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When's Melty on Steam?
ahaha that's no--wait, what?

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Akiha's Tea Room / BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
« on: December 16, 2008, 04:32:21 AM »
Why don't we have a topic for this already? :mystery:

Who do you play as/want to play as?
Get the discussion going  :toot:

I play at Denjin Arcade as Rachel. Her playstyle is so much more unique and refreshing compared to characters I play in other games. Pushing opponents around with wind while sending high speed projectiles at them = good times. Also, frog > all.

Tournament Results / 10/11 Denjin Arcade Tourney Results
« on: October 14, 2008, 01:47:18 AM »
Lots of last minute changes to the structure of the tournament-
It ended up being free entry pay-per-play, single elimination but 3 out of 5 rounds.
No replays or videos cause it was on the arcade cab.

1st Pulsr (WLen) -- Won a free soda  :toot: (though he chose water instead >_>)
2nd Scott (Ciel)
3rd Xie (Kouma)
6th JO50 (Nanaya)
6th Combofiend (Kouma)
6th Jake (Warachia)
12th Trevor (Miyako)
12th Vinny (M.Hisui)
12th Spidey (Ciel)
12th Mio (Shiki)
12th Chris (Aoko)
12th Soniti (Akiha)

As far as the ?'s i remember one was mech hisui, dunno about the other.

This Saturday Denjin Arcade in Simi Valley, California (really awesome new arcade on all japanese cabinets with an owner who cares about maintaining them) is holding tournaments for SF4, Guilty Gear Accent Core, and possibly CvS2, as well as other games.

I will be holding either a single or double elim (depending on number of entries) Melty Blood Act Cadenza tournament on the MBACvB2 cabinet there,
$1 entry pay per play (25c). Pot split winner-take-all.
Matches will be one game, not 2 out of 3 games.
No characters are banned.

For Melty, signups will start at 3pm and the tournament at 4pm. Exceptions can be made for people who are traveling far -- post here and i can preregister you. The more people we can get, the better. I'd love to show the owner that there is a scene for Melty Blood so he might consider getting Actress Again.

Links to threads for tournaments going on there: Guilty Gear
                                                                  Street Fighter 4

Denjin Arcade web site with address:

Note: Final confirmation is needed on this but it is looking very likely. For now, keep it on the down-low:

Confirmed, but still don't spread it too much so the line is reasonable  :toot:
There will be a BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger location test on site the same day. Likely starting sometime in the afternoon.  :fap:

Kohaku's Video Room / Soniti's Mediocre Guide to Japanese Commentary
« on: November 18, 2007, 03:42:36 PM »
For those who don't know Japanese, watching a match video with an announcer shouting in a language you don't understand may be fairly annoying. This guide is here to help those people understand common words and phrases said by announcers during matches. It is (and will likely always be) a work in progress, and is currently just the stuff I remember off the top of my head, so feel free to contribute words and phrases - I'll add it to this post and give you credit.
This list is created with my limited Japanese, so also feel free to point out mistakes I make, or suggest better pronunciation ideas.

The parts in () aren't pronounced. They are just there so you understand the sound. Also note that I'm not differentiating past/present tense here to make things simpler.

First, the extremely simple English loan-words.

konbo noun [ con bow ]

shiirudo noun [ she lo(op) do(te) ]

bankaa noun [ bah n [not pronounced like N... it's more of a sound effect...] co(st) ]
(shield) Bunker

sakitto supaaku [ sa(w) key toe    sue pa(w) co(oties) ]
Circuit Spark. Often shortened to just 'supaaku'.

dameegi noun [ da(wn) ma(te) G ]

gaado noun [ gah do(te) ]
-shikari gaado [ she co(t) Lee gaado ] ~thanks Dakanaya
Tight guard.

jyannpu verb [ ju(mp) n poo ]
ex jyannpu A/B/C [ the C is pronounced like she, other two are normal ] : jump.A/B/C

kauntaa noun [ co(t) e(w) n ta(ut) ]

kaihou noun? [ ki(te)hoe OR hiito [ hee <- this is a drawn out 'he' toe ]
Heat (activation). If 'hiito' is used, if it's blood heat they say 'burado [boo ra(w) do(te)] hiito'.
- kaihou yomiteiru [ kaihou yo me(et) ta(ble) E lo(op) ] ~thanks Dakanaya
Read heat.

nagete/nageru/nageta verb [ naw ga(te) ta(ble)/loo(p)/to(p) ]
Throw. Sometimes shortened to just 'nage'

chuudan [ chew da(wn) n ] ~thanks Dakanaya

gedan [ ga(te) da(wn) ~thanks Dakanaya
Low (attack).

umai adj. [ e(w) mi(ght) ]
Skillful; clever; expert

tsuyoi adj. [ tsu sounds kind of like su yo E ]
Strong. 'kono otoko' [ co(ne) no oh toe co(ne) ] "this man" is often used with this.
ex Yukinose-san wa tsuyoi : Yukinose is strong.

sugoi/sugei adj. [ sue go E/ga(te) ]
Terrific; incredible

shine/shinu/shinda verb [ shin na(palm)/new/da(wn) ]
To die.

shimau/shimatta verb [ she ma(ma)/ma(ma)to(p) ]
To finish. (e.g. to finish someone off :P)

korosu/koroshita/korosuzo verb [ cor(e) oh sue/she(et)to(p)/oh sue zo(ne) ]

itai adj. [ E tie ]
ex kore wa itai : This is painful (referring to a combo). 'kore wa' can also be replaced with just 'konbo' or they might even say 'itai konbo' by itself.

mieta verb [ me e(h) to(p) ] OR yometa [ yo me(h) to(p) ] ~thanks Dakanaya
To read (your opponent), to figure (them) out

suru/shimashita verb [ sue lo(op)/she ma(ma) she to(p) ]
To do. Catch-all verb used to indicate doing a noun in certain cases.
ex kaihou suru : Activate heat.

okizeme [ oh key zey[pretent it's say but with a z sound] ma(te) ~thanks Dakanaya
Opponent's wakeup.

abunai adj. [ a(we) boo ni(ght) ]
Dangerous!!! 'yo' is added to the end if it's extremely emphasized.

mazui adj. [ ma(ma) zoo E ]
Bad. Used in commentary to say that a player is in a bad situation. Also said by Tohno Shiki, lol.

sasuga technically an adj. [ sa(w) sue gah like the exclaimation ]
As expected of...
ex sasuga Yukinose-san : As expected of Yukinose.

dekiru/dekimashita verb [ deck E lo(op)/ma(ma) she to(p) ]
In the context of MB videos, it almost always means "to complete". If you replace 'ru' or 'mashita' with 'nai'[ ni(ght)], it means "didn't complete"
ex konbo wo dekinai [the wo is pronounced O] : (the subject 'he' is assumed here) didn't complete the combo.

nande adv. [ non(-) da(te) ]  OR naze [ (k)naw zay <- pretend it's say with a z sound ] OR doshite [ do(te) she ta(pe) ]

jikan noun [ G con ]
ex jikan ga nai : No time. (like no time left to finish a person/heat/whatever at the end of a round)

saigo noun [ si(gh) go ]
Last; end; conclusion

tsunagaru verb? [ (tsu (g)naw go(t) lo(op) ~thanks Dakanaya
To connect (in a combo).

shikashi conj. [ she co(n) she ] OR demo [ da(y) mo(w) ]
However; but

dame/dame da/dame desu yo [ da(wn) ma(te) + da(wn)/ da(y) s(ue) yo ] note that the 'ue' is removed from 'sue' in this particular case
No good; don't do that
ex dame desu yo, yukinose-san : That's no good/you can't do that, Yukinose.

kibishii adj. [ key be she ]

nigete/nigeru verb [ nea(t) ga(te) ta(ble)/lo(op) ]
Run away!

kakkoui adj. [ co(t) co(at) E ] ~thanks Dakanaya

masaka int. [ ma(ma) sa(w) co(t) ] OR shinjirarenai  [ shin Jee(p) la(w) le(g) ni(ght) ] ~thanks Dakanaya
Unbelievable; no way

dou suru/dou surunda/ dou suruka [ do(te) sue lo(op) / + da(wn)/+co(t) ]
What will (he) do (about it)?

oishii adj. [ O E she ]
Literally means delicious, but is used to describe player's techniques sometimes  :psyduck:

baiohazaado noun [ bi oh ha za[pretend it's so(ught) with a z sound instead of an s] do(te) ]

shoryu/shoryuken [ sho(w) Ryu / +Ken ]
Shame on you if you don't know this one...

As the title suggests, I am looking for opinions about different brands and models of USB game pads for Melty Blood Re-ACT/the upcoming AC ver.B.

I am looking for something comfortable, that can take a little bit of a beating (for example, if i were to step on it once, it wouldn't shatter...). Cheap is also a big plus. I would consider a joystick except for its price range. $50+ for a decent quality one is way too much for my financial situation right now. USB joypads are usually much cheaper from what I've seen.
I DO have an older joystick for N64 entitled "Arcade Shark," and I've heard there are USB adapters for those, but its button setup is somewhat similar to that of an N64's and thus I'm not sure if it would be very Melty Blood friendly. It looks like this:

The joystick can be unscrewed and put in the left thing instead.

In other news, and the reason I'm posting this - I'm planning on going to the next West Toast on July 14th, as I live ~50-70 minutes away, the drive won't be too bad. I'm bringing a friend or two that I introduced to Melty Blood Re-ACT along too. I fully expect all of us to get our asses kicked, but I plan to have a fun time anyway :D. For this reason, I figured i would at least do my best to get used to something other than my laptop keyboard for controls.

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