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When's Melty on Steam?
ahaha that's no--wait, what?

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Shiki Ryougi / 1.07 L of Fryougurt
« on: January 19, 2012, 11:43:16 AM »
Since no one else would make you go.

Changes and data to come later.

Shiki Ryougi / 1.07 H-Ryougi
« on: January 01, 2012, 10:56:12 PM »
Starting a new thread dedicated to Half moon style Ryougi.  She's a little worse for the wear, but still versatile and stuff and stuff.

Changes to 1.07:

+ 5A is now one frame faster (6 frames).
+ 2B is now two frames faster (9 frames).
+ 63214B has faster startup.
+ Crouching picks up knife automatically in neutral state.
+ 22A_B_C manual knife pick up command now has less recovery frames.
+ 236A 236A 236C rekka ender is now EX cancelable.
+ 236C now has two additional invincibility frames on startup (7 frames).
+ 236C and 623C can OTG after untechable knockdown.

- 2C now has two less active frames (14-16 frames).
- 4C is now two frames slower (27 frames).
- j.A hitbox slightly smaller.
- j.B hitbox reduced in size, one frame slower (8 frames).
- j.6B hitbox reduced in size, one frame slower (8 frames).
- j.C hitbox reduced in size.
- 236A character hitbox increased slightly.
- 214A lands outside of corner during combos.
- 41236C Arc Drive is now escapeable after super flash.
- Overall health reduced to 11416 points (PS2 level).
- Rising rate now slower, increased to 15 frames.

Feel free to add any more data on additional changes.

Akiha's Tea Room / say hello to our new robot overlords
« on: October 18, 2010, 09:39:30 AM »

first 10 seconds  :psyduck:

rest of video  :slowpoke:

I'll be hella amazed if the next one starts doing twirls and backflips.  Then it's REALLY over.  Kinda want to see a Miku version now...

Shiki Ryougi / MBACC Ryougi Discussion Thread
« on: August 03, 2010, 04:01:03 PM »
Since videos are popping up online, I thought it'd be a good idea to consolidate any possible info on Ryougi into one small thread.  Feel free to post any info, rumors, and rants here.  I'll try to update as often as possible.  

Info is still sketchy, as Japanese players are catching up but hopefully we'll see some excellent match videos posted soon.  There was a recent tournament on 8/1 where an F Ryougi player (called "K") took 1st out of 22 entrants, so there's hope yet.  There was one lone Ryougi player at SBO, who goes by the name Mao.  Might be someone to look out for in the future.


Her normals are now faster. (needs confirmation though)
Knife pickup range increased.
Arc Drive and Another Arc Drive range increased.
2C duration shortened.
236 Series: Still crosses up in combos, needs reverse input (e.g. 236A, 236A, 214A to get 236Ax3)
Defense has been buffed from [1.05, 1, .95, .95] to [1.05, .97, .89, .86]

Crescent Moon

6C, 236C: Does less damage, adds circuit break.
623B now comes out slower.
BE22 knives can be blocked now.

Full Moon

j.B is slower.
4C is slower.
22C damage nerfed.
Second part of rekkas (namely 236B) is said to be lenient on command input.
2B is supposedly easier to use on OTG strings, albeit the specifics are unknown.
5B: Increased range? I saw it hit Warachia on crouch at max distance, although it might be due to his tall hitbox.
Backdash range seemingly increased, overall movement seems just as fast with less recovery lag.
236A, 236A, 236[C]: Last hit can be cancelled into IH, but not if fully charged.  It does do quite a bit of damage, and destroys the remaining red damage (not sure, need confirmation).

Half Moon

j.B is now slower.
j.6B is now slower.
4C is now slower.
3C has had some specifics changed, not sure if it's due to frame data or not.
There is now increased recovery on an air knife catch, and only lingers until landing.

Akiha's Tea Room / What is Touhou?
« on: July 26, 2010, 09:12:03 PM »
I've never played any of the shooting games, IaMP, or SWR but I've seen the characters multiple times on Nico Douga and elsewhere.  What is Touhou, and what's so great about it?  Why doesn't it have it's own anime or manga yet?  Can someone explain or point me in the right direction, please?   :psyduck:

As the name implies, this is the last of a long line of tournaments that have been around for nearly a decade.  Melty Blood wasn't originally on the list, but thanks to myself and Syxx's persistence we've been able to get the go-ahead for a Melty tourney in Iowa.  Of course, there will be other games their as well such as Tekken and Street Fighter and some mystery game the organizer hasn't announced   :psyduck:  

Did I mention prizes?  :slowpoke:

Check the official thread for more details.




525 33rd Avenue Southwest
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
(319) 366-8671


12pm start time


$10 to enter, $5 venue fee;  70/20/10 pot split


The Japanese PS2 version of Melty Blood: Actress Again will be used.

* The Original balance settings will be used.
* Default settings (except for quick restart and handicap being disabled).
* All characters are allowed except Archtype:Earth.
* Bring your own stick or pad.
* Free character selection by default; blind pick can be requested by either player.
* Player side (1P/2P) is to be determined by a coinflip upon request. No switching for the duration of the match.
* Character changing is allowed at any time except when you win a game (and, of course, mid-game/between rounds).
* All multi-button marcos allowed.
* Please shower or bathe before the tournament.

The entire tournament will be 1v1, with a possible 2v2 side tourney if time is available (will have to double-check on this).  Standard rules are:

* Double elimination bracket.
* Two out of three games for most tournament games.
* Three out of five for Winners Finals, Losers Finals, and Grand Finals.

Get hyped guys, see you there!

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