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Akiha's Tea Room / Youtube playlist of shitty music I think is good
« on: March 08, 2011, 08:28:10 PM »
IIRC someone wanted me to suggest music. I said everything Onitsuka Chihiro. Well here's a bunch of songs I listen to that I think are nice from a couple of artists. Also not looking to adding more shit to here because as it turns out a ton of music isn't actually on Youtube, and Mika Nakashima songs are literally impossible to find when not digging for terrible covers because Japan seems to love covering her music.

Yes this thread is retarded but whatever.

Satsuki Yumizuka (Yumiduka) / F Moon vs C Moon?
« on: August 20, 2009, 07:13:40 PM »
So now C isn't like F but pretty much better in every way since F is the only moon that can do 623A mixup.

Pros of F:
-22A/B are great. Also you can gimmick 22B and cancel into 623C if they jump out. 22B also combos into 623C if it hits too.
-You get 623A mixups.
-Shield Counter is nice.
-236[A] is sort of cool (just does a hop forward, leaves you free to do whatever after hop)
-236C is great. Time freezes when she is leaping, so will CH and pass through tons of stuff. Not any slower than crescent 236C despite the hop animation, I checked that you can easily do the same 5C 236C link.
-2A hits low.

Cons of F:
-No dodge or airdodge.
-Crappier 5B.
-Full can't activate whenever.
-No 2C 5C in combos.

Will add more later or something.

Kohaku's Magical Garage / MBAA Guard Bar
« on: May 17, 2009, 03:06:55 AM »
Crescent and Full have 4500 guard bar. Half moon has 7000. I am definitely sure about Half, might be off by 100 for Crescent/Full (I counted 4700 damage after a small break where we accidentally let the guard bar go back up a bit, so 4500 should be right).

At least this was tested on Full/Half. As far as I can tell, Crescent looks exactly like Full in terms of Guard Bar length, and I didn't test how weakening guard bar worked or how much EX Guard healed.

Satsuki Yumizuka (Yumiduka) / MBAA Crescent Satsuki Reference
« on: April 23, 2009, 01:06:37 PM »
As if Sacchin section didn't have enough threads already, here's another one. MBAA Sacchin is totally different from MBAC Sacchin so just thought people might like a reference thread for what she can do.


Superjumps - This is NOT like MBAC superjump. Your momentum dies after a point, and using an attack completely kills your momentum. You can't follow up 22C with superjump j.[C] any more because of this. At distances where her old superjump would go into 4-way, you won't make it all the way now.

Dash - She has a real dash now. Fully cancellable, she no longer has to rely on only IAD j.C to get in. This gives TONS more freedom. Off a whiff cancelled 2C 5A, you can dash 2AA 5B 2C whiff and repeat, IAD j.B/C, dash 2A tick throw, dash 2C, etc. She has REAL blockstring options now, and a bit more combo possibilities because of this. Get creative.

Air Dodge - This is amazing. This replaces her need of superjump airbackdash for oki. Air dodge DOES turn you around if you air dodge and end up behind the opponent, and it WILL NOT TURN YOU AROUND UNTIL YOU COME OUT OF IT. This means it can create some really hard to see crossups where you airdodge a decent distance in front of them and come out just behind them turned around. It keeps some of your horizontal momentum and has a set vertical momentum. Remember, Half moon loses a lot of guard bar strength for using this and shield, Crescent not so much. This will barely have an effect on your guard bar strength in Crescent.

IAD - This is not going to be used as much any more. IAD j.B is still strong, as is IAD j.C, but you can mix it up with dash now. 496 of course is still good to be able to do even with air dodge, because it's a faster way to turn around in the air than airdodge. IAD is now doable with 96, from what I hear. Just keep that in mind.


5A - Same as always. Works as antiair somewhat, MBAA Guide Book says 4f startup and neutral on block, which is always nice. Still the best attack to whiff cancel into, total frames for startup/active/recovery is 1 less than 2A. Oh, it's not really neutral on block apparently. Guidebook numbers go by advantage if the attack hits on the last active frame as a meaty. If it hits on first active frame, it's actually -2. Level 1/2/3 attacks now have 1 less frame of blockstun according to this book.

5B - Same as before, mostly. It has reach and is 700 filler damage in any combo. It doesn't clash any more, as far as I can tell, which actually usually is a good thing. Because of it moving you forward if you cancelled the clash into 5A/2A before, you might move back and they wouldn't hit, and her other attacks were usually too slow to beat whatever the opponent cancels the clash into. 9f startup, 7f active just like before. It's -1 if it hits on the last frame, meaning it's like -7 if it hits on the first frame. Not that it's normally ever left out without cancelling regardless.

5C - Again, same as before. Still useful to whiff cancel into 5A. Nothing I need to say about it that doesn't already apply to MBAC, so it's still just as mediocre and not that useful. Doesn't even have real combo uses now because 3C replaced them.

5[C] - This is actually useful now, I guess. It DOES hit as an overhead now, but if I'm reading the guidebook correctly, this actually comes out 3f slower than 214B? Althought I always thought 214B was slower than 29f in MBAC. Anyways it's a 32f overhead with an untechable launch. Whiff cancelling into 5A on block gives +1 frames, so it's at least much safer than 214B and rewards you much more. Also it's used in Sacchin's impossible BnB.

2A - Same as always. Only difference is the universal 1f less blockstun. Same startup, active, recovery. This does not hit low.

2B - Again, just as useless. 600 damage combo filler from point blank. It doesn't prorate, frames are the same.

2C - I don't know if this is different because I can't tell how the framedataviewer works with charge moves exactly, but this is 5f startup now. This is actually fast enough to beat out pretty much every other B and C move and trade with half the 5A/2As. Of course, same universal combo starter. Always cancel this into something, just like in MBAC (I don't know if anyone else didn't before, but when I was learning to not 214A after every combo I kept leaving this unwhiffed and I could get counterhit by every 2C during recovery since it's so disadvantageous on block).

2[C] - Looks like a really useful stagger now. It gives +3 frames on block apparently. There's nothing in particular that applies to this that doesn't apply to 2C besides you can stagger by holding C pretty well just like in MBAC.

3C - Don't use it in blockstrings, please. It's a tremendous combo starter that's probably much better than 5C was at the job, but it's very unsafe on block and not normal cancellable. On block you're forced to take a counterhit, do 214A (-5 frames), 236A (-4 frames and pushes them far away), or 22A (-11 frames).

3[C] - This is much better for blockstrings. It's only -1f hitting on the first frame, and gives advantage if it hits later. Launcher (not sure how low it's techable if at all, and usually hits counterhit anyways), and goes far enough that it punishes pretty much every backdash. 3C knocks them down like 2C, this actually LAUNCHES high into the air like Nanaya/Tohno 5BB. EDIT: This is completely untechable. 2C will hit after it.

j.A - Same as always. Very fast air to air, gives a combo on counterhit most of the time, extremely good after an EX shield.

j.B - Same as always again. 7f startup is okay, decent hitbox, her most useful air to air attack, just like in MBAC. Easier to get a counterhit combo off of than j.A I believe.

j.C - Best air to ground. 7f for a C move is actually good now as opposed to okay for a B move. Lots of damage and easy to combo off of air to ground. Still ground techable whether on counterhit or not from the air, and groundslams, so try not to use it air to air much. 200 less damage apparently, but that's barely significant.

j.[C] - Hey it's her most useful combo filler now. Prorates 50% and does 1400 damage (I guess this is what they changed in ver A because it probably prorated less and still did full 2100 it used to do in MBAC in vanilla MBAA, and 623[A] probably didn't prorate as much). Don't use it normally. It's a free combo but it's stupid to try to get to actually hit. You can jump cancel this on hit or block, unlike with any of her other aerials. On hit it goes into jump cancel another j.[C].

Throw - Just as bad properties if it does hit. Apparently all throws are now 3f startup, though, which makes them better. It'll do some damage and sure it's a tick throw, but it's not nearly as good as a lot of other character's throws. If you don't NEED the meter, EX Bite is always tons better.

Air Throw - Much worse than before. They don't bounce, so you don't get 4-way any more. On the other hand, yes, it's a 2f attack air to air that can't be shielded and pretty much beats everything else if you're in range, just like every air throw. If you land it, it's some damage. At least it's not techable like Wara's horrible airthrow.

Shield Bunker - Nothing to see here. Same as always, can't be Baraed, still crappy. They're generally terrible for everyone outside of Half moon, and Sacchin isn't an exception. It has uses to get out of blockstun, but it sure as hell isn't as good as Half moon Bunker or Alpha Counter or Dead Angle Attack.


236A - Blockable ground grab. Meh, same as before, don't use it. It's not very unsafe, but has no actual blockstring uses and isn't a good punish for anything.

236B - Unblockable ground grab. Well I can't say it's useless. Same as before, 31f grab that leads into a decent combo if you have meter. Choco blockstrings, anyone?

236C - EX ground grab. It has a vacuum effect like 623C now. I haven't really seen it used at long range, but I assume the effect means the range isn't horrible now. Maybe it's a strong long ranged heat punish, but it still has the same problems with being pretty slow and disadvantageous on block.

623A - Uppercut launcher/Antiair grab. Sacchin swings her arm up in an uppercut. It's a weird move. When the opponent is low to the ground, it launches. I don't know the properties of it, but no one ever uses it for launch over 623[A]. When the opponent is high enough in the air, it grabs them, then tosses them maybe 2 body lengths away behind her. It's totally untechable on the throw, and gives you a strong okizeme. Also, unlike her old 623A, when you throw, you CANNOT OTG them.

623[A] - Similar to the above, but this time the low launcher is what you want. It leads into her BnB. If you manage to hit with this when they are high enough, it will grab them and toss them down right in front of you. As with the above, unlike her old 623B, you CANNOT OTG after this, meaning it's pretty useless for the grab except for some weaker oki.

623B - Antiair grab. This is exactly the same as MBAC Sacchin 623A, I believe. 8f startup, 8f active (Yes, same as MBAC). If it hits, she'll throw the opponent a few body lengths behind her. Airtechable, but if they don't tech you can dash up OTG them.

623[ B ] - This is the same as MBAC Sacchin 623B. Except it actually comes out 1f faster. 14f startup, 2f active (MBAC was 15f startup 2f active). If it hits, she throws them straight down in front of her. OTG 5B/2C/5C or whatever into 623B (MBAC 623A remember) or 623C just like in MBAC. 5B as far as I can tell now DOES hit on every single character while they're knocked down by this and leads into 623C. Excuse the notation, I don't want everything to become bold.

623C - EX Antiair grab. Same as MBAC. 8f startup, 2f active, 34f recovery (more? less? I don't know, 623C's frames are weird in the framedataviewer). Groundbounces, untechable, lots of damage, her biggest combo enabler, sort of. Since she actually has a meterless BnB in this game, you don't need to rely on this nearly as much. Then again, the meterless BnB is impossible, so maybe you do. It should be noted that you CANNOT dash under the opponent after doing this any more, for whatever reason. You'll push them along with you. In MBAC because her dash was stupid, this was never useful. In MBAA where this might have come in handy, it's not doable any more.

214A - Forward moving punch. High reach, jump cancellable on hit, used for some combos and setups, but it's still unsafe on block and nowhere near as useful as it was in MBAC. It is no longer jump cancellable on block, which means it's really not useful in blockstrings outside of Bite tick throws any more, and since you don't really want to use Sacchin's airthrow in this game, it's not useful for combos either. There's still always the stagger 214A and cancel into 214C on hit, but since 214A isn't jump cancellable on block, it's not safe any more. This will always move momentum away from you into the opponent's favor on block.

214[A] - Punch fakeout. She'll wind her arm like she's doing 214B for as long as you hold A, until maybe half a second where she stops (31 frames apparently). It's not really useful. People that see a 214B should just start blocking high regardless, and it's too slow to hold out all the way to really fake out a 2C or anything else effectively. It's also too slow to work as a sort of whiff cancel for anything like Nanaya 22C, so this is pretty much pointless. If only it imitated a move that didn't suck, maybe it'd have uses. Like 214A, this makes you lose momentum no matter what, which is never a good thing for Sacchin.

214B - Forward moving punch. Slow overhead. Launches into like 623C or airthrow on hit. It's not a very good overhead, same as in MBAC, but hey, Choco blockstrings. It's not that bad on block though, only -2, so it's pretty much safe, but it moves momentum away from your favor, which sucks.

214[ B ] - Not very good. Wallslams when fully charged, but it takes 68 frames to come out. Also unshieldable. If it hits, you can get a full j.[C] combo afterwards for a ton of damage.

214C - EX moving punch. Same as always, strong reversal, 9f startup but it's invincible so you don't have to worry about it not coming out. I believe that like MBAC this can trade, but you'll pretty much always do more damage, and it wallslams so it'll always get them off of you. Combo into 2C into whatever near corner, just like before. -2 on block, essentially safe, which is always nice for a reversal.

22A - Ground pound. Same properties as before. Thanks to various changes, though, this is much better than 22B now I believe. 1f faster startup, less unsafe on block, and gives a combo on counterhit, same as always (the changes that make this better are because 22B is much less useful for a reversal).

22B - Ground pound. Much worse. No/less clash I believe. Still cancels into 22C, but why would you? You can't follow 22C up with anything outside of the corner now. More unsafe than 22A, 9f startup, bleh.

22C - EX Ground pound. Her generally most useful reversal, probably. It's 10f startup and completely horrible on block (there's not even disadvantage listed in the book because it'll always push them out of range before the attack finishes and you're left pounding nothing). But the hitbox makes it a better real reversal than 214C. You can't follow this up any more on hit, though, so it's probably not nearly as good regardless.

421A - Anti air dunk. Sacchin leaps up in the air with her arm extended and grabs the opponent. If it hits, will do a dunk them into the ground, and it gives a bounce on the ground that's untechable like her old airthrow. Far enough from the corner, any of her dunks lead into her old 4-way, but that's hard to do. 9f startup isn't very good, but 8f active is. Can riskily catch jumpouts with the great range and active frames, but 421B is slightly better. It's about as unsafe as 623C for catching jumpouts, but hey, people use 623C for that anyways.

421B - Anti air dunk. Same as above exactly, with 2f more startup in exchange for 4f more active. Even better for catching jumps. Not much else to say.

421C - EX Anti air dunk. 8f startup, huge damage, 12f active, huge hitbox, it's sort of like 623C as anti air. IF they jump, it's easy to land. If they see it, you're gonna get punished. Again, can go into 4-way facing out of the corner. Punish IAD pressure with it if you want, but it's risky.

632146C - EX Bite. I think it's better in this game. Guide book says 3f startup, with 0f post-flash. That's incredibly fast. Properties should be the same, maybe 6216C still works as the command, it's a good tick throw, since her normal throw is pretty bad, and she doesn't need meter as bad in MBAA.

j.632146C - Air EX Bite. Completely worthless for anything as far as I can tell. The only time I've ever seen it hit was when I kept trying to do it against a computer and it hit once. It has 9f startup, 3 post-flash, which means it's much crappier than her airthrow and ground EX bite, without any beneficial properties I believe. It can't be comboed into either. Maybe you can use it as a joke, but this attack may as well as have not been added, because it really has no use. Apparently it's only 15f recovery, but that doesn't matter on whiff because you'll get punished regardless of it being 15 or 20 something. You can OTG afterwards but you don't get any real combo unless you have meter to OTG into 623C.

41236C (Heat or MAX) - Arc Drive. 16f startup, 12 post-flash, but invincible. Only good for going through other attacks at very close range. Same as MBAC, pretty much. Not a good move.

41236c (Blood Heat) - AAD. 12f startup, 6 post-flash. Same uses as MBAC, but I don't know if you can do the whole combo into it while in MAX by activating after a 623B sort of thing in this game. WILL grab them out of the air, and can be comboed into from 623C as always. It's a deceptively strong attack, but the problem is you actually have to be in Blood Heat to use it, which makes it an easy read. But at point blank, it's actually hard to get out of safely.

Last Arc - It does more damage. Nothing else to say.


There's a lot of possibilities here. Essentially, anything that bounces/launches and isn't techable links into just about anything (5[C], j.[C], and 623C). 2C goes into 3C or 5C, and 3C goes into 623[A] while 5C goes into 623C. 623[A] goes into j.[C] j.[C], but it's her impossible BnB and most Japanese players can't do it consistently. End all combos with 623A if possible. Her meterless BnB is something like this:

2A 5B 5C 2C 3C 623[A] j.[C] jc. j.[C] land 66 5[C] 2[C] 2C 5C 623A
EDIT: 5[C] only works in corner and is strict. Also, the "best" groundstring is 5BC 2C 3C 623[A]. I'm seeing certain players not use 623A and just ending combos with 623C or whatever. You have options.

With meter (I believe this is right, only in corner):

2A 5B 5C 2C 3C 623[A] j.[C] jc. j.[C] land 66 5[C] 2[C] 2C 3C 623[A] 623C 2C 5C 623A

There's plenty of room for variation, you can do 623C early and get the damage from that, and still go into 2C 3C 623[A] etc. Off of 623A, you can:

-Dash forward jump. This goes into airdodge mixups, and you can hold forward and air backdash to try to land a j.C, or whatever. See Kouma Sandoori.
-Superjump. Jump again when you're over their head and then airdodge for some really obscure possible crossups.
-Dash 2AAAA. Ok, it's not a mixup, but it's pressure. If they see the 2A they're probably not going to reversal, and a reversal can beat out your other mixups. Hey, Kouma players do it a lot, and it's not actually bad, even if it's a bit dumb.
-(Walk back a few steps? Pause? Don't really know, probably character dependent) Superjump into 4-way. It's possible, there's a few more options because of air dodge, and it's pretty strong. Don't know if it's really doable in it's full MBAC form, or if it's actually hard to block with this setup, but it's definitely doable. The "strongest" option off of this is still 496, if you can do it.

You can end combos in other ways of course. Airthrow puts you in neutral. 623[ B ] gives you the same 623B oki from MBAC, same for 623C and 2C. Try whatever. Unlike in MBAC, she has no set few ways of mixups that work very seamlessly. Hell, even in MBAC on a high level people used 4-way more sparingly because it was so commonly used it became easy to deal with. Instead, now she gets tons more options.

I may add more if anything comes up. Obviously if anyone else has combos I'll put them up. I don't know if I'll do a writeup for Half/Full, but Full isn't too different and Crescent is the one I know the most about.

Hisui & Kohaku (Team) / MBAA Maids
« on: November 17, 2008, 01:54:37 AM »
Most of the maids info has been posted in Kohaku section, but I'm making this topic cause there's stuff that belongs here better, especially with Kohaku solo having more advantages over maids team in MBAA. Here's what I know, but most of this is 2 days old and I forgot some of it.

Played Half Moon Maids through arcade mode. All I really cared to know was that Half keeps Kohaku's ridiculous 623C, and it does. I don't know the framedata but that shit is insane. I know for a fact it's under 5f invincible startup because I've seen it counter 5As, seems air unblockable, does 3000 damage that slams them to the other side of the screen, and fully safe on block, and from what I can tell under 15f from start to finish, so even on whiff unless they're almost close enough to just barely be out of your range it's almost impossible to punish.

Assists of course have changed:

Hisui: Don't remember A, B does 5C chair, C does 6AAA autocombo
Kohaku: A does spinny plant (it's really slow), B is molotov, C does 6AAA autocombo, also I might have gotten A and B mixed up

Also I played Full Moon Maids for 1 round just to experiment and didn't get to really do much. Basically:

-236A/B/C have been replaced. They are now assists, so Kohaku loses her full moon sword wave and Hisui loses ladle stab.
-236 assists are now sort of... unique? I barely got to try anything but essentially one of the inputs when held makes the partner run/jump depending on which button, and pressing a second button after makes the partner do an attack. I don't really remember what button does what, but it's something like 236[ B ]B makes Hisui run until you let go of B, then swings her 5C chair at them, while 236[ B ]A makes her do her 5B. I'm pretty sure 236A is just a normal assist, and 236C makes her jump. Although again I really don't remember. All I know is you do 236 and hold a button to make your partner move, and press a button to make them attack.
-236D recharges your hearts without switching.
-Full moon and half moon get different 214 assists, but I didn't get to test them/remember them enough to know anything other than at least some of them are different, and Hisui has a ladle stab assist that gives lots of +f. Well I do remember that 214A takes 1 heart, 214B takes 2, 214C takes 3, and always scale in how good the assist is with how many hearts it uses.

Nero Chaos (Nrvnqsr) / MBAA Nero
« on: November 02, 2008, 09:19:54 PM »
I can't believe no one has made this thread yet. I played Full Moon today (yeah I've been playing a lot of full moon just to see the changes and since I know I can't really get anything out of other styles since I can't do execution on a stick).

-5C is rhino. That shit is AMAZING. Very fast, huge range, combos into 4C for launch.
-6C is mouth. Short range and I hit it accidentally, but 6[C] is a fairly fast grounded overhead for Nero, and it hurts. I saw someone win with 6[C] 6C once, and I don't know how valid comboing out of it is out side of the corner, but 6[C] alone hits for like 1800. If you can get like 6[C] pause 5C 4C j.C x3 j.throw I'm expecting something like 4500 damage from a simple overhead mixup.
-2C is now the NAC 6C thing. Don't complain about it, it might not have quite the vertical range as his old 2C, but much better horizontal range is nice. Also it DOES have a solid vertical range. Don't know what charging it does, but it's chargeable and a fairly fast charge. 2BC is a working launcher.
-2A is a bit shorter, 5A is about the same, 2B is the same.
-5B is choppers. Less range than old 5B of course, but it's much faster. Unsafe though, but it's powerful AA if they don't outrange it.

-236A and C are the same. We all know what 236B does so I won't elaborate.
-214A/B are antlions now, and 214A is worse than before I think. I didn't hit with it, but it seems to just be a single launching hit now rather than the old chewing thing, and it moves faster so it's no longer as good for setups or what not. 214B looks basically exactly the same. Maybe it has a slightly bigger hitbox or something.
-214C is the giant gator. It's stupid and you really shouldn't use it. Range is good but it's slow and probably will never hit.
-421 is now creepers. 421A goes behind, 421B in front, 421C around the screen several times.
-63214C is now mosquito swarm. It doesn't do as much and doesn't wallslam like the old claw, but it's not disadvantageous on block.

Honestly I really like full moon Nero and don't see why people aren't playing him more. A good 5C is a huge gain and a solid 6C doesn't hurt either. The losses seem quite small, like 236B is now different but I wouldn't say worse, and deer vs creeper is debatable but I don't think creeper is bad. 5B is definitely the biggest loss, but the new 5B doesn't suck.

Neko Arc / MBAA Neco Arc
« on: November 02, 2008, 09:05:58 PM »
Yeah, no one really cares, but just for the sake of it being new, I played a bit of full moon Neco Arc.

-Her 5C is now double claw swipe, more range than before. Most other ground normals are the same AFAIK.
-Her j.B is the same, but her j.C is a really long reaching extendo kick.
-She still has rocket and her 623 poking thing, and keeps the same 22A/B/C.
-I did not check for 63214C or 2222C, but I assume they're both still there in full moon.
-I honestly have no idea if she has the summoning move she does in crescent, since I could not really do DP motions on stick. I did 623B once, and tried 421 but am not confident in me actually ever actually getting 421 over 214 and tk 2147.
-Her 214 is now weird. Someone posted it, 214A hides and pops up, 214B hides and pops up, but you can hold it to make her follow the opponent. Don't remember what 214C did, but it isn't an EX. The popping up makes you go up in the air, and it does damage.
-Her 236 in full moon is absolute shit. She does a really slow jump up, then lasers downwards. 236C makes her jump and do the G666 sweeping laser. It's like those auto tk flametongues but much much worse, and those auto tk flametongues are quite bad.

EDIT: Full moon Neco Arc has an airdash now. It's like Wara/Kouma/Tohno H airdashes, but goes down at a slight angle. Also it goes as far as you hold the button.

Kohaku's Magical Garage / MBAA Full Moon Last Arcs
« on: November 01, 2008, 10:34:46 AM »
Before someone starts getting on me about this, I'm gonna say I MAY be wrong, but at the same time I can say it's quite unlikely. I've played a bit of FM, and I've found the damage to simply be really inconsistent between me playing the game and various videos. For the 2 characters I've done LAs with:

Riesbyfe: I have seen her LA hit around 5500-5700 once in a video, and a bit over 6500 in one video. The one time I got it off, it did 3500.
Mashable? Maybe, but it just doesn't seem right.

Warc: Her LA damage has been around 5500-6500 damage in various videos, just like Ries, but the one time I got it off, it did over 9000 damage. Again, it MIGHT be mashable, but I have a hard time believing that in a normal situation most players will only mash away maybe 1000 damage at most for Ries AD while the computer completely reduces it, and then have almost every player playing against Warc mash away 3000 damage never failing. It's possible, but I find it highly unlikely.

And yes, these numbers are all from Full Moon, so there's no rebeat.

Honestly, I have no idea what does cause this. But I have a few guesses. There aren't really that many factors that can actually affect LA damage that much, but it might have something to do with the strength of your guard bar, the difference between life you have/the amount of life they have left (I've seen LA finishes, but the time Ries LA did 3500 they were left with about 200 hp, and the Warc LA that did over 9000 damage left them with very low life too). It could also have something to do with the amount of time you held the shield, but I find that really unlikely as all the LAs in geesendou videos are done of instant shields while my weak Ries LA was done of a fairly long held shield and my Warc LA was done of a slightly held shield. Unless the amount of power is supposed to go up as you hold longer for the first half second then weaken after that, held shield explanation isn't right. I really don't know. There's a very limited number of factors that could be in place, since Full Moon has no rebeat, and the variance is quite big. There's gotta be something behind it.

Neko Arc Chaos / NAC 3v3 OCV
« on: September 14, 2008, 02:58:33 AM »
<Ultima66> what
<Ultima66> NAC OCV in a 3v3
<@aikusat``> wat
<Light_> kusai na~
<Ultima66> the fuck
<Ultima66> I feel bad for the other team

There you go I guess.

Melty Blood Auditorium / Bad days
« on: August 22, 2008, 04:36:35 PM »
Yeah I was doing alright until Touhou 11 came out, then I didn't touch MB for a week and now I started playing again... and it's just been bad. It's not so much my execution even, but stuff is just going wrong everywhere. My shields are always timed badly, it seems my attacks always come short or have too low priority, I can't get out of the corner, when I do get counterhits I can't follow up, and so on like that. Also it seems like I can't even find an answer to someone constantly double jumping over my head (no not crossups). Nothing I do seems to hit them and it feels like all I can do is keep blocking till I screw up. Anyone else had this experience?

Satsuki Yumizuka (Yumiduka) / A few questions
« on: August 10, 2008, 10:23:39 AM »
I need a few questions answered because I decided to start playing this character more than Kouma now.

1 - What do you do after j.throw to actually go into 4-way? I know you have to take a step in some direction and superjump, but don't know what direction or the timing of the superjump. Also is there a way to get j.throw more consistently after 214A? I've seen people write j.C j.throw in her combo but don't see how that works since even trying off a j.[C] bounce there's no way to hit with both j.C and j.throw, never mind off the strict timing required after 214A.

2 - What are the uses of her 22 attacks? I know 22C is like 214C as there's a few wallslam combos that can be done with them if you have the extra meter, but how important are they? Also is 22A or 22B a better defensive move? How to land a combo after a air/ground 22A/B, with or without counterhitting?

3 - Does 214A have any uses in blockstrings? It looks like there's massive disadvantage on block and even on hit there's disadvantage unless cancelled into a jump. Or are you always supposed to jump cancel it?

4 - Is there a way to ensure connecting the ground loop from j.B or j.C? I know counterhit j.B in the air is untechable, but a j.B hitting someone while they're on the ground doesn't seem to stun them long enough to hit with a ground attack. Also j.C will sometimes go into a ground attack for me if I was low enough when doing the attack, but if I was too high I'll land too slowly and they can block again. Right now after a j.C I tend to use 2C, so would doing 2A 5B 2C 5C guarantee the 2A to combo off the j.C?

Also a bit of general help. I actually can beat my friend's Hisui with my random Warc thanks to a great j.B range, blood rings, and really fast 623C as a reversal, and sometimes with my Kouma depending on how well I can get him with throw mixups, but I can't with my Satsuki. Approaching by air is hard for me because Hisui's j.C has a lot of range and I can't do much about Stuff-fu. A lot of time I can shield Stuff-fu and then take a combo anyways because of the cooldown on the shield, and Satsuki can't approach things from the ground, where I could try to simply shield into attack, but I'm never close enough when I shield in the air. Also I can't read his Hisui well with shielding in general because he tends to not j.C when in range going up during a jump and instead opts to double jump away and try to land j.C at pretty random times. I whiff shields a lot because of this and how slow Stuff-fu comes out sometimes (I have tried to shield and whiffed then gotten hit with it when if I had just used a j.C I could have hit him and gotten ch). And naturally when I don't have an extra jump and he throws out AD there's usually nothing I can do, especially with a character that stays in the air as much as Sacchin. What approach should I take here?

Kohaku's Magical Garage / Counterhit and combo weakening over time
« on: April 17, 2008, 07:53:06 PM »
Ok so I have 2 damage questions.

First of all, do counterhits add damage? It seems they do from the fact that my combos can do several hundred more damage when I start them with a counterhit j.C for characters like Kouma, then into their normal BnB. Also, when I'm playing against the computer Kohaku, twice now I've been counterhit by EX Molotovs, and they've done well over 3800, once hitting around 4100 damage. I'm fairly sure it shouldn't ever do over 4000 alone, but it did when I got counterhit right in the middle of it. Still, I'm not sure and I just wanted to check since even given I was right in the middle of the EX Molotov, I've never thought a single EX could hit over 4000 damage without being part of a combo.

Also, I don't think anyone's really observed this before, since it's so impractical, but when I'm in practice and working on a combo a part at a time, I noticed that as you do a combo over and over, it weakens. For example, I was working on Sion's Cutting Sync resets, while leaving out the 2A 2A at the beginning, and I noticed that I would do the first part of the loop for like 2500, then they fall down, get up, and I start the combo over, the second time it would drop to like 2100 with nothing else changed, then it would go to like 1600, and it kept dropping. Once I started the combo off with 2A 2A, it immediately went back to full damage. Actually, now that I think about it, it could be Reverse Beat penalty, but just wanted to make sure, since I didn't know Reverse Beat penalty could carry over between combos.

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