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Melty Blood Auditorium / MBAC PC Controller maping issues.
« on: September 15, 2007, 12:14:24 AM »
My firend just got MBAC not to long ago and he's been tyring to play but for some reaosn it wont let him map the buttons on his contorller.  It sees the controller and has the default mappings and such  but he cant change them and even if he starts the game nothing works, Ive been trying to help him figure out the problem but no luck at all.  Has anyone had this sort of problem or know how to resolve it?

He doesnt have any other games runing, updated drievrs and all that stuff .. and he's running windows XP pro 32bit and Keyboard works but joy2key wont work with his controller and ther eare also no problems wiht his controller on MBR.

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