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When's Melty on Steam?
ahaha that's no--wait, what?

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So yeah, I recently got my hands on the trainer that unlocks the multiple dummied out stages and found the music in Ryougi's stage to be absolutely orgasmic. Any idea where or how I can get said music file so I can put it on my phone? Much appreciated. =)

EDIT: Got it, guys, thanks a lot. :D

« on: October 05, 2009, 10:11:21 AM »

I lost count of how many times I came watching this.

Akiha's Tea Room / The Open-Source Boob Project
« on: June 30, 2009, 02:47:19 PM »
As explained here and followed up here.

Quote from: Ferret
"This should be a better world," a friend of mine said. "A more honest one, where sex isn't shameful or degrading. I wish this was the kind of world where say, 'Wow, I'd like to touch your breasts,' and people would understand that it's not a way of reducing you to a set of nipples and ignoring the rest of you, but rather a way of saying that I may not yet know your mind, but your body is beautiful."

We were standing in the hallway of ConFusion, about nine of us, and we all nodded. Then another friend spoke up.

"You can touch my boobs," she said to all of us in the hallway. "It's no big deal."

Now, you have to understand the way she said that, because it's the key to the whole project. The spirit of everything was formed within those nine words - and if she'd said them shyly, as though having her breasts touched by people was something to be endured or afraid of, the Open-Source Boob Project would have died aborning. But she didn't. Her words were loud and clearly audible to anyone who walked by, an offer made to friends and acquaintances alike.

Yet it wasn't a come-on, either. There wasn't that undertow of desperation of come on, touch me, I need you to validate my self-esteem and maybe we'll hook up later tonight. There was no promise of anything but a simple grope.

We all reached out in the hallway, hands and fingers extended, to get a handful. And lo, we touched her breasts - taking turns to put our hands on the creamy tops exposed through the sheer top she wore, cupping our palms to touch the clothed swell underneath, exploring thoroughly but briefly lest we cross the line from 'touching" to "unwanted heavy petting." They were awesome breasts, worthy of being touched.

And life seemed so much simpler.

(EDIT: For a more fact-checked version of events, and an explanation of the button issue, click here to see a clarification of events - because frankly, a lot of people are confused on the later button issue, et cetera.)

In this moment, all of the societal restrictions had fallen away, and we discovered an eBay-like need: We liked to express adoration of her body, and she liked the compliment of being desired. It wasn't a one-way flow; it was a stream of compliments being passed back and forth as we explored that small zone of her body, a My God, these are beautiful breasts you have, along with the backstream compliment of Thank you, you're worthy of touching them.

It could have been a base lechery. But instead, it was sexual desire made simple. We knew we couldn't go further, but being allowed inside this area of restricted access with nothing more than a question was somehow amazing.

We stood there afterwards, a little shocked. Then someone else spoke up in the same tone of voice:

"You can touch mine, too."

And my God! We all reached out like zombies trying to break through a door to get to those breasts. And it wasn't getting any worse! We weren't degenerating into an orgy, but rather exploring the amazement of how beautiful this body was and how wonderful it was to have access to them. Nobody was trying to pull off a bra or suck on a nipple; we'd been given access to a very special place that only lovers usually touched, and why would you be so crude as to try to push the boundaries of that?

And every girl in that hallway was then asked the question: "May I touch your breasts?" They considered, and said yes. And we all did.

And my Lord, I'd had experience in breasts in my time, but having so many compared right next to each other was beautiful. One of the reasons I love sex is because every body is so different, and the differences in size, and skin tone, and nipple sensitivity, and bras - bras were a big deal in how a boob felt - were highlighted. It wasn't like the breasts blurred together; they were all each beautiful in their own way, framed in the canvas of a shirt or a tank top or a dress. With each set we explored, we appreciated the last ones even more.

We went back to some of the first open-sourcers, eager for comparison. "Can I touch them again?" "Sure!" And the feel-ups continued.

I felt the terrors of high school washing away from me. It could be this easy. Just ask!

And then the real magic happened. Because a beautiful girl in an incredibly skimpy blue Princess outfit strode down the hallway, obviously putting her assets on display (the thin strips of her clothing had to be taped to her body to stay on), and we stopped her.

"Excuse me," the first, very brave girl asked. "You're very beautiful. I'd like to touch your breasts. Would you mind if I did?"

We held our breath. We didn't want to offend. This could go wrong, collapsing and turning us into cruel lechers who'd make her feel uncomfortable and shamed of who she was....

She thought for a heartbeat, sizing us up. But there must have been something honest and trustworthy in our eyes that promised that we wouldn't get out of hand... Because after a moment, she smiled and said, "Sure!"

The first girl touched respectfully. And reported that they were glorious. Then we all asked in turn, and she nodded happily and put them out, and lo, even with strangers and not acquaintances, the magic of the Boob Project continued. It wasn't that she was a piece of meat to be felt up, but rather that a living person that we did not know had voluntarily lowered the barriers that separate us and allowed us in... And we were so grateful that we were showering her in pure adoration.

It was exciting, of course. I won't deny it was sexual. But it was a miraculous sexuality that didn't feel dirty, but clean.

Emboldened, we started asking other people. And lo, in the rarified atmosphere of the con, few were offended and many agreed. And they also felt that strange charge. We went around the con, asking those who we thought might be amenable - you didn't just ask anyone, but rather the ones who'd dressed to impress - and generally, people responded. They understood how this worked instinctively, and it worked.

By the end of the evening, women were coming up to us. "My breasts," they asked shyly, having heard about the project. "Are they... are they good enough to be touched?" And lo, we showed them how beautiful their bodies were without turning it into something tawdry.

We talked about this. It was an Open-Source Project, making breasts available to select folks. (Like any good project, you need access control, because there are loutish men and women who just Don't Get It.) And we wanted a signal to let people know that they were okay with being asked politely, so we turned it into a project:

The Open-Source Boob Project.

At Penguicon, we had buttons to give away. There were two small buttons, one for each camp: A green button that said, "YES, you may" and a red button that said "NO, you may not." And anyone who had those buttons on, whether you knew them or not, was someone you could approach and ask:

"Excuse me, but may I touch your breasts?"

And if you weren't a total lout - the women retained their right to say no, of course - they would push their chests out, and you would be allowed into the sanctity of it. That exchange of happiness where one person are told with gropes and touches that they are desirable and the other is someone who's allowed to desire.

For a moment, everything that was awkward about high school would fade away and you could just say what was on your mind. It was as though parts of me were being healed whenever I did it, and I touched at least fifteen sets of boobs at Penguicon. It never got old, surprisingly.

Some women didn't want to. That was fine. We never demanded anything of anyone. And if you didn't want to put yours up for the Project but you wanted to touch, well, that was fine, too. It was simply for folks who felt like being open.

It was a raging success at Penguicon.... And there haven't been any hookups that I know of thanks to the Open-Source Boob Project. It is, as I said, a very special thing. (Though I wouldn't rule it out if two single people exchanged a moment.) And we'll probably do it at other cons, because it's strangely wholesome and sexual at the same time.

I've left off the names, because frankly, people should reveal for themselves whether they're Open-Sourcers or not. Not everyone wants to go public with it, and what happens at the con stays at the con. But trust me. If you are, and I meet you, I will ask. And you'll understand the beauty and simplicity of the Open-Source Boob Project for yourself.

Touch the magic, my friends. Touch the magic.

(NOTE: I should add that my memory of details is fuzzy at best under the best of circumstances, particularly when I drank a lot of very good Scotch later that night. I wouldn't trust any specifics here, and others have already informed me that the Princess happened first and then the other touching occurred. But the spirit of the Open-Source gestation is very much correct here.)

(EDIT: Since many seem to have been confused on the topic, I'll clarify three points:

(First: The program's an opt-in program, which is to say that if you're not wearing a button, we'll never ask. Certainly the first wave of con-asking was something with the severe potential for harm, which is why we decided on the need for buttons. The need for a red button was debated, and we decided to have it just in case... But if even if you never wear any button at all, you won't be asked. At all. It's not as though we'd be gang-pressing people into servitude.

(Second: When I say, "Like any good project, you need access control, because there are loutish men and women who just Don't Get It," I am not referring to the women who don't want to be involved, who are perfectly cool, but rather the guys/gals who see a green button and assume that it means that the woman has to let herself be touched because she's got the green on. [As I said, the answer "no" is something that can be given and should be respected - it's not like a button should force you to give up your right to a body.] Or decide to spend a good five minutes in a mouth-breathing grope. Those kinds of idiots are the folks who we're worried about, and if I could change any one sentence it would be that one, because I never meant to imply there was anything wrong with someone who didn't want to be involved. There isn't.

(Third: I should add that the most of the men were open-sourced, too. The question of what that means is up to you.

(Apologies for those. Anything else? Blast away.)

My reply in the original place I read this on:
Quote from: Myself
I've been trying to pitch this idea in my country for YEARS. Breasts are something to be idolized as an integral part of a woman's beauty, not just sexualized and used as a tool to randomly get yourself off. Unfortunately, it just so happens that I live in a country of rather hypocritical puritan women who (merely) think themselves too chaste to think of this stuff and let people do this to them. There ARE the few honest exceptions who will let you touch their breasts and butt if the mood is right, you're polite enough and take the time and have the delicacy to ask nicely, but as mentioned, they're the exception, not the rule.

So, ladies?

Akiha's Tea Room / Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine - A free MMORPG open beta
« on: February 06, 2009, 01:06:02 PM »
Apparently, this game has been out in Japan for a while as a completely free game; Aeria Games only began the open beta release in this side of the world on Dec. 27.

It's basically the same you've learned to expect from a MegaTen game, but online and with lots of new and sometimes strange features.

You can download it here and then post here your comments on the game.

I've been playing for the past two weeks, and this game is eating away my life. It's hella fun, monsters are aplenty, and it's absurdly and obscenely easy getting partners extremely high-leveled to help you get experience in small quests. :) Highly recommended for those who don't want to pay for an MMORPG (like me) and/or those who don't like World of Warcraft (like me). :P

So here's a curious question I've been asking myself for a while.

All of us, at one point or another, have used guides from GameFAQs, right? Right. Given the kind of site it is, it's pretty logical to imagine that they have ways to track the amount of views each individual guide has, if only merely for statistical purposes that serve us, as mere users of the site, no real purpose.

But even if it is to tacitly show your appreciation for the work done, even if no one outside GameFAQs themselves notice, when you look up guides for a game that's part of your gaming community's focus, do you support guides written by your fellow community members?

Allow me to explain with a personal example.

Let's turn our clocks back four years, and settle ourselves in mid-2004, right when MegaMan Zero 3 took the MegaMan community and the portable gaming world by assault. I was the first in the MegaMan community to submit an every-nook-and-cranny guide for the game to GameFAQs (viewable here), and the first to publish an entire game guide covering every single aspect of the game, even if it's been superseded/overshadowed by newer, more recently-submitted guides. At the time, those of you who for one reason or another decided to look up a guide, did you use mine? And if you did, why?

I myself, for all the years I've been using GameFAQs, I've always been on the lookout for guides by people I know. When I first had access to the internet AND an SNES at the same time (hey, blame third-world countries' shitty economy), I know I spent hours perusing Reeve's FAQ for the first MegaMan X game, and also did so with all the other guides he wrote for both GFAQs and his own site, originally MegaMan X Online and later The MegaMan Network. Even when he stepped down and Tim took over, every time I need a guide on a MegaMan game, I usually look for names recognizable within the community, if only to show an unspoken appreciation to them for all the work it takes to write out a detailed guide.

So what about you? Do you simply take whatever guide looks meatier, or do you explicitly look out for people you know and try to support them in a tacit way in their work?

Akiha's Tea Room / The Christmas Presents thread!
« on: December 25, 2008, 01:38:46 AM »
So what did you get this Christmas?

As for me, I got nothing. Zilch. Nada. Well, except for some pocket cash, which I fully expect to be spending on a decent motherfucking iPod Shuffle soon. I'm tired of running through shitty no-name MP3 players like diarrhea on toilet paper.

That aside, I'm currently working on a small web dev project with a friend of mine, and if we seal the deal, it's gonna mean some additional cash for us, so maybe I can start rebuilding my desktop computer (having a laptop has its advantages, but you can't beat being able to upgrade your specs for a relatively nominal price instead of having to replace the entire machine).

Your turn now.

Akiha's Tea Room / RESIDENT MOTHERFUCKING EVIL 5 (Spoilers galore!!!!)
« on: December 18, 2008, 03:37:50 AM »






I dunno if I should cry, orgasm, shoot myself, slash my wrists, kick the dog, pet the cat, rape the maids, suppress Roa in Chris's ass, genuflect, or do it all at the same time. Isn't it sad, DZ?

Akiha's Tea Room / New Type-Moon anime announced!
« on: October 08, 2008, 12:32:41 AM »

Man, I'm so hyped up for this. Whatever it is, OVA, series or whatever. Plus, delicious flat chest is delicious. :3

« on: September 16, 2008, 09:33:54 AM »

You can thank me later. :P

Ciel's Tech Support / Translated MBAC configuration windows
« on: August 24, 2008, 07:27:07 AM »
Dunno if anybody really cares, given the conditions of the game and the community, but while mirror moon's translation comes, I managed to translate the MBAC configuration windows to the best of my ability. There's still some stuff I'm not exactly sure of (the third checkbox in the advanced config window has me stumped, so I had to make do with what I had and what Google Translate offered), and there's an unused Enable VSync window hidden in there that also has a line that got me cracking my head, but for the most part it's all understandable now. It's for v1.03A, the latest available version of the game.

The link is here:

If you're gonna use this, although I guarantee it works, it's always recommended for you to back up your original EXE and trying mine before you go deleting yours, in case something goes wrong. :P

Finally, if any mod/admin thinks this is in the wrong place, please move this thread to wherever it belongs. :)

When MBAC first fires up, there's a button in the dialog box to manage advanced options. I know the first two pickboxes are the texture quality; the next is the game speed in frames per second, and of the three checkboxes, I figured out the first one is to give the game more CPU time/priority, and the second is to display or not the current frames per second on the title bar of the game when running windowed. But I have yet to figure out what the hell does the third option do. Help please?

...So I'm a newbie in this awesomeness called Sacchin, and want to learn some stuff by watching. Halp plz?

Kohaku's Video Room / The random match video thread~!!
« on: June 09, 2008, 01:43:28 AM »
Yeah, so post here all your fun matches and stuff you've uploaded. :P I'll start with this:

Check out the über-need to show off at around 00:49 into the vid. xD

I'll be posting a few more later. Also, discussion about our playing styles. Go! :)

Ciel's Tech Support / Recording replays?
« on: May 24, 2008, 06:06:16 PM »
Hey there. I'm no stranger to recording replays from the game to upload to YouTube, but for some reason, ever since several months back I haven't been able to record properly, since the game lags HORRIBLY when Fraps starts to RECORD (not while merely running). This is my current Fraps configuration:

The game is installed in the D partition, so I thought it'd be better if I set Fraps to save the recordings in the C partition.

I honestly can't understand what's making the game lag so much, considering I HAVE encoded before videos (in this very same laptop) and have uploaded at least two to YouTube with very good results. Help plz?

Akiha's Tea Room / WinXP Skinning?
« on: May 17, 2008, 06:47:12 PM »
So as you might recall, I spent about 10 or so days off the regular air because of... family "disagreements" and negligence that ended up with my laptop's hard drive completely fucked up (losing all my data and stuff with it). So now that I've installed a new drive and am working to restore myself as best as I can, I'm currently searching for a decent looking skin for my XP install. Before the crash, I was using (through a patched UXTheme.dll file) the ChaNinja RC5 style, and later (through WindowBlinds) the ChaNinja MotoGP style, but I've kinda grown tired of them and want to try something fresh.

Personally, I like themes with dark colors (blacks, dark grays and the sort), and sort of robotic-y, sci-fi, technology-oriented stuff. So if you think you've got something to share with me (or even others, as I plan this thread to become a central hub for skinning your Windows), hop over here and let us all know. :)

Happy posting. :)

Akiha's Tea Room / List those free games!
« on: March 29, 2008, 08:55:31 PM »
Taking a page from another forum's book frequented by yours truly, this thread is to list all those potential time wasters for all of us that cost not a penny to download and enjoy. I'll start by listing my personal favorites:

Genre: Rythm and music (Similar to Elite Beat Agents)
DZ's Rating: 10/10
Additional Comments: Basically, a VERY WELL-DONE Windows-based clone of the popular DS game Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan, also known as Elite Beat Agents. It has quite a huge amount of songs, all user-created, and you can easily create your own music maps (or "beatmaps", as the game calls them). Highly recommended -- been my constant and persistent time waster for the last month or so. XD

Bootfighter Windom XP SP-2
Site Announcement:
Japanese Site:
Genre: Freeform 3D mecha fighting (Similar to Zone of the Enders)
DZ's Rating: 9/10
Additional Comments: If you like your mechs, this is for you. Almost all of the mechs are physically designed after various famous mechs from several shows, mainly the massive Gundam universe, but have names parodying those of widely known computer operating systems, to avoid lawsuits. XD Still, the game is freaking awesome and addictive, very easy to grab and play, and surprisingly small (the installer weighs a measly 60MB).

Genre: Music dancing (Basically a Dance Dance Revolution clone)
DZ's Rating: 8/10
Additional Comments: If you've played DDR, you'll immediately know how Stepmania works. Designed to be played with the keyboard, it can provide for HOURS UPON HOURS of endless fun. The community behind it is HUGE, and the amount of songs freely available for the game is HUGER still. Also, if you have a PS2-to-USB converter and a couple of PS2 DDR dance mats, you can connect them to your PC and enjoy the game the way it was supposed to be played. :D If you liked your dancing, you can't miss this game.

Frets on Fire
Genre: Guitar simulation
DZ's Rating: 7/10
Additional Comments: A Guitar Hero clone for the PC. If you have the original Guitar Hero games, you can even import their songs into Frets on Fire, and if you have a PS2-to-USB adapter or an Xbox 360 Guitar Hero guitar controller, you can use it to play the game. There are many songs available, all user made, and many very well done at that. Just do note that it'll be physically impossible to try and play this with a laptop or a regular gamepad controller -- voice of experience speaking. >_< (A laptop still has hope of salvation if you can somehow manage to acquire an USB keyboard, though.)

Super Cosplay Wars Ultra
Review Site
Genre: Classic 2D fighter
DZ's Rating: 6/10
Additional Comments: Don't take me wrong, the fact that I rated it a bit on the low side doesn't mean the game is bad in any way, it's just that since I'm quite a devoted fanatic of 2D fighters (as Melty can thoroughly attest to), I tend to be rather nitpicky. Still, having played it several times, the game is decidedly fun, hilarious, and full of smartass, well-known and sometimes obscure otaku references, be it to other games, to manga and to anime series. Definitely worth a try if you've got a soft spot for stuff like Capcom's Pocket Fighter. :)

Alright, so I've listed the ones I know and have owned and played at some point in time. I have quite a list of other entries, but since I can't really give an opinion on them (as I have yet to touch any of them), I'll refrain from posting them in this first post, and leave it for another post in this same thread. Now come on, share your own freeware games! :D

From the same guy who brought us last year's fantastic Haloid: Master Chief VS Samus Aran movie, comes a new epic adventure in videogame crossover street fighting warfare:

I'm gonna keep close track of this -- you can be sure as hell of that.

More on this story as it develops. :V

Akiha's Tea Room / The story of a man. (A short tale)
« on: March 16, 2008, 04:37:21 PM »
This is a short tale I wrote almost exactly one year ago, that stemmed from some heavily burdening personal experiences and some insight into how I was leading my life thus far. I hope you guys enjoy it.

The Story of a Man.

Some give meaning to their lives by acquiring and possessing material things. Some give meaning to their lives by living their dreams.

Others have given meaning to their lives by living their lives for others' sake. By living their lives for the sake of an important someone, of a cherished someone, of a dear someone.

Sometimes, it may only be one person. Sometimes, it might as well be more than one.

Sometimes, they're just holding on for long enough to find that someone, under the neverending curse of not having any meaning to their lives until they do... Of believing, deep in their hearts, that there's absolutely no other reason to cling on to life, and to keep on living...

Of thinking that their existence does not have any meaning, and are therefore rendered useless in everyone else's lives.

To my happiness, and to my disgrace, I happened to be born among this last group. The group of those who feel completely desolated and desperate to have someone to acknowledge their existence, to let their lives be something to be lived for by those too afraid to cling on to life by themselves.

The group of those that need others to feel that they are, in essence and presence, someone worth living, someone cared for, someone cherished.

When I was a kid, I lived only for myself. I was selfish, I was rude, I was daring, but I was pure. I was glad to be alive. I was excited to have new things happen to me. I was protected, I was spoiled, I was a brat. I was... In essence, happy. I was me.

As I grew up, I found out the truth of the world. Living is cruel. Living is gruesome. Living is painful. And my selfishness turned itself into selflessness. My rudeness into kindness. My dare into a colossal cowardice.

And then, though many may argue against it, I discovered the world is soaked in evil. And I, innocent, naïve, ingenuous as I was, became tainted by it.

I became resentful. I became cold-hearted. I became someone as despicable as you couldn't possibly imagine. I became... something else entirely.

I became a devil, forgotten by others, forsaken by myself, cursed by my fate, trapped by my origins and my destiny.

Evil is something that cannot be explained, for the truth is that evil acts cannot be considered such when weighed on the spot. Evil is something that you feel biting away at your feelings, taking chunks of what you are and digesting them, rotting your heart away. Evil is something that can only be seen truthfully, and can only be known truthfully, when you see the actual consequences of the act that has been deemed evil. And by my actions, I became tainted by evil. By my decisions, I became immersed in evil. By my thoughts, I became evil in itself.

And most importantly of all, I became scared. I became afraid of myself. And I awakened to a whole new fear. To an entirely new level of fear, fueled by pain, powered by self-hatred, emblazoned in deadly letters made of a powerful, consuming flame that wouldn't let go unless a gigantic sacrifice was made to it.

Such is the power of impotence towards being able to tell someone else that you need them to feel yourself alive. Such is the power of not knowing what you're capable of, until you find (or, as it happens sometimes, until you trick yourself into thinking you've found) someone for whom you'd be able and willing to die without thinking twice, and without regretting it, not even once.

Throughout all this, I managed to acquire some powerful acquaintances, some important colleagues, some precious comrades, some dearest friends. People that had seen my purity beyond the mask of evil that tainted my appearance, and that accepted me for what I was, and not for what I had become. People that saw the real me, hiding in fear, trying to escape the embrace of a temptress so beautiful, and yet so twisted, that my deepest wishes to go back to what I was, to who I was, had been muted by her insidious, seductive smile.

And thanks to them, I was able to go back to what I was. I was able to claim my very own self back, to deny that cursing prostitute of human feelings the pleasure of continuing to torture me, of continuing to hurt me by forcing me to hurt those precious to me, of keeping me locked between her arms by whispering in my ears lies about how my friends hated me, and only considered me a means of reaching their own ends.

In the end, I was back to being myself... Whom I truly was. True. However, this did not came to happen without a battle, nor without a considerable loss to everyone involved.

I lost mostly everything that had kept me up for so long. I lost my confidence, lost my will to live, lost my desire to do something for others. And those others lost a valuable piece of their lives, as I was to find out much, much later. A part of their lives that, as I'd learn little by little, had moved them around as much as had moved me, and had made them feel happy with what I was, and what they were, both when alone and when around me.

Nonetheless, there is no battle that is without gain. And what was gained on this battle, I have to say that was the most important treasure for me, and the reason I am still here. It was the fact that the people important to me noticed the change inside, and made noticeable efforts to make me back into what I was, and what I meant to them. I was oblivious to this for a while; once I noticed the truth, nevertheless, I understood that my existence was still not without meaning, for I finally had seen with the eyes of truth something to which my own innocence blinded me for so long.

I am here because of them, and they understand that fact. And they help me in the easiest way there is to imagine: making me feel needed by them, useful to them. Making me feel appreciated. And thus, I can be what I want to be: someone whose very existence is validated by helping others.

Now, I know that fact. And that very simple thing makes me one of the happiest men in the entire world.

~March 1, 2007

...Or at least, so the polls would like us to believe.

I have to admit, the guy actually looks like the Prince, and given his background, it feels like it's "just right" for the role.


Hisui / Usefulness of jBB (and other things related to air strings)
« on: January 23, 2008, 05:41:09 AM »
So I've liked playing as Hisui lately, and thought it was awesome fun pulling off her combos. However, as any good Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat/MvC player, whenever I'm in the middle of a combo, I tend to keep mashing the next button in a string until I get visual confirmation that the hit registered, in which case I move to the next. My problem is that for air strings, this tends to be slightly counter-productive, since sometimes unintended moves get registered, somewhat throwing my timing and setup off. Thus, I'm forced to improvise, and this usually doesn't have good results, because I tend to lose my momentum a bit.

So I wanted to ask: Say you've begun your BnB, lifting the opposition and getting ready for the air string. But, instead of doing the correct finisher, you mistakenly hit BB in the air. As we all know, this blasts down the opponent making them bounce a little off the ground. Is there any way you can take advantage of such a situation, in order to keep the pressure and not lose momentum during the offensive?

Akiha's Tea Room / So you like anime, huh? Whatcha watchin' right now?
« on: January 04, 2008, 11:36:04 PM »
First of all, mods: If this rather belongs in Sacchin Toast, allow me to apologize and request that this thread be moved there. :)

Now, to the point of this thread. :P

Yeah, so you like to watch anime, huh. Actually, there's no way in this reality a bunch of guys who fap themselves to playing a doujin fighting game like us wouldn't like anime, but that's beside the point.

So I decided to make this thread to create a central hub in which to discuss whatever anime series you're currently watching, and hand out opinions on what other people are watching. I myself have watched quite my share of it, listed here. Currently, I'm on to episode 8 of Soul Link, and though it hasn't really been the crème de la crème, it's at least been enjoyable so far. Though, maniac as I am with kissing scenes in anime, I was kinda pissed when they blew the only scene so far perfect for a kiss and didn't show it onscreen (same thing happened when I watched Fate/stay night, with Rin kissing Shirou and later Shirou kissing Saber). >_> Oh well.

In any case, for the time being, whatcha watchin'? :)

Melty Blood Auditorium / Melty Bread Logo: Where can I get the bread? =p
« on: December 11, 2007, 02:11:14 PM »
Yeah, so as a ways of contributing a bit to the site, I was thinking along the lines of making a few site-themed wallpapers, possibly including fanart if people's willing to share, so I wanted to ask this.

Does anyone here (Arlieth or the designers or whoever) have a high-resolution copy of the bread used in the Melty Bread logo? If so, is it possible that I get it, so I can make a few official site wallpapers?

Thanks very much in advance for your time. :)

Len / I play the Akihas, the Shikis, and Ciel, and wanna learn Len. Help?
« on: December 09, 2007, 05:33:18 AM »
My style is pretty basic, and there's a consistent combo that I've learned works with most characters (notice I said most: some got so horribly butchered in the combos department, like Sacchin and Sion, and Arc to a lesser extent, that it's undoable with them), which is my basic form of attack (though of course, mixing it up is the name of the game, and I always try to do some other stuff in between). The combo goes, usually, 5A, 5A, 2A, 2A, 2B, 2C, 5C, [4C (depending on the character),] j.A, 5A, 5B/C, d.jA, 5B, air throw (sometimes 2C with Akiha or 5C with V.Akiha).

The main problem with this combo when learning new characters is, it assumes the character has:
1. a generic sweep on the 2C command;
2. a generic, non-lifting/non-pushing (grrr Arc) strong attack on the 5C immediately afterwards; and
3. ability to combo somewhat correctly in midair.

Some of them don't (examples being Sion, who has her sweep in 2B, and Sacchin, who can't air combo if her life depended on it), thus making it difficult to learn easily. Normal Len, to some extent, also has this problem, as her sweep is in 2B, and her 5C attack is non-standard, and she's been giving me one hell of a battle to learn to play. Can anybody recommend combos and techs for me to try, so I can learn to play her somewhat decently? Originally, I forced myself to learn to play Akiha and V.Akiha because of (silly, I know) emotional attachment to her after playing Tsukihime, both Shikis were pretty basic and were just there (:P), and Ciel just was a fantastically mobile character (as much as I hated her route in the game). Now the same thing that happened with Akiha happened with Len, after playing Kagetsu Tohya, and here I am, trying to get her style down.

Help, please? :'(

Regional Community / I'm lonely. I'm in the Caribbean. And I'm lonely. ;_;
« on: December 03, 2007, 08:33:21 PM »
Apparently, I'm the only dominican guy who's found this community and is willing to be part of a national/international Melty Blood competition bracket. ;_; Halp, plz?

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