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When's Melty on Steam?
ahaha that's no--wait, what?

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What is this?

Thanks to SvB's mad hype, people should be really eager to try out new games and get better at games they already play. With that in mind, I figured maybe a few BIG sessions could help more than having small sessions..

London Training Grounds is a 'session' aimed at improving players and letting people play games that are hardly played. One day of casuals for games, that in my opinion, need a push, in a decently sized venue.

The plan is:
People play the game at home, to train themselves.
They come to one of these, with the chance to play real people, they will increase their matchup experience, knowledge of the game and in general, level up
Go home and work out more stuff and train more
Also for people who didnt come to the last one, heres a vid : (thanks to general skirmish)



Guilty Gear: Accent Core
Blazblue: Continuum Shift
Melty Blood: Actress Again
Tatsunoko vs Capcom


People Bringing Setups

OK this isnt a direct copy and paste, people who came last time will have noticed that we had way more TV's than setups. Like last time we need YOU, the players to bring setups so we can actually play some games. If your able to bring a setup, post up. People who have valkenhyne and makoto on their PS3's especially.

    * Frost [PS2 with GG and MB]
    * Fuzzyness [PS2 with GG and MB]
    * Hurricane rev [PS2 with GG]
    * Robocop 2 [PS2 with GG]
    * asd

As you can see from the list, we're pretty short on Blazblue setups atm and TvC (one will do)

Location, Travel Info, Times + Fees

* Location: TipTree Communial Hall
Postcode: IG5 0SX
Use and type in IG5 0SX to get a pretty specific map of where it is
* Directions
Central Line (eastbound) get to Gants Hill (Hainault via newbury park train)

Then you get out of one side of the station and you should see a "Cash Converters" shop somewhere Which has a 128 bus stop outside
you take the 128, it goes into barkingside high street (you'll see a macdonalds on your left = barkingside) and takes a left turn, get off at the stop where there is a small shop called "CostCutters" its like 3/4 stops past barkingside (after the left turn)

- I advise you ask the bus driver for Kelvedon Lodge, or a bus stop past Barkingside beside Costcutters

then you walk out the bus obviously, head right..take the first left, then the first left again and you see the venue called "TipTree Communial Hall"
(its like 1 min from the stop)

Heres some pics!




Wow what a typical london day, anyways you can see the bus stop and the cost cutters, thats where you wanna be getting off the bus. After that follow the red lines~

You can also take the 128 bus from Barkingside on the opposite side of the road of subway on the high street (not towards gants hill)
* 4th of December 2010
* Venue opens : 1:30pm
* Venue closes: 10pm
* Venue Fee - £5


- Please watch the door incase strangers come in and cause trouble
- Be nice to everyone
- NO MESS, especially chewing gum
- NO DRINKING (This means alchohol btw.)
- Please can everyone work together as security to make sure no strangers or trouble makers walk in (the venue has been known to have dodgy people around)
- Only bring what is necessary (Pad, Console, Money for food etc) don't bring anything that can attract to affect you if stolen


1) This is one day session. From 1400-2200 so we can play games and improve ourselves.
2) Theres a 5 pound venue fee. If your asking why theres a venue fee, thats because a venue costs money, and we cant simply invade somebody's house with 20+ people you know~
3) I swear if I see a SSF4 setup i will immediately switch it off, take it outside, then cover it in boiling hot water. In other words, dont setup SSF4


Guaranteed Attendance List

   1. Frostbolt
   2. Fuzzyness
   3. CurberusMuzzle
   4. Pawndriver
   5. Vecayse
   6. HowToRead
   7. HurricaneRev
   8. general skirmish
   9. Kyzer
  10. Kiba


   1. Tensa
   2. Robocop 2
   3. SionAtlasia
   4. Tu101uk
   5. Firei
   6. Kaymon
   7. Gazman

(These are all people from Neo Empire)

Any questions, you can ask in the thread!

Also the original thread is on the UK fighting game site, Neo Empire. Here's the link to the original thread:

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