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Neko Arc Chaos / Neco Arc Chaos MBAA 1.07
« on: December 29, 2011, 06:36:18 PM »
Since no one else has(or is likely to) make a thread, here's the changes I know so far:

Half Moon:
j.236A/B retain air jumps/dashes/normals after ending

Crescent Moon:
3C now launches the target at a reduced height on counterhit(can now combo off CH 3C even if it's only the first hit that CHs)
623A/B have a shorter duration/hitstop/active frames(hard to tell which).
421A/B is air unblockable
421C(B) is air unblockable and an overhead

Full Moon:
236A/B recover in the air allowing full air movement/attack options afterward.

Neko Arc Chaos / Omaemo Nekomimi ni Nare! A Neco Arc Chaos guide.
« on: October 05, 2007, 08:33:34 PM »
Well, since I'm one of the few people who actually played this character seriously, figured I'd try my hand at writing up a guide for him in case anyone wants a place to contribute or find info for him.  This post may not be complete initially, but will be updated continually for about a week or so, please be patient  :slowpoke: . So.... here goes!

General Overview:

      Neco Arc Chaos is a fairly low tier character with extremely long range, and consistent damage, plus packing the smallest hitbox in the game(his [ 1 ] hitbox), making him a pretty unorthodox character to fight against.  On the other hand, his defense is rather spiky(he's tied for both the worst, and best, defense rating at varying points in his health, with Neco Arc), he has few clash frames, no air dash to speak of, and is extremely slow.  Making him quite a double edged sword, but one that can be taken advantage of if you are up to the challenge.

His defense rating, as of 1.03A, is 70% for the first 25% of his health, 140% for the next 25%, 110 for the third quarter, and 90% for the last quarter.   The upside is that his overall defense rounds out not too poorly(a fair bit better than Vermillion Akiha), but on the downside that means a clever opponent can abuse the huge damage boost in the second section of your health, allowing them to hit you fast and hard if they catch you with a solid combo at the right time.

He also has, by far, the longest range overhead in the game, his 6C, which, while slow, is deceptive, and can be hard to see coming if you arent expecting it.  It's also absolutely huge, covering about a third the screen's length, plus is air unblockable.  On top of that, he packs one of the only Arc Drives in the game that can not only be combo'd from actively, but can set your opponent up for a 50/50 mixup if blocked on the ground, and a guard break if airblocked(even if non-bloodheat).  His blood heat Arc Drive also inflicts huge amounts of chip damage, making it a great way to help finish someone off who Heat Activates at low health, or is turtling and playing keep-away.

Next, let's go into an individual move breakdown:


5A:fairly standard poke.  Ultra short range(like most of his uncharged normals), and fairly slow as far as A attacks go(tied with Nero's 2A at 6 frames, I believe.)  However, it is comboable into 2A->BnB, or simply normal BnB on hit safely, or into a blockstring when blocked.  It's also pretty much impossible for your opponent to see because of how small it is.

      Due to it's short range and very small hitbox it is unadvisable to use this as an anti-air poke.  Mostly a useless move unless you need to whiff cancel at the end of a combo or something of that nature, since you can substitute 2A for it in any real combo(which has slightly longer range and the same speed).

2A:Staple poke.  You'll usually use this for your pokes at close range, because it has longer range than his 5A and has the fastest startup of all of Neco Chaos' ground normals(tied with 5A at 6 frames, I believe).  It's comboable into 2B, which is generally how you will start most of your BnBs(either 2A into 2B launcher, or 2B on it's own at a longer range).

j.A:Typical short range air poke.  Mostly useless because it has a severe range deficiency(same as his 5A).  I would heavily advise against using this much because at that close a range you're just asking to be airthrown or hit with a meaty, this will not beat much of anything in the air.  Has some situational uses as a last-minute jumpin if you need something faster than his j.B and are too close to safely j.C.

5B:Ground short range launcher.  Far too slow uncharged to be used as a poke, and 2B is usually better when linked from a hit confirm.  Generally the only reason to use it is as a launcher if your 2B isnt available(due to having already been used up in the chain), and follow it up with a 236B.  However, since his 2C, 5C(uncharged), and 2A/5A are the only ground normals he has that do NOT launch, you will almost never find yourself in need of it.  It's damage isnt really worth the effort compared to a 2B launcher, and it's range is awful.

2B:Ground centipede tail, like Nero's 2B without clash frames and shorter.  Staple launcher in most of your combos starting from 2A, and your only real low hit to speak of other than 2A.  Comboable into 2C->Air Combo.  Unsafe as a close range poke, you generally want to avoid using this as a meaty because it's your only low attack, and your mixups will suffer if you overuse it early in your strings.

j.B:Air snake tail.  Hits high, so must be blocked in the air or standing.  The hitbox for this covers in front of you and downward(and is actually deceptively large).  Very solid air normal, and can knock your opponent out of attacks that you wouldnt think it'd be able to.  Also reaches lower than your j.C and comes out faster, so useful for people who get shield-happy against your jumpins.  Decent anti-air, but situational for that use.

5C:A standing kick.  Slow, poor range, no clash frames.  Basically useless.

2C:Sharkhead Legs.  Think Nero 2C.  Okay anti-air(but 236B is better).   Can be charged to launch and increase the range slightly, as well as delay it.  Generally you'll only use this in a blockstring from time to time or to combo from 5B(Charged) or 2B.  As a standalone attack it's too unsafe.

j.C:HOAAA!   Very similar to Nero's j.C, except it's his tongue, and not his arm.  Incredibly long range compared to your hitbox, but you can be poked out of it or thrown if you aren't careful about the timing.  CAN be blocked crouching, this is not an overhead.  Fairly good priority under a lot of situations, and does have some clash frames(slightly less than Nero's j.C).  This is covered by the fact that it extends both above and below your actual hitbox, and behind it as well.  You can crossup people with it, actually, but you have to be VERY close to them to do it.  Since Neco Chaos doesn't have his legs dangling under him to be hit like Nero does, this is safer from some character's anti air that Nero's(nanaya is a good example of this, as is Akiha, who can normally 2C Nero out of his j.C.  That does not work nearly as well against Neco Chaos's version).  This will be your staple air attack in most situations(mixed up with j.B usually).

3C:Mantis Leg.  Similar to Nero's, except covers a larger area(and is generally safer as an anti-air poke for that reason).  Good for fishing for counterhits against people in the air at long range, since you have enough time to follow up with an air combo on counterhit, and if non CH an air opponent, or hits a grounded opponent you can attempt to follow up with a 236B(situationally valid), or get up in their face and take back the offensive.

6C:Demon Tail.  Neco Chaos's second longest range normal(next to his 3C), an overhead, and though it's slow its also got a deceptive startup that people wont always see coming.  Also an incredibly safe overhead, launches, and can start your most damaging corner string(netting 3500+ damage).  This is the meat and potatoes of your mixup game.  Also even if you're knocked out of it, youre usually far enough away that your opponent cant follow up into a combo.

5B(Charged):Crab Claw.  Mash B after it's out for additional pinches(can do this as long as you want, there is no limit to it's duration).  Solid meaty, and a nice fakeout due to the extra pinches.  The extra pinches can be used even if it whiffs, so if you've got someone in a corner feel free to stick this in their face to psyche them out from time to time.  It also has some clash frames(once it's charged.  A surprising amount, actually), launches(even if it's just one of the extra pinches it can be comboed from with an air string on hit from the ground or as anti-air), is a solid alternative to 2C as anti-air if you don't want to risk 236B's slow recovery(safer hitbox than 2C). 

       Once it's out it beats out a lot of ground normals(Kouma's 2C for example, will lose to this, even if Kouma is at max range).  However, it prorates heavily when comboed from, so your combo damage will suffer if you use it as a launcher on a regular basis.  It cannot be comboed from validly, so do not repeatedly use it in blockstrings unless you want to be poked out of it.

5C(Charged):Lizard/Cat/Dragon foot.  Probably your best meaty, a great blockstring attack, has great range, tons of clash frames(I have had this beat Satsuki's 22C cleanly, I kid you not), and it absolutely roasts super armor moves like Kouma's 22A/B/C, Sion's 2C, and such.  Also launches, and has fairly decent proration, so youll get good damage off it as a launcher.  Since it's charged, you can use it in your blockstrings as a delayed move to fakeout, and it's clash frames will get you a clean launch->aircombo if your opponent takes the bait.  This also can be used as an OTG to rack up some extra damage after a knockdown, and is air unblockable(good to hit people out of superjump startup or as an extra-long-range tech punish).  However there are some situational counters to this(Miyako for example can Command Roll through it, and throw you out of recovery, scoring a free combo on your face), so keep that in mind against certain characters.

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