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When's Melty on Steam?
ahaha that's no--wait, what?

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People posting things super last minute, as always.

Tempered's been around, unless you're saying you were texting him or something and he isn't responding.

This would probably be a lot easier if you guys would join the LINE group (even though that thing is responsible for killing the Dustloop thread... well, that and Dustloop itself). Or if you don't want to do that, I could create a Discord server or something.

Master+ when?  At least for the event songs that already have charts made.  Will never understand why you would want to restrict content like that  :bricks:
In most games, the highest difficulty content is generally played by a very small fraction of the playerbase -- I would hazard a guess that no more than 5-10% of the game's playerbase would play on Master+, as that is the trend with most music-rhythm games.

With that said, development staff at Bamco did confirm they are working to add Master+ charts for all of the songs Soon(tm) in the latest issue of Famistu, so it's in the works.


On another note, I would say that we should get together and do stuff, but I think a bunch of you went to the ranbat and I didn't because a) I'm lazy and b) I don't play Xrd.

There hasn't been any activity here (or anywhere, really)... anyone coming by tonight?

For Carlos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFn7aqwoxTo
Was there ever any doubt???

Also, 3pm-12am? Ouch. It's one of those. I'm usually awake at midnight on Fridays, I just dunno if people would wanna meet up that late. lol Though I might pass with the Titanfall 2 pre-alpha tech test this weekend. :-X
After playing the Titanfall 2 alpha/beta/demo/whatever a bit... you're better off coming here and playing Arcana or some shit. It's right up there with SF5 in terms of the biggest disappointments of the generation so far. I don't like any any of the system changes and the maps and game modes they included in the test are absolutely dire. Honestly, I would rather play Blops 3 at this rate.

HMS 3 has super armor???  I'm not complaining, but why would you do that?  :psyduck:  It's kind of depressing to see Acid Rain be Violet-only.  Unless Violet is just a palette swap for Lee, in which case disregard this complaint.

Sat will probably be better for me since I'm sleeping nights atm.  Sometimes.
Violet is a skin for Lee, so you're good.

Yeah, I have the total from the trip. It was $90 per person for the room and $15 per person for gas, and you can either pay that either in cash or by Paypal or a death loli can come get it from you (but you probably don't want that... unless you do).

My work schedule recently changed but Friday and Saturday nights are still good (or as "good" as they have been in the past for me) so there aren't any changes there.

@Tempered: rejoice, Deresute is bringing back limited idols from Sep-Apr.  You can go broke trying to get Mika again  :toot:  Meanwhile, I'll be cutting myself over SSR Riina  :emo: :emo: :emo:
My rent moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

And when you live by the Scamco, you die by the Scamco. I'm half-surprised they didn't introduce re-colored versions of those SSRs to work around their fuck-up.

Ayup, ranbat this Saturday. Side games are N+B and MBCC.

Just in case people forgot, the monthly ranbat is this Saturday. Come out as I'll be running Melty and GGAC+R and Aquapazza, everyone's favorite games!

Melty Blood Auditorium / Re: MBAACC Framedisplay
« on: April 29, 2016, 01:27:18 PM »
Which Visual Studio redistributable package is this application expecting? I got errors complaining about msvcp140.dll and vcruntime140.dll missing, but once I added those DLLs manually the application seems to run fine.

Also: did you ever release an update to the music tool to add support for the Steam version?

Deadpool movie is fantastic.  We should consider watching it this weekend, though keep in mind theater will be packed.  Next week is that local tourney, something else to keep in mind.  I probably won't go; not really feeling much love for the lineup.  UNIEL is the only thing on there I somewhat enjoy playing and haven't touched it since that last ranbat, and I have better uses of $20.
What, you don't want to play a real, honest fighter that demands solid fundamentals and good footsies?

Street Fighter 5? Huh? I'm talking about... Koihime Enbu! :V

IIRC there's no venue fee if you go to the event but only play casuals. You probably should go there, since I'm about 99% certain there's no session here next weekend. If people want to come by and get clipped in something this weekend though, that's fine.

So I guess I should pick up Tempered from work and then head to H-F's place? Does that sound like a reasonable plan?

I can bring a Wii U setup with a converter and all that jazz. I don't have any of the DLC characters, though. (I should make sure that it's even patched properly.)

H-F, hit us up with your dinner plans for Saturday as there's no ranbat. I'm guessing that Ryd would come here and we would then pick Tempered up from work and stuff would happen? I dunno.

I suppose in an attempt to plan ahead, is anyone busy 2 weekends from now (Feb.5-6)?
I think the next ranbat is planned for the 6th, but the date hasn't been finalized.

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you're enjoying your gifts...

Dippy, I don't know where you get your info, but I would've gladly taken the mangled corpse of a yandere stuffed into a PS3 game case over the...thing...you chose instead.  I just don't see why I had to get punished because of what H-F said  :bricks:

As for the "gifts" themselves.....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3HAk3L3Ln4 . I would have GLADLY taken the alternative (COD on Vita). It's the 2nd best in the series. I'd have accepted Ghosts as well considering you probably won't have paid more than $1 for it. I'm sure that is cheaper than....what I got. And dippy, do you realize that you got me something for a console that I no longer own? I had to sell my PS3 to buy my brother's Wii U. Besides, I'm on my PS4 nowadays. Maybe if you got me the PS4 of the game :psyduck:....or trolled me with a copy of NPB.

I just want to spread love and good games. :(

As for this weekend, I can have people earlier in the evening here. Or you can pick up Tempered from work, that would work too.

If people are coming by tomorrow or Friday, let me know so I will have a general idea of when to have food ready.

I actually wanted to play some N+B, but you guys came over too late. orz That and I probably would have forgotten all of the Ethica combos I was practicing (even though they're all just variations of dropkick xx bugs xx dropkick xx eyebeams xx dropkick xx fumigate the damn house seriously why does that assist call so many goddamn bugs).

If you wanted to play something else, no one here is psychic. :x Although for Xrd, I get the impression that Ryd and Tempered don't like it all that much....

As for this weekend, I have Christmas off (for once), so if anyone wanted to come by Thursday or Friday night, that wouldn't be a problem

Seems my inevitable torture was delayed by a week, but sadly no longer. Christmas is coming up after all and I heard it's getting released here. Anyone wanna buy me a PS4 copy? :-X If that happens, I might try to get remotely decent. No one's gonna do that though, but I might regret giving someone the idea later on. I'd say what I really think about it, but I don't think I have the energy right now. But I will say the biggest struggle for me is to find a character that's intriguing. NOT Saber or Heart if that's what anyone was thinking, for reasons I don't feel like going into. I'll be positive and try to have some fun, though I do hope nothing happens that makes me wish I stayed home playing BO3 all weekend. Then again, there's no double XP this weekend for anything so I can spare the time away after completing a few recent grinds. If any of you guys want to give me flak for trying this game, I advise you re-consider before I punch you in your breathing hitbox. >:(
Why would I (or anyone else) give you grief for playing that?... or anything, really. Just hit me with a brick (carefully) or something if I get too far out of line.

As for who to play in N+B, I could actually see you playing Al Azif, H-F. Straightforward, flat-chested combat waifu? Sounds exactly like your type of character. :V

I do have a Christmas present for you, H-F (and one for Ryd, too!). It's not a copy of N+B, though. I think you'll love and hate it all the same. (And they're not here yet, so you'll have to wait until next week. Which is probably after Christmas, but who cares.)

As is holiday tradition, I bought way more food than I need for just myself and Tempered. So if any of you clowns want to come through Thursday or Friday and have dinner, come on down.

Ryd, is this your spiciness scale?


so I'll be around from the 22nd to 2nd of January. right in the middle of holiday season, but was wondering if you guys would object to a get-together sometime around there. if people are gonna be busy/out of town nbd.
I don't know about anyone else but I'm doing all kinds of nothing this holiday. Dunno about anyone else, though..

Anything this weekend?  Dippy complained about the late start last week, so if he wants to play games, we can start earlier and go to dinner when Tempered gets home or something.
I'm doing the same stuff that I do normally on the weekend.

Which is nothing. So you all can come by earlier in the evening and get food and maybe I can try to remember how to play Aquapazzafighting games.

Derp, I think I forgot the Nanase phone charm last night.  Might've fallen on the floor during MB.
I found it in the living room -- after I told you to not lose it!!! :<

Any of you clowns coming through this weekend? Figured some of you might need a break from dudebro hunting season... oh who am I kidding.

Are any of you fools coming by this weekend?

Edit: Apparently there's a ranbat at UAT tomorrow.

Edit Edit: Saw on Facebook that Ryd won't be off work until 11 PM. Dunno if there's anything happening here after the event.

IIRC it's @ 6:45 so I guess we could still hold the late night meetup. As for games I'm playing it's mostly just been melty net play but I'm up for my usual list.

It's at 6:30 -- and good seats are still available. :V I just talked to Tempered and it does sound like he plans on hosting fairly late that night, so Saturday night should be OK (barring any unfortunate waifu on waifu violence).

It is a long weekend this weekend -- any of you dweebs coming through?

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