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Hisui / MBAA C-Hisui Combos (yayaya x2 inside)
« on: September 01, 2009, 11:28:02 AM »
C-Hisui Combo thread. For C-Hisui, the good Hisui. I'm covering both the old from MBAC and the new cool stuff she can do since MBAA.

Planning to keep mostly what I find useful and applicable in real matches, no combo video shit. Ikusat can make his own thread. Also not going to bother with baby combos for the execution impaired.

I'm also not going to be adding damage as it varies quite a bit, but Hisui's full combos all do fairly consistent damage around 4k.

These are also all fairly bare bone. Fitting as many 2A as the game allows before most of these combos is possible.

Tech Punish
Neutral and No Tech: 5A2C 623A 22A
Forward and Back Tech: 2B > whatever

2B2C5C6C [j.BC dj.BC Airthrow] or [j.BC dj.CBB Tech Punish]
Hisui's most basic combo. Beginners begin here (preferably with airthrows).

The secret to tech punish spacing is in the jump directions you use. Two forward jumps when you're a little more than half screen distance from the corner, a neutral jump then a forward jump when you're a little less than half screen, forward then neutral when you're close to the corner. Super double jumps can help you carry them longer distances.

Tech punish variant is almost always superior, so we use airthrow mostly when it's not possible to get them in the corner with correct spacing.

2B2C5C6C j.BC airdash dj.AC Airthrow
This is a variant of the first BNB with one specific purpose which is to cross under them during the air combo to allow for a following crossup.

Example here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjYCL09vL_s#t=5m21s

Doesn't work if they ground tech after the airthrow.

2B5C2C6C [j.C airdash j.C dj.BC Airthrow] or [j.C airdash j.C dj.ACBB Tech Punish]
Used mostly when you've expired your use of 5C already. Damage is slightly better also.

2B5C2C6B j.[C]AB land [j.BC dj.BC Airthrow] or [j.BC dj.CBB Tech Punish] or [j.BC sdj.AAABB Tech Punish]
Even more damage on this one although a little harder to do. The sdj.AAABB tech punish variant can be used to carry them to the other corner from full screen distance, very interesting follow up if you tag them with 2B after they teched forward from a previous tech punish as it resets them into the same situation.

2B2C6C j.C airdash j.B..B236B land (neutral)j.AAC..BB236B land 236A236A 22C
Corner combo. Yayayayaya x2, MBAA's most hype combo. Also probably C-Hisui's hardest practical combo.

There's a few tricky parts to this one, most notable being the delays necessary (indicated as ..). Also the 236A236A at the end must be done very quickly or the 22C bento will be too far offscreen to have any effect.

There are some alternatives to this, such as different delay points or using j.236A instead of j.236B, but I've found this input method to give the most consistent results. Experiment if you must.

2B 5C 2C 6C j.C airdash j.BB236A j.AAC dj.ACBB
Yayayaya that doesn't need a corner, for when you just can't get enough of stabbing a Obama with a spoon. Big delay on the second B in the j.BB before the j.236A, you want to be as close to the ground as possible for it.

Credit to CT_Warrior

6C6[C]236C 5A j.C airdash j.BB236B land (neutral)j.AACBB236B land 236A236A 22C
Corner overhead frying pan combo. More fun ways to go into j.236 combo. 5A j.C timing is strict.

x...623C dash 5B2B5C2C 623A
Corner combo. If you find yourself too far away from them to properly finish a combo into 2C > Aircombo you can use this instead.

j.236B land 2B/2C...x
With jump 236 becoming a decent zoning tool you might find yourself in situations where you actually hit them with it. 2B vs 2C depends on how far away you land from them, hopefully close enough for 2B to connect as the link to 2C is hard as fuck. Follow up with your favorite combo.

j.236B j.236C land 5B 6C > aircombo
If you have meter this makes it easier to combo.

Air counterhit follow up: 2C > whatever.

Guard Break: 5A 6C > aircombo

OTG: 2B 5AAAB 2C [623C] or [22A] or [Whiff 2A]
Basic OTG with some options at the end. 623C keeps them stuck while you're free to do anything, at the cost of meter. 22A if you know they won't tech cause if they do you're in trouble. Whiff 2A and punish if they tech.

Hisui / j.BB Tech Punish Strings
« on: February 24, 2008, 09:23:41 AM »
I get asked every once in awhile about this stuff, so using copy pasta magic in paint and some free time I decided to list down the various strings that I use to go into j.BB tech punish setups so you never have to airthrow again, or at least less often. It's possible to go from anywhere on the screen using the correct string. These all assume you are facing the right corner and will bring the opponent there at an appropriate distance to catch them with 5A 2C tech punish.

If you don't know about the j.BB setup you can find more about it in Ikusat's Hisui video.

Note that this does not cover all the possible strings, only the ones I use most. Also, I wrote down the numbers based on Hisui's positioning, not the opponent. It should all be fairly accurate but some of it may vary slightly (using a different ground string without as much pushback, for example).

2A 2B 5C(2hits) 2C 6C j.C airdash j.B dj.ACBB
Covers about half the screen. I often delay the first j.B in this string to push them further and gain better height spacing. The doublejump needs to be neutral (input with 8 instead of 9).

2A 2B 2C 5C(2hits) 6C j.BC dj.CBB
Works from around the 1 on the map to the corner. Again, neutral doublejump. I usually prefer the first string as it often offers a better height, especially on some characters that can be harder to punish, but this can work too.

2A 2B 2C 5C(2hits) j.BC dj.CBB
For when you're just passed the middle. Input the first jump neutral if you're really close to the center and forward if you're a little further away from it.

2A 2B 5C(2hits) 2C 6C j.C airdash j.BB
Kinda hard to catch forward techs with this one but if they tech neutral or don't tech it does the job for that range. This could also work from position 2 with a neutral jump but the other string easily deals more damage.

2A 2B 5C(2hits) 2C 6C j.CB dj.AC airdash j.BB
It's considerably harder to tech punish off this one when you land as the timing seems to be more strict, but if you want to go from full screen this will carry them all the way to the other corner with you right in position to catch them. This can also be used after catching a forward tech (5A 2C 6C j.CB dj.AC airdash j.BB).

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