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When's Melty on Steam?
ahaha that's no--wait, what?

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It is the beginning of a new season. Everyone starts from ground zero again.

When: October 2nd
Where: SJSU's Comp Sci Clubroom

To start the season off, the entry fee for every game will be $3.
We will raise the entry fee back to $5 after this ranbat.
The venue fee will also be $3 but if this is your first tournament, the venue fee will be waived.

The venue is actually being provided to us free of charge.
However SJSU's CS club was robbed over the summer and we need funds to host another major.
Thus, the venue fee will be split between SJSU's CS club and NCI 2's savings account.

The CS clubroom is located on the 2nd floor of MacQuarrie Hall which is on 4th Street.
Upon entering, go upstairs, past the elevators, make a left, walk forward, make another left, it's at the corner of the hallway.

Akiha Tohno / Crescent Moon Akiha
« on: February 12, 2010, 09:10:51 PM »
Hello, I'm the guy doing all the writing on the C-Akiha wiki, check it out if you haven't yet. I'd like to thank Psylocke for writing his MBAC guide but I don't know how much of it will be left when I'm done! I'd also like to thank bellreisa for graciously providing his resources to the scene.

Anyways without further ado, I wanted to start some C-Akiha discussion 'cause I can't do all the research by myself and there are some ideas I'd like to test, changes I'd like to address.

Akiha's Arc Drive: I've written about why it's practically useless on the wiki but I'll paste it here as well. It's sad considering how awesome of a tick throw game Akiha used to have on top of her high/low options and how sexy its animation is.

Crimson Lord・Origami 「赤主・檻髪」41236C (In MAX or HEAT)
Akiha's Arc Drive, she is completely invulnerable until the active frames end. Unlike her MBAC reincarnation and due to her receiving a command grab, her Arc Drive no longer grabs. You can combo into this by EX cancelling 623B. Outside of doing flashy combos, this special is rather useless.

Crimson Lord・Origami 「赤主・檻髪」41236C (In BLOOD HEAT)
Akiha's Another Arc Drive, this version does grab, giving you a very strong tick throw game when in BLOOD HEAT. However you may not want to use this option unless it's going to end the game because it will give your opponent 200% meter due to the universal system mechanic of exponentially increasing their meter after around 30 hits. You cannot combo into this if they are airborne.

Akiha's new command grab, Brilliant Crimson Submerge?!
Excuse my rough translation, but that's what came out and it looks like it fits. Plus I don't mind that now it sounds like some sort of attack from Sailor Moon, that's kind of cool imo 8]

This move is pretty good as it does some irrecoverable damage, especially since the damage caused by the EX Flame Pit is mostly recoverable damage.  Now we have a decent reversal option too and it's also another option to use off of normal shield, especially since 623B could be blocked.. Since you can combo into this and it even grabs airborne opponents, it offsets the damage we lost by going for a pit setup and not doing her Yukinose patented lovely leg loop instead of doing an air combo.

I think this could give Akiha a scary tick throw game if EX cancelled off of 623B but I wasn't too successful with it in training mode. It might be because the startup of 623B is too fast, the command grab's startup is a little longer than a normal throw, or I'm just not inputting it fast enough.

Akiha's tech trap game off of aerial ending in j.2C
I wouldn't say this is non-existent anymore and I've noticed that it's harder to combo into it off of a full air combo. However the tech punishing options seem to have changed. In MBAC, an immediate (or almost immediate) 6C used to cover neutral tech and forward tech (by becoming 4C), but lose to backwards tech. However it doesn't punish forward tech anymore but I think it does cover neutral and backwards tech though I'm not 100% sure about that.

This tech trap game and the added damage from the air combo was nice in MBAC but personally I don't think it's worth going for anymore since instead of 2C 623B we get 2C BE5B 4C 63214A now for a flame pit setup and compared to 2C BE5B aerial, the damage difference is much more negligible. But in case anyone was wondering what happened to it or wanted to run it still, that's what I know about it.

Tournament Results / 10/18 SJSU MBAC PC, "Unite the Platypuses"
« on: October 19, 2008, 11:23:19 PM »
1st nandeyanen
2nd Tsubasa
3rd Dakanya
3rd LastElixir

needs moar guilty gear and eternal fighter zero lol
no one cares about sf4 except buzzsaw

White Len / MBAA White Ren
« on: October 06, 2008, 05:41:20 PM »
wow no MBAA thread for one of the cutest characters in the game what's wrong with you guys. :prinny:

you're all a bunch of shikis  :slowpoke:


Michael Roa Valdamjong / JP Wiki
« on: October 06, 2008, 05:39:21 PM »

Riesbyfe Stridberg / JP Wiki
« on: October 06, 2008, 05:38:39 PM »

JP MBAA Wiki for ricebeef

Tournaments and Events / 10/18 SJSU MBAC PC #2, "Unite the Platypuses"
« on: September 17, 2008, 11:20:52 PM »
SJSU MBAC PC #2, "Unite the Platypuses"

Date: October 18th.

When: Signups start from 12pm to 2pm, tournament starts at 2:30pm.

Where: SJSU Student Union

MBAC PC Singles, SBO style (Single Elimination, Character Lock)
$1 entry, winner take all

Tournament Results / 9/13 SJSU MBAC PC, "Free the Giraffes"
« on: September 15, 2008, 02:01:52 PM »
1st Magz - won $9
2nd Sataya
3rd LastElixir
3rd Buzzsaw
4th Tsubasa
5th Devereaux
5th Dakanya
5th Chun
5th ChocoThunder

When should we have the next one?  :mystery:


Tournaments and Events / 9/13 SJSU MBAC PC "Free the Giraffes"
« on: September 01, 2008, 10:28:30 AM »
SJSU MBAC PC, "Free the Giraffes"

Date: September 13th.

When: Signups start from 12pm to 2pm, tournament starts at 2:30pm.

Where: SJSU Student Union

MBAC PC Singles, SBO style (Single Elimination, Character Lock)
$1 entry, winner take all?

some stuff open for discussion
anything and everything is open for discussion but there are things i want to talk about before putting it up there. not every tournament will be like this one if this becomes a regular thing. you may think of these as "ranbats" as once in a while, we should have a big tournament where the pot is increased (standard $5) and possibly double elimination. this event is aimed towards decreasing tournament time and increasing casual time w/ others outside of your local community.

tournament pressure and putting money on the line is important for stepping up your game but you often learn more from playing casuals. the pot may be increased to $2 in the future depending on the turnout.

just for those who didn't know, "ranbats" are "ranking battles" where you get points based on how high you place (you have to place top 8 to get points). these points will decide on how you will be seeded in future tournaments. getting seeded means you get an easier bracket.

also as of the recent norcal ggac ranbat, we may be in trouble for a venue as apparently the manager of the bowling alley has warned them that the policy will be changed in the future. so for now, the bowling alley is tentative. another option is since we are only playing single elim and the start time is relatively early, we could just have it in the SU.

if we have time, it might be fun to do a 2v2 SBO waseda event. ok that's all folks, get hype, and give me your feedback  :psyduck:

Kohaku's Video Room / EVO World 2008 (updated 08/16)
« on: August 15, 2008, 01:06:41 PM »
EVO World 2008 videos

Melty Cup 3v3, top four
h264 ogg 320x240 700kbps 29.97fps chapters, 291mb

used hardsubs this time so i wouldn't have to ask people to change a default setting (which is set to a relatively stupid setting meant for older computers)

went for passable quality while trying to maintain a low filesize (should've used mp3 lol)
might think about releasing a 640x480 version but it'd be twice the filesize (roughly 600mb) and I don't have enough disk space right now for the raws (~60gb)

Same Character (Aoko vs. Ciel) 3v3 MM: Aoko (Munsu, Shizuka, Zar the Biscuit) vs. Ciel (HF-Blade, Nerina, Zaelar)
^ props to murphy family, r.i.p.

Same Character (Arcueid vs. Ciel) 3v3 MM: Arcueid (Tsubasa, Tare, Prinny) vs. Ciel (Zaelar, HF-Blade, Nerina)

more videos coming soon
comments appreciated

Tournament Results / 3/22 SJSU MBAC PC Singles and 2v2s
« on: March 23, 2008, 12:23:51 AM »
I don't want to wake up my family but I'll scan and post the brackets tomorrow so enjoy the full placement listings instead. Sorry! Brackets posted!

MBAC PC Singles, Double Elimination

Replays will be uploaded by magz, check back later. I think we're going to have a video up with commentary as well... hey didn't we say that last time... lol

Video released !! 228mb 320x240 softsubs chapters h264 ogg mkv
Playback: CCCP and disable subtitle prebuffering
It's been a long time since I've worked with video and it was an interesting, albeit tedious learning experience. I pulled out all the stops because I'm a perfectionist like that. I hope you enjoy the video and well if you didn't, then you didn't. All I can say is this video has NORCAL written all over it.

full 16man bracket
1st magz lost to nobody and took home $56
2nd Renzo lost to tenkai and magz and took home $16
3rd tenkai lost to magz and Renzo and took home $8
4th Sims lost to tenkai and Renzo
6th Dakanya lost to magz and Sims
6th sync lost to Dakanya and Renzo
8th Tsubasa lost to Renzo and Sims
8th buzzsaw lost to magz and sync
12th Andrew lost to buzzsaw and Sims
12th fakeshake lost to Dakanya and Tsubasa
12th nandeyanen lost to Tsubasa and sync
12th Devereaux lost to tenkai and buzzsaw
16th LastElixir lost to magz and Andrew
16th Derek lost to sync and fakeshake
16th Joel lost to Renzo and nandeyanen
16th Spiritsnare lost to Sims and Devereaux

MBAC PC 2v2 SBO style

six teams, single elimination, waseda format
1st magz and Devereaux - シオンが倒せない [Sion is undefeatable], took home $48
2nd tenkai and Renzo - SFSU (we don't really go there...), lost to magz and Devereaux and took home $12
3rd Andrew and Sars - Shit on my face, got a bye and lost to magz and Devereaux
3rd Tsubasa and sync - got a bye and lost to tenkai and Renzo
5th Dakanya and LastElixir - キョン子命 [Kyonko for life], lost to magz and Devereaux
5th fakeshake and nandeyanen, lost to tenkai and Renzo

Miscellaneous ramblings
Red Robin is top tier 8D
I'm tired =\
I think I caught a cold or something :(
sync's pad was dying :slowpoke:
I learned how to run a tournament :D
Even though Tsubasa helped me run most of it ^^;
However, I didn't get to play casuals at all so I now know the pain of running tournaments :|
I hope everyone had fun! ^_^

k fuck you guys I need to go study for my finals and shit D:

Tournaments and Events / 3/22 SJSU MBAC PC "@_@"
« on: February 24, 2008, 07:39:06 PM »
SJSU MBAC PC "73cm cup II @_@"

Date: March 22nd.

When: Signups start from 12pm to 2pm, tournament starts at 2:30pm.

Where: SJSU Bowling Center

MBAC PC Singles, Double Elimination
$5 entry, 70/20/10 split

MBAC PC 2v2 Teams (Waseda), Single Elimination
$5 entry per person, 80/20 split

GGAC Singles, Double Elimination, hosted by Sims
$5 entry fee, 70/20/10 split

White Len / Comboing off a ground throw
« on: January 21, 2008, 09:35:02 AM »
Another one for the textbooks... Combo off a ground throw from anywheres? on the screen Don't know how practical it is, especially connecting it on chars like the cat

Warakia combos

throw 2B(1 hit) 5B (1 hit) ...
... j.A j.214B j.214C j.C dj.BC airthrow
... j.2C dj.2C dj.214B dj.214C dj.C airthrow
... j.2C dj.2C IAD j.C airthrow
... j.2C dj.B dj.2C dj.214B dj.214C airthrow

throw > 2B (one hit) > 5B > j.214B > 214C > j.C > dj.C > air throw

Characters: Ciel, Kouma

Discover how you can combo on other characters.

updated 2/1/08

Kohaku's Video Room / Melty Blood gets exposure on Korean television
« on: December 29, 2007, 10:30:05 AM »

It's not just Starcraft that gets media exposure in Korea! Apparently this is the second time CL has uploaded an Melty Blood scoop from Korean television. They even discuss pro tips such as heat clashing.

Here's the first video CL uploaded back in April.

hype gaming scene + media exposure = Korea wins

Kohaku's Video Room / Nicovideo download
« on: December 19, 2007, 03:17:26 AM »
What kind of magic do I need to master so I can save videos from Niconico?

bookmark method
Make a bookmark in your toolbar (by right-clicking and clicking 'New Bookmark') with the following command (see next block of text and copypasta into 'Location') and click on it when you wish to download videos. Remember, there's no word wrap here on lines without spaces (this is dumb) so use the scrollbar or maximize your window if your resolution is big enough.

javascript:var b=document.body;if(b){void(z=document.createElement('script'));void(z.src='');void(b.appendChild(z));}

user javascript method
smiledownloader.user.js (2007/07/18, build28)

For use with Firefox(Greasemonkey), Safari(Creammonkey), Opera(User JavaScript), Internet Explorer(Trixie), and Sleipnir(SeaHorse).

whoah magic
Look above the video! The title has kind of changed and there's a download button! The title of the video is now a form, letting you edit it as you wish (so you can use it as your filename).  The flv will automatically be downloaded as "smile.flv" so you should rename it as "copypastatitle.flv" and banzai!

visual reference of the magic in action

How do I open flv files?
You can Google for a player but if you have the latest Media Player Classic (CCCP), that'll work.

This magic is thanks to

Akiha Tohno / Analysis of Yukinose(Akiha) vs. Buta(Sion)
« on: December 11, 2007, 05:24:53 AM »
I was bored and I was procrastinating on my essay. I figured I should give back to the community once in a while and also see if I could learn anything by receiving some possible criticism. Here's my analysis of Yukinose (Akiha) vs. Buta (Sion) in the GAMESKY 5on5 tournament. Yukinose is regarded as the top Tohno Akiha player and Buta is a competent Sion who has been sighted a couple of months before SBO '07 in Daruism's videos.

Round One

[00:03] Akiha lands an air throw on Sion, getting a knockdown but placing herself in the corner.

[00:05] Akiha uses a superjump tigerknee ribbon on okizeme, reversing their positions; Sion blocks it, Akiha capitalizes on the major frame advantage and gets a successful mixup, setting up her flame pit.

[00:10] Sion blocks Akiha's B pillar and is put at a minor disadvantage. Sion blocks low and Akiha staggers all her ground normals and ignites the pit. The flame pit makes Akiha's corner game much stronger and gives Akiha multiple chances for mixup.

[00:12] Akiha gets a successful IAD mixup but fails to confirm into a combo. If Sion had tried to escape or poke out at all during Akiha's pressure, Akiha would have gotten a counterhit, scored a free combo, and ideally would have reset into the same exact setup.

[00:18] Akiha has been pushed out too far to effectively continue pressure and Sion escapes the corner and connects a combo on Akiha.

[00:20] Sion does a blockstring into her slide and Akiha instinctively jumps out because this is a textbook tick throw setup for Sion. It may not always be a good idea to jump as the slide is effectively a mixup. IIRC, Sion's slide has lower body invincibility (so don't try to poke low), could predict your jump and effectively punish, or be using the other slide which leads into a kick.

[00:23] Sion attempts to continue pressure but her j.A clashes with and loses out to Akiha's 2B. Akiha's 2B can help you win some battles because it has clash frames. It is also low shieldable only and its use discourages high shields.

[00:28] Akiha dashes up and uses a B ribbon on okizeme which is excellent for baiting pokes and heats. Sion heats and Akiha starts pressuring.

[00:32] Akiha gains a minor advantage and a reset in her blockstring options by using a 214B. She checks for possible pokes and ticks with a 2A which connects but goes for a throw.

[00:35] Akiha goes for the low which gets blocked and continues a blockstring into a 214B to regain the advantage. Having trained Sion not to jump out after a blocked B pillar, Akiha gains a major frame advantage by getting Sion to block a TK ribbon. If you've scared the opponent enough from escaping early and poking out of your pressure, you can use ribbons, throws, and pillars to get back the advantage for more mixup opportunities.

[00:39] Akiha safely dashes in under the cover of a blocked ribbon, goes for the low, and takes the round.

Round Two

[00:50] Akiha gets off an EX pillar and follows through with an air combo. Was this a bara cancel? I'm not even sure myself. EX pillar is pretty slow though and you don't have invincibility frames on startup. Getting hit out of this means you get put into CH2 hitstun. A pretty risky move but I think it worked because 1) it was a bara and 2) Sion was too far/slow to punish with a 5A or 2A.

[00:53] Akiha goes for the low but gets blocked and continues her blockstring into a 214B, gaining a minor advantage. She dashes in to continue pressure and gets Sion to block another TK ribbon. Sion guesses right this time and is able to escape the corner.

[01:00] Akiha escapes Sion's pressure by backdashing her whip and the two start zoning and fishing for openings. Akiha whiffs a few 214A pillars and a 2C which really leaves herself exposed. Whiffed 214As and 2Cs in the worst case will let the opponent score a free combo on you. If used at all, use with caution.

[01:17] Sion has taken advantage of Akiha's status and gets in with an overhead but drops the combo because she didn't have enough meter for an EX Whip. Akiha takes control with an air throw.

[01:20] Sion backdashes into the corner and Akiha punishes with 2As confirming into a wallslam combo and sets up the EX flame pit. As Akiha falls, she uses a ribbon to catch possible escapes or reversals. Akiha can punish backdashes with 2A or 2C and it is especially easy to do so in the corner. Backdashing can be great if you make your opponent whiff a heavy move but the risks are much higher in the corner.

[01:25] Akiha goes in for the low and staggers into her best tick throw setup but fails to execute. 623B cancelled into 41236C is an awesome tick throw setup but if you don't execute it properly or cancel it to 236C at least, it's a free ticket to the pain train.

[01:37] Sion starts pressuring Akiha in the corner and baits possible heats. They have a quick scuffle but both get nothing but air. Sion starts to rain down with some j.As but Akiha takes advantage of the gaps and surprises Sion by shielding one and takes the cake.

Further analysis

Akiha's options in her staggered blockstrings are awesome and if you've scared the opponent enough, ground throws, pillars, and ribbons can reset the options and lead into opportunities for more mixups.

Notice how Yukinose always sets up the flame pit in the corner. He's sacrificing damage but the opportunities he gets for further potential damage are much greater. Sure damage is always good but what if your opponent guessed right on your one mixup attempt or even turned the tables around with a reversal?

j.22C into falling j.236A is a very safe setup which punishes escapes, stuffs pokes, keeps you out of range of most reversals, and gives you a major frame advantage on block. If they guess right, you can still reset the options by staggering into ribbons/pillars/throws, and/or go for the sure advantage by igniting the pit. Akiha gets at least two mixup opportunities using the flame pit and it even drains their health and meter. In my personal experience, there's been several times the flame pit drained enough meter so that the opponent was unable to use heat or EX moves to reverse the situation which let me safely pressure even more.

Yukinose dominated Buta with his pressure but if Buta hadn't dropped those combos, he at least would have been able to put up more of a fight.

If you didn't understand something, you should read Psylocke's guides on Tohno Akiha and blockstrings. If it's not covered there, go ahead and post.

Tournaments and Events / Boss Stage, Sat Dec 15th @ Melbourne, Australia
« on: December 07, 2007, 12:26:50 AM »
Where: Seminar Room 4 and 5, Glenn College, La Trobe University, Bundoora
When: Saturday, December 15th, 12pm-10pm

MBAC Singles Tournament
TBA - lacking information/contact

We need more laptops for stations as we only have one guaranteed station at the moment. I'll update this post when I get more information.

How to get to the venue:

You'll need to bring $5 for a "season pass" to enter the venue. I don't know how long it's good for yet.

Tournament Results / 11/3 SJSU MBACverB2 Singles & MBAC PC 2v2
« on: November 03, 2007, 06:37:50 PM »
SJSU MBACverB2 Double Elimination

1st magz
2nd Sataya
3rd Tsubasa
4th Davey
5th Jeff
6th Tuna
7th LastElixir
7th TrickPat

Entrants (in addition to the above)
Chocolate Thunder

Replays are unavailable as the tournament was played on SJSU's HAPP machine.

SJSU MBAC PC 2v2 Double Elimination

1st Masaki and magz – ずっとマグズのターン [It's always magz's turn!]
2nd Sataya and Sentenru – センテニャー (奪還屋に捨てられた) [Sentenya - Dumped by Dakanya]
3rd Tsubasa and LastElixir – 小牧姉妹を愛しています。 [We love the Komaki sisters]
4th ??? and Trick Pat – おっぱい レピスト [Breast Rapists]
5th Chocolate Thunder and Chun – The China Girl Burns With a BLUE Vengeance
5th Devereaux and Lisu – 蒼翠 [Sousui]
5th Spiritjuice and Mizuki – Team Jesusbeam

Melty Blood Auditorium / Caster and Broadcast mode
« on: October 29, 2007, 04:13:26 AM »
Ever wonder what option 4 on Caster does? Well I haven't tested any of this, I just know it in theory, so I'm looking for verification and some discussion.

Broadcast allows two people to play on the same computer with 0 delay and people connecting through the internet can watch it live. Awesome for generating hype and doesn't require much bandwidth but the con is that people will be required to have MBAC and Caster installed. Well, anyone watching should have MBAC installed anyways.

It can also serve as an anti-cheat method for keyboard vs pad/stick users as Caster only lets you control one player side. This doesn't work for keyboard vs keyboard though.

Regional Community / Australia
« on: October 29, 2007, 04:07:55 AM »
Calling out all Australians interested in starting a local scene. Please post. Thank you for your time.


I dunno if this goes here but I figured this could be big news. I live in Palo Alto, CA and was planning an adventure to San Francisco and noticed a little something in the site.

Megabus travels daily to and from Los Angeles, with one trip in each direction; there are two additional trips that stop in San Francisco and Oakland but not San Jose proper. Buses stop near the Diridon Caltrain station on the west side of Cahill Street just south of the station entrance. Fares start at $1 when reserved well in advance.

Sounded nuts. I ran an estimate on their website,

Must be a new business in the west coast because I Googled it and this news article is from just a week ago. The Megabus in the east coast has been established since April 2006 apparently.

Getting to EVO World? Probably not as expensive as you thought it could be. I haven't booked my stuff yet but I'll talk to my parents and see if I can go. I really didn't want to ask them to pay for plane tickets at ~200 USD but this might do the trick. I'll update this thread with further information if anything else comes up during my research.

Akiha's Tea Room / Looking into buying a stick~
« on: May 01, 2007, 07:23:04 PM »
I'm new to fighting games altogether and I started out on MBR:FT and I still use a keyboard. I've tried a pad but I don't really like it (TK236 with Akiha) and after a while, I've decided I want to play Melty Blood at a high level. So pretty much I dunno anything about sticks and I want to hear some opinions. I've done some research and apparently I should be getting a stick made with Sanwa parts as that's what most arcades use.

I'm not really interested in making my own stick and I've heard that retail sticks only last so long (up to around a year?) and that well built custom sticks can last for 3 to 4 years. Looking for some advice and experience here and if you could point me to some reliable stick makers, that'd be awesome. Thanks for your time!

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