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When's Melty on Steam?
ahaha that's no--wait, what?

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Zar and St1ckbug gave me what I needed. I'm going in.

For those who don't know already, I'm spending my vacation in August at NYC to chill out and visit a couple places. St1ckbug hit me up and told me he would like to make another BBG happen once I get my dates figured out (which I am still working on; it will be in August though). So there, I'm going to run my own Battle By the Gazebo with the information Zar gave me on running the permit game in the city. Of course, I want a head count to see who would come out to this dig...ya dig?

Another reason is that my dates haven't been confirmed to when I'm heading to NYC. Just know it has to be in August and I'll be here for about a week and a half. This is a one day event that will probably happen either on Friday or Saturday. If there is a day that would be good for everyone guaranteed attendance, it would help my scheduling a lot. I also don't want to conflict with any majors going on around the area unless everyone just decides to run this instead of going to whatever major is happening.

Since this is a BBG, I want to be sure everyone from the areas surrounding to show up and make this a memorable experience for me personally since I have always wanted to go to a BBG myself. I'm saying this because y'all my niggas and I finally have a chance to get up there to play whoever's left to fight. Don't make me beg pls. ;_;

Related inquiries can go here too. I do need a place to stay for a couple days if you got one. :3

Also known as Nigga's Garden lol.

- Birmingham, AL (BHM Airport Code for out-of-towners) or Atlanta, GA (possible)
- Weekend gathering of stream monsters for God's Garden 6 that will be held at a hotel (room) to be determined.
- Casuals on Melty and other games for the duration of the weekend.
- Possible tournament with enough entrants.

If the South wants to get on this, post here and I'll see if I can have a decent headcount by the end of June to start planning a little bit more ahead of time. I've talked to some of you but I'ma need to get your input here as well. Location decisions between B'ham and Atlanta are acceptable too since I know tickets to get here are a bit more expensive than Atlanta.

Now as most of you know already from this morning, KSK is holding a GODSGARDEN tournament on September 1st for Current Code PC. This may come as a real shock to most as you would think Melty Blood be the last game to hold a GG tournament for. But it's happening and it isn't April 1st (lol Psyblade). If you've kept up with the previous GG tournaments, there has always been a restream of the tournament in its entirety by an American FG player and/or streaming channel. As a result, you were given quality matches from JP with player commentary/analysis in English. This restreaming line is planning to continue with this upcoming GG.

Soon after the announcement, I had a tweet teasing me and Brandino's show (Donjon Network 2nd Phase) to restream MBAACC x GODSGARDEN 6. Yeah I talked to Brandon about it and he is all for it; even considering to fly to Bama to help me stream this thing. It's a very big deal to us, even for a game people claim to be dead. People still do have a high respect for Melty within the (anime) community and it would help to bring that to America once again through this GG. If there is a better source to restream this tournament, that's great. Let us be the first to step up.

I want to do something with the Melty community in mind specifically. In everything that we do, we have a sight for community first. If you have any ideas or ways we can kickstart this boat of hype, let us know in this thread. I love you guys enough to do this and help give insert to this great opportunity we have. We have less than 4 months and I'd like for everyone to watch and be a part of Melty history.

There will be a DN show this Sunday at 9PM EST about the GODSGARDEN tournament (a good chunk of time will be dedicated to this) so you can stick around there for any more updates or assistance we may need for this stream.

Tournament Results / Final Round XV Results!
« on: March 04, 2012, 07:26:00 PM »

Full results of singles and teams are up on the site now. Personal shoutouts later tonight.

Akiha's Tea Room / CL wants to go to Final Round. Help much?
« on: September 12, 2011, 09:03:59 PM »
ASSIST! 韓国の炎が西を焼き尽くす夢を見ている!
(Assist! The Korean Flame that Dreams to Blaze the West!)

Current Code International - Arc 1

"Top of Mountains, flat of plains.
Over the sky, under the water.
Clouds of Heaven, depths of Hell.
Boundaries of what we See are forced to falter
by the boundaries of our Dreams."

- Korea is an Eastern Force of the Melty scene and is headlined by one of the best players in the World: CL. After years of fighting in the most grueling of arenas in the East, he sets his eyes on the Western Land! But a horrible predicament has occured!

As it has always stricken many players before him, money has become an issue for the young lad from Korea.

Be that as it may, the Korean son has not given up no land to his current status. The dream must live on!

As the Korean son begins his journey over the sea, the west are notified of his incoming arrival and begin to assist his incoming. Why would they do this? What is the meaning behind this? Is this the west's idea of giving the east a helping hand?

The stage is being set. The players are starting to take places. The Fight is about to commence! Let not one dream be overturned from such dire situations!

Your answer? In a future, near. The outcome? 6 months.

Goal for his ticket is $1448.
So yeah, CL needs some help getting to Final Round in March. Help the brother out. Spare some change.

1.05 Changlist:
All Moons
+ B ver. Urusai! (DP) invincibility up.

+ 5B moves Arc forward more.

+ j.2[C] untechable
+ 5C has more cancelable frames.

Start the discussion/video run why don't you.

Akiha's Tea Room / Runback! Donjon Network 2nd Phase!
« on: December 24, 2010, 12:24:29 AM »
It's about that time once again people. Screw the first season, we're coming back stronger than ever! Please check the 2nd post for next show information!

Who We Are (Hosts)
Two of the blackest forces in US Melty Blood today (SilentShinobi and Brandino) and long-time doujin fighter and Doom Master Blaster (Mizuki).

What is the Donjon Network? (Overall Mission)
- Brilliant idea to give a show to the doujinshi/poverty fighting game community at large.
- A very much live radio show that will be broadcasted on a stream site (link to the show is TBA).
- Organized discussion about a certain poverty or doujin fighting game already released, soon to be released, or cancelled.
- An interactive fun house where will be able to always answer questions given to us through stream chat or IRC mostly. If you got a mic, we'd love to hear your voice!
- ...what else could there be?

When will this be aired? How frequent? How long will each show be? (Times)
We are aiming to get a live show out to you guys once a month on a Sunday. Actual show time would be roughly 8PM EST. It'll possibly be the first Sunday of each month, but with this thing still in development, it could be changed.

Each show will be roughly around 2-3 hours. Even more if we're just being chill and having fun.

Can I be on the show? (Guest Invasion)
We always do accept anyone with any sort of knowledge to come to the show, but you must reach out to us first. If a show has been announced and you would like to join the roster for it, you can PM me, Brandino, or Mizuki BY Friday prior to showtime. This will give us time to make room and time for the other guests we may have. If we have free spots open during the show, they can be filled during but once again PM on here or IRC one of us.

So, can I listen to previous shows? (Post-recording)
The streaming site always have options to save broadcasts, we will be sure to have them saved on the channel.

I don't have a mic, is there a way I can reach you during the show? (Crowd Participation)
The fastest way you can reach us (which results with the quickest response from us) is to PM us on IRC ( most likely) or stay active on the stream chat. Those 2 are the fastest ways to get your question answered during show time.

How do you fill time in these things? How random do these shows get? (Subject Bases and Requests)
The main idea of this show is to relay a message that there is a living, breathing community for the non-mainstream fighting games in America. It could range from Vampire Savior to Chaos Code. The first hour or so will be us and our guests going over a specific subject of that kind that will be announced when the next show's date is up. Note that Melty Blood has a podcast of its own so the MB talk here will be to a minimum such as random tournament thoughts or random bitching (lol hope not). Fox and Chibi are doing a great job with their podcast and I hope they can bring bigger and better things to their show and assist us as well.

There is always room to have fun and stay random, but we really do keep the FG community first for the show. How random they go after business time is up to your imagination. I seriously can't tell you.

Do you accept constructive criticism for the empowerment of the show? (Improvement Posts)
Please let us know of anything that went right or wrong with each show. If we do not have any criticism from the audience, I will assume we're doing well and keep things going from there. If you say something that will help us out, it will be greatly appreciated.


Here ya go!

Player (recording)/Editing/Opening: Frostbolt
Player (scripting)/Layout/Testing/Script and .txt: SilentShinobi
Closing Pic: Kusanagi
Special Thanks, Grammar Nazi, and extras: Zar

- Music was all on Frostbolt (from Beatmania). He'll post a list soon...I think.
- A little less than a year in making (and no, not the actual video lol). Thanks to Frostbolt for recording everything.
- A few grammatical errors but nothing too earth shatteringly bad.
- Hope you all enjoy this work of art we made. I hope this video helped increase the knowledge of everyone/anyone who is yearning to learn H-Arc!


- Saturday July 10th - BYOC @ 12pm signup/1pm go time.
- $10 a head ($30 a team)
- No same character teams. At all. No excuses.
- Moon phase change on win is LEGAL. I do not care.
- Make sure all 3 members of the team are present before you begin your match. This is also enforced when you register.
- No A:E. Console only + Necos is fine.
- 80/20 split.

I'm gonna need some help confirming some TVs for setups (need like 4 maybe?), a laptop w/ tournament maker on it, and some streaming equips (optional). Let's make this live gentlemen!


New and in your face from French Bread! The ultimate in head to head vertical shooting. Fuck a Touhou.


Shinobi’s H-Arc guide for the lighthearted and peaceful at heart. (ALL H-ARC INFO/QUESTIONS GO HERE)'s-video-room/'its-not-less-than-5-minutes!'-h-arc-tutorial-video/msg77239/ - Tutorial. GO NOW!

Overview - Arc under a half moon. Nothing is as it seems.

So you want to play H-Arc. If I'm right keep reading. If you don't, please refer to this thread:

First things first, Arc in this moon is very very different from C and F, in which this specific moon makes her unique in a way. She loses most of her mixups and gimmicks from normal moves such as half charge 5B and specials like her newly acquired air ring (63214A/B/C). However, what she lacks in gimmicks, she gains in a very solid ground and frame trap game. H-Arc is the epitome of a straight forward character, as some H-moon characters are. She is also powerful in this moon, able to take down 4k-4.5k from a simple 5a-6aa combo. H-Arc has insane lockdown and blockstrings, most of which comes from her being able to reverse her 5C at will and in some cases, this will be very helpful if your opponent is scared to see what comes next from her.

Like what you read? Read on damnit!

Normals - A solid foundation.

Most of Arc’s normals in this moon are the same as in Crescent, with a few exceptions and different properties:

j.B – Only normal move with a new animation in Half. Arm swipe that hits on both sides of Arc that is used for crossup purposes and a good one at that.

5B - Same as C-Arc's except for 2 things. The fact that it cannot be charged (BE) and that it floats on air hit (think of Warc's 5B). Comes out at about the same speed as C-Arc's 5B. A general blockstring move used mostly for frame traps along with 5C.

5C - Same as C-Arc's. Just like 5B, it cannot be charged and it does not wallslam on air hit (think of Warc's 5C). 5CC is not available in H. Also, 5C can be reverse beated by any move.

5A 6AA - The standard H-moon string. All H-moon characters have it and Arc does too. Arc hits like a normal 5A then a 1-2 swipe for 6AA. Can be delayed and one of the most important moves in your blockstrings and combos. Detailed information in later sections.

Specials - Calling the Phantasm.

Most of Arc's specials are the same as C-Arc's but she does have a few differences:

1) All 236a/236b chains cannot be charged.
2) 6a followups after 623a wallbounce like in Act Cadenza.
3) 214B is the same as it was in Act Cadenza: an elbow then a forceful punch. All 214b followups in C- (A - teleport; B - 4C; C - 5C [what the punch is in this moon]) are gone. Can still be canceled into a super.
4) New move: 421A/B/C. Stand alone teleport and can be used in the air as well. Here are the 5 descriptions of her teleports, both ground and air:

A ground - Teleports forward, stopping at a point. Less recovery.
B ground - Teleports forward, stopping at a point (half screen almost). More startup.
C ground - EX Teleport that takes 100% meter. Teleports forward, stopping at a point if the opponent is in reach of it. If opponent is caught, Arc will either throw to the other side of the screen or slam down depending on whether you're holding down or not. Works the same way as Arc's normal throw if the opponent is caught.

A/B air - Teleports forward in air, stopping at a point. Can be canceled into and from. You can also jump cancel the teleport if you have yet to use your double jump.
C air - Teleports backward in air, stopping at a point. Very short distance (about 2 character lengths) and can also be canceled into and from.

Combos - Striking With the Phantasm.

If you have any experience with Arc, you must know that all good combos come with one word: delay. No good combo comes without some point of delay in between in order for a certain move to land. H-Arc is no exception. She does require the least amount of delay out of all 3 grooves for most of her hard hitting combos but delay nonetheless.

I have 3 sections I am going to go over: Midscreen, Corner (mostly with 623a/c loops), and Special (anti air/counter hit). As you should know, any normal combo starts with a combo string, so I'll start there. Here are the most common for H-Arc: PRACTICE THESE FIRST

1) 2a 2b 2c (most common for going in air)
2) 2a 5b 2b 2c
3) 2a 5b 2b 5c
4) 2a 5b 2b 5c 2c
5) 2a 2b 5b 2c
6) 2a 5b 5c (most common for ground combos)

For further extension/notice, these starting strings can be done from 5a or 2a x 2. Just know if you're planning on starting with 5a, you cannot start a 5a 6aa string combo since you already used 5a to start it. Now, we begin to make combos. I will use these numbers above for further notation on which of these you can start your combo from.

Midscreen bnbs All combos end in air throw or 22b - 66c

1) 4c - j.b - j.c - jc - j.b - j.c (can be started from 1/2/4/5)
2) 5c - 623b - j.b - j.c - jc - j.b - j.c (1/2/4/5)
3) 5a 6aa - 5c - 623b - j.b - j.c - jc - j.b - j.c (3/6)
4) 4c - air dash - j.b or c (delay) - 5b - 5c - 623b - j.b - j.c - jc - j.b - j.c (1/2/4/5)
5) 4c - air dash - j.b or c (delay) - 2c - 4c (delay) - j.b or c - 5a - 5b - 623b (optional) - j.b - j.c - jc - j.b - j.c (1/2/4/5)
6) 5a 6aa - 5c - 2c - 4c - j.b - j.c - jc - j.b - j.c (3/6)
7) 5a 6aa - 5c - 2c - 4c - air dash - j.b or c (delay) - 2c - 5c - 623b - j.b - j.c - jc - j.b - j.c (3/6)

The next few are 2a whiff combos, some of the most damaging combos Arc has. Here is a video of me performing one:

8) 5a 6aa - 5c - 2c - 2a (whiff) - 2a x 2 (hits) - 2c - 4c (delay) - j.b - j.c - jc - j.b - j.c (3/6)
9) 5a 6aa - 5c - 2c - 2a (whiff) - 2a (hits) - 2c - 5c (delay) - 623b - j.b - j.c - jc - j.b - j.c (3/6) (this is the one on the video)
10) 5a 6aa - 5c - 2c - 2a (whiff) - 2a (hits) - 2c - 4c (delay) - air dash - j.b or c (delay) - 2c - 4c (delay) - j.b - j.c - jc - j.b - j.c (3/6)
11) 5a 6aa - 5c - 2c - 2a (whiff) - 2a (hits) - 2c - 5c (delay) - 421c - [2] for knockdown (3/6)
12) 4c - air dash - j.b or c (delay) - 2c - 2a (whiff) - 2a (hits) - 2c - 5c (delay) - 623b - j.b - j.c - jc - j.b - j.c (1/2/4/5)

Corner combos

coming soon

Special combos

coming soon

Mixups/Gimmicks - Tricks of the Phantasm.

As I've said before, H-Arc isn't a tool of mixup and gimmicks like C-Arc is, so don't treat her like one. Most of her opening tools come from slight of the hand frame traps and a few gimmicks. This means you have to work harder to open your opponent up for damage. Easier said than done? Very much so. Don't let this get you down, for H-Arc is able to make wins seem somewhat impossible against some characters. If you're good enough, most openings in the opponent's guard will mean real combo opportunity.

I will list some of the most important ones you need to understand and take advantage of:

1) Crossover hop - The originator somewhat. Most Arc players starting off will start to use this the most. However, it is not one totally reliable, but is very useful in a clutch.

2) j.B crossup - The most used and quite deceptive in its reach.

3) 4[C] charge confirms - 4C is the only normal that can be charged in H and, when fully charged, an overhead. This is the only normal overhead you have in your moveset and its a slow one at that. 4C can only be canceled if one of 2 things happen. First, the opponent must have gotten hit by it normally (which is how you do 4c combos). Second, the opponent must have BLOCKED a fully charged 4C (by this time would be an overhead) which can allow you to continue pressure if blocked. Easily noticable.

4) Double Teleport gimmick - Remember Warc from Act Cadenza? She had a teleport and she had a very nice trick with it. The same trick and gimmick can be applied to H-Arc. The trick is basically 421A - 421C. Simple enough right? All Arc has to do is have the opponent crossed up from the first teleport (A) or else it'll be half useless. Once you are on the other side of the opponent, super cancel into the second teleport (C). If the opponent moved or used a move while you had them crossed up, they will get caught by the EX teleport. There are many ways to get out of this gimmick, but most of the time, it lands since most people tend to punish you for the first teleport with a move. Even if the opponent blocks it, depending on where you crossed over them, you will be safe from any incoming danger. Also, this is a gimmick, not a legit mixup so do not abuse it.

5) j.2C tech traps - After you end a combo in j.2C, you can catch the opponent from teching either way with 2a or 5b. More preferred towards the corner than midscreen.

6) Normal slam ([2] after throw connect) mixups after a throw are usually jump over into either j.B (high option) or 2a/2b (low option).

7) H-Arc has a fuzzy guard! -
But it is not very reliable. It also takes decent meter (100%) to make a full followup after it whereas Full's is easier and nets decent damage for absolutely no meter. Also only works on a handful of people like Ries and Wara.

8) Ending ground 5A 6AA combos with 2C 236A 236A 214A gains opportunity for a jump mixup on a downed opponent. You can also use j.2C whiff to your advantage here. Also remember that j.B is a guaranteed crossup and that you can air dash cancel from it.

Blockstrings/Frame Traps - Keeping restraints on the enemy.

1) H-Arc's blockstrings can be done in many ways and is the only way she can be unique from her other 2 moons. The main reason for this is because she can cancel and reverse beat all of her normals (omit 4C, only when charged does it cancel into other moves, and 3C). In this fashion, there are unlimited amounts of pressure/blockstrings you can achieve while playing Half.

2) Overall, you should be focused on never leaving the opponent's range of attack, as you can most likely counter it with your faster normals. There are some exceptions, but the main focus is keeping the opponent restrained from doing such attacks. This is your only means of offense, and it is a very rewarding one.

3) As mentioned before, this Arc has the shortest range, so getting in can be a hassle. That's why you are suited for ensuring that once you are into range to begin attacking, you'll stay there and punish anything that moves. Moves like 5C and 2C are her best bets for her range 2 characters away. If you really need to close big gaps, use B elbow. If they are too scared of it, they will jump. Also, elbow closes in on opponents very fast so people can get tricked on speed alone. Use that to your advantage.

4) Once you are in, start a blockstring.

Starters - 5A 6A/2A/5B/5C (since you can reverse beat)
Enders - 2C/214B
Resets - 214A/236A 236A

Using 214A to restart your blockstring is very good since it is neutral and keeps you very close to the opponent. Restarting with a move such as 5A or 5B will ensure that the opponent stays in blockstun or baits any unnatural poke after elbow respectively. Abuse 5C whenever you get a chance to. It has an 8f startup and can be reverse beated by anything you haven't pulled out yet. Her blockstrings are pretty much an adventure since there is no way you can abruptly stop it, unless you use 4C (no charge) or 3C.

5) 5C is straight raw damage combo starter. It is an all purpose to stop backdashing from pressure and bad poking. It is also very fast on the come out, so it is very useful in blockstrings.

6) H-Arc has no legitimate anti air normals, so if people jump out of your pressure, you must expect it and meet it with 623B or early j.A/C if you're lucky.

Melty Blood Auditorium / Its a very special person's birthday today...
« on: December 25, 2008, 06:18:32 PM »
Thanks to Chibi, I totally forgot its my waifu's birthday. Im so busy getting plastered for Christmas I forgot she even existed XD. Im sorry Arc-suri~ baybee and I want to wish you happy birfday. Hopefully you will make me money in this year of 2009.

Is it ok if I use F-moon with you? Just as long as you make j.C crossover for me we're gonna be together forever.

NetPlay Community / Father's Day EC Online Invitational - 6/15
« on: June 14, 2008, 11:01:52 PM »

Time: 6pm EST (keep tabs in #MBAC and/or #ECMB but signups and casuals will be an hour before the tournament begins)
Place: #MBAC and #ECMB

Here are some rules (Ill update when I see fit)
1) This is an EC Online tournament. East Coast niggas get your game up. If you do have ok ping with EC people and you're not EC then you are welcome to play with us. No WC niggas because its lol lag.
2) Standard double elim w/ 2 out of 3 fights. Grand finals will be 3 out of 5.
3) If you end up not having a good ping w/ someone (which I somewhat doubt) you have a choice to either play just one match or to have your place switched up w/ someone else.
4) Unhype and bitchassness will NOT BE TOLERATED!! Niggas need to act like this is BBG in the comfort of your home.
5) If you dont save your replays so help me God you're gonna get shanked.
6) The winner of the first match will have responsibility of the menu for the rest of the set. They will also be responsible for saving replays. When the tournament is over, upload the replays that you have with the exception of top 4.

Player list:
1) Shinobi (Bama - EC)
2) L-Knight (New Jersey - EC)
3) Zar!! (New York - EC)
4) Sp00ky? (New York - EC)
5) Baod (Canada - CANADA COAST BAYBEE)
6) Rayza (Virginia - EC)
7) Solshido (EC)
8. LordPangTong (EC)
9) Insanius (EC)

If enough people can show up we can get some footage flying.

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