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Kohaku's Video Room / Vids from Web2Zone tourney held on 5/19/07
« on: May 20, 2007, 04:30:40 PM »
Round 1
Desert Coffin VS Sibladeko
Desert Coffin VS Zaelar
Sp00ky VS Nas
33 Cheese Pretzels VS Andrew

Round 2
XAQshinor VS Dipstick
Master Chibi VS Andrew
Zaelar VS Sibladeko
Sp00ky VS Damian

Round 3
XAQshinor VS Zaelar
Damian VS Master Chibi

Losers Round 1
33 Cheese Pretzels VS Sibladeko
Nas VS Dipstick

Losers Round 2
Sp00ky VS Andrew
Dipstick VS Sibladeko

Losers Round 3
Dipstick VS Master Chibi
Andrew VS XAQshinor

Losers Finals
XAQshinor VS Zaelar

Grand Finals
Damian VS XAQshinor (3 out of 5 part one)
Damian VS XAQshinor (3 out of 5 part two)

a couple of matches werent recorded because stuff happened
at some time watever who knows where they are :mystery:

the ones missing that i kno of are XAQshinor VS Master Chibi in losers semi
and Zaelar VS Damian in winners finals. sorry bout that.

sorry if the rounds and stuff isnt labeled right, zaelar will
probably come and correct me cuz he has the brackets

Kohaku's Video Room / Ver.b2 new stages
« on: March 28, 2007, 01:02:35 PM »
for those of u wondering wat the new stages look like/sound like
here u go

dunno about u guys but i love everything about all of them

also i dunno if there r more new ones or not but these are the only ones
that i saw.

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