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When's Melty on Steam?
ahaha that's no--wait, what?

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Akiha's Tea Room / Re: Introductory Thread (Take off your shoes, please)
« on: November 14, 2009, 03:38:18 AM »
Just read the forum rules n what not n now i can post =)

ways, i've not actually played the game yet, i'm just about to get into it. just thought i'd join a melty blood forum that is actually pro. so yea, i'm here and keen to start getting into it.

as for who i am, well i'm from Australia, currently living in Townsville but yea live all over the place as i usually work in the mines. so yea from Mackay to Perth you can find me. I usually play S3, but am kinda getting heavily into other games such as GG, KOF, ST, MvC2, SF4. 3S is my main, i'd say SF4 is too but i only crush scrubs, not really good against pros haha but yea i've been dealving into BBB for a tad. But yea the other day my mate introduced me to this game. From the sounds of it i wasn't too interested, until i read up on it and saw a few similarities to MvC2 and the obvious ones with BBB lol i was like.. why didn't i know about this game sooner?!?!

So yea, i'm pretty far behind but i'm keen to get into this game. Hopefully find some more AU players, make some friends and get some console sessions going. I'll probably urge my SF mates to get into this game too so hopefully a tight team will start up in Aus as i've looked for some hard core players here in Aus and didn't find too many. I guess the comp here is more into SF and Tekken rather than other 2d Fighthing games. That said, theres not enough people here in Aus to get a strong fighting scene going, well theres enough but Aus is so wide spread that its hard to get it going, well thats what i think.

Well yea, i'm currently just reading the threads so once i read most of the game engine mechanics thread, and get into the general discussions n what not i'll probs then get into actually getting some hourds down with the game. But yea, if yas could point me in the right direction then i'll happily go there, pls don't lead me astray with all the hentai though .. i think thats found in Akiha's Tea Room.

So that is me introducing myself. Hope to become a strong MB player, and friend of the MB community here. Have a good one dudes n dudettes n_n

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*buffet* ALL YOU CAN EAT! bahaha

coolies, the rules sound good to me yo. i'm keen to start posting now that i've read this ^_^

i'm glad that you guys are tight moderators, nothing like getting onto a forum that lets anything go thus having the pro gamer atmosphere turn into a noobosphere lol. but yea, i like the forum so far

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