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Melty Blood Auditorium / Re: MBAACC at Tougeki
« on: November 25, 2010, 03:17:32 PM »
Are they gonna be releasing a DVD or something with all the matches from the tournament? If so anyone know when...?

Unfortunately it looks like there's not gonna be a DVD release for Tougeki MBAACC.  Probably because it was a category C game

With that said, it's probably okay to link these videos now.  Somebody managed to archive the stream of the top4 matches.  Yay for Chinese streaming sites

And shakycam vids that some German dude recorded of a few of the pre-top4 matches
Luckystar(C-Nero), Kou(F-VAkiha) vs Naya(F-Arc), kuga(C-Mech)

Hato(F-VAkiha), Leo(C-Warc) vs Mr. Protoprahe(H-Hisui), J-Anson(H-Roa)

Gintoki(F-Aoko) vs Shin(C-Akiha)

Takashi(C-Wara), Fuusui(C-Aoko) vs GO1(F-Akiha), Ieda(C-Kohaku)

Mao(C-Ryougi) vs Kaimaato(F-Kouma)

Melty Blood Auditorium / MBAACC Tiers
« on: November 19, 2010, 06:44:08 PM »
MBAACC Ver 1.07

Hato's list, published in December 2011 issue of Arcadia magazine
S Nero Ryougi
A+ Arc Satsuki Wara Seifuku
A Sion Warc Akiha VAkiha Nanaya Kohaku HisuKoha Mech Len Kouma Ries Roa PCiel
B VSion Shiki Ciel Miyako Aoko WLen Hime
C NecoArc NecoArcChaos KohaMech Necomech

Kanna's list
S Arc PCiel Kohaku Nero Satsuki Roa Seifuku Ryougi
A Warc Shiki Akiha Wara Hisui Nanaya Sion Ries Aoko WLen Ciel Kouma VAkiha Hime Len Miyako
B VSion Mech
(Note: HisuKoha, the Necos, and the various team chars were not considered because of lack of experience)

MBAACC Ver 1.05
Character ranking generally agreed upon by the Japanese BBS
S Kohaku PCiel HisuKoha Ryougi
A+ Shiki Arc Nanaya Warc Satsuki Miyako Len Aoko
A Everybody else
A- VSion Mech-Hisui

Kanna's list
A+ Leo's Ryougi(he really wrote this lol), PCiel
A Everybody else
A- VSion

SAT's list
A+ Kohaku HisuKoha Ryougi PCiel
A Everyobdy else
A- (Nero) Mech-Hisui VSion

In similar fashion to MBAC Ver.B2 and MBAA Ver.A, there is now a tier list for CC done by surveying top Japanese players.  Kiriya, the Sion player, posted it this time.  Only 8 Japanese players were asked this time though, instead of the traditional 20.  Maybe later they will get everyone else?






Characters ranked from S to C, S getting 4 points, A getting 3, B getting 2, and C getting 1.  Points are then totaled

Players: Kiriya, Jin, SAT, Niiya, Jamu, Kanna, Maruyan, Yoshino

S VAkiha(32) Sion(31)
A Satsuki(26) Akiha(25) Wara(25) Ciel(24) Shiki Tohno(24)
B+ Kohaku(20) Ries(20) Nanaya(20) Kouma(20) Maids(19) Ryougi(19)
B Miyako(18) Arc(17) Aoko(17) Hisui(16) Nero(16)
B- VSion(15) White Len(15) Warc(14) Roa(14)
C Len(12) Mech Hisui(11) Seifuku Akiha(9)

Regional Community / Re: SoCal Non-AI People
« on: November 17, 2010, 10:46:04 AM »
Yeah, sorry guys.  I can't have over that many people(around 5 max)

Kohaku's Video Room / Re: MBCC Match Videos
« on: November 14, 2010, 12:27:27 PM »
a-cho ranbats are now being put up on zero3japan's youtube channel, in much better quality than before too

a-cho 49th MBAACC ranbat
T.N(F-Kohaku) vs Momiyama(H-Sion)
Luckystar(F-Nero) vs Mr. Protoprahe(C-Hisui)
Kiyoshi(C-WLen) vs AI(F-Ries)

Shizuoka(H-VAkiha) vs Yuu(C-Sion)
Kiyoshi(C-WLen) vs Mr. Protoprahe(C-Hisui)
Kiyoshi(C-WLen) vs Shizuoka(H-VAkiha)
Yuu(C-Sion) vs Mr. Protoprahe(C-Hisui)

a-cho 50th MBAACC Ranbat
T.N(F-Ryougi) vs Luckystar(F-Nero)
Yuuki(H-Len) vs Rakuchan(H-Len)
T.N(F-Ryougi) vs Momiyama(H-Sion)
Yuu(C-Sion) vs BAB(H-VSion)

Akaboshi(C-Satsuki) vs BAB(H-VSion)
T.N(F-Ryougi) vs Bin(F-Kouma)
BAB(F-VSion) vs T.N(F-Ryougi)
Akaboshi(C-Satsuki) vs Bin(F-Kouma)

Kohaku's Video Room / Re: MBCC Match Videos
« on: October 06, 2010, 09:41:39 AM »

Fuusui(H-Ryougi, C-Aoko, F-Nanaya) vs Ashie(H-Ries, H and C VAkiha, C and F Ryougi, F-VSion, F-Shiki, F-Nanaya)

Kohaku's Video Room / Re: MBCC Match Videos
« on: September 26, 2010, 07:59:12 AM »
A bunch of videos that got recorded during and after Tougeki, featuring a good mix of Kanto and Kansai players

2010/9/19 Post-Tougeki 5on5 at Amusement Ace Tsudanuma
1st - Shiki(Shiki), Aware(Hisui), Ari(aka Sena Airi)(Kouma), Hayate(Satsuki), Kou(VAkiha)
2nd - Amirosu(Nero), Debui(VAkiha), Teintein(Mech), M-Shi(Satsuki), A.K(Kohaku)

Motomachi(Mech) vs Hare(Satsuki) gachigame set

Yumekami(Ciel) vs Hare(Satsuki) gachigame set

Yumekami(Ciel) vs Motomachi(Mech) gachigame set

2010/9/18 Joybox casuals

2010/9/20 Joybox
Waka(F-Kohaku) vs Yamakonbu(H-Sion) gachigame set
Waka(F-Kohaku) vs Yumekami(C-Ciel) gachigame set
Waka(F-Kohaku, F-Warc), Motomachi(C-Mech), Yamakonbu(F-Maids) casuals

Melty Blood Auditorium / Re: MBAACC at Tougeki
« on: September 20, 2010, 07:55:05 PM »
Don't thank me, thank Psylocke, MS Paint, and IRC log files. I'm missing 2 matches, but w/e use your imagination.

Forgot to mention those on IRC, since people didn't post those results until later
Rakuchan/Akaboshi beat Hagi/Surume
Highspeed/Yuu beat Kanon/Kaito
Yumekami/Yamakonbu beat Hyonkell/FT

Kohaku / Re: MBAA Kohaku Videos
« on: September 19, 2010, 10:09:20 AM »

Melty Blood Auditorium / Re: MBAACC at Tougeki
« on: September 17, 2010, 04:55:49 PM »
Wow that was fast, just a few minutes after I posted, the results for the two last chance qualifiers came in.  They are
LCQ #1 winner: Jアンソン(ロア)プロト(翡翠) J-Anson(Roa), Mr. Protoprahe(Hisui)
LCQ #2 winner: 遊(シオン)ダックス(さつき) Yuu(Sion), Dax(Satsuki)

To clear up any confusion, the Yuu in LCQ #2 is different than the Yuu in Highspeed's team.  The Yuu in highspeed's team has always played Sion, and mainly shows up at a-cho, while the Yuu in LCQ#2 was a former VSion player and mainly plays at Gamesky.  New bracket is attached

This brings the final character count to
7 Sion
6 Nero
5 Akiha
4 VAkiha, Aoko, Satsuki
3 Arc, Kohaku, Wara, Ries, Hisui
2 VSion, Shiki, Warc, Ciel, Mech, Len, Kouma
1 Nanaya, Miyako, WLen, Ryougi, Roa
0 Maids, SAkiha

Melty Blood Auditorium / Re: MBAACC at Tougeki
« on: September 17, 2010, 04:23:28 PM »
The brackets for MBAACC have been made already.  From what I am reading, it seems that there are no foreign spots, so there will be two last chance qualifiers.

Bracket is attached, excuse my ghetto Photoshop skills

Melty Blood Auditorium / Re: MBAACC at Tougeki
« on: September 05, 2010, 10:39:58 AM »
Updated the first post.  This was the final weekend of qualifiers, so the main 30 spots for Tougeki MBAACC have finally been filled!  There are still two more spots to fill out the bracket, and those will be last chance qualifiers and/or foreign qualifiers.

Character count for the Tougeki qualified teams
6 Sion, Nero
5 Akiha
4 VAkiha, Aoko
3 Arc, Kohaku, Wara, Satsuki, Ries
2 VSion, Shiki, Warc, Ciel, Hisui, Mech, Len, Kouma
1 Nanaya, Miyako, WLen, Ryougi
0 Maids, Roa, SAkiha

If we also count the teams that won Area Qualifiers..
12 Sion, Akiha, VAkiha
8 Warc
7 Kohaku, Wara, Nero, Satsuki
6 Len, Ries
5 Shiki, Aoko, Kouma
4 Arc, Miyako, Ryougi
3 VSion, Hisui, Mech
2 Nanaya, Ciel, Maids, Roa
1 WLen, SAkiha

Kohaku's Video Room / Re: MBCC Match Videos
« on: September 03, 2010, 01:24:34 PM »
8/29 Tougeki D-4 Area Qualifiers

Finals Round Robin
Mr. Protoprahe(Hisui), TN(Kohaku)
Uhonge(Roa), Mudaniku(Kouma)
Highspeed(Wara), Yuu(Sion)

All of the teams tied in the round robin, so they had to play it out again, which is why there's two vids

Kohaku's Video Room / Re: MBCC Match Videos
« on: August 30, 2010, 06:33:00 AM »
Joybox casuals


Melty Blood Auditorium / Re: MBAACC at Tougeki
« on: August 29, 2010, 12:15:34 PM »
Tons of qualifiers finished this weekend, so updated the first post again.  Notables include the Satsuki player M-Shi somehow winning a B-1 area qualifier with Seifuku Akiha, Hagi qualifying with his new character Ries, and EVO champion Garu finally winning a block final, with TI.

Next weekend will be the last for MBAACC Tougeki qualifiers

Melty Blood Auditorium / Re: MBAACC at Tougeki
« on: August 22, 2010, 10:13:29 AM »
First post updated with more of the quals from this weekend.  EVO champion Garu teams with TI and finally wins an Area qualifier, but they fail to take the block final.

Melty Blood Auditorium / Re: MBAACC at Tougeki
« on: August 15, 2010, 09:56:13 AM »
Another wave of qualifiers finished this weekend, so updated the first post with results.  Notables include Jeffrey Manson qualifying with the same team that he made it to top4 with in 2007 Tougeki MBAC and a Ryougi player finally qualifying.

Also, Garu teamed up with TI at the Bigbox qualifier, and I think they got 2nd.  Some old school players from MBAC Ver.A days, like niga, Furan, kubo, and ILS(all made it to top4 2006 tougeki mbac) are also back and trying to qualify as well.

Kohaku's Video Room / Re: MBCC Match Videos
« on: August 15, 2010, 12:32:25 AM »
8/7 Tougeki area qualifiers at Hachiouji UFO

Top 3

Finals was a round robin between the top 3 teams.  The top 3 teams were:
Hato(VAkiha), Leo(Warc)
Kamoshio(Sion), Kame(Mech)
Kyou(Warc), Mao(Ryougi)

They all ended up tying, so they did it again, which is why there's 6 videos.

Melty Blood Auditorium / Re: MBAACC at Tougeki
« on: August 09, 2010, 08:59:44 AM »
where the fuck is jamu

He teamed with Rei Nanaya at the area qualifier that You/Bubu won, ended up getting 2nd

Melty Blood Auditorium / MBAACC at Tougeki
« on: August 08, 2010, 11:59:49 AM »
Here we go, let's see how far my fake ass Japanese can take me
First off, schedule of qualifiers


Almost everything is squeezed into the month of August

Format is 2on2 Waseda

1. GO1(Akiha), Ieda(Kohaku)
2. Hato(VAkiha), Leo(Warc)
4. Inoshi(VSion), Kaimaato(Kouma) and Tatsuya(Ciel), X(Nero)


Winners of the area qualifiers and block finals.  I have bolded the teams that have won block finals, AKA the teams that are 100% going to SBO.  The unbolded teams have won area qualifiers, and still have to win block finals to qualify.

☆A-1 [カノン(青子)カイト(ネロ)] Kanon(Aoko), Kaito(Nero)
(8/29) スーパーノバ福島店/福島県 [骸(紅摩)&knit(ロア)] Mukuro(Kouma), knit(Roa)
(9/4) ドリームファクトリー会津店/福島県 [ABT(都古)&キノピオ(ワラキア)] ABT(Miyako), Kinopio(Wara)
(9/5) スーパーノバ会津インター店/福島県 [カノン(青子)&カイト(ネロ)] Kanon(Aoko), Kaito(Nero)

◎A-2 [ざわわ(シオン)&ポタ(白レン)] Zawawa(Sion), Pota(WLen)
(8/21) セガワールド日和田/福島県 [M氏(さつき)&A.K(琥珀)] M-Shi(Satsuki), A.K(Kohaku)
(8/22) スーパービンゴ郡山店/福島県 [ざわわ(シオン)&ポタ(白レン)] Zawawa(Sion), Pota(WLen)
(8/28) ドリームファクトリーいわき店/福島県 [あぶと(都古)&きのぴお(ワラキア)] Abuto(Miyako), Kinopio(Wara)

◎A-3 [かもシオ(シオン)&かめ(メカ)] Kamoshio(Sion), Kame(Mech)
(8/28) LA倶楽部/岩手県 [PAN(Vシオン)&さか(ワルク)] PAN(VSion), Saka(Warc)
(8/29) SOYU Family Game Field 花巻店/岩手県 [かもシオ(シオン)&かめ(メカ)] Kamoshio(Sion), Kame(Mech)

◎A-4 [町田の猛犬(かいまーと)&池袋の犯罪者(井野氏)(Vシオン)] Kaimaato(Kouma), Inoshi(VSion)
(8/8) トレジャー新庄店/山形県 [マダラメ(秋葉)&モス(赤主)]  Madarame(Akiha), Moss(VAkiha)
(8/15) プレイランドエフワンR/宮城県 [町田の猛犬(かいまーと)&池袋の犯罪者(井野氏)(Vシオン)] Kaimaato(Kouma), Inoshi(VSion)

☆B-1 [ふじなみ(Vシオン)&かた(赤主)] Fujinami(VSion), Kata(VAkiha)
(8/29) 大久保アルファステーション/東京都 [A.K(琥珀)&M氏(制服) ] A.K(Kohaku), M-Shi(SAkiha)
(9/4) SEGA代々木/東京都 [ふじなみ(Vシオン)&かた(赤主)] Fujinami(VSion), Kata(VAkiha)
(9/5) 新宿スポーツランド本館/東京都 [くそガキ1《オヤシロ》(式)、くそガキ2《空》(赤主)] Oyashiro(Ryougi), Sora(VAkiha)

◎B-2 [はぎ(リーズ)&するめ(七夜)] Hagi(Ries), Surume(Nanaya)
(8/21) パソピアード東京/東京都 [わんわん《リン》(シオン)&もんもん《赤レン》(レン)] Rin(Sion), Akaren(Len)
(8/22) クラブセガ秋葉原 新館/東京都 [ぜあ(リーズ)&レイ(式)] Zea(Ries), Rei(Ryougi)
(8/28) クラブセガ秋葉原/東京都 [はぎ(リーズ)&するめ(七夜)] Hagi(Ries), Surume(Nanaya)

◎B-3 [ジン(翡翠)&SAT(ネロ)] Jin(Hisui), SAT(Nero)
(8/8) GAME-NEWTON 大山店/東京都 [23onメカヒスイ代表(丸やん)(シオン)&23onキシマ代表(BaT)(秋葉)] Maruyan(Sion), BaTsister(Akiha)
(8/14) 池袋GiGO/東京都 [しぐれ(リーズ)&宍戸(シオン)] Shigure(Ries), Shishido(Sion)
(8/15) タイトーステーション BIGBOX高田馬場/東京都 [ジン(翡翠)&SAT(ネロ)] Jin(Hisui), SAT(Nero)

◎B-4 [はと(赤主)&レオ(ワルク)] Hato(VAkiha), Leo(Warc)
(8/7) アミューズメントスペースUFO八王子店/東京都 [はと(赤主)&レオ(ワルク)] Hato(VAkiha), Leo(Warc)
(8/8) セガワールドアルカス/東京都 [A・K(琥珀)&M氏(さつき)] A.K(Kohaku), M-Shi(Satsuki)
(8/14) 立川ゲームオスロー第1店/東京都 [骸(紅摩)&knit(ロア)] Mukuro(Kouma), knit(Roa)

◎B-5 [キョウ(ワルク)&マオ(式)] Kyou(Warc), Mao(Ryougi)
(8/28) セガワールド小山/栃木県 [ワタリ(青子)&kino(ワルク)] Watari(Aoko), kino(Warc)
(9/4) プレイスポットビッグワン/埼玉県 [キョウ(ワルク)&マオ(式)] Kyou(Warc), Mao(Ryougi)

◎B-6 [はれ(さつき)&わか(琥珀)] Hare(Satsuki), Waka(Kohaku)
(8/15) ゲームガレージ大宮店/埼玉県 [隆(ワラキア)&みる崎ふーすい(青子)] Takashi(Wara), Fuusui(Aoko)
(8/21) ゲームマグマックス川越/埼玉県 [はれ(さつき)&わか(琥珀)] Hare(Satsuki), Waka(Kohaku)
(8/22) セガワールド入間/埼玉県 [がる(琥珀)&T.I(志貴)] Garu(Kohaku), T.I(Shiki)

◎B-7 [洋(アルク)&BB(ネロ)] You(Arc), Bubu(Nero)
(8/7) ゲームチャリオット五井店/千葉県 [洋(アルク)&BB(ネロ)] You(Arc), Bubu(Nero)
(8/8) ゲームチャリオット船橋店/千葉県 [はれ(さつき)&王国民(芳乃)(レン)] Hare(Satsuki), Yoshino(Len)
(8/14) アミューズメントエース津田沼/千葉県 [じゃむを(ワラキア)&ぜあ(リーズ)] Jamu(Wara), Zea(Ries)

◎B-8 [攻撃力2200《隆》(ワラキア)&守備力1500《ふーすい》(青子)] Takashi(Wara), Fuusui(Aoko)
(8/22) CLUBSEGA綱島/神奈川県 [かた(赤主)&ふじなみ(Vシオン)] Kata(VAkiha), Fujinami(VSion)
(8/28) パームトップス/神奈川県 [美希《丸やん》(シオン)&夜々《BaT》(秋葉)] Maruyan(Sion), BaTsister(Akiha)
(8/29) CLUBSEGA 相模大野/神奈川県 [攻撃力2200《隆》(ワラキア)&守備力1500《ふーすい》(青子)] Takashi(Wara), Fuusui(Aoko)

☆C-1 [ヒツジ(赤主)&ひろかわ(リーズ)] Hitsuji(VAkiha), Hirokawa(Ries)
(8/28) ミラクル藤枝店/静岡県 [K(ワラキア)&S(ネロ)] K(Wara), S(Nero)
(8/29) ミラクルドーム/静岡県 [しいな(都古?メカ?)、かいる(さつき?)] Shiina(Mech), Kairu(Satsuki)
(9/4) THE 3RD PLANET OZ浜松店/静岡県 [へいほぉ~(ワラキア)&ダノン(琥珀)] Heihoo(Wara), Danon(Kohaku)
(9/5) セガワールド静岡/静岡県 [ヒツジ(赤主)&ひろかわ(リーズ)] Hitsuji(VAkiha), Hirokawa(Ries)

C-2 [鈴木《ひょんける》(リーズ)&えふて~(都古)] Hyonkell(Ries), FT(Miyako)
(8/15) メルクス東名/愛知県 [だっくす(さつき)&きむちー(式)] Dax(Satsuki), Kimchi(Ryougi)
(8/21) 岐阜レジャーラント穂積店/岐阜県 [奈留《なるそら*おだだいき》(志貴)&びぃ(秋葉)] Misora(Shiki), Bii(Akiha)
(8/22) PLAY SEVEN/愛知県 [鈴木《ひょんける》(リーズ)&えふて~(都古)] Hyonkell(Ries), FT(Miyako)

◎C-3 [たつや(シエル)&エクス(ネロ)] Tatsuya(Ciel), X(Nero)
(8/7) クラブセガ金山/愛知県 [乾沙凪(kuga)(メカ)&二階堂 遊(遊)(赤主)] kuga(Mech), Yuu(VAkiha)
(8/8) ゲームスカイ/愛知県 [たつや(シエル)&エクス(ネロ)] Tatsuya(Ciel), X(Nero)

◎C-4 [T.I(志貴)&がる(琥珀)] T.I(Shiki), Garu(Kohaku)
(8/28) チャンス白根店/新潟県 [T.I(志貴)&がる(琥珀)] T.I(Shiki), Garu(Kohaku)
(8/29) ゲームセンターテクノポリス/新潟県 [ヤンマー(志貴)&RMM(七夜)] Yanmar(Shiki), RMM(Nanaya)

◎C-5 [乾 紗凪《kuga》(メカ)&ナヤ(アルク)] kuga(Mech), Naya(Arc)
(8/28) セガアリーナ/福井県 [たきの(翡翠)&ゆきち(赤主)] Takino(Hisui), Yukichi(VAkiha)
(8/29) コスモランド小松/石川県 [乾 紗凪《kuga》(メカ)&ナヤ(アルク)] kuga(Mech), Naya(Arc)
(9/4) ゲームインさんしょう掛尾店/富山県 [品の無い軋間《びん》(紅摩)&センスない都古《小力》(都古)] Bin(Kouma), Koriki(Miyako)

◎C-6 [キリト(秋葉)&キリヤ(シオン)] Kirito(Akiha), Kiriya(Sion)
(8/15) ゲームパニック甲府/山梨県 [なる(ヒスコハ)&えるぇ(赤主)] Naru(Maids), Erue(VAkiha)
(8/21) アミューズメントパークNASA/長野県 [ホロ《こはく・・・かも》(琥珀)&ラッシー(秋葉)] Horo(Kohaku), Lassie(Akiha)
(8/22) セガワールド エデン/長野県 [キリト(秋葉)&キリヤ(シオン)] Kirito(Akiha), Kiriya(Sion)

◎C-7 [GO1(秋葉)&いえだ(琥珀)] GO1(Akiha), Ieda/Nakau(Kohaku)
(8/7) ゲームチャオ松阪/三重県 [綾(シオン)&犬(凡太)(秋葉)]  Aya(Sion), Bonta(Akiha)
(8/8) セガワールドスキップタウン/三重県 [ナヤ(アルク)&新(ワルク)] Naya(Arc), Shin(Warc)
(8/14) セガワールド生桑/三重県 [GO1(秋葉)&いえだ(琥珀)] GO1(Akiha), Ieda/Nakau(Kohaku)

☆D-1 [銀時(青子)&リュウイチ(アルク)] Gintoki(Aoko), Ryuuichi(Arc)
(8/29) ハイテクランドセガ西中島/大阪府 [彰《AI》(リーズ)&しゅうへい(赤主)] AI(Ries), Shuuhei(VAkiha)
(9/5) チャレンジャー関大前店/大阪府 [銀時(青子)&リュウイチ(アルク)] Gintoki(Aoko), Ryuuichi(Arc)

◎D-2 [夢守(シエル)&山昆布(シオン)] Yumekami(Ciel), Yamakonbu(Sion)
(8/7) ゲームプラザエム/大阪府 [夢守(シエル)&山昆布(シオン)] Yumekami(Ciel), Yamakonbu(Sion)
(8/8) エンジョイパラダイス/大阪府 [GO1(秋葉)*1人チーム] GO1(Akiha) single entry!

◎D-3 [赤星(さつき)&らくちゃん(レン)] Akaboshi(Satsuki), Rakuchan(Len)
(8/21) ゲームランドエース/大阪府 [びん(紅摩)&こりき(都古)] Bin(Kouma), Koriki(Miyako)
(8/22) 星狩物語 中百舌鳥店/大阪府 [老けアゴ《辻井》(ワルク)&もみやま(シオン)] Tsujisosu(Warc), Momiyama(Sion)
(8/28) アテナ日本橋/大阪府 [赤星(さつき)&らくちゃん(レン)] Akaboshi(Satsuki), Rakuchan(Len)

◎D-4 [テラスピードホワイト《ハイスピード白》(ワラキア)&ユウ(シオン)] Highspeed Shiro(Wara), Yuu(Sion)
(8/29) アミューズメントスペースガオラ/滋賀県 [テラスピードホワイト《ハイスピード白》(ワラキア)&ユウ(シオン)] Highspeed(Wara), Yuu(Sion)
(9/4) neo amusementspace a-cho/京都府 [おかじ~(紅摩)&ゆうき(レン)] Okaji(Kouma), Yuuki(Len)

◎D-5 [コウ(赤主)&ラキスタ(ネロ)] Kou(VAkiha), Luckystar(Nero)
(8/8) 遊スペース マジカル/兵庫県 [こりき(都古)&びん(紅摩)] Koriki(Miyako), Bin(Kouma)
(8/14) セガ三宮SANX/兵庫県 [赤星(さつき)&ユウ(シオン)] Akaboshi(Satsuki), Yuu(Sion)
(8/15) GAME IN COO/兵庫県 [コウ(赤主)&ラキスタ(ネロ)] Kou(VAkiha), Luckystar(Nero)

☆E-1 [てぃーる(秋葉)&ふかひれ(ワラキア)] t-ru(Akiha), Fukahire(Wara)
(8/29) セガワールド松江/島根県 [J・アンソン(ロア)&わか(ワルク)] J-Anson(Roa), Waka(Warc)
(9/4) フタバ図書GIGAZONE/広島県 [KEY(都古)&ロリ山(さつき)] KEY(Miyako), Loliyama(Satsuki)
(9/5) ビバーチャ2/広島県 [てぃーる(秋葉)&ふかひれ(ワラキア)] t-ru(Akiha), Fukahire(Wara)

◎E-2 [時雨 亜沙(翡翠)《憐》&しっきー(志貴)] Aware(Hisui), Shiki(Shiki)
(8/21) テクノランド/岡山県 [ふかひれ(ワラキア)、てぃーる(秋葉?)] Fukahire(Wara), t-ru(Akiha)
(8/22) アミパラキャッスル/広島県 [KEY(都古)ロリ山(さつき) ] KEY(Miyako), Loliyama(Satsuki)
(8/28) セガワールドメガ海田/広島県 [時雨 亜沙(翡翠)《憐》&しっきー(志貴)] Aware(Hisui), Shiki(Shiki)

◎E-3 [ハヤテ(さつき)&紅葉(秋葉)] Hayate(Satsuki), Kouyou(Akiha)
(8/8) ハイテクセガ新居浜/愛媛県 [看護師(ワルク)&あすた(志貴)] Kangoshi(Warc), Asuta(Shiki)
(8/14) マックスプラザ善通寺/香川県 [ハヤテ(さつき)&紅葉(秋葉)] Hayate(Satsuki), Kouyou(Akiha)
(8/15) 戦/香川県 [憐(翡翠)&しっきー(志貴)] Aware(Hisui), Shiki(Shiki)

☆F-1 [あり(紅摩)&チェスト(シオン)] Ari(aka Sena Airi)(Kouma), Chest(Sion)
(8/28) TAC 北方店/福岡県 [橘 美也(きるあ)(秋葉)&七咲 逢(とれもろ)] Kirua(Akiha), Toremono(Arc)
(8/29) TAC戸畑/福岡県 [とばり(赤主)&ふぁも(レン)] Tobari(VAkiha), Famo(Len)
(9/4) モンキーハウス本館/福岡県 [パロスペ(シオン)&スグロ(琥珀)] Parospe(Sion), Suguro(Kohaku)
(9/5) アミューズメントスペースOPA/福岡県 [あり(紅摩)&チェスト(シオン)] Ari(Kouma), Chest(Sion)

◎F-2 [ハミデント(レン)&鳳仙花(ネロ)] Hamident(Len), Housenka(Nero)
(8/21) アミューズメント・リバティー/鹿児島県 [パロスペ(シオン)&スグロ(琥珀)] Parospe(Sion), Suguro(Kohaku) 
(8/22) セガワールドヒダカプラザ/宮崎県 [ハミデント(レン)&鳳仙花(ネロ)] Hamident(Len), Housenka(Nero)

◎F-3 [ジェフリーマンソン(青子)&信(秋葉)] Jeffrey Manson(Aoko), Shin(Akiha)
(8/14) アミューズジョイBOX/沖縄県 [K太(秋葉)&かもへー(ヒスコハ)] K-Ta(Akiha), Kamohe(Maids)
(8/15) ゲームインナハ2/沖縄県 [ジェフリーマンソン(青子)&信(秋葉)] Jeffrey Manson(Aoko), Shin(Akiha)

Last Chance Qualifier #1 - Jアンソン(ロア)プロト(翡翠) J-Anson(Roa), Mr. Protoprahe(Hisui)
Last Chance Qualifier #2 - 遊(シオン)ダックス(さつき) Yuu(Sion), Dax(Satsuki)

Final character count
7 Sion
6 Nero
5 Akiha
4 VAkiha, Aoko, Satsuki
3 Arc, Kohaku, Wara, Ries, Hisui
2 VSion, Shiki, Warc, Ciel, Mech, Len, Kouma
1 Nanaya, Miyako, WLen, Ryougi, Roa
0 Maids, SAkiha

Akiha Tohno / MBAACC Akiha
« on: August 06, 2010, 03:02:29 PM »
Thanks to sibladeko and Curbeh for the translations of changes in Arcadia

J2C - Hitbox expanded upward
623B - Last hit hitbox Expanded
4C - Prorate higher

4C - Weaker
22A - Vector, charge time, guard damage lowered (By charge time I think it means duration)
Damage universally lowered
421A disappears when doing an Arc Drive(no more unblockable setup)

236B - Start up and recovery better
4C - Prorate larger
5A6A - Prorate larger(universal halfmoon nerf)

Kohaku's Video Room / Re: MBCC Match Videos
« on: August 02, 2010, 09:31:18 AM »
Part 2 of previous video
c-nac, f-nanaya, f-ciel, c-satsuki, f and h koha, f and c akiha, c-wlen

Kohaku's Video Room / Re: MBAA Version A Match videos
« on: July 28, 2010, 11:02:21 AM »
MBAA Version A 5on5 tournament at Hachiouji UFO
Probably the last major Japanese VerA tournament, since CC is dropping in like 3 days.  Not gonna put this up on meltybread youtube since it's like 3-4 hours of footage

1st - Kaimaato(F-Kouma), BaTsister(Akiha), Gilette(C-Nanaya), You(F-Arc), Waka(F-Kohaku)
2nd - Jamu(C-Wara), Hare(C-Satsuki), Kamoshio(H-Sion), Kirito(Akiha), Tetsu(F-Arc)
3rd - Hagi(F-Akiha), Bobu(WLen), Wakano(Len), Rei(Nanaya), Bubu(H-Nero)

Melty Blood Auditorium / Re: MBAA Tiers
« on: July 16, 2010, 04:11:28 PM »
Tier list made by Japanese F-Maids player モスクワ(Moscow).  Does not use the standard S-A-B-C format because he used his list to run a special teams tournament, where every character was assigned a ratio/point, and teams could only have a maximum of 10 points.

CH-Kohaku H-Shiki H-VSion F-Maids

F-Akiha C-Shiki CF-Miyako HF-Nero C-Mech C-Warc

H-Hisui F-Kohaku F-Shiki C-Nero F-VSion HF-Warc C-Satsuki HF-Aoko C-Maids C-Nanaya

CF-Arc C-Ciel CF-Hisui CH-Akiha H-Miyako C-Wara C-VSion HF-VAkiha H-Mech F-Nanaya HF-Satsuki C-Aoko H-Maids HF-Kouma CF-Ries F-WLen C-Sion

HF-Sion H-Arc HF-Ciel HF-Wara C-VAkiha F-Mech H-Nanaya Len C-Kouma H-Ries CH-WLen HF-Roa

Necos C-Roa

So there could have been a team of 10 people if they all played the necos or c-roa

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