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When's Melty on Steam?
ahaha that's no--wait, what?

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mishon oba
they added voice samples for all characters, and it looks like there will be some kind of quiz about who are the voice actors
and under request they added the movelist

Lots to this one~.

There will be a loketest at Akihabra on the 30th. Seth and Yuzu will be playable and possibly voices.

Additionally, there will be a pre-release tournament at Summer Festival 2012 from 9AM to 4PM with finals hosted from 4:30PM to 5:30PM on August 5th.

Also, Yuzu birthday fanservice art!

■アンダーナイト インヴァース 体験会 in ゲームサマーフェスティバル2012

新作オリジナル対戦格闘ゲーム、「アンダーナイト インヴァース」。
d..d...d..did this means what i think this means??
obs: dat >◡◡◕ face. I can't separate her image from aoko and baiken.

Is this twett relevant to unib?

なりたのぶや ‏@narita_ton
言って良いと言われたこと→「今月末に都内でロケテ」。検討中なので言うなと言われたこと→「場所・期間」。なにも言われてないので勝手に言うこと→10キャラ予定、声あり予定、2セット予定。詳細決まりましたら公式よりお知らせしますm(_ _)m

I'm liking merkava animations. He resemble zato and twelve, at the same time he is very different from both.
more one video in nico (vatista vs carmine this time)

this is one of the 3 videos of locktest's first day that are in nico. The other two (vatista vs orie) (merkava vs orie)

it look's like that site have a good compilation of the movelist (including merkava and batista)

it looks like just Merkava (unreal black thing) and Vatista (red len) are added at this point.

i would be happy to see more footage of the characters....even if it's a shakecam

or waldestein junior

but i felled the whole thing about using credit card to buy life, speed, reach for the attacks and ranks is a reference to sfxt :nyoro:

caught me offguard.  :bricks:. Yeah, it's already 1st aprill in jp.
just noted that a new character slot in blank have been adedd.
obs: the site is FULL of bugs now

1st april jokes incoming
hope they aren't about mbhd  :bricks:

i think a effect of mist (like sion stage) has been adeed to  rooftop stage. I think i have seen new objects in the background that looks like modernism street too.
i liked the new scenario at 13:08 and the other at 33:22 (it's a shame they have a little problem in conection at this point)

live since 16 minutes ago
I don't care if it's webcams as long as I get to see live footage of the other half of the cast.
then check this stream after. It have footage of yuzuhira, vatista, seth and merkava =)
edit: for people that haven't seen it live
edit2: just find a little grimick to download it directly from ustream database

That wasn't a counter move, she ran into a projectile.
thanks for explaning.
phoneix downing theyr ustream? hope they aren't using webcams again....

i think the person that uploaded those videos to his or her youtube channel haven't thinked of doing any harm, but isn't better to suport the oficial youtube channel of unib?
obs: the makers of the game have uploaded those videos at 60 fps at nico douga
Seeing how Waldstein moved left and right before doing his bodyslam crusher super throw, I have reason to believe that the input for that is a 360.
for hyde and linne, the place that put the most complete movelist was this, but they haven't added other characters movelist yet

it's just speculation least by my eyes, mb have a lot of alpha 3 in the mechanics. The damange reduction by pressing buttons when the hits conect, the ex guard that restore guard meter and the 3 grooves are probably what makes me fell this way. Because of this, the first thing that come to my mind when i see this grd is bunkers or circuit spark breaking one of these blocks of guard meter and don't returning for a time or until the end of the round. But just speculation

Melty Blood Auditorium / Re: I'm after Ryougi's stage music. Help, anyone?
« on: February 11, 2012, 01:47:47 AM »
all i can say is to look for the ost of mbaa ps2, called "all over melty blood". I believe the only track of mbaacc 1.07 that it don't have is the hime theme

no homo, but + heat for Sahgren and Erkz
just curious about that dragon

47 translate request please  :gonk:
And thinking again fot a while, i I found myself agreeing 3iiit  and Forte Wily. A solid arcade port is better. They will have time to think about anything else after.

maybe you are underestimating how poor the FGC is  :bricks:. But if i remember well the guys of circular geometry are trying to do exactly this to develop their project (gilden tide)

Melty Blood Auditorium / Re: MBAACC SRK wiki
« on: February 05, 2012, 09:37:15 AM »
Are there any SRK wikis that are even close to being finished? I remember trying to pick up multiple characters for multiple games and finding nothing.
i believe the only one that was compleate was 3s ryu
edit: they say in 3s page that ryu's wiki is compleate, but only 5 of his matchups where writed.

good news: now they can carry on with more twitter icons!  :V
but "getting serious", hope they reveal more about the game in AOU...and that they release a console version not too long after the game hit the consoles. If they wait too much the hype that the arcade launch can create will disapear before the game hit the consoles (like what happened with chaos code)

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