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When's Melty on Steam?
ahaha that's no--wait, what?


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how do you remove all posts from a designated board from showing up in the recent posts list at the bottom of the screen
is this even possible???!
please help me
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Arcueid Brunestud / F-Arc 1.07
« on: December 30, 2011, 09:07:19 AM »
Farc seems mostly unchanged. One really nice change, 22B can now be IH'd, on hit and during its startup. Also the IH window during startup seems more lenient than 22A's. Implications of this should be obvious

Looks like best combo following air CH is 5B 2C 236A 623A 5A 2C 236B 5B 623B jC jBC AT. Combo is ass hard, there was a similar one in ps2, not quite as ass hard as this, but I have a feeling this might have been possible then as well. Looks awesome though and feels great when it hits. The initial 5B has to be delayed to the last possible moment in order for it to work

this is all wrong:
jA fuzzy is still viable in this version, just not as deadly. Thanks to OTG relaunch there is now an easy midscreen combo after fuzzy or midscreen 6C:

[jA j2B]/6C 623A 214B~B air combo. Does like 2k after jA, didn't test with 6C but I assume it's significantly more.

Could also OTG 236C into air combo midscreen for 3kish but unless you're in max or going for kill I don't think it's worth burning meter. Probably could use 214B~C for corner carry too, didn't try that

In the corner if you want to burn meter you can get 4K pretty easily after fuzzy, instead of following up j2B with 623A followup with 623C 2C 236B .... Worked in the last game too but now we really have to fight to squeeze damage out of that situation

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