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Tournament Results / UFGT8 2012 MBAACC Results
« on: June 05, 2012, 12:12:10 PM »
We had a 6-man round robin going on, best two out of three, two setups.


1st: team_purple (5-0)
2nd: Matty (3-2)
3rd: Beno (3-2)
4th: AKA (2-3)
5th: Omicron Austin (2-3)
6th: Desmond (0-5)

team_purple v Matty: 2-1
team_purple v Beno: 2-0
team_purple v AKA: 2-1
team_purple v Omicron Austin: 2-0
team_purple v Desmond: 2-1
Matty v Beno: 2-1
Matty v AKA: 2-0
Matty v Omicron Austin: 1-2
Matty v Desmond: 2-0
Beno v AKA: 2-0
Beno v Omicron Austin: 2-0
Beno v Desmond: 2-1
AKA v Omicron Austin: 2-1
AKA v Desmond: 2-0
Omicron Austin v Desmond: 2-1

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