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Nero Chaos (Nrvnqsr) / Nero's pressure options
« on: August 29, 2008, 09:48:36 AM »

I started this thread to discuss some of Nero's options when it comes to pressure. From what i can piece together, he pretty much has no high-low game, and his pressure is based mostly on the fear of being thrown, and punishing those who are too eager to get out. My current tactics are:

Airthrow into corner -> Ex crows -> either: 2a or 2b
                                                          Delayed 2b
                                                          Walk up and throw

I have that part down, but what follows after that is kind of a blur. I mostly follow up with 2b -> 214b or 421a. If it's snake, my opponent either jumps out and away, or jump attacks into me with no time for me to counter with 2c. If it's deer, it'll get blocked and i'll be too far away to do much else. I also have a habit of getting eaten by long range EX or Nanaya 214b if i ever decide to end a string with a summon. I can whiff cancel 2b with 5a, but then my next attack will get beaten out by a faster character's 2a most of the time.

So yeah, my pressuring abilities are fail and i'd like to improve. Any tips from solid Nero players would be appreciated  :teach:

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