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When's Melty on Steam?
ahaha that's no--wait, what?

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Been feeling kinda sick the past couple days so I'm not sure if I'll make it. We'll see.

Not too sure about this upcoming Monday. Last I heard Tempered was out of town but didn't get word of when he'll be returning.

Maybe? I'll check back when I'm out from work.

Sounds good to me. Should we get dinner?

Where to go for dinner?


Due to the time change, I'll now be getting out from work at 9. So I'll be getting there between 9-10.

I was wondering about that myself. Keep us posted.

I actually have Tue. off instead of Wed. So Mon. night could work but on Tue. I'd have to leave kinda early since I work on Wed. morning. I usually get out at 8 pm so I'd be arriving closer to 9.

Dippy works nights and gets out at 1 am? Kinda funny how all of our schedules have changed so drastically.

I'm working some OT tomorrow and I normally work on Sundays.

IW beta is COMPLETELY effed right now. Hell, we may not be able to play it until tomorrow at this rate.

EDIT: First impressions of IW Beta - JUST PLAY BO3.
COD4R is looking better with every passing moment. It just sucks that it's bundled with IW. We foresaw this coming. I'll probably try this beta again when I have a clear head. But so far it's been a joke.

Yeah, I actually was texting him. Along with sending messages over AIM, I haven't gotten any responses for the past several days. So pretty much since the last time we were on PSN. I know we've been told about LINE multiple times. But I'm perfectly fine with texting.

Tempered has been idle/unresponsive for the past couple of days. Not sure what's happening. I have dinner plans tomorrow night so if anything goes down tonight, someone text me.

If anything goes down I'd lean towards Fri.

On another note, I would say that we should get together and do stuff, but I think a bunch of you went to the ranbat and I didn't because a) I'm lazy and b) I don't play Xrd fighting games.
Today I was working OT which ended at 2 so heading over afterwards wouldn't have been the biggest issue but I had already agreed to help move stuff out of another house and as of this post I just got back within the last 5-10 minutes. At the moment I'm trying to work some OT while it's available before it stops getting offered. That and it all depends on what time slots are available as well.

I wouldn't mind meeting up again to do stuff but it seems our schedules don't quite line up very well. To my understanding Tempered doesn't exactly have set days off.

Assuming this isn't too late, I'd be willing to spare a few hours tonight. If it happens, just text me. Hopefully my headache is gone by then

EDIT: nvm

Not sure(?). Kinda busy with Deus Ex atm. I'm a little upset that they wouldn't let me start with the "I Never Asked for This" mode. Because I DID ask for this.

I'll be having dinner with family tonight. So let's shoot for next weekend?

After playing the Titanfall 2 tech test, it's definitely not the worst game I've played. Tempered and I played it last night and I had a little fun with it. But having little to no experience with the first game, I can't say too much for the changes. If anything the Hardpoint Domination game mode is horribly broken and the gunfire for the weapons just don't sound very distinct or satisfying. Double jumps don't seem to go very high either. Another little pet peeve of mine is when the characters don't hold their weapon by the foregrip if one is attached. I guess the things that I do like are how the AR and SMG have practically no recoil and just piloting a titan makes you feel like a badass. I tried sniping and it seems like it would be fun, but it feels like it takes the bullet FOREVER to reach its target.

Pretty bold statement. I'll try it when it's finished downloading. If what you say is true, then it's good we're able to preview the game before release. I.W. is withholding pretty much everything related to its multiplayer. I really dislike their marketing strategy and it's definitely NOT working. BO3 for another year isn't a bad thing. It'll easily hold me over until the inevitable separate release of COD4R.

As for tomorrow, now that you mentioned Arcana, I might show up if people actually wanna play it. Otherwise I might just stay home and play BO3 since you also mentioned it. Still not quite in a FG mood atm. :-\

For Carlos:
Was there ever any doubt???

Also, 3pm-12am? Ouch. It's one of those. I'm usually awake at midnight on Fridays, I just dunno if people would wanna meet up that late. lol Though I might pass with the Titanfall 2 pre-alpha tech test this weekend. :-X

I might pass for tonight. But we'll see.

My garage is fixed so I should be able to make it. Haven't played fighting games since Evo so I guess it'll probably be whatever people feel like playing tonight.

I'll probably stay home for the weekend. I have to get up early for work tomorrow morning and I think it would be best to use the next week to get acclimated to my new schedule. I'll have the payment ready the next time we meet up.

Exactly! So it's perfectly fair and balanced. Now they just need to give me back auto parries and I'm set.

If by chance we're meeting up this weekend such as on Sat, it'd have to be earlier because I have work Sunday morning. Otherwise I'll be available tomorrow (Friday) night.

Jam? I wouldn't subject myself to the torture. The character in the video is exponentially less annoying. Besides, we actually glance at other games on occasion.

If they're complaining about Ky normals, then I wonder what they think about having to deal with characters like Faust, Johnny, and Elphelt(?). The latter 2 may have had their hurtboxes increased on their staple pokes, but they still have utility. Sounds like Xrd is their first game.

On a different note: 50% off a parry

Starting this weekend, my days off will be Fri, Sat, Tue since I'll be moving to a 10 hour schedule that kinda starts early. I suppose we should plan accordingly.

Also dippy, have you tallied the hotel room + gas expenses from Evo?

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