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When's Melty on Steam?
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Tune in tomorrow evening for the grand finale of the prestigious GenericSuperhero Masters Invitational Open event series, brought to you by Team St1ckbug. 

The player list this time includes Final Round top 4 placers Tonberry, Lord Knight, Garu, and Ehrik, as well as
international superstars GenericSuperhero, St1ckbug, and Chelsea,
NYC casual and GenericSuperhero's former teammate Fox,
and top Japanese speaker/liaison Komidol.

The event will be streamed and hosted by Team St1ckbug LLC.  The schedule of events includes GenericSuperhero's makeup bracket money matches against FR top 3, freeplay, and perhaps a TOP TIER RED V WHITE.  Top stream monsters Roku, Zar, and Sogos are likely to be in virtual attendance.

Team St1ckbug's stream may be located by googling st1ckbug stream.

It was a fair and warm day on Saturday, the beginning of the Invitational.  A steady inflow of competitors began at around 5 PM, which led to a staggered start of the event.  Unfortunately, there was no stream available because only all of the real players in the tristate were at the event, and none of said players own a stream setup.  The events of Saturday night kicked off with some casual warmups and an opening banquet, during which an ethnic family with the audacity to sit near the Masters competitors was thoroughly drowned out in profanities.  The main event of the night was the Masters Invitational $NJ$ Round Robin Danisen, which resulted in a three way tie.  All three players progressed to the 10th dan.  The winners of each match are underlined below.

GenericSuperhero (C-Nero) vs Tonberry (C-Maids)
Tonberry (C-Maids) vs LordKnight (H-Kohaku)
LordKnight (H-Kohaku) vs GenericSuperhero (C-Nero)

It was a stunning competition full of what could only be called brilliances.  The matches were full of moments of immobilizing tension and the crowd was brought to tears by several heroic turnarounds.  Replays of the matches were saved.  All of the replay files are broken so there will be no video recap.

Sunday's events saw a late start.  The competitors feasted and drank for 4 hours before beginning the main event, the Masters Invitational Open Round Robin.  This highly anticipated competition moved along swiftly, with GenericSuperhero quickly vanquishing all opposition.  The rankings follow:

1. GenericSuperhero (Nvrsqrd Chaos)
2. WyvernLord (F-Arcueid)
2. Zaelar (C-Ciel)
9. MasterChibi (H-Hisui)
5. Pincher (H-Kohaku)

In order to try to beat GenericSuperhero at something, the group then taught him how to play TantoCuore.  In a true act of magnanimosity, the Yomi King obliged his denizens.  He won his first game and was finally defeated by a devious alliance of all the other players in the second game.  The other competitors quickly fled with their victory, allowing no redemption.  Such is life.

What are the results, really, of the event?  Only time will tell.

On Saturday, February 4th, the second GenericSuperhero Masters Invitational Open will take place at an undisclosed location in South Jersey!  Everyone is invited!  Please PM for address details because I don't like publicly posting such things.  The event will take place at my apartment, wherein participants may stay overnight (no sleeping equipment provided!) depending on space availability.  Please remember to bring setups because the venue doesn't have any!  There is enough room for 4+ setups.

Kohaku's Video Room / Introductory Video Compilation
« on: January 01, 2012, 06:17:51 PM »
It seems like a good idea to make a compilation of videos that showcases the best and hypest of MB while showing the variety of playstyles/characters to potential new players.  The purpose would be to show the exciting and intellectual nature of play while exposing the newbie to different kinds of playstyles/charas that he might be able to relate to.    If we also put in links to teaching videos, it would be a great sort of intro thread for newbs.

yeah, it would be nice if there were something like that.

Tournaments and Events / $NJ$: The GenericSuperhero Oktoberfest Invitational
« on: September 29, 2011, 06:22:51 PM »
This Saturday, on October 1, the final GenericSuperhero Oktoberfest Invitational of the year will be held at an undisclosed location 1 hour east of Philadelphia and 20 minutes west of Atlantic City.  The included events will be MBAA and Russo-German themed alcoholism.  Everyone is invited!

The official gaming events will begin Saturday evening at 6-7PM and will continue on to Sunday evening 6PM.  Those who wish to stay over and do not pose a hygienic threat may do so with their own comforts.  Illegal drugs and contraband are prohibited and players will be held financially responsible for material damages to the premises.

I will PM location details and contact information to applicants who PM me or post indicating their intentions to attend in this thread.

On Saturday in the late morning to early evening, there will be an Oktoberfest taking place in Smithville, NJ.  Anyone who wants to arrive earlier in the day or in the morning to play may do so, but should be aware that the venue will be vacated for some time between then and the official event in order to pay homage to the brotherly spirit of Bavaria.  Those who wish to join in this endeavor are welcomed to inquire.

Tv's, setups, and sticks will not be supplied by the venue.  Vodka and beer will be.  Bringing setups for other games, preferably SSF4, is welcome.

Tournaments and Events / $NJ$ vs America at NEC
« on: November 10, 2010, 10:55:22 PM »
This event will take place on Saturday night after the Teams Events, probably in one of the primary hotel rooms for MB (unless BigE is trying to do something with this or we can get it on after the teams tourney).  Keep your ears open as it will be on something of a hearsay basis of operation.  I'll make an announcement at the end of the MB Teams tournament on what time/where specifically.

We are the three martial KING$ of $NJ$.
LORD KNIGHT, the undefeatable king
TONBERRY, the secret king
and GENERIC SUPERHERO, the psychic king

and we hereby invite you all.  Prove that American Melty can defeat $NJ$.  Prove that we are not the unbeatable KING$, that we cannot romp about using your bloody corpses as a fleshy red carpet.  Prove that YOU are not just a plebeian, that you are worth at least a footnote!

We extend a challenge to the entire American MBAA scene to come beat us and prove that $NJ$ alone is not better than all of America.  As it stands, we will declare that we are.

Throughout NEC, the $NJ$ vs America challenge will be held according to the following rules:

Team $NJ$ will consist of the three KING$.  Each of us will donate 10$ to the pot.  Anyone is welcome to challenge $NJ$, and the challenge event ends when there are no more available challengers or $NJ$ is beaten.  Challengers will be accommodated within reason but have to actually come and play.  We're not going to wait for you to come play three hours after the event because you're busy playing SSF4 and we're (probably) not going to take random single challenges at 2PM between tournaments.

There will be at most two sessions during which challenges will be taken (these will be streamed/recorded if possible); the time frame is yet to decided and will be flexible to accommodate players.  During these time ranges $NJ$ will be available to take challengers.  Obviously, it'd be more fun/easy/hype to consolidate all the challenges.  The reason for the potential of two sessions is that the event will likely be unofficial and run in the rooms and we'd like everyone who wants to play to have a chance within their schedule limits.  That's also the reason for the general flexibility of challenges.  And although the challenge schedule is flexible, that's only in case you have a legitimate reason to make us wait.  It's in your benefit to play us continuously to tire us out.  Ideally, we'll just do this all at once with everyone there if people are able to.

Basically, this is a 3 vs America team tournament in Japanese single elimination style with a twist to America's benefit.  The three $NJ$ KING$ will be a normal team with a Pokemon style lineup (we have a set order and you have to eliminate the current player in the lineup to get to the next one)

Each challenger donates 5$ to the pot.
 Each challenger plays a single game (two victories) in a Japanese style single elimination match against the current $NJ$ player ($NJ$ players will have a pokemon style lineup-you have to eliminate the current player to proceed to the next).  If the challenger loses the match, he is eliminated from the challenge.  If the challenger wins the match, the $NJ$ player is eliminated and the challenger proceeds to the next player in the lineup, just like in a normal teams tournament.  Everybody has only one life: aka if you're eliminated once you're out of the event (including $NJ$).

Here's the twist:
Any rounds won against the current $NJ$ player will be tallied up.  If an $NJ$ player loses 5 rounds total, he is eliminated even if he won all the games.  If he loses his fifth round in the middle of a match, that match will be finished and if the $NJ$ player wins the match both players are eliminated.
In summary, there are two ways for a $NJ$ player to be eliminated: he must either be beaten in a match or accumulate 5 lost rounds.

Challengers must be beaten in a match outright.
To reiterate: once an $NJ$ player is eliminated once, that's it for him.

This victory will not prove that $NJ$ is officially better than the rest of America; it will reaffirm it.  This is your chance to disprove what now stands as fact.

Pot Split:

If $NJ$ wins by beating all challengers, we get the pot.

If the entire $NJ$ team is eliminated, the pot is split evenly between the challengers who won rounds against KING$ in proportion to how many rounds they won.  Any challenger who actually wins a match against a $NJ$ player gets treated as though he won however many rounds the $NJ$ player still had in his stock.  For example, if I have lost one round to someone and someone else beats me in a match, he gets a share of the pot for that accomplishment equivalent to having beaten me in 4 rounds.  The guy who won the other round gets a share equivalent to having won 1 round.  Likewise, if someone beats me in a match before I've lost any rounds, it's as if he's beaten me for 5 rounds.  This cannot work against the challenge's favor- so if he beats me in a match when I've already lost 4 rounds before playing him, he still gets 2 rounds worth of pot share.
Sample Split:
Player A won 5 rounds
Player B won 5 rounds
Player C won 5 rounds:
they split the pot into thirds
any value of cents will be rounded up to the nearest dollar and covered by me personally

The pot will be 30$ to start from our donations.  If 25 people challenge, the pot will be 155$, so a 1/3 split would be over 50$ to each challenger for a 5$ risk.  If you were to win 1 round share out of 15 total, you'd be making back a little more than double your donation, and I hope around 25 will challenge.  Anyway, it's more about the hype and pride points: the money is just to keep things serious and add to the fire.  You only win money if AMERICA BEATS $NJ$ so get hype for your teammates

Please pre register here
so we can get an idea of who will be playing, and PM me if you have special time requirements (ie: leaving the tourney at night, only coming for a day, etc)

If there are less than 10 challengers total, our round stocks get reduced to 3.  Which still means each of you has to win a round.  The more challengers, the better chances you have.  If less than 10 players think they can random out a round on one of us, you've already told us that $NJ$ is invincible.

Team_Purple (who is that does he play melty?)

This event will take place on Saturday night after the Teams Events, probably in one of the primary hotel rooms for MB (unless BigE is trying to do something with this or we can get it on the teams tourney setups).  Keep your ears open as it will be on something of a hearsay basis of operation.  I'll make an announcement at the end of the MB Teams tournament on what time/where specifically.

Nero Chaos (Nrvnqsr) / Interest Query
« on: November 10, 2010, 06:26:06 PM »
I'm down to field questions and maybe write a very exhaustive guide on C/F Nero in MBAA.  However, I won't be writing a guide if there isn't a significant number of people who actually want to learn the character.  So, if anyone's interested post here.

Tournament Results / Rumble at the Mills
« on: July 25, 2010, 07:55:09 AM »
Browns Mills World Championship Results:

1. Chivas (LK)
2. GenericSuperhero (C Nero, C Kouma)
3. Lord Knight (C Warc, H Koha)
4. St1ckBug (C Miyako)
5. Appleton (C)
6. Ian (H Koha)
7. Pfhor (C Koha)
8. Brandino (F Ciel)
9. MasterChibi (H Hisui)
10. The Demons (us)

Melty Blood Auditorium / ECT
« on: March 31, 2010, 05:26:03 PM »
Everyone go.  This to nag at people who don't check that topic anymore because they weren't interested in a random tourney in NJ.  This is now evo prequalifiers with a 200$ pot bonus

Melty Blood Auditorium / IMPORTANT: 5 D's of Melty: Sticky this Please
« on: February 28, 2010, 11:31:39 PM »
These days there are many ways to play melty blood.  But however, the game mechanics make favor certain strategies for victory.  Careful observation of top players in the game as well as logical reasoning point to a universally effective strategy.  This strategy can be summarized in 5 points which are listed below.  For ease of reference, please call this strategy guide the 5 D's of melty.  It has been carefully crafted based on real evidence in history and cross referencing of probability of victory per different strategies.

This is a scientific method of winning in melty blood.  It is proven effective at all levels of play and is the most surely way to close the gap between player experience.  I may not be a top melty blood player, but I am a top scientist in my field and have a lot of experience with efficiency testing.


Dragon Punch
Dragon Punch

Further adding on to this, one can extrapolate a seventh D of melty which is Arc [D]rive.  These methods have a chi square value of .01 when P=.05 with ten degrees of freedom.  Using the scientific method we can become the next worldchamp.

Its very simple.  One must use all of the five D in moderation in order to win.  By following the suggested sequence above or using you're own method to randomize selection, he or she may become a top player.  At the top level of play, he or she may select which D to use based on his "yomi", or psychic power.  However, make sure to always use a D on wakeup and never give up no matter.  Remember that everyone started out like you, in the beginning.  Defeatism can only lead to defeat so you must always be optimism.

"Blue blue glass moon, under the crimson air"
-Melty Blood

Happy Hunting!

Melty Blood Auditorium / Regarding MBAA H-Mech Hisui
« on: February 07, 2010, 04:58:56 PM »
I propose that all Americans refuse to play people who are playing as H. Mech Hisui.  I believe that upon close inspection, any reasonable person will find this cause self explanatory and the justification self evident.

Melty Blood Auditorium / About EVO teams
« on: February 02, 2010, 03:20:33 PM »
Hey guys, obviously the spotlight is on the vote right now, but let's also start talking about teams tournament.  This shit will go down whether we are a main event or not, and has the potential to draw out a lot of the players who are currently on the "if it ain't main event i ain't goin" train.  I think that because of the main event potential people are forgetting the potential hype of EVO team tourney.  It's pretty conceptually hype that in the middle of the country all the regions can meet and have a teams tourney with regional teams and/or cross country teams competing en masse.

So, we had that Melty Cup thing before with the high stakes team tournament, but not that many teams were present.  Well, MBAA is a lot bigger than MBAC and people are more hype about it, so even if we don't have an intimidatingly high entry fee like 50$ per person, a higher than normal stakes team tournament with our presently larger demographic has the potential for a huge pot and ridiculous hype.

So, how do people feel about a high stakes team tourney?  The entry could be anything.  Even making it like 25$ per person would keep it relatively accessible and the pot would be 1000$ with just 40 people, the turnout of BBGxii.  I don't know about other people, but the prospect of competing with my teammates for a 1000+$ pot against teams from across the country would be pretty alluring to me.  I think because of the main event vote, people are losing sight of how epic MBAA will be even without the "special" badge.  We should start getting hype about EVO in general, not just praying to be a main event.

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