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Kohaku's Magical Garage / How to build a blockstring
« on: November 20, 2007, 07:47:06 PM »
This is sort of related to the "What is the definition of a blockstring?" topic, but this will go more in depth of how to actually go about making an effective blockstring.

I'll start with a hypothetical situation.  What happens if you dash up to your opponent and press 5aaaaaa as quickly as possible?  Obviously, if the opponent is not blocking for whatever reason, they'll get hit and will be comboed by the rest of the 5a's, but if they blocked, then they will block the entire chain.  In fact, all the opponent really has to do is block the first 5a.  He/she can just let go of the controls and they will just autoblock the rest of the 5as.  This is due to Melty Blood's autoblock system(I don't know if there's a formal term for this, but I'll use this for now).  It's used in a lot of other games as well, like Guilty Gear.  One of the consequences of this is that if the opponent is looking to counterpoke you, then they can just mash on their jab while blocking the 5a's and they won't get penalized at all for doing this, since the 5as come right after another without any gap in between.  If the autoblock system was removed, they would probably have to add in some sort of red parry system like 3s.

So how would you go about punishing people who try to counterpoke during strings?  You would have to create a situation where you trick the opponent into thinking they can attack you, but in reality they can't because they're either behind on frames or have to deal with a very high priority move.  The idea is that instead of just pressing buttons fast one right after another in blockstrings, attacks should be delayed, creating very small gaps where the opponent leaves blockstun and is allowed to do something that will probably get interrupted by your next attack.  There's a lot of terms for this, eg. frametraps, counter hit setups, staggers, etc but they all refer to this.  The difficulty in making these strings is that the gap has to be made small enough so that the opponent will be counterhit if they try anything, but big enough so that they can get out of blockstun.

So first off, here's an example video of a crappy blockstring that unfortunately a lot of players use:
The string in this video is just Akiha 2abc5a, every button pressed immediately after the other.  At first glance, it might seem like an acceptable string, since it's very easy to hitconfirm 2abc into a combo or a 5a whiff cancel to make her safe.  But if it's the only string that's used, it's not good at all because first off, it gets killed by shield bunkers, and even worse, against better players they will just bara, and this is a lot more painful than a bunker if they're using someone like Kouma or Satsuki.

So how can we come up with something better?  First off, we can start with a simple blockstring that almost the entire cast can use.  Although the character used in all of the example videos here is Akiha since she's the character I'm most familiar with, the method applies to everyone.
The string used in this video is 2a staggered into another 2a.  This is a very easy string that is for the most part universal.  I programmed the dummy Akiha to do 2a staggered into 2a using the Dummy Record function, and I'm controlling Nanaya and trying to counterpoke after blocked 2a.  After blocking the first 2a, I am literally mashing on low jab, but you can see that Nanaya gets counterhit for trying to poke during this string.  This is the general way that most characters can deal with people mashing on jab during pressure.

It's also worth mentioning that this is really powerful when used in conjunction with throw setups.  Many characters have an easy throw setup with dash momentum 2a(blocked) into throw.  The reason this works is because 2as in this game generally have very little blockstun and pushback, and the dash momentum makes it so that the attacker is still in throw range after the dash 2a(blocked).  The difference in timing between 2a(blocked) into throw and 2a(blocked) staggered into another 2a is very small, so the guy on defense for the most part has to guess.  This is also why characters with command throws have such fearsome stagger strings.  Besides the extra damage and frequently the invincibility, command throws usually have longer range, so characters like White Ren and Kouma can do this same setup but without dash momentum, allowing them to attempt this in more situations.

Now we move on to Akiha 2a staggered into 5b:
Akiha 5b is one of her most important normals in pressure, as its hitbox goes all the way to the floor, has clash frames, and she has many options off of a blocked 5b.  Here, the gap between 2a and 5b is a little smaller than 2a to 2a, since 2a has faster startup than 5b.  In this video, Akiha does 2a staggered to 5b three times in a row.  Nanaya is mashing on jab the first 2 times, and tries to react to the blocked 2a and counterpoke the third time, but all 3 times Nanaya gets counterhit.  5b knocks down crouchers, so Akiha can just hitconfirm the 5b into a makeshift combo(5b5aa jump cancel into aircombo).

Next is Akiha 2a staggered into 5b again, but with a slightly larger gap:
Here, Akiha does the string four times in a row.  The first two times, I try to react to the 2a and jab out only to get counterhit by the 5b.  The 3rd and 4th time, I am mashing on jab after seeing the blocked 2a and as a result I successfully counterpoke Akiha.  What does this mean?  Clearly giving 2a into 5b a larger gap loses to mashers, but this is still as good a string as the previous one because we've already shown that mashing during pressure is bad because of 2a staggered into 2a.  In fact, this is probably better than the previous string because most good players won't mash, and thus this should catch players trying to react to the blocked 2a with a poke more often.

Next we have another common Akiha stagger string, 5b into 5c:
5b is a lvl2 normal, and 5c is a lvl3 normal.  This means that 5b puts the defender into blockstun for a longer period of time than 2a, so the gap between 5b and 5c is a bit larger than the one between 2a->2a and 2a->5b.  5c is another important normal in Akiha's pressure game, as it also has clash frames and has a hitbox that is very effective in catching people trying to jump out of pressure.  In this video, Akiha does 5b staggered to 5c three times in a row.  The first two times, I'm trying to poke out by mashing and by reacting to the 5b, and I get counterhit both times.  The 3rd time, I try to jump out after the blocked 5b, and I get hit by 5c.

Finally, yet another common Akiha stagger string, 5c into 2c:
Since 5c is a lvl3 normal, it puts the defender into even more blockstun than 5a and 5b, so the gap here is even larger than 2a->5b and 5b->5c.  Same explanation as the previous videos apply here, I get counterhit trying to poke out after 5c.

So with all this above information, we combine it to get a good string: 2a5b5c2c.  This is a fairly common string that Yukinose uses quite a bit.  That gives a total number of three different areas in this string(2a->5b, 5b->5c, 5c->2c) where the defender can be baited into trying to counterpoke.  5b, 5c, and 2c are all easily hitconfirmable to combos if they hit.  This is just an example of one of the strings that Akiha can use.

What we can learn from this is that to make a good string, first figure out all your move properties(what moves have clash frames, what their startup is, what lvl they are, etc).  Then go into training mode and make use of the Dummy Record.  Record your character doing your staggered string in question, and then play it back and try to see if you can poke out or not.  Practice and try to get a feel for the timing of the delays, so that the gap is small enough so that the defender cannot safely counterpoke but big enough so that the defender gets out of blockstun.  And finally, work on hitconfirm skills as it would suck to successfully bait the defender into attacking but not be able to convert the trap into a full combo.

Also, this isn't the whole story on blockstrings, there's also stuff like whiff cancels to get frame advantage and whiff chains.  I might go into these in another post.

« on: November 10, 2007, 11:48:57 PM »
Looks like the Japanese have picked up on our commentary :V

Akiha's Tea Room / Nero is Dizzy
« on: October 15, 2007, 11:37:51 PM »

This is something that I've been discussing with people the past few days.  It seems that Nero and Dizzy(from Guilty Gear) are two fairly similar characters in design.  Point in question:
-Both of their rushdown games are rather weak without summons
-They both have humongous hitboxes
-Ground throws are a big part of their game
-Related to the above point, but they also both have the longest normal ground throw range out of the cast in their respective games
-Both are generally considered to be fairly simple characters
-Their summons work in similar ways, eg. they bait the opponent to attack you during gaps intentionally left in pressure, or alternatively cover gaps in pressure so that they can work off the blockstun of them(and they both have those evil setups where they throw you right before a summon is about to hit).  Of course, the major difference is that Dizzy's summons can be killed while they're out, when Nero's can't, and Dizzy's fish just hit the opponent normally(very little hitstun and blockstun) when they connect while Nero's summons launch on hit.
-More pictures for reference:

So the real question arises.  Would you play Nero if he looked like Dizzy?  This means would you play if Dizzy's sprite was used in place of his, not if Nero dressed up in Dizzy's clothes, unless you're into that kind of stuff

*ponders idea of Dizzy going "HOAAAA" or Nero going "onegai yamete~~~"*

Kohaku's Video Room / SoCal Casuals @ Zaido's
« on: August 30, 2007, 12:24:07 PM »

Some casual matches we had yesterday at Zaido's.  Featuring Zaido, linalys, and me trying to get some White Ren match experience.  For some reason, I am in every .rep here

Characters used
Zaido - VSion, Kouma, MechHisui, Hisui
linalys - Nyanya, Shiki, Hisui&Kohaku, Hisui, Kohaku
Psylocke - Akiha, White Ren, Hisui&Kohaku

Kohaku's Video Room / BouNanaseR(Ren) vs. kubo(Sion)
« on: August 21, 2007, 05:38:42 PM »
kubo and Nanase were teammates this year for Tougeki MBAC, and these are some casuals between them that were getting put up right before that time.  I have no idea where these videos are coming from, so if anyone knows or can find it, that would be appreciated.  Lots of solid play here, and kubo pulls off his mid combo reset a few times in these matches.  A nicovideo account is needed to view all of these.  Highly recommended viewing for anyone that uses these two characters

BouNanaseR vs. kubo 1
BouNanaseR vs. kubo 2
BouNanaseR vs. kubo 3
BouNanaseR vs. kubo 4
BouNanaseR vs. kubo 5
BouNanaseR vs. kubo 6
BouNanaseR vs. kubo 7
BouNanaseR vs. kubo 8
BouNanaseR vs. kubo 27(lol wtf)
BouNanaseR vs. kubo 32

Akiha Tohno / Akiha Guide
« on: August 15, 2007, 11:47:48 PM »
The original version of this guide was at World of Eternity at
The guide's outdated now, since it was written in Final Tuned era, but I'll leave it up there for nostalgia sake.

Anyway, this is my humongous Akiha guide.  It's been edited and changed quite a bit from the original version.  I really wanted to keep things short, but it's tough with a character that has this many options.  Hope this is helpful to anyone looking to pick up Akiha.  One of the things that this guide has that my original didn't is tons of video examples.  I couldn't find a way to embed Youtube vids on this forum, so they're all direct download.

Let's start off with a quick list of pros and cons
-Above average damage output in most situations
-Best defense modifier in the game
-Zones very well with air flametongues, j.a and flame columns
-Good range and startup on sweep
-Good backdash
-One of the fastest overheads in the game, doesn't require a specific setup to combo off of
-Amazing tech punish opportunities
-One of the best Arc Drives in the game, can be integrated into throw setups to make them more safe

-A bit on the slow side
-Doesn't have a good dp or anything to be used for reversal
-Doesn't have moves with a lot of clash frames
-Below average baras
-High execution requirement for her pressure and mixups
-High execution requirement for her highly damaging corner 2a whiff loops

Here's how the guide will be organized:
IV.Blockstrings and Pressure
V.Mixups and Okizeme
VI.OTG Strings and Tech Punish Setups

5a: Standard jab, hits mid, combos into itself, can be spammed.  Can be used as antiair sometimes in the sense of hitting opponent in the air as they leave the ground from a jump.  This is the attack to counter with if an anti-air ground shield is landed.

5b: Great normal, hits mid, it's used in combos as Akiha's main launcher, and it's used in staggered blockstrings to beat low pokes since it has clash frames, has a hitbox that goes all the way down to the floor, and pretty good startup.  Also knocks down crouching opponents when they're hit.

5bx2: This is Akiha's primary launcher.  Most of her basic combos that aren't in corner utilize this.  Jumping after the 2nd 5b gives Akiha an extra high jump.  This is very unsafe on block, so be sure to whiff cancel to 2a or 5a to make it safe whenever this happens.

5bx2(charged): Does massive damage, this is primarily used in Akiha's corner wallslam combos as the launcher.  You can sometimes use this in blockstrings and whiff cancel it to 2a or 5a for some good frames.  This will be noted as 5[ b ]b in the combo transcripts to save space.

5c: Great damage, hits mid, it wallslams the opponent if they're hit in the air with it, and has some clash frames on it too.  This move also clashes through heat activations too, so you can use it to beat those if your reflexes are good enough.  Used in staggered blockstrings to beat opponents that try to jump out.  Has 90% scaled prorate, so when doing Akiha's more advanced wallslam combos, the usage of this normal has to be minimized to get more damage.  Also used in Akiha's corner tech punish setups to punish forward and back tech.

4c: An interesting normal, hits mid, it's mainly used in combos as combo filler to maximize damage.  Also Akiha's best clash move.  Used in Akiha's corner tech punish setups to punish forward tech.

6c: Interesting normal, hits mid, the animation for it is fairly deceptive, as it looks slow, but it actually has faster startup than 5c, but slower recovery.  Wallslam opponents if you hit them in the air with it, and has 80% fixed proration.  Used as combo filler on the ground to maximize damage.

2a: Pretty good crouching jab, this hits low, and combos into itself, so it's primarily used for Akiha to hitconfirm into combos, and for the low part of her 50/50 high/low mixup.

2b: Despite what the animation suggests, this move hits mid.  Pretty good normal, it has some clash frames on it and a bit more range than 2a, and is mainly used after a tk j.2c since it has the right combination of range and startup to combo after.

2bb: The 2nd 2b actually hits low, but it's not very useful since the opponent can just react in time before the 2nd 2b hits(if they were blocking high beforehand).

2bx3: Akiha does three swipes, and the last lunging swipe hits high.  Don't use this ever in a match, it's pretty useless.  If the first 2 2b's hit the opponent, the opponent can block before the 3rd 2b hits.  Also massively unsafe on block.

2c: Akiha's fun sweep, this clearly hits low.  This move has fallen quite a bit since Act Cadenza Version A days, as it has lost its clash frames.  However, it's still great: it has fast startup, and very good range.  Used in all of Akiha's combos.  She also goes into a low stance when doing this move, so sometimes you can use it as antiair, though it's very risky, since the recovery on this move is bad.  Like many other sweeps in this game, there is a certain height in the air where the opponent can tech if Akiha hits them in the air with this.  Learning the right height where the opponent can't tech is crucial for executing Akiha's wallslam combos.

j.a: A great air jab, this is Akiha's primary move to use in air-to-air.  Combos into itself.  Don't use this in aircombos, as j.b and j.c do much more damage.  Also, opponent can block this high or low.

j.b: Hits twice, and has some clash frames on it, this is also passable air-to-air.  Also angles downward, so this is the preferred move to use when doing a jumpin or landing from the air.  However, this move does not put opponent in a lot of hitstun(or blockstun), so if you hit the opponent with this on the ground too high, they'll be able to block upon Akiha landing.

j.c: Does good damage, angles upward, and has some clash frames on it.  Can be used as air-to-air, but I'd recommend trying to hit with the tip of this move, as any closer and Akiha will probably get stuffed(because of the startup).  Because this angles upwards, this will whiff against most crouchers, so it shouldn't really be used as a jumpin unless you're going for some high/throw fakeout.

j.2c: An interesting normal, this stops all of Akiha's momentum in the air, and she cannot do anything until she lands after using it.  This is primarily used in Akiha's 50/50 high/low mixup, and in her corner tech punish setups.  If this move hits an airborne opponent, they will be sent downwards and then bounce on the ground, going up, and then down again.  The opponent can tech at two places here, the first time they hit the ground and the 2nd.  Learning how to do tk j.2c consistently at the height where it can be comboed after is somewhat difficult, but it is essential for her high low mixup game.

Kohaku's Video Room / 8/9/07 Psylocke vs. Arlieth Money Match
« on: August 11, 2007, 02:58:25 AM »
This was a money match that happened on the last Interface practice session at the request of lain :V.  $20, first to 5 matches wins.

Replays are here:

And for people who keep having the videos desync or don't want to open up MBAC to watch them, I have the matches Youtubed:
Match 1
Match 2
Match 3
Match 4
Match 5
Match 6
Match 7
Match 8


Kohaku's Video Room / a-cho 7/8/07 2on2 tourney
« on: August 01, 2007, 09:24:50 PM »
So the videos from the a-cho 2 on 2 MB:AC VerB2 tourney held almost a month ago are finally going up now.  Since a-cho doesn't usually host the videos for very long, along with the fact that they're .asx on the site(so you need something like Flashget to get the .wmv version of them), I'll be providing them for download on my friend's server.  Here are the full results and teams:

And videos

Video A:
This team match is nuts.  Luckystar's Nero is way too good, and the Kouma(what's his name) is awesome, too

Video B:
Here's Messhi's(the Kohaku player that made that Schemer combo video) team up against a Ren and a VSion

Video C:
..2 Rens in one video, wow.  The 2nd Ren has a very Suiseiseki looking color

Video D:
Team I Broke Up With Satoken(kubo and BouNanaseR) face off against a Kouma and MHisui.  BouNanaseR is probably my most favorite Japanese Ren player ever, so this video is awesome <3

Akiha's Tea Room / Fun with the MB:R Eng Translation Patch
« on: July 22, 2007, 01:33:50 AM »
So as you all probably know by now, the English translation patch for Melty Blood: ReACT has been released by Mirror Moon recently.  These pics all show what happen when you apply the translation patch..  to a MB:R 2.009a folder.  Hilarity ensues.  Thanks to Magikarp for making all these screenshots.

What is Arc blocking

Next few are all what happens during Hisuidoken startup

Hisuidoken again, wtf is going on here

The result of a Nanaya BNB

Glitched airthrow at end of Nanaya BNB

Akiha setting up(not igniting) a million flamepits

Ciel doing infinite heat activations

Doing 22A makes Kohaku throw out Shadow Kohaku withdrawing her sword

Mr. Chin!

A few frames later in Mr. Chin

And even later

And the next few pics are all Nanaya being a pervert, enjoy

Nanaya doing 236C

MHisui doing EX Crossbow, lol

MHisui doing Barrier, wtf is this

The legendary vagbomb, shoots out another MHisui doing a vagbomb..  imagine what would happen if this went on forever

Ren doing 236C

Shiki doing heat activation

What did Sion do?

Kohaku's Video Room / MB:AC PC Gameplay vids
« on: July 15, 2007, 11:15:08 AM »
So, either the game has been leaked already, or someone got their hands on some gameplay vids.  These show off the 2 new bonus modes in the PC version of the game.  You need a nicovideo account to view these.
Tag Team

Battle Royal

If you don't want to get a nicovideo account, you can still watch these by replacing with , but the videos generally take a long time to load this way.  I find that it works better to try opening it in Firefox, and refreshing the video a few times after it's loaded a bit works too.

Kohaku's Video Room / 2007 Tougeki qualifiers thread
« on: June 09, 2007, 06:54:52 PM »
Alright, so this thread will have all the videos that we've found so far for the MB:AC Tougeki qualifiers, for all of you that are keeping up with this.  Feel free to add more links if you find new ones!  Also, I'm not too sure if the videos on hyonkell's website are qualifiers, but I'm just assuming they are since they're 2 on 2 and have the Tougeki logo under them, haha. - Jeffrey Mansoooonnnnnnnnnnnnn...  @ero - Click on events.  Unfortunately, the video has since been taken down, so I'll upload it somewhere else if people want it.  Notable players include GO1(Akiha) and Nekoo(VSion).  EDIT: Here's the link to download the video: and - Notable players: Oh man, where to begin.  THER(VSion), TTK(Sion), F.T(Miyako), T.I(Shiki), and a really great Nanaya and Nero.  Watch them all! - Click on the Movie button.  Notable players include supa(Nero), Wagu(VSion), F.T(Miyako), and a really crazy Satsuki, Ciel, and Shiki. - Really great set of videos.  Grow's Arc is way too good, and there's a really crazy Aoko, Ren, Nanaya and VSion. - For some reason, these are recorded on someone's camera, so the video quality isn't too great.  Notable players include Bandana(Shiki), T.I(Shiki), TTK(Sion), and KAZ(HisuKoha)

Kohaku's Video Room / The Combo and Strat Video Thread
« on: May 08, 2007, 12:27:35 AM »
I got this idea from the old combo video database thread on Dustloop, and decided to make one here since there's been a lot of videos released for Melty Blood.  The only videos that will be listed here are for Melty Blood Act Cadenza(all versions) and MBR FT 2.501B, since I feel that videos made in the really early versions are too radically different to be useful.  Each entry will include the name of the video, a Youtube link of it if available, the author and his/her homepage if available, the Melty Blood version it was recorded in, and a description of it in the case it isn't a normal combo or strat video.  Note that if a direct download of the original video is available, it will most likely be on the author's homepage.  You can also look at the list of links that Youtube has under comments and favorited.  Also, since there's just been an overwhelming amount of those multi character combo videos released, I'll only list the ones that I feel are memorable.  Feel free to suggest any additions to this list, or correct any mistakes I've made(like on author names)!

Akiha Tohno
Akiha Tohno Combo Movie (VerB2) By Masa
Tohno Akiha Movie VerB2 (VerB2) By Yukinose
Valkyrja (VerB2) By Masa
Tohno Akiha Movie VerB & VerB2 (VerB2) By Yukinose
Tohno Akiha Movie (VerB) By Yukinose
∀NUBIS (VerB) By Come or Die
Akiha Movie (FT) By ???
Dear all akiha's player (FT) By BaTsister
Tragic (FT) By Crimson Air

Akiha Vermillion
MBAC Ver.B2 Movie Akiha Vermillion (VerB2) By Felix
Vermillion Akiha Movie (VerB2) By ???

Aoko Aozaki
MBAC Aoko Tutorial (VerB2) By Xenozip, ikusat, Zar
Aoko Combo Clips (VerB2) By ???
Aoko Aozaki Tutorial Video (VerB) By Jeffrey Manson
MagicGunner Ms. Blue Movie "Midnightmagic" (VerB) By Feldweg

Marble Fantasm (FT) By KOJI
Arcueid CMV (FT) By Arcueid
Heroine Who Fights (FT) By tak (This is a combo video for both Sion and Arc)

Red Arcueid
Red Arcueid Movie (VerB2) By SBT
Disconnection (FT) By Crimson Air

Ciel Only Movie (VerB2) By BaTsister
Iron Blue Intention (VerB2) By HFBlade
Melty Blood Basics: Ciel (VerB) By ikusat
Heaven (FT) By Crimson Air
Longing (FT) By HFBlade
Infinity (FT) By Shieru

Staring At The Sun (VerB2) By Mr. Protoprahe
Melty Blood Basics: Hisui (VerB2) By ikusat
Hisui Combo Movie (VerB) By coolice/paradox
Melty Blood Basics: Hisui (VerB) By ikusat
Hisui & Kohaku Combo Movie (FT) By Kirigatana
Sion Tatari & Hisui Netamovie (FT) By mix3

Private Place (VerB2) By Messhii
Schemer (VerA) By Messhii
DESIRE (FT) By Irwin
Hisui & Kohaku Combo Movie (FT) By Kirigatana

Kishima Kouma

Mech Hisui
Mech Hisui Basic Combos (VerB2) By Xenozip
Mech Hisui Basic Mixups (VerB2) By Xenozip

Miyako Basics (VerB2) By relight
Miyako Movie (FT) By TaMa

Number of Beast (FT) By ENE@757
Melty Blood Mans Only Movie (FT) By rion (This is a combo movie featuring only the four males of the game)

Len Tutorial (VerB2) By ripple1028
Ren Only Movie -Dear all Ren's Player- (FT) By BaTsister
Ren-Len (FT) By tak
Ren Airthrow Relaunch Guide (FT) By LUJ

Hoshininegaiwo (VerB2) By ClearLamp
-Wish Meet- (FT) By Serodan
Mebius Ring (FT) By Masato

Shiki Tohno
Melty Blood Mans Only Movie (FT) By rion (This is a combo movie featuring only the four males of the game)

Shiki Nanaya
Shiki Nanaya Combo Movie IV (VerB2) By TaMa
Shiki Nanaya Combo Movie III (VerB2) By TaMa
Shiki Nanaya Combo Movie II (VerB2) By TaMa
Shiki Nanaya Combo Movie (VerB2) By TaMa
Nanaya Movie (FT) By TaMa
Melty Blood Mans Only Movie (FT) By rion (This is a combo movie featuring only the four males of the game)
MBR Vol XII - Wild Seven (FT) By MTP

MBAC VerB2 Sion Combo Movie (VerB2) By FM_
Guilty Sky (VerB2) By Zaido
Absolute (FT) By tak
Heroine Who Fights (FT) By tak (This is a combo video for both Sion and Arc)

Sion Tatari
Yami no Hikari (VerB2) By Zaido
ABSURD (VerB) By Zaido
VSion Promo Movie (FT) By Zaido
Sion Tatari & Hisui Netamovie (FT) By mix3

Warachia Combo Movie (VerB2) By Warachia21
Warachia Movie (VerB) By dairokunohou
Night On the Blood Lier (FT) By pei (This is more of a mixup movie than combo movie)
Melty Blood Mans Only Movie (FT) By rion (This is a combo movie featuring only the four males of the game)

White Ren
LúcifeR (VerB2) By Come or Die
MBAC White Ren Tutorial (VerB2) By Psylocke
W. Ren Combos and Mixups (VerB2) By Xenozip
White Ren Collection ~FINAL~ (VerB2) By pota
Melty Blood Ver.B Trial ComboMovie (VerB) By mix3
SPARKING (VerB) By Irwin
Snow White (VerB) By Crimson Air
White Ren Movie (VerB) By canonsnk
MBR Vol XIII White Fraction (VerB) By MTP
White Len Combo Movie (VerB) By Zaido
Ice Resolute (VerB) By HFBlade
Northern Ice Flower (VerB) By ehrik, Shieru

Multi Character
Crimson Air Guest Combo Movie Prelude (VerB2) By Crimson Air
Crimson Air Guest Combo Movie 2nd Dance (VerB2) By Crimson Air
Crimson Air Guest Combo Movie 3rd Dance (VerB2) By Crimson Air
Crimson Air Guest Combo Movie 4th Dance (VerB2) By Crimson Air
Crimson Air Guest Combo Movie Last Waltz (VerB2) By Crimson Air
Crimson Air Guest Combo Movie Ending (VerB2) By Crimson Air
Opening New Tragedy (VerB2) By BaTsister
White Requiem (VerB2) By BaTsister
Ultimate Moon (VerB2) By BaTsister
Red Moon Selection (VerB2) By BaTsister
Last Arc Combo Exhibition (VerB) By Canon
MeltyBlood Ver. B Movie (VerB) By Miruto
The First Anniversary Memory (FT) By BaTsister
Material Wind (FT) By BaTsister and Kirigatana
Peaceful White Guest Combo Movie (FT) By tak, et. al. (This movie is nearly 17 minutes long!)
One (FT) By tak
MBR Movie 19 (FT) By Miruto
MBR Movie 18 (FT) By Miruto (This is a video that shows the maximum amount of damage each character can do in a combo against Vermillion Akiha)
MBR Movie 15 (FT) By Miruto
New Days (FT) By innocentstar, tak, BaTsister, et. al.
MeltyBlood Combo Movie 05 (FT) By mix3
Melty Blood ReACT Final Tuned Volume 6 (FT) By ikusat
Arc (FT) By Zaido
Buffer (FT) By Zaido

Sion Eltnam Atlasia / Sion videos
« on: March 16, 2007, 11:49:06 PM »
Just a topic to post up Sion videos.  First up, kubo's Youtube account:

Hyonkell also has some kubo vids on his account:

And an old Sion combo video, Absolute, from MBR:FT.  Hopefully it's helpful?
You can download a hard copy of it at tak's homepage, which is linked in the video.

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