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When's Melty on Steam?
ahaha that's no--wait, what?

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Okay guys, so we've got a certain amount of time before the full version of current code is out.
Theres been complaints here and there about what the demo had to offer, so why not make a list of those issues that need to be fixed? Frenchbread is following us ever since the whole Hydra GP tournament, so they don't mind hearing some American feedback. If you have a reasonable issue with the demo, things to be changed added or whatever, post it in here. We can probably get someone to translate it all and sent it straight to the anime fat cats via twitter. If we don't speak up now ol' St.Manabe and his anime elves probably won't be going in the right direction with the game to make it more gdlk than it was before. So there you have it American Melty Blood Community, get to work and do it fast, compile those lab notes and put it in this thread.

Current Code Wishlist
-Most important #1 little kids getting N64 on christmas.avi-
******CALL MAUVE******

-Training Mode Specific-
Status Display
Unlimited Guard Meter
More jump options:Jump forward,Jump Back, Super Jump, Neutral Super Jump (pauses in between jumps)
Recovery Jump
Random Air Recovery w/delay
Random Down Tech
Recovery special, BE Normals, and command normals
Screen position reset: change corners etc
Kamone Option
Random Bunker
Random Heat Activation

-Replays and Netplay-
Match replays
Input Display for Replays
Lobby system
Ranked Matches
Selection for Matchmaking and to see the quality of the connection (Much like Blazblue?)

Option for old features (fonts, voices, char select music, stage music)

-Alternative selling method-
Distribution on Steam

Akiha's Tea Room / Final Round Shirt Design Thread
« on: October 24, 2011, 08:47:17 AM »
we all got an idea on IRC that we could sell shirts at FR (I hope Larry doesn't mind)

Dunno yet what to put on the shirt, something mbread+fr/melty+fr related (then we gotta figure out if theres any legal issues with that)

Idea was basically just to sell shirts for exposure for the game at FR, and do SHIRT MATCHES, where the winner gets a shirt for free, and the loser has to pay for one but gets a shirt anyways. Debating on what to do with profits, either just selling the shirts straight priced or just putting profit into FR pot for mb.

just an idea
Alright guys, following along with what ehrik "lowspeed"  ehrikson said here, what I want posted is ideas for a design on shirts for FR. The more input we have, the more we can work with and be flexible. In fact, I'll start, how about one with the carnival phantasm ED picture with all the characters with the logo on the bottom? Sounds kinda gdlk to me. So share your ideas, express that style, and generate that hype. You've got the floor community, hit FR with your best shot.

Same story, different day. This thread will be for putting together different ideas for a design on shirts for Final Round coming in quite a few months. So if you've got an idea for a gdlk looking shirt, then feel free to post it in here. After theres been a sufficient amount of input from people, I'll make a poll later for people to decide on whats best. So lets start making that brainstorm guys, with an 120% chance of HYPE coming along with it!

Kouma Kishima / Kishima Kouma current code changes (1.07)
« on: October 03, 2011, 07:28:27 PM »
1.05  - CC 1.07 Changes
For all styles
強化点 Buffs
All 22A/B/C air teleports now have armor added to them
The EX after 214 grabs now blow away the opponent to the corner. Added frame advantage time.
You can't use teleports to rebeat after you've used a normal. For example, j.a>teleport>j.a can't be done anymore.

強化点 Buffs
5B(B) has less knockback, so you can now better perform combos.
The C version of the rekka after 236C blows opponents to the corner. You can't continue on the ground since they can tech on the ground.
22A can OTG relauch. (But you can't follow up, it makes no sense)
J214B can OTG relaunch.
When hit with 6C from the air, it causes bounce and its possible to follow up. It can also OTG relaunch.
J214 A can EX cancel upon landing on the ground with it.

弱体化点  Nerfs
なし? None?

Full Moon
強化点 Buffs
Proration on 2B is increases 70%- >80%
623A damage was increased? 2000->2200
22 moves can OTG relaunch, can follow up after 22B.
J214A can EX cancel on block.
J214B can OTG relaunch.
The knockback on BE2C was decreased.

弱体化点 Nerfs
The damage on 623B was decreased and has added proration (2200 -> 1500) (100% -> 80%)
Normal throw has increased proration

Half Moon
強化点 BUffs
Increased untechable time on 236C. Its not possible to tech until they reach the ground.
5A>6A>6A advances you further.
2C is now the same as crescent moon (The reach is extended, and the hitbox was improved)
The proration on 214 wall slam was increased.
J22B teleport's direction has changed and now goes 40 degrees upward. At the end of the movement animation, you can change sides.
5B is active longer(?)
Hitbox for 623A has improved
J236C's proration was increased

弱体化点 Nerfs
なし? None?

Correct me if I'm off on anything, all 5 and a half of you.

Check out 22B relaunch ridiculousness here by Hirata.

Some Half and Crescent play by Sena Airi, just LOOK at that untech time on 236C, you ain't going nowhere!
Theres also that nifty teleport at 1:27, dem angles yo

Right here you can see more of Sena as he demonstrates that new half court shot Kouma's been developing.

Melty Blood Auditorium / MeltyBread Portfolio Thread
« on: September 11, 2011, 03:45:37 PM »
In case you don't know what this is about, you may need to take a look at Zar's most recent post on the Hydra GP Tournament thread right here:
I like how no one mentioned

this is far too often overlooked in modern ports of fg's. I recall chibi mentioning to me though that the creators of skullgirls implemented a feature in their game that makes pausing mid-match highly unlikely (hold several buttons + start of 5f or so).

Aside from having to develop a GOD-LIKE training mode (which I hope ecole continues to try and build on [gl getting at vf4e status though]), I feel that having the option to switch between arcade and console balance should be considered as well.

As for business-minded suggestions, we should try to construct a "portfolio" of sorts demonstrating our dedication to the game and scene(s) (I *think* this is what komidol was getting at, guys =/).

This site, for one, can be presented to ecole staff along w/ other international sites of the same caliber or better (e.g. that brazilian[?] site cristu mentioned or if EU has stuff setup too). There's the facebook mb acct. as well, I believe (and twitter?). we also have bits of footage which will further display "our" devotion/loyalty/whatever to mb (theres the BBG stuff, evo footage, an mb interview on Rithli's youtube acct., various EU/latin american/S. American youtube and stream footage, the wiki pg, guides and tutorials, etc).
I mean, if they want a reason to even look our way, I feel that we have to put something together that's worth their time so they can shell out the bucks to help us get what we want (and of course what they want. CAPITALISTS BASTARDSSSS).

...but yeah. "It's time to wake up" or however the new meme/catchphase goes.

Anyway, I like what I'm hearing and I made this thread here to compile videos and what not of that old fashioned American Spirit. Its up to us the community to show the big people up at Ecole what we're all about, so I suggest you get posting with links or whatever you can to show our support of everything Melty Blood related.

Put in something  preferably with commentary and plenty of hype of course, they don't wanna see any old Actress Again match vid with Zar, the human Swiss army knife with an OS for every occassion. With that said, I make my move:

Your turn America. Its time to wake up.

Melty Bread Facebook page

Melty Bread Twitter page

^ Yup!

ON Blast in 60 seconds!!!!! (On blast 3) 7/3/10 Brooklyn, NY

LETS GO PEOPLE EVO AROUND THE CORNER GET HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Game Pad
6727 Bay Parkway (Between 67th and 68th Street)
Brooklyn, NY 11204

Here is google map just in case. http://tinyurl.com/yz39r8y

SSF4 (Singles) XBOX 360 MBAA (Singles) PS2


Starting at 4:30-5:00 pm please show up on time will be using tonamento and I can't squeeze you in once bracket is closed.

Double elimination
2/3 matches all the way up until grandfinals.
3/5 will be grandfinals

Entry fee: $5 Venue: $5

1st- 70%
2st- 20%
3rd- 10%

Ps- Yes I know its been a while BUT ITS TIME TO CRANK IT UP!!!!!

Crossposting from SRK, it sure is good to be informed...

Akiha's Tea Room / Fatal/Fake Crucis
« on: November 01, 2008, 03:33:43 PM »
Fully Released as of October 24th, the sequel to what most people know as Fatal Fake; Crucis brings players a new tag team system. The cast of characters include Saber, Archer, Lancer, Caster, Berserker, Rider, Assassin, and True Assassin who is unlockable at the end of the game's arcade mode. The list of masters include Kirei, Shirou, Sakura, Illya, Rin, and Souichiro. Also notable is that Bazette, Dark Sakura, Avenger, and Dark Saber can be playable with a certain game save file. Now the idea is to basically snuff out the enemy master. Both master and servant work as a team in order to do this, and while one plays as a servant, you can call upon the master for support with an assist attack, which of course is different for each master. When in control of a master, you're more vulnerable and risk losing the match, however, if dealt any damage prior to switching, the servant will gain some of its health back and the meter will increase gradually as long as you are under the control of a master. The health regen effect also works vice versa when in control of a servant. Some attacks can hit both master and servant even if a servant is under your control, but thats where command seals come in. There are 3 command spells at your disposal where as you can use it to call out your servant to get out of combos and the like and also vice versa when playing as a master. With a command seal and at least one meter, you can powerup your servant for a certain amount of time and you can either continue attacking with your heightened attack power, or if you have enough meter leftover , usually 2 or 3, you can pull out their Noble Phantasm to deal a devastating blow to your opponent. Thats about as far as game mechanics go. Netplay can be a little laggy at the start but the only reason this game is so laggy is because it demands a perfect sync.  It looks for dropped frames, which causes lag.  If it can’t find the dropped frame it disconnects. Though once it kicks in netplay is pretty golden. Regardless, this has already been made aware to the developers and they are in the process of making a patch to alleviate the problem.
A community....no, a BRIGADE is building and were gathering recruits board by board to bring a netplay scene to this game! We've done some replays, found some bugs, we got contact with the developers for these bugs, guides, and some netplay troubleshooting! We're hella serious about this netplay and want people to join in! You can come to #Crucis off of Rizon on IRC and bring  HYPE in your fists and your game face to the battlefield! Hmph, I'll be waiting........mongrels.......

Gameplay(along with some glitches and etc.):

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