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White Len / White Len Setups
« on: December 11, 2007, 07:09:11 AM »
Japan isn't doing crap with this char, so let's do something original for a change and come up with setups ourselves.

I'll start by contributing something I've come up with while messing around, it's kind of like a V.Sion summon in the sense that you sacrifice combo damage for a better okizeme. It only works on a crouching opponent in the corner, but it starts with 623B, so chances are opponent is crouching if it hit anyway.

The basic idea is 623B -> 5B 2B -> raising j.[C]. Depending on the delay between 623B and 5B and between 5B and 2B, the j.[C] will hit or whiff. The options after it are basically:

On j.[C] whiff only:
623[B] 63214A/C
Dash 63214C (abuse that ridiculous range)
Dash 5[B] or similar to beat jumpout attempts on reaction to seeing j.[C]'s trajectory/seeing you dash
63214B (lol)

623A / 5[B] (these will beat jumpout attempts if correctly timed -- note that making sure the j.[C] is raising is especially important for these, otherwise you'll be too slow)
236B (easier jumpout beating, less return, especially if they didn't jump)
623B / 623[A] / 623[B] -> 2A or whatever (standard 623 mixups, potentially made safer by j.[C])
22C -> 2B or something (not sure how useful this is in practice, may be easily reactable to -- doubles as heat/EX wakeup bait)
22A -> 63214A/C or something? (probably terrible idea, may work the first time due to the surprise factor)
IAD -> whatever?

That's about it, I guess. This works on all characters (although timing may require slight modifications between the largest and the smallest ones). Attached is a couple of replays of some options -- not showing more complex stuff like beating jumpouts or baiting EXes because you can't save replays using dummy mode. I know that in the replays I made it pretty obvious what I was going to do, but that's mainly because I didn't want to spend 500 tries re-recording just because I tried to keep it hard to see.

Anyway, I know the setup isn't particularly amazing. I mainly want people to contribute ORIGINAL CONTENT for a change. You are (most likely) not going to be winning any tournaments by keeping your top tier W.Len strats secret until the finals, so go ahead and post.

NetPlay Community / MBCaster (Netplay Tool)
« on: September 08, 2007, 10:01:48 PM »
MBCaster has been updated as of December 26th, 2007. If you are running an older version it is highly advised to update.

Hey guys, I made this thing you can use to play online. It's still in testing stages, but it's relatively playable -- you can get the latest version from the MBCaster homepage on Melty Breadthe MBCaster homepage on

Disclaimer: 99.9% of the credit for this goes to the author of Caster. I just took his really, really awesome netplay tool and made it work with MBAC. Not that it was trivial, but still.

1) Jesus christ! It exploded after game started!
A: Make sure you have the latest version (1.03a as of now)

2) How do I use keyboard controls?
A: Set inputDevice to 255 in config_caster.ini

3) ERROR : mbacPC start failed.
A: Put the MBCaster files in the same folder mbacPC.exe is in.

Relay Information by Bellreisa

Hello, I would like to announce that the relay that we use for IaMP and SWR Caster now supports MBCaster as well. A quick explanation: relay is option 7, which allows you both parties who are unable to directly connect to each other to initiate a connection via a third party and then tunnel through to each other. This is not like Hamachi, where data is sent through someone else; you are still ultimately directly connecting, but using a host to initate the connection.

To use the relay, first make sure neither side can host (if either side can it's easier to just use option 2). Both parties should select option 7, enter port 7500 UDP, and then this IP:, which is the server where the relay is hosted. You should see the prompts "Now waiting for introduction" and "now waiting for response", and it will connect as normal if successful. If you time out with the relay then you may need to resort to Hamachi or figure out how to port forward properly. In order to facilitate spectating, MB Caster will print out the IP and port that you are connected on for you to copy and paste to other people once you are connected. Hope this helps.

n00b Help by Commander Arly

If you're wondering where to get your IP address from, you can use a website like or, or download the Gateway IP Monitor from Netikus.

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