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Tournaments and Events / Showdown 3 In Stockholm [28-30 Mars]
« on: February 05, 2008, 11:48:02 AM »

Guilty Gear:XX Accent Core (1v1)
Guilty Gear:XX Accent Core (2v2)
Melty Blood: Act Cadenza ver.B (1v1)
Melty Blood: Act Cadenza ver.B (2v2)
- may be cancelled if there is too many participants AT THE EVENT due to time restraints!

Guilty Gear:XX Accent Core BIG Team
- divide all the players into two big teams and battle it out in an epic winner-stays-style match.

Stenhamra! (Stockholm)
To get to the premises one takes the the 'green subway-track' to "Brommaplan". From Brommaplan: Take one of the following busses: 316, 317, 318, 336, 176
and exit the bus at the "Stenhamra centrum"-bus stop.
Busses leave every 15minutes, but we can come get you with a car if it is too troublesome.

Sleeping at the venue IS ALLOWED! thus  no problem with housing.

30:- venue fee
20:- tournament-fee (where all the money goes too prizemoney, winner takes 2/3, 2'nd place gets 1/3 and bronze gets 20:-)
[everything in SEK. Swedish EnKrona]

The Event got announced today but among the rooster we already have:

to just mention a few of them! The norwegian players have also already shown interest, same with some french players!

We will of course have cap-equipment and the videos will be in the same fashion as the previous Showdown-videos (if not, even more awesome!). + an intro in the same fashion as: , but even more awesome!

[old vids but examples of showdown 2 in lund-vids just check the u2b-account for more]

We would be delighted to have some of you there!

If you have any questions, just contact us at: @
or on MSN

Rensengeki - <- MSN-adress
CheeseAbuser - <- MSN-adress
Shinjin - <- MSN-adress

Hope to see you all there!!! The Hype-starts now!




aka vs

the weaker NEWSCHOOLonline-play bred-side has stil to show their rooster, but they will still get ocv'd by us lolz. gl hf, you be needing it.


Just felt like posting it here too  ;D Get hyyyYYYYYpE!

Red Arcueid / Warc - The ComboVideo of Choice!
« on: January 22, 2008, 11:10:49 AM »
Hey Guys.

It's actually a pretty old combovideo but I still haven't seen it posted on the boards.

It basically shows off some of the good BNB's and some superawesome tripple-Nägel-loops amongst other things. Too bad the editing and videoquality is lacking, he could've left that to someone who actually knows what they are doing  ;D Still, an awesome video though. Re watching it kinda got me thinking of playing Melty again. (that and was the reason why I stopped with my combo-vid project. since I all the combos were either done, or improved, in this vid)


Tournament Results / Showdown 2 in Lund ! !
« on: November 13, 2007, 12:07:07 AM »
The (only non-con) melty-tournament Showdown in Lund was held last weekend and lots of guilty and melty was played. Since I was tournament director and have had shitloads of studying to do I hadn't played a lot (any) melty pre-tournament but I still had a lot of fun and we got to enjoy a lot of good matches. The Swedish community ain't that good yet, but we're a lot better now since Showdown 1 at least, so we're getting there. Anyways, as for the results:

System: 4pools, 2ppl advance from each to a single-elimination bracket

1. Caer (nanaya)
2. Shinjin (warc)
3. Xzi (akaakiha)
4. Nehle (aoko)
5. Yonasu (arc)
-   Nekomon (v.sion)
-   MarGeta (warc)
-   Rensengeki (satsuki)

People that didn't advance from poolplay:

Total contestants: 18


converted but not made to fit youtube yet, probably up later today!

Melty Blood Auditorium / Tougeki SBO Qualified Teams etc.
« on: July 25, 2007, 01:42:03 PM »
Well Tougeki-qualifiers are over. So here is a rundown of some of the teams, and how many of each and every character there is that managed to qualify to the finals!

6:  Ren
5:  Tohno
4:  HisuKoha, V.Sion, Satsuki, Aoko, Kouma
3:  Sion Arc Akiha Hisui Miyako Nero Warc AkaAkiha
2:  Ciel
1:  Nanaya, M.Hisui, W.Ren
0:  Kohaku, warakia, nekoarc, nekoarc chaos

Some teams worth mentioning:

ILS (Nanaya) & Shiba (Kouma)
Jin (Hisui) & K-Neko (Warc)
Surume (Tohno) & Hagi (Satsuki)
Hato (AkaAkiha) & Garu (V.Sion)
Yukinose (Akiha) & SII (Arcueid)
Tabi (Sion) & F.T (Miyako)
Kyamei (Hisukoha) & Kouji (Kouma)
Messhii (Hisukoha) & Sawawa (Chaos)
LuckyStar (Chaos) & Mr.PropellarHead (Hisui)
Kubo (Sion) & Bounanarai R (Ren)          (teamname = "Got dumpted by Satoken")
Tsuji Isosu (Warc) & Kou (AkaAkiha)
Shin (Akiha) & JeffreyManson@Ero (Aoko)
K-Ta (Satsuki) & Arinkoarika (Hisukoha)
supa(Chaos) & Kimuchi @ Hagisei (W.Ren)


Well, my fav. team is Jin & K-Neko.

And it seems that Satoken either didnt make it (or quit). To bad, I was hoping forward to seing the "new slim Satoken" which was his promise in an interview I saw with him on youtube  :-\

But go go K-Neko, and go go Random White-Ren player!

Kohaku's Video Room / OMG, Swedish Matchvids.
« on: July 11, 2007, 07:56:26 AM »
Well, though it may not be too much I managed to find a matchvid me and Caer recorded a while back (and I mean a really long while back) and I felt the urge to post it.

Now the match is a best out of 5 match between my Warc and his Nanaya. Unfortunatly the whole bonanza is about 12mins long and encoded 220mb piece of swedish top-melty action. But since youtube only allows up to 10min, I will settle for just the decisive 5th match. If you guys want, I can put the whole vid on my websites server but if you guys are all "meh, sux del plz" I wont bother  ;D

With that said, please enjoy some of swedens best meltyblood-players (and guiltygear-players to, if that matters) battle it out for the right to say "seventh heaven is mine!".


Post-match comments:
My ume-ex-grab didn´t come out as ume as I hoped them to be.[/quote]


Feel free to comment, I have some moneymatches coming up so I guess I could need the advice :toot: Even though that vid is from march. (It was the only vid I had on my computor and i´m at my parrents place over the summer to work work work).

Sion Eltnam Atlasia / Sions matchups (according to Kubo)
« on: July 09, 2007, 09:16:21 AM »
Arc 7:3
Warc 6:4
Ciel 6.5:3.5
Akiha  6:4
AkaAkiha 7:3
Tohno Shiki  6:4
Nanaya  7:3
Miyako  8:2
Ren  6:4
W.Ren 8:2
V.Sion  7:3
Kohaku  6.5:3.5
KohaHisu  6.5:3.5
Hisui  6:4
M.Hisui  7:3
Satsuki 8:2
Aoko  8:2
Kouma  6:4
Wara  7:3
Nero  7.5:2.5

Keep in mind that this is kubo that we are talking about... But still!!!!! :psyduck: :psyduck: :psyduck: :psyduck:

Kohaku's Video Room / Game Dial 110
« on: April 06, 2007, 08:23:24 AM »
Hello again!

Game Dial 110 has now uploaded videos from the 2v2-tournament that they had and I though I would let you guys know. It seems that the trend here at Meltybread is to have one topic for each source, so if admins dont mind I will make this a seperate thread.

Anyways, there was 20 teams contending and it was held 07/03/24!

Visit their homepage at:

And now for the matchvids:

A-block Final (
Marusu(Arceid), Kou(AkaAkiha)
BAB(V.Sion), Remilia(Nanaya)

B-block Final (
Maid-san Daisuki Propellar he(Hisui), Tei'enu(Kohaku)
Takeshi(Ciel), Shuuhe~(Ren)

Bronze (
P1-team: Maid-san Daisuki Propellar he(Hisui), Tei'enu(Kohaku)
P2-team: BAB(V.Sion), Remilia(Nanaya)

Grand Final (
P1-team: Takeshi(Ciel), Shuuhe~(Ren)
P2-team: Marusu(Arceid), Kou(AkaAkiha)


Kohaku's Video Room / Shakujii Kouen GameCenter
« on: April 04, 2007, 11:55:22 AM »
Shakujii Kouen GameCenter Melty Blood Act Cadenza Ver.B2 3on3 Tournament!

Hey Y'all!

There is some sick vids over at Shakujii right now. They had a 3v3-tournament and you guys should check them out if you still haven't!

Klick the 大会動画-button (url is something with movie.html).

A-block Final (
P1-team: Senshin(KohaHisu), Mitsuru(Warc), Haku(WhiteRen)
P2-team: SAT(nrvnqsr), Kyappi(KohaHisu), Shinbi(Ciel)

B-block Final (
P1-team: Teru(Hisui), Ana(Nanaya), Shiozawa(Sion)
P2-team: Ske flew(Aoko), Okamoton(Nanaya), @ndo(Kouma)

Grand Final (
P1-team: SAT(nrvnqsr), Kyappi(KohaHisu), Shinbi(Ciel)
P2-team: Teru(Hisui), Ana(Nanaya), Shiozawa(Sion)
* (not quote but attempt to make it kind of spoilerproof)

Hope you enjoy!

Red Arcueid / Warcueid - now verB2 approved (partly)
« on: March 28, 2007, 05:40:07 AM »
work in progress


- Air to Air
- Fast Pokes
- Good Specials
- j2C laugh


- No really good/safe normals with reach


1. Standard combo from lowpoke (remove 2A for punish-combo):
- 2A 5B 2B 2C 5C , jC jB(1hit) dash jB(1hit) jB(2hit) jC Throw

2. Overhead-midscreen (havent tried on all chars but works on shikis and arcueid/warc
- 5[ B ] 2C 5Ax2 236A aircombo
(on nekoarc/NAC do: 2B 2C 236A
(on ren/ do:2C 5A 236A

3. Overhead-corner (works on chaos, tohno, arc)
- 5[ B ] 5C 236A 5B 236A aircombo3. AA-Shield 5A

5. OTG-combo (midscreen)
  2A 2A 2C 5C -> Katze (623A or B)
6. OTG-combo (corner)
    2B 5A 5A 5A 5A 5C 2C  (623C into loop if you want to)
7. OTG-combo (back close to corner)
    2C 5C Karst (623C), 5A -> jA jB (2hit), jB (2hit) jC, throw

8. Corner Circuit-spamm
    2A 5B 5A 2B 2C 5C , jB 2hits jC , 214C , land ,
    dash, 2B 5A 5A 5A 5A 5C 2C 623C
    -> 5C 623C loop or
    -> techpunish or
    -> OTG
   (described in detail below, soon)

Rundown of Normals

2A: An average 2A-attack, 5frames startup, 70% proration.
2B: The poke of choice imo. 7frames startup 75% proration.
      Even though the reach isn´t close to characters like Kohaku
      Warkia & Chaos it is really fast if it hits it gives you knockdown.
      From this knockdown it is easy to go in and to OTG on reaction.
      Definetly a WIN-normal.
5C: Not really to be used as a combostarter, but is certainly usable in some
      situations. Such as after a EX BLOODRING-pressure in the corner. EX BR
      and after that your opponent will probably want to jump out of the corner,
      by throwing the 5C out you will, with correct spacing of course, hit him as
      5C is airunblockable.
3C: Well it is kinda fun to know that it has superarmor from frame 6-22 and the hit
      has 20 frames startup.
jA: The airnormal to use if you are up close to your opponent. Mashable. Great move.
jB:  Really good airnormal. Dont spamm it do much cause you can get to predictable.
      Mix it up with bloodrings and your good to go.
j2C: Frame 1-12 = SuperArmor. Frame 2-9 Clash, ETC. It has some sick properties but
       is kind of a double-edged sword. Probably the best way of using it if you want to is
       to superjump forward and do j2C instantly. Sometimes it suprises your opponent and
       you will probably get the knockdownhit as well. Use with caution, but the laugh is
       really fucking awesome.  :toot:

Rundown of Specials

Blood-Rings (Alte Shule) (BR), 214A/B/C, both in air and on ground
  The bloodrings have two main functions, one of them is in pressurestrings and the other is for
  defensive spacing.
  1. Say you are to far away from your opponent to continue pressure you can do:
  214B, 214C -> 5C or 214C or whatever
  to effectively keep your opponent at bay for a little while longer. 214C does some really nice
  chipdamage so you can loop it in the corner if you want. If your opponent shields it, throw or
  do whatever, you have the advantage!
  2. The defensive BR. 214A after airbackdash is a really good projectile. Its pretty safe if you know
  the spacing (opponent beneth you). 214B is done higher up in the air and it keeps you in the air a
  little while longer. You can airdash after the recovery so 214B, airdash, jB ain´t to shabby. But
  its all about the spacing and where your opponent is so, you have to think for your self ppl!

  Oh, and 214C has invisibility frame 1-9 and +11 on block.  :teach:

Nägel (Alte Nägel) (srk), 236A/B/C
  Ýou can say that 236A is safe if it actually gets out. You can´t be punished on block by any usual
  means, but the attack comes ut first the 11th frame so you use it mostly when your see your
  opponents jump-in coming. The nice thing about is though that you often get counterhit when you
  use this move, and if only one of the hits hit you can combo after (though its 50% prorate but hey!)
  236B is not that useful, its hellaslower than 236A... 30 frames or something like that.
  236C is basicly your standard wakeup-srk. Invinsibility on start, punishable if blocked. As the
  man responsable for the commentating @ SBO said: EX SHOOORYUUUUUU!!!. Oh, and they are all AIRUNBLOCKABLE!!

Teleport (Weisse Katze), 623A/B/C
  A-teleport. Invinsibility frame 5-24. EX-cancellable, do the madcrossup! (but keep it secret, keep it safe)
  B-teleport. Teleports you longer than A, not EX-cancellable.
  C-teleport (Karst Jäger), not really any invinsibility per se, but after the startup you teleport and
  hit the enemy and it will hit them even if they have an attack out sou you could say that it has
  invinsibility after startup, so you can for example grab Nanaya out of his mashing of the knives-move
  236A/B/C with it. -3 frameadvantage if blocked which is pretty good imo for being melty so its pretty
  hard to punish if blocked  ;D. Oh, and it is AIRUNBLOCKABLE!!

Warcueid 101:

- We cannot...
Okay, first and foremost I want to complain a bit. In the PS2-version Warc cannot doublejump and then dash, something that nullfies using BR as way to start an offense. If you've been watching VerB/B2-arcadevids you will se how Warc-players do 8, 8, 214B dash 214A, something we Warc-players dream of doing! But, since we have to wait for the PC-edition or go to the nearest arcade (which in my case is going to france or something)  for this chance lets just forget about trying to go japanese-style. Here is my 5cents:

- Airdash BR
First off, BR-usage. The big nono when it comes to BR-spamming is doing it after a ordinary jump, this is something very punishable cause your opponent has the momentum-advantage. How to fix this though, is you only do BR after a airbackdash or dash. You can either use the 4/6AB 214A-style (as me) or the 44 214A-style, but I know I had the problem with doing this correctly while I was jusing 44214A, so if you end up failing with the dashBR alot, try the AB-dash-version. When you got the executiondown it is important to always keep the BR-angle in mind. If your opponent is to close he/she can simply dash and thus get a freecombo. Use the AirdashBR as keepaway or in somecases you can use it to close in on the opponent. But it is not something that I recommend. Mostly a Forward-airdashBR ends up something like this:
1. trade, both get counterhit
2. your opponents hits you before the BR comes out
3. your opponent blocks and you get a not to got pressure-opportunity.
But of course this is all spacing-related issues. But you have to keep this in mind when you AirdashBR.
You can also use the 214A BR as a wakeup meaty in the corner after BNB. My execution when it comes to this is not to good though, but I try to do 84214214A. If someone has a better way of doing this, oh please do tell. I seldomly use this oki since my execution isn't good enough.

- Pressure (well kinda)
The ground BR are mostly used as the final attack in your blockstrings. The theory behind Warcs blockstrings is basicly 5B and whiffcancel it. Warcs 5B has a forwardmomentum and by whiffcancelling it with 5A you get a chance to either go in for the throw or continue the pressure. It is also good to do 2A 5B and after that 2B so they have to block low and you get +-0 frameadv. <- best choice
 For example:
2A 5B 2B 5A (whiffs cause your opponent is crouching)
----> dash throw
----> IAD jB (some crossup opurtunities when you land, and is a high attack as well)
----> 2A/2B/5B randomstring 214A/B/C
----> the first 2A hits and you go into 2A 5B 5A 2B 2C 5C aircombo (do this combo since it the hitconfirm is easier) You can also do this if the 5A doesn't whiff.
The key to Warcs pressure is finding out when the 5Awhiffcancel misses your opponent. I'll save this for later.

- Chosing your combos
You basically have two combooptions with Warc. Ending with airthrow or ending with 214C. Both are good options but if find ending with 214C a better option sometimes vs characters with good riseupmoves. (ex, nanaya 623B236Ccancel). After the 214C-finnisher you can highjump 214A for a chance to go into pressure. Also if in the corner you can go into the OTG-Karstloop, which is nice. On the otherhand, her airthrow is really awesome as well. One can always bait DP's etc. but catching someones reversalbackdash is easier with the 214C finnisher. On the otherhand it is 100% circuit we are talking about here. Don't get me wrong, I mostly use the airthrow, but this is something one should at least know. :blah:

IAD jB is the shit.  Its a decently fast overhead and allows you to go into pressure, as well as it dodges certain moves (nanaya 2c). Practice IAD'ing, it is very important. IAD jA is also good.

- Highjump j2C
This is your ume-move of choice. j2C is, as i explained earlier, a move that wins over _alot_ but is very easily punishable on block. It is also suprisingly fast, Warcs superjump 7frames and superarmor from frame 1 so... dont spamm it though, use with caution.

- Random info
* 623A after airthrow puts you on perfect HEAT-punish-distance and also messes with backdashes.
* 272C often wins over Nanayas 236A/B/C
* 7frame highjump
* Dont charge the 5[ B ] to much, learn the timing.
* 623C can grab people out of alot of there moves (ex nanaya 236A/B/C etc)
* 5[ B ], 5A(whiff) is nice (if they block 5[ b]

Well then, that wraps it up for today. I hope at least someone has any use or at least found this an interresting read. If my english is not to good from time to time, keep in mind that it isn´t my native tongue. Feel free to contribute with any info  :toot: :toot: :toot:

Vids with K.Neko:

/ Shinjin

Akiha Vermillion / Matchup-thread
« on: March 07, 2007, 02:11:06 PM »
Well, here are some pointers on different matchups. Some pointers can be used if you are playing some other characters than KohaHisu though, so it might be worth reading. I'll update as I have time writing about everything.


* BE = charged = []


Keep in mind that your opponents aerial attacks are strong. 5B and Dash-5B is your friend.

Arcueids BE5B is high, but unlike Warcs it is only 1 hit. Other than that, her highlow game ain’t that much to be feared, and you can shield BE5B if you see it coming.

Her AD and AAD are airunblockable, but you can also shield those on reaction,  so keep that in mind and dont throw out to many airpokes while she is in MAX/HEAT/BLOODHEAT.

After her 2C or 5C there is a delay in her pressure. Keeping your opponent in mind you can just keep blocking or try backstepping


First off, highjump to get in deep, if he jumps airthrow him. If he goes after you with a JA, just block it. * If you can’t do this, you will just get battered, so you have to learn it. But if you learn this, * If he comes at you with the intent to throw you, you can: doublejump, airbackdash JB,  JA until you get to the ground.

If he is playing defensivly, throw out some plants and harass him with Hisui. You can also take the out defensive JBs this way. If he comes highjumping towards you, use B-Battou (236B).  Even if it recovers slowly, you might catch him. If you want, you can cancel it into 22C as well. 5B is to be used with caution, since his doesn’t beat his JC(BEJC) is not to be underestimated.

Ground to Ground is best not to do. Keep that his 2C range is better than your 5B. While keeping in mind 5B, closing in with a low IAD JC might be a good idea. Even if he doesn’t dash, his 2C will get hit from which you can: JC  JB – land – fullcombo.


Fundamentally it is the same as vs Tohno. Though since you cant see his delays while defending,  give up on trying to do something and through abandoning trying to, you can focus on guarding and when to 2A. If you are going to try EX-shielding, do a low one. If he comes at you with his 2C,  jump straight up when the blockstun has ended. After you have seen the 2C you can go hunting once again. If you jump forward or backwards you will get caught.

His BE5C is like Tohno’s as it becomes a highattack, definetly blockable. You can block his AD. You can’t block or shield his AAD. Though you can dodge-move through it with relative easy, and get a real good punish-oppurtunirty afterwards since this hitstance will be active for quite an amount of frames.


070307, added some stuff about Arcueid, Tohno and Nanaya.

work in progress


- Good Damage
- Good Specials
- BunkerCancel of the Year
- Has the hoe-slapping-punch (5A)


- No pressure
- Sucky Crossup-abilities
- Crappy AA


prenote: if you are to far away, the 2B will mess up the combo, so only add it if you start the combo real close to your opponent.

2A 2B 5B 5C 2C 6C, airthrow (the basic one)
2A 2B 5B 5C 2C 6C, jC 623B 236B (for extra damage)
2A 5B 5C 2C 2B, airthrow (for slightly better okizeme, lol okizeme with Kouma)

5D, 5A, dash, 5B 2B, airthrow

2A 2B 5B 5C 236C 5A, airthrow
cornercombo with bloodheat
2A 2B 5B 5C 2C, dash, (OTG) 2A 2A 2A 2B 5C 41236C (yes, otg anotherarc)

* of course you can start all of these combos from jC or at least definitely from j[C]


Well, Kouma doesn't relly have that much to offer when it comes okizeme, but there ARE things you can at least try to do.

1. Highjump, AirBackdash, jC. Sometimes people fall for it, but usually it is pretty risky, or not worth it.
2. 8, then j[C], time it so that the j[C] will never actually hit, and then land for a 2Hit. Ppl fear the j[C] and love to trying to shield it = 2A HIT! Or you can try to get the 214A if you are lucky.
3. 5[C], this is also one of those that the opponent might fall for under pressured situations. the 5[C] is unblockable, but you can Shield or Backdash it with relative ease. Nevertheless it might work for you occasionally.
4. 2A, the scrubby classic, but do like 2A, 2B 214B for a tickthrow.

The Specials that are to die for:

214A -> fast, shortrange-throw that you can combo from in corners (214A, hold4, (5B 2B)/(5A) airthrow. on some chars you can land 2C for OTG but i dont know on who unfortunately).
214B -> longer reach than 214A, same followups. Can be used as a kind of tickthrow.
214C -> best used as a bunkercancel move. Same speed as 214A, same reach as 214B = one mean ass throw

236C -> alot of clashframes, can be used as a killingpoke, but not really that useful. A/Versions suck, dont use them.

623A/B/C -> your DP of choice, but if you want to use it as safety messures, you are better off with:

22C -> grants you temporary superarmor and you can do the standard 5B 2B, airthrow combo on aircounterhit. This is his only "safe" AA.

22B -> The kinda1hitSuperarmor dashmove... not really that useful, but I've used it successfully on some occasions. Use with caution, punishable.

BH 41236C -> the throwsuper of great satisfaction.

BH jD(ex) -> well, his LastArc gets unleashed if you successfully EX-Shield while in Air. Decent damage, but heat is best used to gain life so, use it if you get the chance.

How to Play

I'll probably put more effort into this part later, but for please be satisfied with these basic tips:

1. 5B is your groundpoke, if it hits use 5C 2C 6Followup, cause even though you advance a little bit by doing 5B, you often hit when you are far away so any 2B-attempts will probably fail.
2. 2A 2A, dash 214A can sometimes work.
3. As antiair you have:
 3. 1. - EX-Shield, 5A
 3. 2. - 22C
 3. 3. - 2B (only with correct spacing and vs the correct characters. Don't even try vs chars like Nanaya or Ren)
4. His AirToAir is sucky, his only decent airmove is jC if you are above your opponent, and jB can with certain spacing be decent.
5. Play safe, block alot and if you have the chance do a bunkercancel (214C is to be preferred) for great satisfaction.


Akiha Vermillion / Kohaku as lead! Featuring Dragon Install!
« on: March 01, 2007, 10:09:26 AM »
work in progress


- Okizeme
- Reach
- Pressure
- A cornerloop is fine too.
- Best Crouching-state Ever


- No "safe" riseup or get away from me-move
- Punishable normals on whiff
- Has problem when not in the momentum


2A 2B(2hit) 2C 5B, jB jC jA, jB jC jA -> airdash -> Throw
- works on most characters, but you dont really got a god okizeme after an airthrow this high up.

2A 2B(2hit) 5B 5C 2C ( 236A 236C )
- for good okizeme, use this combo. Add ( ) if you want extra dmg and if you want to have an easier time timing the plant-oki afterwards.

AntiAir EX-Shield->hit or 5B counterhit (2Awhiffcancel) dash-combo:
dash -> 5A 5B , jA(jA) jC jB, jA jC jB jA, airdash, throw


Kohaku has a great okizeme due to the fact that she has her plants. When you finally land that 'good knockdown'-combo you will your chance to own your opponent up.
Kohaku's okizeme is basically about 22B or 22C, meaning the "helicopterplant" or the "punchingplant". Basically 22B gives you one mixup oppurtunity while 22C gives you multiple.

Let's say that you've landed: 2A 2B(2hit) 5B 5C 2C 236A 236C, and you throw out 22B. What you do now is:
- IAD jC (whiffs cause it doesn't come out in time for the hit to actually hit), 2A -> combo
- IAD jC (hit) -> combo
- dash -> throw -> okizeme (this being the standard countermeasure if your opponent backdashes)
- IAD jC (whiff and crossup), 2A
- With corrrect spacing you can also just jump up and do jC reall quick for a decently fast overhead.

If the 22B's timing is a little off your opponent can backdash or jump to safety, if this happens try to dash and throw him

BONUS: The wack crossup: 22D-Tag crossup. It's really fun when you land it, but then you have to at least know a combo with Hisui.


This is where Hisui comes into play. Say your opponent actually blocks your okizeme. You can do things like
Hisui comes dashing towars your opponent with the chair of doom. If Hisui is on the perfect distance you can dash/IAD in and do one more string. But this is really just to get your opponent from you more than actually getting more mixup-chances.

Battou-loop Combos:

([ B ] = BE = CHARGED)
The Battou-loop goes a little something like this:
(random in corner) ->
2C 5C (all hits), 236[ B ] ->
2A/5A* 5C. 236[ B ] -> 1. or 2. or 3.
1. 2A 236C for good knockdown/okizeme
2. 2A 5C 5B, jA jC jB, jA jC jB jA, airdash, throw
3. 2A/5A 5C 236[ B ]

If you have started a battou-loop and you feel that you are to far away to hit the 2A/5A you can:
. . . 236[ B ], 22C, jB, jB jC.
This is though not to be recomended, as you get no good knockdown and it costs 100MagicCircuit.... but it does look cool!  :D

* depends on what character, on some timing a 5A is easier than timing the 2A.

The advantages in the Battou-loop is that you get alot of MagicCircuit and can get the good knockdown + a little extra damage. On the other hand it is a lot more challenging than landing the basic good knockdown-combo. But use it, it's cool.

Magical Attack: Kohabon X

I really like this move so I tend to use it after this setup:

CornerBattouLoop into Good Knockdown.
22C Okizeme

With the great Kohabon X in your hands you now have brokesuperarmor, throwinvincibility and BloodHeat. The court is yours for a few seconds, you should AT LEAST be able to get a throw, being invincible you need not fear. ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK!

Okay Combos and Oki is nice, how to I play her?

to be done later

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