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Shiki Ryougi / General Strategies (for all moons)
« on: April 14, 2010, 05:01:27 PM »
The general consensus for using Ryougi is to get in, pressure with blockstrings, and hopefully get a combo for big damage (as if thats not the goal with every character...  :psyduck: )

However, half the battle is "getting in" in the first place. This can tend to be a bit difficult with zoning characters like Nero or characters who can easily pressure you into a defensive stance like Akiha. In these cases, how would a Ryougi player successfully run the match in their favor? Without much of a fallback defensive tactic, I find it difficult to get out of corner traps/pressure. Sometimes, on whiff reaction, I'll 236C to get out of a corner, which, i know is terrible  :-\ . Lack of consistent, competent human play is seriously detrimental to learning...

So, how do you all play Ryougi? I figured since, overall throughout the moons, she doesn't change drastically as compared to other characters, i would open up a new thread for it. Seems like most other moon-specific threads are mostly about combos, blockstrings and various pokes but nothing comprehensive as far as how she should generally be played, especially against difficult matchups.

*note* if there are important tidbits from other threads that could go in here, feel free to repost them here for those of us who would like to go over strategy without wading through other things.

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