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When's Melty on Steam?
ahaha that's no--wait, what?

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(copypasted from SRK)
Hey guys, welcome to the 3rd unofficial "Chicago Heart" tournament series! I'll be in Chicago in August, and I figured that while I'm there, why not throw a tourney? I know it's 2 weeks after evo, but the date is set for that weekend (8/13 or 8/14 hasn't been 100% decided yet), after that, its a matter of finding a venue and people to help run the tourneys, as well as to bring the systems. The game list isn't 100% set in stone either.

Anyways, the location will be either in Chicago, or in the chicagoland area. Depending on the interest depends on how big of a venue I'll want to get. If it doesn't seem like many people will show, then I don't need to rent a big place. On the other hand, if interest is high, then I will do what I can to rent a bigger place.

Date - 8/13/2011 OR 8/14/2011
Location - Chicagoland

The game list is tenatively:

Definite games:
Marvel vs Capcom 3 PS3/360? (run by ???)
Arcana Heart 3 - PS3 (run by HeartNana)
Naruto 4 - Gamecube (run by ???)
GGAC - PS2 (run by Elvenshadow)
Street Fighter IV - (run by Humbag and ???)
Soul Calibur 2 - (run by digimonemperor)

Blazblue Continuum Shift 2 - If CS2 isn't released on the PS3/360 by then via patch to BBCS, then it will not be included in the tourney, and will likely be replaced by guilty gear.
Melty Blood Actress Again - If people will come for this game, it will be run. If there's no interest, then the game will be canned.

I don't have an exact amount yet, but there will MOST LIKELY be a venue fee of $10, $5 off if you bring a system+game or tv, and $10 off if you bring both.

About team tournies - While I do like the idea of team tourneys as well as singles, it comes down to an issue of time. In addition, MvC3 and SFIV bring in a lot of people, and running both of those games at the same time seems difficult, as well as running teams/singles for both. For those games, just the singles tourney might be best, but I'll accept any feedback.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to ask. Any interest whatsoever will help too! If you're free to help run a tourney, that'd be great, too!


So yeah pretty much, if people are willing to travel, bring setups, run the tourney, then im totally down with having it there. I'm gonna be busy running stuff, so I can't run Melty, but if someone is willing to, I'm willing to have it there. I just need to know if anyone will come.

Also, Saturday or sunday? Which would be better for anyone whose planning on showing up?

Tournament Results / MWC Results
« on: June 22, 2008, 10:26:52 PM »
1) Justin Wong (Sion)
2) Vic "Sp00ky" (V.Sion)
3) Rob "HeartNana" (Sion)
4) Ryan "Fubarduck" (Nero)


Tournament Results / Anime Central Tournament Results
« on: May 18, 2008, 09:21:01 PM »
Melty Blood (11 People)
1) Rob "HeartNana" (Sion)
2) Phil "Meta" (V.Sion)
3) Andrew "Shardz" (Warc)
3) Carl "UltraCarl" (Hisui)

Tekken DR (32 people)
1) Rob "HeartNana" (Asuka)
2) Frankie (Steve)
3) Webster "DigimonEmporer" (Anna, Julia)
3) Pedro (Lee)

Soul Calibur 2 (20ish people?)
1) Rob "HeartNana" (Talim, Taki)
2) Ari "fLoE" (Taki, Nightmare)
(I forgot the 3rd places, I think it was Shouji and ShardZ?)

Naruto 4 (40 people)
1) Rob "HeartNana" (A.Nana, Tenten)
2) Ted "Kokain" (Otk, Itachi, Kisame)
3) Tom "Dark Sasuke" (Temari, Neji)
3) Billy "Funked" (Kisame, Temari)

Naruto EX2 (25 people?)
1) Rob "HeartNana" (Nana)
2) Eric "FOD" (Sasuke)
3) Billy "Funked" (Tsunade)
3) Ted "Kokain" (Gaara, Lee)

Arcana Heart (16ish people)
1) Rob "HeartNana" (Lilica (time), Maori (poison))
2) Phil "meta" (Lieselotte (lightning), Fiona (fire))
3) Stone "KenMastersX" (Saki (lightning))
4) Yosh "ANGGRY CHINA" (Maori (poison), Fiona (gier))

Soul Calibur 3 (35 people)
1) Damien "Thugish_Pond" (X)
2) Rob "HeartNana" (Cassie, Lynette)
3) Fafnier (Maxi)
3) Gary (Sophie)

1) Stone "KenMastersX"
2) ???
3) Dan "Syxx"

Thanks a bunch to Webster for running a few tournies even though he wasnt staff for game room. Good job with MI2, EX2 etc.

Tournaments and Events / MWC - June 21st/22nd weekend - Northbrook IL
« on: April 20, 2008, 09:36:23 AM »
Melty Blood:
Saturday @ 2PM
Rules: Double Elim 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches until winners/losers final, which is 3/5 matches. GF will be 4/7 matches.
Act Cadenza ver B
No banned characters
Entry Fee $5

I'll be bringing my own TV and Laptop for this setup, so it doesn't interfere with the official tournaments. And as said before, if called for the official tournaments, those take #1 priority. But yeah, i'll be running these, so hopefully all goes well. Melty was Friday last year, but the few people who responded to me on meltybread said Sat was better, so i'm going with that.

Tournament Results / Chicago HeartNana House 2/2 Birthday Bash Results
« on: February 03, 2008, 12:12:38 AM »
Arcana Heart - 18 people:
1) Rob "HeartNana" - Lilica (Time)
2) Andy "CappsIndigo" - Heart (Lightning)
3) Vince "Random123456789" - Kamui (Dark)
4) Phil "meta" - Lieselotte (Lightning)

Melty Blood - 18 people:
1) Rob "HeartNana" - Sion
2) Brandon "Not-Brandino" - Ciel
3) Sledeau - Warc
4) Phil "meta" - V.Sion

Naruto EX2 - 24 people
1) Rob "HeartNana" - Nana
2) Billy "Funked" - Tsunade, Sasuke
3) Ted "Kokain" - Gaara, Lee
4) Mike "Dark_Kakashi" - Orochi, Sasuke

Soul Calibur 2 - 19 people
1) Damien "Thugish_pond" - X
2) Rob "HeartNana" - Talim, Cassie
3) Esom - Voldo
4) Malcolm "Human Typhoon" - X

Smash 64:
1 Zach "TheCape" - Captain Falcon, Fox
2 Scott "Xiang" - Captain Falcon
3 Ted "Kokain" - JigglyPuff
4 Andy "Capps Indigo" - Pikachu

Smash Melee 5$ Match Results:
TheCape vs HeartNana
Bowser vs Peach

OK i just finalized the date, so everything is ready:

Date: 2/2/08, 2/3/08
Entry Fee: $5 to cover food, drinks, etc. (not including when we go out, as everyone will have to cover themselves)
All tournaments are free to enter.
Location: 6029 W. Byron
Chicago, IL, 60634
Tourney Rules: Double Elim, 2/3 matches 3/5 winners, semi, and GF. Smash 64 is 1 match the entire way through, 4 stock.
Reason for holding tournies: My b-day is Jan 31st, so i wanna throw a house tourney as an excuse to get people to come over and hang out and stuff. Im reserving the date early so nobody else throws a tourney the same weekend and is like O I DIDNT KNOW ABOUT THAT ONE!

Anyways, the plan is:
Friday : Hang out/go out to eat (thinking Chicago pizza, cause out of towners love it, and of course us Chicagoans do, too)
Saturday: Tourneys for:
Naruto EX2
Arcana Heart
Soul Calibur 2
Smash 64
Melty Blood (pc ver, please bring laptops if you can?)
IaMP (see above)

Sunday: Hang out

There'll be other games present, i can have a buncha setups, plus my laptop for Melty and IAMP and such. Its not limited to what's on the tourney list, tho that's what we're gonna focus on.

As usual, no entry fee, just bring some money for little ceasers or something (its pretty popular whenever i order it for parties).


When the date gets closer, ill post my address. For those that don't know, im on the NORTHWEST SIDE OF CHICAGO. I'm about 20 minutes from O'Hare airport, and rides can most likely be arranged (though i dont want to make like, 5 seperate trips cause i want to kinda man the house)

So yeah, lets hope a lotta people can come because these gatherings are always mad fun, even if the games leave something to be desired, at least people can hang out.

There's not too many rules, just the usual. Treat the house with respect, etc. Try not to swear (this applies mostly when my parents are around). After it gets super late, don't scream and stuff, talking and playing at a normal volume is fine though. If you're gonna stay the night or something, ask first. If you don't ask and don't have permission, then im not gonna allow it.

Regional Community / Chicagoland Melty
« on: December 09, 2007, 02:43:35 AM »
I know there's a midwest thread already, but its too big and broad and stuff, and we simply live too far away to play each other, basically.

Anywho, after NEC, a few of us got really hyped up for Melty again, we watched some SBO vids, and played a bit, but there's only a few of us who really play.

So if anyone is down for some MB in the Chicagoland area, post up and maybe we can get a gathering going!

Players & Characters:
HeartNana - Sion
Capps Indigo - V.Sion, Hisui
Orka - Aoko

If you wanna get together and play, post here, my place is fine to play at, and if Capps doesnt mind, his place is generally a good gathering spot as well. Im on the Northwest side of Chicago, he's in Skokie.

GET HYPE FOR MELTY! We also play Arcana Heart, GG:Accent Core, and i play IaMP as well.

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