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When's Melty on Steam?
ahaha that's no--wait, what?

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UNREAL BLACK THINGS / Re: Under Night In-Birth
« on: September 14, 2012, 03:29:58 AM »

I like the cut-in things. They're like Melty's but better.

Is this twett relevant to unib?

なりたのぶや ‏@narita_ton
言って良いと言われたこと→「今月末に都内でロケテ」。検討中なので言うなと言われたこと→「場所・期間」。なにも言われてないので勝手に言うこと→10キャラ予定、声あり予定、2セット予定。詳細決まりましたら公式よりお知らせしますm(_ _)m

The next loctest will tentatively have 10 characters, voices and 2-set matches. Details aren't finalized, however, so they'll give further details later on.

Yay, voices!


Also is that some Moonwalker I spy in the background?

it look's like that site have a good compilation of the movelist (including merkava and batista)

It also has a bunch of random tidbits about the game itself.

- In the character select screen, "Start" brings up the color select menu. There are 10 colors to choose from. Changing character colors also changes the color of their effects.
- Double Jump, Air Dash are NOT basic moves for everyone. [Some characters have them though.]
- You can move before the round starts.
- There are directional attacks.
- AAA = Simple Combo
- There are Dash Attacks [With B and C only]
- Voice Actors still haven't been decided yet.
- Whiffing attacks B and stronger builds meter.
- If you do an Infinite Worth at the edge of the screen, you'll move to the center when it ends.
- You cannot kill with chip damage.
- EX Moves are not invincible. They also have a relatively short duration.
- You can roll when downed.
- ABCABC is a relatively easy to connect combo.

Yeah, IIRC they mentioned Loketests, but they didn't have a definite date planned yet or something.

FB streaming on the 11th at 23:00 J-time.

Send questions here.

So apparently:

- Hyde's last name is Kido
- Orie is a class-chairman type character
- Vatista has forehead lasers
- Waldstein uses his claws to cook [and Hyde's selling them for 8100 Yen]
- Gordeau's 'weapon' is pretty long, according to Yuzuriha

Videos where? Cheap humor can only distract people from the fact that this game isn't out yet for so long.  :gonk:

Quote from: Q&A
"How old is Hilda?"

Hilda - Amnesia's Hilda is 17 years old.
Gordeau - Hey!

Voice actor joke?

Quote from: Q&A
"What character do you recommend for a beginner?"

Hyde - At a time like that, select me, the king of protagonists.
Linne - Focusing on nothing but what's straight ahead of you is pretty Hyde-ish.

Quote from: Q&A
"I think Carmine looks cool to use, but is he easy to use?"

Carmine - Aren't you hype about hard to use characters?! (I will humbly receive your selection, thank you.)

Quote from: Q&A
"So, in the end, who's the main heroine?"

Linne - *glance*
Orie - *glance*
Yuzuriha - The truth is that it's actually me!
Vatista - I see. Quite the interesting development.

Quote from: Q&A
"Why does Orie's skirt flutter so much?"

Linne - Her overflowing fighting spirit can't be restrained... perhaps?
Hyde - Night after night, that skirt wanders around on its own...
Orie - Hang on, it does nothing of the sort!

These things are mildly amusing.

Melty Blood Auditorium / Re: The MB:AA:CC thread: Current Code 1.07
« on: April 11, 2012, 03:42:47 AM »
1.3 changelist:
- Network Battle Errors changed to make them easier to understand.
- There's a bug where some 3rd Party codecs would mess up the game during the VS Demo. Added an option to disable the VS Demo in the start-up screen.
- Game would sometimes bug out during matching mode making it impossible to progress. This has been dealt with.

Or something like that.

The "based on their voice actors' other roles" thing was in quotes because they said it wasn't true.

They were talking about the April Fools thing where the characters had alternate costumes "based on their voice actors' other roles". Then they mentioned that Mamoru Miyano had too many roles in the same genre to do.

Hyde was dressed up as Takuto from Star Driver, who was voiced by Miyano.

Last thing I heard regarding VA's in this game was that they wanted Mamoru Miyano to do Hyde but he was too busy or something.

Most characters have been pretty good at using their listed weapon as a weapon, actually.


Height - 171cm
Weight - 59kg
3 Sizes - 94/63/95    
Birthday - 11/11
Blood Type - AB
Ability - EXS of the Glittering Haze  "Paradox"
Weapon - Gown of Darkness (Masquerade)

"A Reverse that surpassed the Inverse... That is the only thing I seek."

... Right. I kinda want to see how she uses her clothes as a weapon. :V

What the hell? Gordeau's scythe's hitbox takes up like 4/5ths of the screen.   :slowpoke:

Nice, gameplay.

I like how it looks. And sounds. The music sounds pretty classy.

The lack of voices makes me wonder if they haven't sorted that out yet though...

Oh hey, more pronunciations.

EXS - Exist [... so wait, what does that make FLS?]
GRD - Grind

But man, they really are going after that 'hateful blazblue', aren't they?

Waldstein's trolling is hilarious.

I wonder if he's actually like that in the game.

So anyone want to start placing bets that Seth is actually Kuon?

Speaking of Seth, his EXS is actually "Piercing Chains" and not "Chain Locks". My bad.

Some old news [January 27th?! How did I miss that?!] regarding the AOU show.

- AOU build is only 50% complete.
- Playable characters will be Hyde, Linne, Waren [sic. Maybe Waldstein?], Carmine, Orie and Gordeau.

There was something about a new character, but I'm not sure if it's referring to a new character to be revealed at AOU or if it's referring to Seth and Yuzuriha. I'm leaning towards the latter.

UNIB Playable Display Build will be available at AOU's Sega Booth on the 18th of February.

Melty Blood Auditorium / Re: The MB:AA:CC:PC thread: v.1.2 out!
« on: February 04, 2012, 04:09:08 PM »
For anyone that cares, the song that plays in Archetype's stage isn't actually called "Hime Stage."

According to Raito, it's called "開闢を讃う姫歌 (かいびゃくをたたうひめうた)", which roughly means... uh... probably something along the lines of "The Princess's Song That Gives Praise To All Creation." 

Melty Blood Auditorium / Re: MBAACC(PC) Manual and Box-Art scans?
« on: February 03, 2012, 08:07:24 PM »
I love how, for the most part, the characters are in the same order that they are in the game's data.


Height: 169cm
Weight: 49kg
Birthday: 01/07
BloodType: O
Ability: EXS of Chain Locks "Kerykeion"
Weapon: Twin Swords - Eliminator


Height: 169cm
Weight: 53kg
3size: 88/57/84   
Birthday: 07/20
BloodType: B
Ability: EXS of Dying A Glorious Death "Einzel Lost" (The Long Night of Spiritual Darkness) [I think it's supposed to be some sort of pun on "eizellast" but I don't speak deutsche-go so...]
Weapon: Iris Sword - God's Honored Path

... Nnngh, some of those names are going into Tales of... territory of not-making-any-sense-but-let's-use-them-because-they-sound-cool.

i'm not sure...but maybe it's the release date that was published in the arcadia magazine?

Quote from: InbirthPR
Good morninverse everyone!



But no, it's just "Go buy the Arcadia that came out on January 30th to read up on UNIB."

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