha player was drawing counterhits all day with it.  Her new j.2c becomes very similar to VAkiha j.c, giving a knockdown but it floats her up a bit and also for some reason can be blocked low.  5c also seems to move her forward a lot more than before too.

The ground 236 series makes her automatically do a tiger knee ribbon, and 236c becomes very similar to how tk 236c worked in pre-FT Melty Blood ReACT, making her recover faster so that she has more frame advantage.  The 214 series can be charged now to give it extra range, which is cool but doesn't look like it has very good use.  And the new j.236 series she gets makes her shoot out a ball of ribbons, which has really big startup.  Her new j.22's are pretty interesting.  Doing the j.22a or j.22b in neutral actually seems to be pretty good for controlling space now because of the autoignition.  The Akiha player was trying to experiment with setups involving a knockdown into j.22c, trying to make the automatic pit ignition hit meaty, but he wasn't really having that much success with it.

H Akiha seems to be a bit stronger pressurewise.  Losing the old flamepits is pretty bad, but having the 236 series giving an automatic tigerknee ribbon means she can break one of the rules of MB(jump cancel a blocked normal), as before she had to let a blocked normal recover completely before she could do a tk ribbon.  236c also seems to be very good for pressure too since it gives more frame advantage than the similar tk j.236c in MBAC.  The changed properties on j.c and j.2c also mean that H Akiha doesn't have one of MBAC Akiha's main weaknesses, not having a strong jumpin, so she will have a much easier time now landing in the air against characters like Nero.  j.c crosses up so there will probably be some left/right setups developed for that in the future.

On the flip side, j.2c losing its overhead properties means that H Akiha probably has really crappy high/low mixup.  The new j.c and j.2c give her great new options for air-to-ground, but she now can't fight anyone air-to-air, since her old j.c angled up.  With no air attack that hits at an upwards angle and the loss of real air flame ribbons, she pretty much has no answer to stuff like Warc j.b and Nanaya j.a unless there's some special properties on her new downwards angled j.c that we don't know about.

I think H Akiha is weaker than MBAC Akiha overall, she has some nice new options though.  I think she can be pretty good if she basically avoids fighting air-to-air in situations where she is below the opponent

Wtf, AkihaH pits auto ignite?  GAY.

AkihaH may have auto-ignite pits but the loss of ribbons is pretty saddening. TK ribbons in pressure, loss of an excellent poke and a mobility tool is horrible. The loss of j.C also means she now lacks an aerial poke to use when she is under the opponent, instead she has two downward aerial normals. An auto-igniting pit is also pretty weak as you can't drain any health or meter and does not augment her pressure at all.

As far as I can see, AkihaH is an extremely nerfed version of Akiha. HM was supposed to be for scrubs anyways so whatever.
Change of opinion with new information.

Akiha's new j.C seems pretty fast and has excellent hitboxes (still doesn't compensate for a loss of an upwards aerial poke though). May or may not have potential for a fuzzy guard which would compensate for the loss of j.2C mixup... Her j.2C is no longer usable as a ground overhead but knocks down like V.Akiha's MBAC j.C... which means she loses her old j.2C options btw

Ground 236 are automatically TK 2368s now... but the ribbon is shorter and you cannot move forwards or backwards...

Pillars reach further (I thought I already wrote this in my old post but I guess I didn't... hey maybe I should start an MBAA Akiha thread...)

May or may not have potential for a fuzzy guard which would compensate for the loss of j.2C mixup.

It looks like she does. In a recent vid a guy was playing around with a FG and was able to get one off, but there doesn't seem to be any follow-up

Kohaku's Video Room / DF2 Melty Blood
« on: August 27, 2008, 11:05:50 PM »
These videos are pretty old, as DF2 took place last year a bit after Tougeki, in November I think.  But I don't think anyone found or posted the videos before, so here they are.  Information and brackets are here:

And the videos are here

Denpa followers should definitely watch these

Kohaku's Video Room / a-cho 07/13/2008 3on3 Tourney
« on: August 11, 2008, 11:46:35 AM »
a-cho is releasing videos of the 3 on 3 tournament they held a month back, click on the movie section for downloads:

Results are here

If you don't like .asx, I have uploaded the .wmv's on my account.  Thanks Tropsy for translating the names for me
Yazu(Shiki), Ayame(Akiha), Kazuyaki(Ciel) vs. Take(Ciel), Kou(Akiha Vermillion), Saikyo(aka Kaimaato)(Kouma).  Take goes on a run in this one
Jamuo(Warachia), You(Arcueid), Bobu(White Ren) vs. Yuu(Sion), Yumunyan(Neco Arc Chaos), GO1(Akiha).  Bobu plays so badly in this, I actually have a feeling he either wasn't used to the a-cho sticks or his stick was malfunctioning, some of the mistakes he made were so ridiculous.
A VSion/Miyako/Satsuki team vs. Mars(Arcueid), Mr. Protoprahe(Hisui), SBT(Warc).  Mars is the old school a-cho Arc, plays pretty well in this.
Yuu(Sion), Aware(Hisui), Jeffrey Manson(Aoko) vs. Kyamei(Kohaku), Yamibukuro(Satsuki), Buta(Sion).  Note that the Yuu in this video is different than the Yuu in video b, even though they both use Sion.  Very very hype match, Aware is probably the most creative Hisui player ever..  if only his defense was better :(
Take(Ciel), Saikyo(aka Kaimaato)(Kouma), Kou(Akiha Vermillion) vs. Yumunyan(Neco Arc Chaos), Yuu(Sion), GO1(Akiha).  Another really hype match, Kaimaato's really consistent in getting that sandoori(I think that's what it called) down
Mr. Protoprahe(Hisui), Mars(Arcueid), SBT(Warc) vs. Yuu(Sion), Jeffrey Manson(Aoko), Aware(Hisui).  Protoprahe gets robbed so hard, ouch.  SBT beastly as usual

I think a-cho should be putting up the finals and the battle for 3rd place up soon, so stay tuned

Tournament Results / EVO WORLD Friday Melty Cup Results
« on: August 09, 2008, 12:26:37 AM »
Preliminary results for now, until we get the full brackets.

10 teams entered

1. Zar(Aoko), Jiyuna(Nanaya), tenkai(Akiha)
2. Nerina(Warc), Hellmonkey(Ren), Magz(Sion)
3. Kijea(Mech Hisui), HFBlade(Ciel), Kryo(Warc)

Kohaku's Video Room / 2008 Tougeki qualifiers
« on: May 19, 2008, 06:52:47 PM »
Here's a topic for all of the MBAC Tougeki qualifiers that we've found recorded on video so far, feel free to post if you can find more.
Also on Youtube here
I'm pretty sure BB! is Bubu and YO!! is Yoh

Click on the movies section on left sidebar, and then click on MBAC for the qualifiers
Also available on Youtube here
I don't know the source of these, but Yuu/Denpa and Grow/Motomachi(under the name Mr. X) are in these, so they're definitely worth watching.  Motomachi doing some new VSion P2 crossup setups.  CC Aoko with corresponding color is also pretty awesome

Akiha Tohno / Akiha matchups
« on: April 28, 2008, 05:13:37 PM »
So which matchups do you guys have the msot trouble with as Akiha?

I find that I have to play much more carefully against characters with extremely good air normals, like Red Arc, Ren, and the Shikis.  Trying to fight against them air-to-air directly is usually suicide.  Akiha doesn't really have strong air normals other than j.C, and it takes a while to come out, so up against these characters I find I have to space with the tip of j.C really carefully.  Learning to really use air flame ribbons are essential in these matchups too, but Akiha is still very vulnerable during the startup of the ribbons and even after the ribbons are out if she whiffed them.

The Tougeki Tamashii matchup chart that I scanned a while ago has Ciel, Red Arc, V. Akiha, Miyako, Nero, Wara, and Ren as disadvantageous matchups.  I agree with most of these, Ciel is extremely annoying and has much more methods compared to other chars to get out of Akiha pressure.  I don't really know the Akiha vs. V. Akiha matchup that well, but Akiha normally loses that match in videos I see..  don't really know how it works, though.  Wara is an annoying matchup as he can do 2b on reaction to tk ribbon attempts to CH you out of the air, and his j.b can be very difficult to deal with.  I find Nero to be more annoying, as he can do the same thing to tk ribbon attempts except with both his 2a and 2b, and Akiha has less tools than other chars to get out of zoo pressure.  As for Miyako, I have no idea, I guess her fast superjump speed and her superior air normals give Akiha trouble?  I don't really have much experience with that matchup.

Kohaku's Video Room / a-cho 11/4/2007 3on3 Tourney
« on: March 02, 2008, 05:09:32 PM »

a-cho finally is starting to release the videos of their regular 3on3 tourney from 3 months ago.  Results are here:

If you don't like .asx, you can direct download the videos here:
tei-ru's team(Aoko, Arc, Akiha) vs. KEY's team(Ren, Warc, Satsuki).  lol@11:21, no idea why tei-ru got hit by Satsuki 22c
Jin's team(VSion, Hisui, Kouma) vs. Leo's team(Arc, Warc, Akiha).  Leo is impressive as usual and that Kouma player is really awesome.
Nanaya/Ren/Ciel vs. Ciel/Miyako/Satsuki.  Check out the combo that the Ciel player does off of air CH j.a/j.c
Messhii's team(Ren, Ciel, HisuKoha) vs. kubo's team(Kouma, Sion, Nero).  kubo is more wakeup happy than usual in this set

I think there should be more videos released for this event later on(for the top4), so stay tuned for more updates

Kohaku's Video Room / a-cho 11/3/2007 3on3 Same Character Tourney
« on: February 26, 2008, 10:15:56 AM »

It took a while for these videos to be released, but they're finally out now after 3 months.  Check the movies page.  It's a 3on3 tourney with same character only teams, which is always fun to watch.  Results and brackets are here:

If you don't like .asx or want a direct download of the videos, I've uploaded them on my account here:
Team Akiha vs Team Hisui, tei-ru's spacing with Akiha is really good, and tei-ru vs Jin has one of the best endings ever :V
Ren team goes against the Shiki team.  Nanase is too strong
Hisui team and Shiki team battle for 3rd place.  I love the neutral jump momentum ambiguous crossup setups that Mr. Protoprahe uses, no other Hisui seems to use those as effectively
Ren team vs Akiha team.  Yoshino is scarily consistent.

Kohaku's Video Room / MBAC Ver.B2 21on21
« on: February 09, 2008, 01:18:09 PM »
Kind of like the Guilty Gear G3 23on23, the MBAC21on21 happened like, 2 days before the G3 event so this is kind of old.  Thanks to MTP for letting me borrow Volume 7 of Tougeki Tamashii, which has some of the matches from this event.  The whole results are in the scan I attached.  No idea if all of the videos from this event will get released

Tsujisosu(Red Arc) vs. niya(Ciel)
Naoiki(Satsuki) vs. Shiro(White Ren)
kubo(Sion) vs. Kaimato(Kouma)
kubo(Sion) vs. Jin(Hisui)
kubo(Sion) vs. ILS(Nanaya)
tei-ru(Akiha) vs. Nemutora(Mech Hisui)
tei-ru(Akiha) vs. Leo(Red Arc)
BouNanaseR(Ren) vs. Leo(Red Arc)

Akiha Vermillion / V. Akiha video thread
« on: January 13, 2008, 11:56:59 AM »
I'm surprised there isn't already a video thread for Vermillion here, I vaguely remember there being one here before.  Anyway, Hato, who a couple of people(including me) believe is the best V. Akiha player right now, has recently shown up in a lot of MBHP 3on3 tourney videos.  These videos are great, with a lot of solid strings from him and some really creative mixups.  Check out all the mixup variations he gets from 2c5c 2c j.22c

If you don't have a nicovideo account, it's ok: the matches are direct-downloadable too.  Go to these pages, and do a ctrl+F for はと to figure out which videos he's in.

Kohaku / Kohaku Videos
« on: December 12, 2007, 08:41:09 PM »
Those of us that have been subscribed to the daruism videos have noticed this awesome Kohaku player appearing in them, Nakau.  He plays both solo Kohaku and maid pair with Kohaku on point, though recently he's been going only solo for whatever reason.  Anyway, imo he's probably the best Kohaku right now, as he has some really good zoning with neutral jump control, consistently does that IAD rejump combo and runs some of the most ridiculous mixups ever.

Be sure to check out 071112 3_1(vs. the Ren) where he somehow pulls off a turbo charged Magical Amber.  I wonder if that's a bug?

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