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When's Melty on Steam?
ahaha that's no--wait, what?

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Hohoho... Well then, time to put my observation cap on again.

Seth and Yuzuriha screenshots seem... disappointing. We already know that they use blades, but the screenshots just show them doing slashy slashy things, which we already know they can do. Was kind of hoping for something unexpected. Also, the newest screenshots show the tech-timer, while the other characters' screenshots don't. That's inconsistency on French Bread's part.

And what is this?? Vatista has TWINTAILS??? (see Yuzuriha's last screenshot)

Now to the videos:

Waldstein vs Carmine

0:17 - Seems like you can shield while under blockstun, like a bunker. Hope that that's really easily punishable. If it's easy to do without penalty, I'll never be blocking and Shield all day long.
0:43 - Gadget Finger hits air. Heck, ALL OF WALDSTEIN'S GRABS HIT AIR.
1:13 - I see an Auto Recover. Wonder what it is? Carmine even techs again when he touches the floor after the Auto Recover.
1:47 - Seeing how Waldstein moved left and right before doing his bodyslam crusher super throw, I have reason to believe that the input for that is a 360.
Overall video -  Holy shit, Waldstein has really crazy ways of comboing. Almost all his grabs can be followed-up, as if they were just normal moves. But thank the heavens, his damage output really is low, barely breaching 2.8k per combo. Seems like French Bread wanted to make a grappler who had lots of options and opportunities to fish hits, but balanced it out by giving him a low damage output.

Linne vs Waldstein

0:20 - Linne can dash cancel her air slash projectile move. Not sure if she can dash cancel other moves. Doesn't seem to cost anything, not even meter.
0:27 - Here we go! Linne actually can double jump cancel her air moves, ala Melty.
0:28 - Waldstein Auto Recovers. And he does it again.
0:38 - Here, we have a really cool rejump reland combo. Probably is character specific, given Waldstein's massive size. But seeing that the rest of the cast are quite large too, maybe this could be a BnB...
0:52 - Linne throws Waldstein just after his jump. It removes 2 GRD units from Waldstein.
0:59 - Not sure if she dash cancels her super, or she recovers quickly to dash forward. And maybe getting your GRD to encroach into the opponent's side isn't so free after all because Linne fiercely combo'd Waldstein, but her GRD remained at 6 units.
1:27 - Again, a rejump reland combo. Could be a BnB.
1:58~ - Waldstein's GRD meter starts increasing dramatically and encroaches into Linne's side while blocking for no apparent reason.
2:01 - Dash cancelling mid-blockstring into throw. Is throw protection in blockstun not in this game?
2:10 - That was definitely a charged stab. Overhead?

Hyde vs Linne

Didn't hear this music before.
0:18 - Hyde's knee knocked Linne over and she landed on her butt. Follow-ups put her in a crouching state. Also, I'm wondering if it's the bonus from being the main character, because his simple combo got 3.4k after reduction, while Waldstein's seemingly bone-crushing grapples can't even break 3k.
0:28 - Again, 3.2k after an anti-air air counterhit. This time with Vorpal, so he's getting a 20% damage bonus.
1:01 - 4.6k with Vorpal and an uppercut super.
1:14~1:20 - Hyde does a Chain Shift in neutral for no apparent reason. Then, he gets hit. This causes the Chain Shift to end, immediately stopping his meter from increasing and his GRD immediately hits zero. After that, his GRD increases really rapidly. Then, while he's blocking, he suddenly flashes a little as he exits blockstun, and he loses about more than 1 unit of GRD. Is this a defensive penalty that we've missed out all this time?
1:26 - Combo into Infinite Worth for 5.5k. However, it seems that Veil Off gives a damage bonus as well, making it not completely useless. In fact, it's about a 44% damage boost. BUT, that percentage seems to lower after time, as the last hit of his crimson tornado seems to get only a 30% damage bonus.

Overall from all videos:
-Can't seem to understand the criteria to cause an Auto Recover. Seems to happen only in the air. Maybe if you spent enough time in the air without getting hit, you'll Auto Recover. When you Auto Recover, instead of being in the state of getting hit in the air, you enter your regular falling state. Maybe you fall faster, I can't really tell. Also, you can tech when you touch the ground, so maybe that's to give you full control of which direction to go towards once you land after an Auto Recover.
-The players seem to be randomly Chain Shifting in neutral, even when they already have full meter. Not sure if this gives any benefits. If any, it's giving a disadvantage to the player. Chain Shifting causes your GRD to be locked and constantly drained no matter what. More explained below:
-Apparently, when your GRD gauge gets frozen, you immediately exit Vorpal. Meaning, when you get punished for a bad Shield or you do a Chain Shift, if you are currently in Vorpal, you will lose it. While your GRD is frozen, you are ineligible for Vorpal, so it automatically goes to your opponent, given that he/she's not under the same penalty.
-I suddenly realized it... 6D is for Assault, 4D and 1D are for Shield and DD is for Chain Shift... So what does 5D do?

Other Games / Re: new under night vids
« on: March 02, 2012, 06:17:50 AM »
Holy crap +HEAT!!

Where did you get these?

EDIT: Checked the main page. Finally they added new stuff.

« on: February 29, 2012, 06:48:09 PM »
The difference between Korea and the rest of the world is that C-Ciel players actually use BE236B.

Punishing Shields is basically the same as guard breaking. If you try to low Shield a high attack, that's where you get punished. I don't think Shielding has any recovery, so it's like Barrier in BB; a stronger type of blocking rather than a parry.

I didn't notice that it removed meter when you get GRD frozen. What I'm guessing is that the penalty to Shielding is that if you fail, you get GRD frozen and that causes you to be ineligible for GRD Vorpal, regardless of how much GRD you have. If this isn't the case, then FB better rebalance Shielding; at least reduce the GRD bonus.

In my opinion, Shielding is also an offensive strategy since it gives GRD. To really utilize it, you keep Shielding to collect GRD and get that 20% damage bonus GRD Vorpal gives. So you have to change from defense to offense after Shielding. But then, maybe giving 3 GRD units in an instant per Shield is too much because I've seen matches where two successful Shields already bring your GRD gauge to encroach in the opponent's.

Thanks for the explanation on the BB reference. I don't play that game enough...

Could it be possible that Waldstein's SPD only works when the opponent is an exact distance away? About right where his hands clap? I don't think I've seen him execute it point-blank. It would be good news if it's true, though unlikely...

So, I noticed something important to note about roman cancels.  Link for reference.  So earlier I had misinterpreted that when you roman cancel, your meter used goes into your GRD.  Turns out I had it backwards.  You burn one GRD node to activate the roman cancel, then all of your remaining GRD drains into your meter.  Judging from what Linne gains in meter (minus the meter gains from her projectile), it seems that each GRD node drained this way will give approx 15 meter.  Important mechanic to abuse for meter heavy characters.
At least GRD gain is quite easy; a successful Shield instantly gives you 3 units and teching gives you about half a unit or less. I'm not too sure about it, but I think Veil-Off boosts your GRD regen rate (it happens in that link as well), so it could be possible to do an endless cycle of gaining meter through Chain Shot (roman), then using that meter for VO to get that GRD back, adding to the fact that VO gives you almost infinite meter for its duration.

This closer examination of meter gain also made me notice that you gain meter from whiffing anything, including normals.  I'm not really happy about that.
I noticed this a long time ago and put it in my long list of observations. Guess it was tl;dr ;_;

I'm not too sure about normals, but specials give about 5 meter each whiff. Though, I have seen sudden increments of 2 meter when they whiff moves, so that could be from normals.

Orie can wall jump? I certainly missed that one...

Linne's done it a few times in various videos. Like for example here:


At 0:23, at 1:54  (there's more dust than normal when she jumps, it could be an instant double jump),


at 0:19, 0:43 and at 2:25 (she does it right after a tech, I'm sure of it). And I'm sure it's not the angled air-dash Assault because those have sound effects, while these jumps are silent. Now that I think about it, there's a possibility the rest of the cast is capable of it and I just didn't see them do it. Too lazy to load and sift through all the videos though.

And I'm wrong about her jump being shorter than the rest of the cast. It was the camera zooming in and out that tricked my eyes.

Headbutt oki? You mean the move where he picks up the opponent from the floor? That move didn't seem to give so many +frames. Also, the game has another character state other than knockdown. Some moves that slam the opponent down cause them to "trip" and make them land on their butts. Then, they stand up automatically a little after. It's more like an extended hitstun to me, personally. Waldstein's heabutt grab caused that "tripping" state too and Linne got up at the same time when Waldstein recovered from it. So I'm thinking that maybe the headbutt is cancellable into other normals or specials, like a command throw.

I don't think this game has many hard knockdowns. There have been cases where players teched out of moves that seemed to cause hard knockdown (Orie's throw for example. It's been teched out before) so I think the players just mistimed their techs. I'm still not sure if the ground-shattering animation really is an indication of a hard knockdown. Maybe for a hard groundbounce, because characters can tech when they're on the floor after the ground-shattering groundbounce.

Seeing that other characters can't double jump in the first place, they can't jump cancel their air attacks I guess. Not too sure about Linne though, but I don't think she can either. In fact, when she jump-cancel's a ground attack, she jumps higher than her jump in neutral, about as high as the rest of the cast, which is roughly as high as the health bar. This is false too.

Also, not sure if it's been properly said, but Veil-Off can be done in the air and your GRD increases more quickly.

It seems that only Linne can double jump. Other characters compensate by jumping higher and staying in the air longer than her. Even Waldstein O.O This is false.

Hyde can detonate his hadoukens. If it hits the opponent first, detonating it gives more hits.

And apparently Waldstein's running c-grab can OTG AND grab airborne opponents. Holy. Crap. At least they have to be quite low to the ground...

Wallachia (Warakia) / Re: [MBAACC] Wara Changes + Discussion
« on: February 25, 2012, 06:40:23 AM »
Well, that doesn't sound like a very practical combo in the first place. Replacing the 236a after the TK with a 2c would be better, because you can follow it up with better things like air combo or Nero summon oki. Plus, the ground 236a sounds like it's quite a tight link and prorates badly. If you really want to do that EX before the AD, it would be better to do it after an air combo, ie:

2a (5b) 2b 2c tk236a 2c 6c 22a sj8 jc djc j236c land AD

This is the one most people use and is relatively easy to land. Of course, you can tone the difficulty down by not doing the tk236a and going straight to the air combo. Or, if you are at the very end of Max or Heat mode, forget going into air combo and instead straight away go to 6c -> AD.

If you're in the corner, you can try to doing bla bla 236c 2c 6c AD.

In general, doing AD right after 236c is not very possible.

Wallachia (Warakia) / Re: [MBAACC] Wara Changes + Discussion
« on: February 24, 2012, 06:47:25 PM »
If you mean ground 236C, u can always do a few moves before you do your AD, like in a normal combo. IE: xx 2c 236c 2c 6c 41236c. If it's j236c after your air combo, just do your AD as soon as you touch the ground.

I think "Fukitobi Return" is teching/recovering because it says something about moving the lever (stick) and pressing a button and "Passive Slam" is damage reduction by mashing because it mentions pressing (and holding??) buttons on the "slammed moment" by Google translate.

Damnit, throws are gonna confuse me since A+B is dash in Melty.

Doesn't matter. There'll be more vids. Unless they ban recording. Then that would suck.

I doubt it'll be a different build. The gap between AOU and this is too small.

I'm guessing it's the same as Melty. Normal counter for countering normals, High Counter for countering specials.

Akiha's Tea Room / Re: lol bgm plagiarism
« on: February 21, 2012, 02:21:54 AM »
Actually, I find that pretty cool. But it's not an entire copy, more like they got inspiration from it and made their own remix since it changes near the end of that scene. Or it's just pure coincidence.


Has this been linked? Orie vs Hyde x2 games.

EDIT: A revelation!!

From seconds 99 to 85, the damage counters do not show plus damage in blue nor minus damage in red. These are only shown after that time. And GRD Vorpal is granted for the first time at around 85 seconds.

Not only that, here is a sample of the combo indicator when Waldstein does his SPD on Orie in one of the matches while he is in GRD Vorpal:

1st hit: 840 damage (white) ~ 700 (white) + 140 (blue)

2nd hit: 2629 damage (white) ~ 2191 (white) + 438 (blue)

It seems that we've been mistaken all along. The damage counter doesn't show the damage from the previous attack + damage from the current attack to show the total damage dealt so far because obviously, if that were the case, the damage counter would show 2629 damage (white) ~ 840 (white) + 1789 (blue) instead. Therefore, I believe that the plus damage shown in blue is the damage bonus from GRD Vorpal! Not too sure about the red minus damage though. I still believe it's from damage reduction by mashing, because it only happens occasionally.

With that said, yes, GRD Vorpal does add a significant amount of damage. About 20%. That's not something to scoff at.

Huh, if it really is GRD Vorpal giving the offense/defense boost and not just a static bonus from GRD in general, then GRD seems less crazy. It's more worrying about having more than the opponent rather than worrying about every point.

Gordeau and his GRD stealing c-grab is just that more terrifying if that's true. It seems like it'd be really hard to take momentum from him if gets Vorpal.

Funny that this is a paraphrase of what I just said lol. Great minds think alike.

I didn't think of this the moment it was pointed out to me, but if GRD Vorpal is the one that grants the attack/defense boost, then it isn't every GRD unit that gives a boost. That makes more sense.

Which makes Gordeau all the more dangerous now. So far, in these matches, he almost always manages to have his GRD cross the middle line. Of course, they weren't proper matches per se, but still, it could be a valid strategy to keep stealing GRD to ensure you always have Vorpal.

EDIT: Sorry, didn't read your post properly. So it's entirely decided on GRD? No wonder the player with noticably lower health gets Vorpal sometimes.

That sounds like a long-range Kouma lol. But so far Waldstein's c-grabs are around 2k, even his super grab, and they all seem counterable. It's just his Infinite Worth that reaches 4k. For an ultimate move, personally I think he deserves that instant damage if not more.

I too saw Gordeau's c-grab drain that GRD into his own.

I'm thinking that the more GRDs you have, the longer it takes for it to naturally fill up.

It's looking like there isn't any special mechanic for encroaching on the opponent's half of the GRD bar. It's just that if a unit is empty, then either side is free to take it.

But it's not entirely free. It seems that GRD units encroaching on the other side slowly drain away.

As far as I can tell, when you're in GRD Vorpal, your GRD fills up slower. Even when in Concentration, it doesn't seem to fill up any faster.

EDIT: Here's some of the Engrish listed on the character profile on the loading screens:

HYDE - Void Red
His ability, spitting out from the dusky-red aura ****
Grab defensive strength against ****
Officially there is no darkness, only the realization of just this hidden ****

ORIE - Tanatos
Her ability to image of her "innocence embodied in" The ability to summon a magical doll barrel.
Guardian knowing the impurities are innocent, her wish not allow any interference to the desired.

GORDEAU - Bander Snatch
His ability, to realize the hands of his own greed.
Claw-like beast that stretched miss the game and longer
Together with scythe weapon in his "Harvester" has been dubbed with a solid barrel.

I agree, Waldstein's damage output isn't very grappler-like, meaning that he still has to rely on combos for proper damage output like the rest of the cast. That's something which French Bread did that I like; no bullshit half-health reversals.

Also, Veil-Off seems to remove ALL GRD of the opponent if they get hit by it. Waldstein did it to Gordeau.

Holy crap how did I not notice the GRD meter! Thanks for the heads up. That sounds like quite a deadly move if GRD proves to be significant in increasing attack and defense.

EDIT: After checking the videos properly, it only removes 1 GRD. Also, I notice that at the start of some rounds, one player gains GRD faster than the other, but only sometimes. GRD seems like a really fragile and dynamic game mechanic...

Seeing as how he can combo into it, I'm guessing Gordeau has a c-grab.

I was about to say the same thing. He even has an EX version of it, so it's confirmed. But it seems to be a c-grab that doesn't give much; mediocre damage and relatively normal oki. Maybe Gordeau's the real grappler character. He has lots of moves with throw properties and they reach almost the entire screen! Also, anyone else notice that he always keeps one hand in his pocket and only takes it out for his c-grab?

Teching gives a boost of GRD, about half a unit or more.

It seems like even A normals OTG relaunch. I think instead of Melty's OTG system where selective moves relaunch, all moves relaunch now, ala BB.

Oddly enough, I haven't seen any indication of invalid hits. All combos in these videos can't be valid, can they? Found it. When the tech timer turns red, it's invalid.

I wouldn't really call it x2 'cos they're just separate rounds from the same match.

Carmine's playstyle seems more appealing now. He has really impressive zoning, coupled with the mechanic where you gain meter for every whiffed special (about 5 EXS); his meter gain is crazy! But the amount of damage he takes for using his specials is quite high. He can gain some of it back with his vampiric throw; I wonder if he has other vampiric moves.

Actually, it seems to happen earlier at 1:40 and it happens again at 2:11. Seems like your GRD gauge is not limited by the centre marker at all. Not only that, at 2:59 Gordeau's GRD gauge goes through some sort of penalty and gets frozen from increasing and decreasing. After a successful held Shield, it still doesn't return to normal, unlike my previous observations. Only after about 10 seconds does it function normally.

EDIT: It's chipping on my patience to know what GRD Vorpal actually is, so anyone with good moonspeak skills, please lend a hand. Taken from the info site:

Code: [Select]
 優勢な方は「Vopal(う゛ぉーぱる …鋭いみたいな意味だと思いねぇ)」という状態になり

The most I can decipher from that (from Google Translate) is that it occurs at set intervals, about every 14-15 seconds, and 7 times in a round (from videos). Each time it happens, it gives an attack and defense boost to one of the players, depending on how advantageous or disadvantageous they are at the moment. As far as I can tell, the first two times are granted to the advantageous player, the rest of the times are for the disadvantageous player. Please clarify?

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