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When's Melty on Steam?
ahaha that's no--wait, what?

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why play melty right before p4u

Tournament Results / Re: Rautanyrkki - Finland 2012 results for Melty
« on: July 15, 2012, 02:39:46 PM »
very nicely done stream.  everyone make sure to play p4u!

who else is going?  i should be able to go, making this the last tourney in the forseeable future with complete $NJ$ attendance.  make sure you also sign up for p4u

i'll probably actually be in chicago on saturday so i'll consider going.  make it easy for me

probably gonna be there

Tournaments and Events / Re: BBG XIV?: Resurrection?
« on: April 03, 2012, 01:11:20 PM »
6/16 sounds good for me.  i won't be leaving until august, though i may have to go for a bit in july to find an apartment

Tournaments and Events / Re: BBG XIV?: Resurrection?
« on: April 03, 2012, 10:07:41 AM »
i can't go on may 26, way to pick the exact date i have obligations

Tournaments and Events / Re: BBG XIV?: Resurrection?
« on: March 28, 2012, 09:47:35 AM »
if you build it, they will come.

also lol people trying to have a 30-40 man event scheduled for their birthday

isn't this easter weekend?

didn't make it because my car got towed

somebody bring sf4 too (not a troll)

it's an invitational event Rokunaya and you weren't invited.  no hate, just truth.  will probably start around 6 PM EST

Tune in tomorrow evening for the grand finale of the prestigious GenericSuperhero Masters Invitational Open event series, brought to you by Team St1ckbug. 

The player list this time includes Final Round top 4 placers Tonberry, Lord Knight, Garu, and Ehrik, as well as
international superstars GenericSuperhero, St1ckbug, and Chelsea,
NYC casual and GenericSuperhero's former teammate Fox,
and top Japanese speaker/liaison Komidol.

The event will be streamed and hosted by Team St1ckbug LLC.  The schedule of events includes GenericSuperhero's makeup bracket money matches against FR top 3, freeplay, and perhaps a TOP TIER RED V WHITE.  Top stream monsters Roku, Zar, and Sogos are likely to be in virtual attendance.

Team St1ckbug's stream may be located by googling st1ckbug stream.

lol who's a standard american top player?  let's name some names here, get hype

Nero Chaos (Nrvnqsr) / Re: MBAACC Nero Match Vids
« on: February 23, 2012, 04:47:37 PM »
thanks cristu, best post ever

are you kidding me chibi he's the goddamned TO

yeah but for instance chibi is a regular to NEC and he's still free.  seriously, if two kohaku's come from japan i'm gonna be >:|

some random.  normally you can't transfer flight tickets to someone else

pot bonus hyypee

ten no heika, BANZAAAAAI!!!!!!

what size teams are we running

any americans who intend to commentate on matches in japanese other than LK, please reconsider attending

can a mod delete all the parts about tanto pls.  and stop calling it a tanto "setup".  and what kind of scrub challenges someone to a MM with half the cast disabled.

and for anyone who was wondering, this is why we can't be in EVO

It was a fair and warm day on Saturday, the beginning of the Invitational.  A steady inflow of competitors began at around 5 PM, which led to a staggered start of the event.  Unfortunately, there was no stream available because only all of the real players in the tristate were at the event, and none of said players own a stream setup.  The events of Saturday night kicked off with some casual warmups and an opening banquet, during which an ethnic family with the audacity to sit near the Masters competitors was thoroughly drowned out in profanities.  The main event of the night was the Masters Invitational $NJ$ Round Robin Danisen, which resulted in a three way tie.  All three players progressed to the 10th dan.  The winners of each match are underlined below.

GenericSuperhero (C-Nero) vs Tonberry (C-Maids)
Tonberry (C-Maids) vs LordKnight (H-Kohaku)
LordKnight (H-Kohaku) vs GenericSuperhero (C-Nero)

It was a stunning competition full of what could only be called brilliances.  The matches were full of moments of immobilizing tension and the crowd was brought to tears by several heroic turnarounds.  Replays of the matches were saved.  All of the replay files are broken so there will be no video recap.

Sunday's events saw a late start.  The competitors feasted and drank for 4 hours before beginning the main event, the Masters Invitational Open Round Robin.  This highly anticipated competition moved along swiftly, with GenericSuperhero quickly vanquishing all opposition.  The rankings follow:

1. GenericSuperhero (Nvrsqrd Chaos)
2. WyvernLord (F-Arcueid)
2. Zaelar (C-Ciel)
9. MasterChibi (H-Hisui)
5. Pincher (H-Kohaku)

In order to try to beat GenericSuperhero at something, the group then taught him how to play TantoCuore.  In a true act of magnanimosity, the Yomi King obliged his denizens.  He won his first game and was finally defeated by a devious alliance of all the other players in the second game.  The other competitors quickly fled with their victory, allowing no redemption.  Such is life.

What are the results, really, of the event?  Only time will tell.

thanks for coming out guys; it was a lot of fun and you were good guests (except chibi).  next time i won't forget to turn the heat back up

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