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When's Melty on Steam?
ahaha that's no--wait, what?

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Judging by what I can see from the videos they both look fun to play. Ryougi seems to have a good range with the slashes.

It's not so much a hesitation to leave as it is a lack of resourses to get the real thing. Rest assured that I will switch as soon as possible.

That wasn't what I was refering to, the vid had j.[c] dj j.[c] 5[c] not j.[c] 5[c] j.[c]. I found that combo in Choco's guide so I'm assuming it works.

I was refering to the "Bouncy fun" combo. It doesn't work in Mugen because you can't get enough airtime to fully charge j.[c] 5[c] j.[c]

I can believe that, it will have to do until I can get the real thing. I think the physics are off too because there's no way to get enough airtime to do Sacchin's combos. At least the AI I have for Ciel is good blocking practice before it destroys me.

After a few months of lurking I finally decided to register here.

I currently main Warc but I'm working on getting better with V.Akiha and Arc. Right now I'm stuck using MUGEN but I'm working on getting MBAC in the future.

Anyone who feels like doing so may shorten my name to "Les."

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