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Hisui / Experimentation with Hisui
« on: March 13, 2009, 10:21:53 PM »
Oh, look at that. It's me. Again.
A couple of you might recall me from my last thread "Experimentation with Aoko" where I screwed up unbelievably in my trials, but that doesn't mean I've stopped there.
It's one of my goals to become proficient with as many characters as possible, and my next stop after Aoko is... well, Hisui.

First things first, though... just something I see in near every video out there that really gets to me. I might've said this somewhere before, but when I see combos performed, it's always about who can do the most damage with the most hits. Why not add a little... variety? So I got to thinking, "I can't be as good as some of these people, so maybe I can make a decent player with something new". Tampering around for a few hours, I realized two things:
  • I cannot pull off a j.BC > j.BC > j.Q finisher to save my life (yet); and
  • with Hisui, sometimes less can mean a lot more.
In those few hours, I came up with a few new (maybe-)loopable combos (that are all completely valid this time, albeit a little weird). First off:

"Hit 'em High, Throw 'em Low"
2A > 2B > 2C > 5C[C] > j.Q (6 Hits, 2100~2300 damage)

Okay, so I suck at making names, but I think it describes it pretty well; hit your opponent into the air, go straight into a charged 5C, and then throw them as soon as you jump. Works anywhere on the screen, and if you backdash right after the throw, you might be able to get another one of these in on a neutral ground recovery. Repeat if opponent is terribly predictable; if you want to confuse your opponent, you can do a standard j.ABC > j.BC before the air-throw... or you can throw them into the corner with this:

"Set 'n' Spike"
2A > 2B > 2C > 5C[C] > j.BB (7 Hits, 2000~2200 damage)

Starts the same way as the last "combo", but exchanges the j.Q with a j.BB... and puts you low enough that you can do it all over again starting from the 2A or 2B if they do a neutral / back recovery if they're in the corner. These are just two easy ways that you can reduce your opponent's life bar by ~15% in one go, but I doubt anyone (short of a Level 4 CPU) will really fall for these multiple times. Which brings me to...

"The Bento Breaker"
6Q > 22B > 2B > 5C > 6C 6C (4/5 Hits, 1900~2100 damage)

The premise is simple: knock down your opponent (a 2C might work far better for this, but the 6Q is just an example), set a B-Bento, get a five-hit combo for the price of four. I find for best results, you need to make the 5C hit only ONCE... or if you're really in the mood to play some form of mind games, do a 2C after the 5C and follow up with the 6C 6C. Not only do you get an extra sixth hit in for ~600 extra damage, it's an easy setup for an air combo if you hold back the second 6C. Do not recover; do not pass "go"; do not collect $200.

Now this last one... again, I can't make Hisui's j.BC > j.BC work for the life of me, so I improvised the EX-Dust loop into something even beginners can pull off quickly and easily, and you never have to go into the air. It totally works, but you have to be fast on the 236C at the end to get that wall slam.

"EX-Dust Grounded Loop"
2B > 5C > 623C > 2A > 5B > 5C > 6C 6[C] 236C (14 Hits, 3500~3800 damage)

So just looking at this, I know what you're thinking: "Why?" Well, it has only one practical application: Safe (Blood) Heat Activation... or at least that's all I could think of after I tried this. You're sacrificing damage for something that's easier to work with; I find that with the original, unless your timing is superhuman, you have a high chance of either missing the 2B or mis-timing the 5C, which ruins the combo and the loop. This way, you get a guaranteed loop and you're clear to either super-jump into another combo in the corner or go into a (Blood) Heat and maybe go into an Arc Drive after they recover.

So after those few hours, these are the fruits of my labor. All criticism is accepted (both good and bad); I'm just here to learn and become better.
If you have something to add, or even if you've come to criticize or demoralize, please do not hesitate... and that's it for this one. Maybe if I find more interesting combos to try, I'll post them here.

...'til then, I suppose.

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