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Tournament Results / West Toast XII Teams Results
« on: May 18, 2008, 10:32:29 PM »
7 Teams entered

1st Team SBO (Kijea/Nerina) Lost to no one
2nd Team I'm Pressing Charges (Choco/Lokanas) Lost to SBO twice?
3rd Team Zaido (Zaido/Hellmonkey) (Lost to sbo? and choco)
4th Team Twinkies (Arly/Kryo) (Lost to Sbo? and zaido)
5th Team Jaxx (Jaxx/linalys) (Lost to Choco and Arly)
5th Team Xiexie (Xiexie/Holierthanu) (Lost to zaido and choco)
8th Team Dread Pandas (J050/Motoh) (Lost to Xiexie? and Jaxx)
8th Bye (Lost to ??? and Zaido)

I think that's how the placings go, but as I'm doing this from memory with no bracket I could very well be wrong. 

Tournament Results / West Toast XI TEAMS Results
« on: April 12, 2008, 09:41:22 PM »
Melty Blood:
1st Team Hellmonkey Scrubs Nerina (Warc)/hellmonkey (Ren)/magz (Shion)
2nd Team Korea Arly (nero) / Kijea (mecha) / HFBlade (Ciel)
3rd Team 3rd Place Buzzsaw (meatshield #1) / linalys (meatshield #2) / Kryojenix (Mecha) 
4th Team AI Numakie (Hisui) / Scott (Ciel) / Leo (Satsuki)

Not sure about the rest.  Maybe it went like this? 

6th Team Jiyuna  Kouma Player (Kouma) / Mitsu (Day 3 Hisui) / Jiyuna (Nanaya)
6th Team Breadscrubs I forget everyone on this team.  Kryo did all the work here. 

GJ to Kryo for single handedly getting our team to 3rd place!

1st: Moar Pink (Arlieth/Hasuko)
2nd: Some other team
3rd: Stupid (that left after getting to winner's finals)
4th: Unstoppable (magz/lina)

...somebody stole my TSS teams brackets. Fill me in on the other team standings. XD;

Tournament Results / West Toast X SINGLES Results
« on: February 18, 2008, 02:53:05 AM »
West Toast X Singles Tournament hosted by Google: West Toast X Singles

West Toast X Money Matches:

Linalys vs Sp00ky
Kryojenix vs HF-Blade
Arlieth vs Sp00ky
Dakanya vs Kryojenix
Arlieth vs Choco part 1
Arlieth vs Choco part 2
Linalys vs Choco part 1
Linalys vs Choco part 2
Sp00ky vs HF-Blade (Coming Soon i hope)

Capped out 32 Man bracket

1st Kijea Devereaux!!!!!!! :slowpoke: :psyduck: :prinny: :mystery: (lost to no one)
2nd Nerina lost to Spooky/Kijea
3rd Choco lost to Kijea and Nerina
4th Spooky lost to Choco and Nerina
6th Hellmonkey lost to Kijea and Spooky
6th Arly lost to Kijea and Nerina
8th HF lost to Choco and Hellmonkey
8th Sync lost to Spooky and Nerina
12th Zaido lost to Arly and HF
12th Kryojenix lost to Tenkai and Hellmonkey
12th Magz lost to Choco and Sync
12th Riesbyfe Strideburg lost to Hellmonkey and Nerina
16th Buzz lost to Magz and HF
16th Renzo lost to Nerina and Kryo
16th Lokanas lost to Arlieth and Sync
16th Last Elixir lost to Kijea and Riesbyfe
24th Tsubasa lost to Kijea and Buzz
24th Xie lost to hellmonkey and HF
24th Daedae lost to Spooky and Kryo
24th desudesudesudesudesudesudesu lost to Arly and Renzo
24th Jux lost to Renzo and Lokanas
24th Tenkai lost to Zaido and Sync
24th Sataya lost to Choco and Riesbyfe
24th Springer lost to Magz and Last Elixir
32nd Vapulus lost to Last Elixir and Tsubasa
32nd Soniti lost to Riesbyfe and Xie
32nd Dakanya lost to Zaido and Kryo
32nd Mizuki lost to Lokanas and Desu7x
32nd Jaxx lost to Nerina and Jux
32nd Devereaux lost to Daedae and Sync
32nd Andrew lost to HF and Sataya
32nd Pherai lost to Buzzsaw and Springer

Tournament Results / West Toast X TEAMS Results
« on: February 17, 2008, 10:02:13 AM »
17 teams

1st Team KOREA - HF/Arly/Kijea lost to no one (ciel/nero/mecha)
2nd Team Dennys Everywhere! - Psy/Magz/Nerina lost to Korea twice (akiha/shion/warc)
3rd Team 2 lolis 1 cup - lina/bell/choco - lost to I quit, Dennys (miyako/ren/cup)

4th Team Mango ni Nare!! - darknall/zaido/hellmonkey - lost to dennys, 2lolis (bananaya/mango/mango cake)
6th Bloody Tuna Toast (BTT) Mizuki/renzo/Spooky - lost to Dennys and 2loli
6th Team I quit alt/shobes/tenkai - lost to Korea and Mango
8th Team Last Place - Norcal people who I forget - lost to Mango and BTT
8th Slappin yo bitches Eating yo chicken - jaxx/forgot/numakie - lost to Dennys and 2loli
12th The Real Ghostbusters - kryo/scottind/sanchez - lost to Last Place and I quit
12th Parlor Tricks - forgot/forgot/forgot - lost to Mango and Korea
12th Team RUN - combofiend/ID/chaotic blue - lost to Last Place and 2loli
12th Who's that Pokemon? - Spiritjuice/razorbyrn/pulsr - lost to Korea and team chicken
16th Cash Refund - have/no/clue - lost to 2loli and The Real Ghostbusters
16th Waste of $39 - mitsu/forget/xie? - lost to Pokemon and Parlor Tricks
16th Indigo - soniti/forget/forget - lost to Bloody and RUN
16th That's so China - more norcalers sataya/tsubasa/????? - lost to Mango and Chicken
Whateverplaceisleft-th - Landmaster - jux/ennvi/???? - lost to chicken and The Real Ghostbusters

Tournament Results / West Toast 9 SINGLES Results
« on: December 30, 2007, 11:08:42 PM »
31 People showed up.

1. Kijea
2. Nerina
3rd ZAIDO! 
4th HFBlade
6th Arly
6th Psylocke
8th Hellmonkey
8th Chaotic Blue

Etc etc 

GGs to all, except Zaido who took me out at 12th before I could lose to Nerina.  I wanted to say two tournaments in a row I lost to the (not so) secret weapons.  =/ 

Tournament Results / West Toast 9 TEAMS Results
« on: December 30, 2007, 11:19:19 AM »
13 teams + 1 single entry = 40 people

$5 x 40 = $200 payout to the top team.   

1st Team Shishio Nerina (I did all the work)/hfblade (I kicked buzzsaw and scott off this team)/linalys (thanks for the free money guys) (warc/ciel/hisui)
2nd Team Korea arly (I quit shion for nero) /kijea (I LOST to nerina T_T) /kryo (KP!) (nero/mecha/warc)
3rd Team FU darknall (I carried this team)/zaido (I sucked because I play too much GG)/jeff (I sucked because I play too much WoW) (Nanaya/vshion/aoko)
4th Loliboxers jay^2/wicked element/numakie (kohaku/miyako/hisui)
6th Team Run Combofiend/Chaotic Blue/ID (Ciel/Arc/Nanaya)

I'm not sure who the other 6th place team was.  Maybe Team Blarg aka Team Norcal? 

Someone with the brackets can post up.  GGs to all. 

Special thanks to my team for doing 99.99% of the work.  I finally get my first tournament icon!   :toot:

Just to make it clear, none of these matches were recorded. If reps were not saved as requested then no one will ever see these matches ever.  Don't ask for vids! lol

Kohaku's Video Room / Last Arc Combo Exhibition
« on: September 05, 2007, 01:40:25 PM »
OLD OLD OLD (It's ps2 version with PC Demo for WRen) but it's still fun to watch. 

Aoko has the best combo. 


This is secretly an anti Nero thread in the Nero forum disguised as a helpful list for Nero! 

Everyone (who has played against Nero) knows and loves 4c.  But you have to be careful as you can't just completely spam it at will (or can you?).  This is a list for people to contribute what Nero has to be careful of as he's pushing those buttons.  Obviously if you shield, bara, or dodge it (either by being too close to Nero or command dodge) you can punish him but what this thread is concentrating on (hopefully) is what you can do after a blocked 4c. 

Short Characters: (Only tested Ren, Miyako, and WRen)
These characters don't have to worry about crouch blocking 4c as the 2nd hit will always miss them.

Ground block:
A little hard but is quite doable, the closer you are the easier.  Probably won't get the best amount of hits as you basically have to aim for his feet to hit him in time IMO. 

Air block:
EX Ice
Obviously this is a bit easier than the ground version. 
Special notes: Ren can catwalk under 4c. 

Ground block
Have to be really close to Nero but Miyako's fastest move is capable of catching Nero before he recovers. 
This isn't distance dependant at all since she always moves the same distance forward regardless of how close to Nero she is.  Timing seems really tight though, might be forced to reversal just to hit Nero.
Air Block:
No options

Ground block
Can't be too far away but this is the punish of choice as it leads into combo into knockdown. 
Won't really lead into anything but you can tag him with these.  But why?  Just use 623a. 
Needs to be pretty close, doesn't really lead into any better options than 623a.

Air Block:
No options.

Normal Characters (They have to block 4c crouching or the 2nd hit will hit them)

Ground Block:
Both work as long as you're close enough, which is actually pretty far.  You probably only want to use 214a unless you're close to a corner.  But if you really want/need that damage go ahead and use 214c.

Air Block:
No options. 

Ground Block:
Arc Drive
Not a bad option, isn't very hard and leads to good damage.  You just have to be in heat/max which isn't always going to be the case. 
EX Dust
It comes out in 2? frames so it's definitely fast enough, but if you're close enough to use this and hit Nero, you're close enough for the 4c to miss in the first place?  Might as well just do a normal combo. 

Air Block:

Needs to be so close you generally will never be in a position to punish with this, but it's possible.  a/b versions don't seem to have enough range. 

Tall class (Do Nero and Wara go here? Probably not, dunno yet.)

Arcueid Brunestud / Arc Vid Thread
« on: August 31, 2007, 11:44:37 PM »
Don't watch this for the combos, watch it for the setups which are still usable. 


Tournament Results / EVO WORLD 07 MBAC SINGLES Results AND VIDEO
« on: August 26, 2007, 12:57:56 AM »
**Edit (yo, this is scott.)

Videos go here:

Top 8 matches w/ interviews.
http://www.meltybread.com/scottind/mbac_evotop8.avi  (242mb, 1hr12)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esKHCkbcZ4s (Fubarduck vs Magz) partial match.


1st Arlieth (Nero)
2nd Veteru (Nanaya)
3rd Leo (satsuki)
4th Fubarduck (Nero)
6th magz (V.Akiha)
6th Alt (Warakia)
8th Scott (Ciel)
8th Psylocke (Akika)
12th KenMasterX(Nanaya)
12th Choco (Satsuki)
12th Zaelar (Ciel)
12th MasterChibi (Hisui)
16th WickedElement (Miyako)
16th Numakie (Hisui)
16th ChaoticBlue (Arcueid)
16th JuniorSantos (Aoko)

Updated results, more to come soon. Videos to come next week. (w/ interviews)
pre-screen at Interface possibly this weekend or so.

Many thanks to all the people who donated a PC setup, and big thanks to Arly for spending large amounts of money on buying autio mixing and video recording equipment. The footage looks pretty good and the autio is mixed very well. Special thanks to the people who helped run the tournament brackets and to our commentators: Arlieth, Mason, Magz, and Sanchez.


Congrats to Arly for taking it!  Congrats to Veteru for showing he's not all theory with 2nd.  Congrats to Leo for taking 3rd.  Congrats to WC for taking like 3/4ths of top 8! 

Edit:  East Coast had no presence in top 10 apparently.  Tokido entered tournament but backed out last minute due to other engagements.

[hdp: Dunno why the fuck Google Video doesn't have my title or desc so I'm being passive aggressive about it and letting everyone know so it will be guilted into fixing itself.]

Akiha's Tea Room / Playasia coupons
« on: August 04, 2007, 02:54:46 PM »
So now that I've bought my mbpc I have two playasia coupons I could've used then but have no use for now.  Anyone need the coupons?  Post up and if I deem your cause worthy I'll give them to you.   :psyduck:

Expires 9/24/07 and they're the standard $5 off $50  purchase. 

Satsuki Yumizuka (Yumiduka) / Sacchin Vid Thread
« on: March 23, 2007, 12:28:29 AM »
Was bored and so watched a random MB vid and came across an interesting one (for me at least) on the first try.  Yay go me. 

Anyway it's over at game41 currently

It's the first vid the 38,313kb one.  I don't have time stamps as I just watched and deleted the vid, but four times the Sacchin would knock down the opponent and instead of doing any of the established otg grab strings would do a double jump over the downed body and come down with a IABD j.c that stayed behind the opponent, a 2b for the high/low (though I wonder why not just go straight to 2c?, is 2b even a low I forget), and a IABD that moved her back in front of the opponent for the cross-cross over. 

Sacchin had a 3/4 success rate, only had one 2b blocked.  I haven't seen this before myself and thought the grab otgs to be the be all end all, but it didn't look too bad here.  Maybe this is old and completely obvious, but worth a look for people who haven't seen this setup like me. 

Neko Arc Chaos / Random facts about Neko Arc Chaos
« on: March 01, 2007, 01:52:24 PM »
So I finally got to play NAC the other day and found some hilarious traits that I didn't know about her/it/him?  So I'll just mention it for anyone else who didn't know.  This is all off of what I can remember so I probably have the motions wrong, so keep that in mind.  I also have no idea if everything here applies to Neko Arc as well as I never played Neko Arc. 

623c aka EX Paw actually Circuit Breaks the opponent!  Wow, a non last arc move that can do that!  If the opponent activates heat/blood heat, hit them with this move and their efforts are completely wasted as when their circuit recovers it'll be at 0%.  If you hit them at 100%, it'll come back as 100% though.  This move has no range though. 

41236c aka Arc drive dizzies the opponent.  Again a non last arc move that dizzies the opponent!  Haha.  It sorta makes sense and at least the arc drive has range so it's not as hard to pull off (not sure if it combos off on anything).  But yay for random move properties! 

22b is hilarious, spits crows, dears, neros, neko arcs, etc etc. 

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